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  • Since I was a child I had a dream of being a construction worker, I'm nearing the end of my college course and wanted to see what it was really like to operate a powerful drill, I asked the guy at the X-Rated video store and this was all that he had available as apparently they didn't stop "Working Guide to Drilling Equipment and Operations".

    May I just start off by saying that after viewing this film I felt like I still didn't know enough to have the confidence to go on a construction site, however I'll put that aside for now and review the film for what it was.

    The film started with a nice young chap talking about how he was going to drill Ava Addams which from my perspective was weird because drilling a person would surely amount to injury and a possible law suit? Anyways, this was insanely misleading as there was no drilling to speak of however he did engage in sexual intercourse with her through the back door. I enjoyed this greatly however it did bring back unpleasant memories from my time in prison for minor offenses not to blow my own horn but being the long haired, charming and sexually appealing young man that I am my bottom was turned to play dough within the first 2 hours.

    I couldn't help but notice that Puma Swede was a cut above the rest, dialogue wise she delivered each note with such dramatic conviction that I was utterly convinced. She really does The Juilliard School of Drama in New York such justice you can tell that she is classically trained and it paid off! All in all it's a great film with some controversial underlying metaphors about how we're all secretly living in a 1984-esque big brother environment without realising it because our lives are basically put on social media and monitored through our telephones this was VERY thought provoking to think of and as a result of this I have started rethinking the way in which I live my life. I won't spoil the ending but it involves what appears to be L'oreal being poured onto a girls hair which was very thoughtful in my opinion as her hair did get quite greasy towards the end of the video in my view the underlying narrative for this scene was symbolic of how we as Humans need to do more to help one another when in a bind, though I have no idea why her mouth was open? I would say that this film is quite good for casual viewing, one actress is a cut above the rest and the dialogue falls flat sometimes.

    My Rating - 4/10 "I give this 4/10 simply because while it was a good watch and had some good scenes and a deep narrative it left me feeling disappointment as I wasn't anywhere closer to achieving my dream of one day working on a construction site."