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  • One of the best comedy series recently in Turkey.

    "İşler Güçler" is the story of three new actors who try to be famous by making TV shows. Actors use their own name and life story for the series and that makes reality a kind of comedy. İşler Güçler is appreciated especially by young and educated people and watched on internet more than TV.

    Ahmet Kural, Murat Cemcir, and Sadi Celil Cengiz are stars of the series. The three, had also acted in "Üsküdar'a Giderken" (a comedy series) before İşler Güçler and started to be known in Turkey. After this series ended, Murat Cemcir and Ahmet Kural acted in a comedy film "Çalgı Çengi" that got a fair success in cinemas. The film was also supported by Cem Yilmaz, comedy star of Turkey. Ahmet Kural also acted in a series called "Gazi" telling stories of a veteran soldier formerly fought in eastern of Turkey against terrorism.
  • "işler gucler" brought a new and different form to Turkish series. I don't know whether this format exists in the world, but it is the first in Turkey.

    What I intend to say is that in "işler guçler" the leading actors perform with their real name (Ahmet Kural, Murat Cemcir, and Sadi Celil Cengiz) and the real past life.

    Besides, I want to offer to the audiences who want to watch this series that watch the movie named "çalgı çengi". Ahmet Kural and Murat Cemcir is played in this movie also the director is the same with "işler guçler". This team is doing good jobs.
  • halitayarci-121 September 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    Isler Gucler, follows a path of post-modern comedy path in which it thrives with a fast-paced dialogue tempo, pop culture references, over average editing capabilities for Turkish TV show industry. Pop culture references mostly include local Turkish music, film and artistic personalities and events which may make it harder for foreign watchers to follow.

    The show is constructed as an "inside look" to the film and TV show business in Turkey which is very cleverly established by actors (who are friends in real life) using their real names and backgrounds. Self- depreciation and bantering among the actors become powerful tools for this show.

    The usual mishaps for Turkish comedies (over-acting and exaggeration) are almost never seen on the show which is very promising.

    The main characters are played by very talented staff of Murat Cemcir, Ahmet Kural, Sadi Celal Cengiz, Burak Satibol, Yilmaz Gruda, Sinasi Yurtsever and very good direction allows the rest of the cast keep up with these great performers.

    Scripts are usually cleverly written and well organized. You feel like nothing is put on the screen before serious consideration and deliberation which is also very positive step for Turkish TV show industry. Most TV shows are ridiculously filled with unnecessary lines and artificial dialogues.

    A natural, clever, witty comedy show which doesn't abstain from ridiculing itself.
  • ozdemirsinan18 August 2012
    In the evening, on Thursday, you should lie on your bed, but firstly take some potato chips in a bowl and then turn off the lights. Turn on television, touch your remote control select the channel that you will enjoy the best. This channel is named 'Star' not on the sky, but on the earth. Therefore, you are going to meet the series which is one of the best in Turkish Television Sector. Be ready to laugh out loud...

    This type television scenarios, generally named absurd comedy, make you have a trip on clouds while you were analyzing the words you have heard in brain, then sending them into happiness area of right or left lobe. We have seen that type of scenario firstly in Leyla ile Mecnun. I am going to continue to watch them together. Then, the marginal utility that I gain will be always in a live rate. Thanks everyone who thought and wrote these special words.
  • SuperMah21 December 2012
    This comedy series is currently one of the best shows on Turkish television. The humour may not appeal to everyone because there are a lot references to movies, actors and some things that trend on the internet.

    The story progresses very well with the characters trying to find a way to thrive in the acting career. Character development however is limited. Which in my opinion is fine because the characters each have their own characteristics that put something very good in to the show.

    The acting is incredible. Ahmet Kural's performance is spectacular. He really makes the viewers laugh with his facial expressions alone. Most of the actors seem to do well with the exception of a few female characters.

    Directing of the show is not at a Martin Scorsese's standards but at a high standard for a TV show.

    All in all, this is a very entertaining show and if you could understand the references and appreciate the performances of the actors you will very much enjoy it.
  • skyway313113 October 2012
    Entourage about a movie star and his gang.Isler Gucler is about 3 actors and they're relationships but its just that because there are huge differences between;been a movie star in USA and been a movie star in Turkey.Isler Gucler basically tragicomic stories about TV and movie business.What's made Isler Gucler unique series? a)Selcuk Aydemir(Director,Screenplay)Selcuk Aydemir is very smart and talented director and writer. b)Lead actors(Murat Cemcir,Ahmet Kural,Sadi Celil Cengiz)Ahmet Kural make great performance on the series,this role made him one of the greatest actor in Turkey also Murat Cemcir and Sadi Celil Cengiz has a great chemistry with Ahmet Kural. c)Other Actors/Actresses:Burak Satibol(Salih)be a star in very short time because there's some taboos on Turkish TV series about sex,politics,religion .... so you can't see some real people on the TV bu not Salih.He's one of us,you can easily see a Salih Abi in some neighborhood in Turkey.Yilmaz Gruda's character another real character in the show,he's an old movie star who suffers about money and getting new jobs.There's one surprise performance from Ceren Moray,I really hated her character in Kavak Yelleri but she show to us how an actress could getting to the role,change herself completely.

    It's just a few things who made Isler Gucler awesome.
  • All this series about three famous guys' and situations they got in.Some of the stories are actually happened confirmed by the writer.This series was really fun.I had great time while watching and while talking about it next day with my friends.But I don't think it really mean something to foreign countries.It might be a challenge to understand the dialogs.But if you know about Turkish agenda you can have fun.I don't want to give spoilers about series to not ruin your fun times.But I can say that it's hard to find TV series such as İşler Güçler in Turkish TV history.Way too unique compared to other comedy series.I hope it will never be forgotten.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It is the best comedy series in Turkey

    Isler Gucler mixs comedy and critics about old/new turkish cinema indistury Rustem represents old turkish cinema's(as know as "yesilcam")low tier actors And the "orhan" represnts yesilcam's low tier actor's end The mafia represnts turkish film indistury's monopoly who just care money Sinasi and Senol represent producers who actually don't know properly what is cinema but they are want be producer because of money Actually every character represents diffrent things
  • This series made a difference Turkish series.

    The leading actors perform with their real name (Ahmet Kural, Murat Cemcir, and Sadi Celil Cengiz) and the real past life.

    Great comedy Turkish series.

    Entourage about a movie star and his gang.Isler Gucler is about 3 actors and they're relationships but its just that because there are huge differences between; been a movie star in USA and been a movie star in Turkey.

    Isler Gucler basically tragicomic stories about TV and movie business.

    Selcuk Aydemir(Director,Screenplay) is very smart and talented director and writer.

    Thanks all!