Austin Kittredge II: Hello.

Abiah Kittredge: My God, aren't you the spitting image of the doomed young Pharoah, King Tutankhamun.

Austin Kittredge II: Thanks?

Abiah Kittredge: Welcome Tut. Welcome home.

Austin Kittredge Sr.: It looks like school is preparing you for life.

Abiah Kittredge: Life of opposing tyranny, I'd say. Which is worth learning, but only if you can prevail. Winning is altered.

Austin Kittredge II: What do you mean by that, gram?

Abiah Kittredge: The teacher with no Latin, Tut, is like a blind man flying a airplane. He might land it, but it'll be some dumb luck. And he won't know *how* it happened.

Abiah Kittredge: If all time is eternally present, all time is unredeemable. You can't go back when time past is always present.

[last lines]

Austin Kittredge II: Who lives here, old man? Who lives here, grandpa?

Austin Kittredge Sr.: [no reaction]

Austin Kittredge II: The meanest old bastard in Kingdom County, that's who. I heard it first form you.

[first lines]

Whiskeyjack Kittredge: [drunken mumbling in front of the boy]

Station Master: There's no drinking in here. I spoke to you about this before, haven't I?

Whiskeyjack Kittredge: I don't believe so.

Station Master: You behave yourself. I'll put you out of here without a second thought, all right?

Austin Kittredge II: Grandpa, am I a French whore?

Austin Kittredge Sr.: [no reaction]

Austin Kittredge II: What is a French whore?

Austin Kittredge Sr.: I'll tell ya when you turn 21.

Austin Kittredge II: If I wasn't here, would you and grandpa even talk to each other?

Abiah Kittredge: No.