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  • East Los High is like Degrassi meets Mean girls. I was so enthralled in seeing what would happen next that I watched the entire 1st season in two days. I really enjoyed it especially seeing an all Latino cast command the screen. It's very seldom you see other ethnic groups make shows like this but I really enjoyed it.

    My only inhibition with the last ten, or so, episodes is that it stopped being about high school drama or more of a crime, gangster film. There were a lot of different modern day, teen issues that could be explored but it's obvious the writers had a soft spot for the character, Maya, played by Alicia Sixtos. She was amazing to watch on film and her entire storyline could have been a series all on it's own with all she had to deal with. I was just disappointed because some characters that were introduced got very little screen time and weren't explored even further.

    I was watching expecting to see a funny, scandalous, high school war but everything they did pretty much happened outside of the High School. Overall, it was a good series to watch. If there is a Season 2, I'd prefer for the main characters to all start out in 9th and 10th grade that way they can stick around for more than one season and I would also prefer for the writers to keep it all the issues centered around the high school. If not, don't call is East Los High.
  • This show provides a very real look at what it is like to be a young adult in this country. It touches on all of the peer pressure, relationships, family issues, childhood trauma, all while trying to build a future for yourself. After a couple of episodes you become involved in the story line and the characters. My wife was openly yelling at the TV during an episode when she didn't agree with something a character did. The actors did a great job playing the part and really making the viewer feel like they were viewing everything in first person. Love the show!
  • sreest14 July 2014
    The show in the beginning had a lot of potential to be the Hispanic version of Gossip Girl. But then it just turned into a PSA about why you should have safe sex. I got so tired of every episode dealing with who got pregnant or who caught what and why they should of used protection. I understand that this is a issue that we need to talk about and should be explained, but come on. Do we need them to explain it EVERY episode? It's really to bad, I was looking forward to watching season 2, but I can't get past the first episode. I think the show needs to go through a new rewrite and really give us as the viewer more drama, that who is the baby daddy this episode or why its always the girls fault for not taking care of herself.
  • East Los High is nothing like I have ever seen, now a days directors and producers only want to make films or TV shows that focus on first world problems; not being the coolest person in school, or the guy or girl you've been crushing on is not responding to you. East Los High shows problem that are common for this generation with teen pregnancies, death, and drugs. The characters feel so real that if you don't like them you will punch your screen, I know I have, or if you fall in love with one of them your heart will sink when they face the problem that changes their lives forever. East Los High teaches the viewer on how to avoid the mistakes they have made, i would definitely suggest this series for pre-teens that are hitting "That Age". East Los High is the complete package it has revenge, sex, and love.
  • dco35316 March 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    I was excited to watch a show that has mostly Latino actors and actresses and i figured i'd look past the high school aspect of it cuz anime still manages to make quality shows with young protags. Unfortunately East Los High suffers from everything that is just flat out wrong with soaps. I guess one just has to be a fan of the overdramatic/forced acting aspect of soaps to really enjoy this show and i guess im just not that demographic. i went in not realizing that and immediately noticed that the acting is garbage and unbelievable especially from the main love interest of the nerd girl, the cousin loses her love interest a couple episodes in and it just feels really lifeless and dumb. the dynamics between the characters are so contrived that i found myself cringing the first 3 or 4 episodes i watched; thats like an entire hour of just being recoiled from trash. I only see good reviews of this show when i look it up online and there are like a couple on here that don't mention the acting, pacing, or the overall hate for the characters. Maybe it's just me but this show sucks. If you're into this kind of thing i envy how cynical you aren't and can only be glad you're enjoying it. Overall this show sucks, I hate absolutely everything about it, and even though it allegedly has a lot of PSAs that are more for Latinas and pregnancy, that does not mean it has to express itself so vapidly. If you're looking for a show with Latinos in high school that takes itself weirdly seriously but does not express it well do not watch this garbage.