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  • lor_31 October 2022
    This lengthy feature (shown in five parts on the MissaX website adding up to 3-1/2 hours of running time) features Ryan Driller in the title role, oversexed to the hilt, but not with his wife. It's stepdaddy porn on steroids.

    Footage was shot at Adult Cinema's favorite location, , the "Immoral Proposal" mansion, with some key scenes taking place in its iconic tiled kitchen. Driller (portraying Joseph) has a dilemma: he has two youngsters lusting after (and competing) for him: daughter Ashley (Kylie Rocket) and her best friend Sara (Aubree Valentine) who is staying with them.

    Other characters lend to the build up and release of sexual tension, namely Samantha (luscious newcomer Slimthick Vic), his mistress, who encourages the married man to find true love, as long as he keeps her happy too. His friend Ralph (Derrick Pierce) is sent over to the house to fix the car, and he manages to de-virginize Ashley in the process. Sara also has sex with her boyfriend (Juan Loco) before jilting him.

    Build-up to Joseph ultimately having sex with both hot teens (one after the other) is fun and satisfying, especially to the greedy fans of the faux incest sex genre. I'm constantly surprised at how durable that fetish remains in porn, but solid performers like Driller and a constant stream of new MILFs and lovely young actresses keep the pot boiling.