Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    A piece of Russian propaganda aimed at an unseen American audience opens the movie. It utilizes old film clips from the former Soviet Union while the Russian national anthem plays. As the off-screen NARRATOR (Natalia Musatova) speaks to the audience in Russian, English language subtitles appear at the bottom of the movies frame. "Please sit back and relax", the Narrator intones. "Feel our collective thoughts. With Liberty and Justice, for all."

    The next scene cross-fades from the first. In the distance stands GILGAMESH (Oselito Joseph) on a hilltop overlooking the world of nature before him. A grasshopper in the foreground struggles to make its way through a thicket of weeds under Gilgamesh's Olympian gaze.

    SENATOR HIGGINS (Joseph R. Gannascoli) provides a voice-over narration while a montage of images from the natural world unfold before the viewer. As Higgins theorizes over Gilgamesh's origins and motivations, we see images of Gilgamesh's mask and bloodied spear. When Higgins offers philosophical speculations over humanity, the viewer sees sped-up images of a cityscape's range of activities from morning until evening. The grasshopper scales the surface of a large boulder as Higgins brings his soliloquy to a close. "This is the story of the human race", states Higgins as the audience gets a full body view of Gilgamesh. "This is the story of its guardian. A tale of love and a tale of hate. Of infinite knowledge and infinite madness. This is the tale of Gilgamesh." The camera pulls into a tight close-up of Gilgamesh.

    The movie quickly cuts to its title and rolls the credits for the above-line cast and crew.

    After the credits roll, a title card appears that states "Vietnam 1972". The sound of guns, bombs, and mortar can be heard as the title card-fades and the movie cuts to an armed VIET CONG SOLDIER (Van Brockmann) who stalks an unseen figure inside the ruins of an abandoned work area. The unseen figure turns out to be the equally armed SPECIAL AGENT LARS (Richard Chandler) who squats down to rest. When the Viet Cong Soldier confronts Lars, the special agent shoots a glare at his enemy. The soldier falters, lowers his rifle, and trembles. His eye explodes in his head and he dies as he collapses on the floor. The Narrator in voice-over speaks as if directing her comments to Lars. "Live long", she says as if blessing him. "Become more than a man. Fulfill your life mission." After the Narrator stops speaking, Lars laughs maniacally until the screen fades to black.

    A new title card, which reads "Washington, D.C. 2032" cross-fades from the previous scene.

    Two American SOLDIERS (Kurt Gombar and David R. Reid) accost a dazed YOUNG BOY (Robbie Reid) who loiters in a run-down alley. ALEXANDRA (Sarah Michelle) and VALENTINA IVANOV (Lilith Astaroth) casually appear at the scene, mock the Young Boy, and walk away from him and the soldiers. "Their brains are turning to mush", observes one Soldier as both men watch the Young Boy stumble away.

    From the rooftop of a high-rise apartment, ANGELA KOZLOV (Carver Riot) and Lars dance after they watch a suspended meteor revolve around itself in the night sky above them.

    A title card labeled "White House 2032" cross-dissolves as the next scene opens. DAVID MURPHY (Joshua Davis) is escorted by two armed SOLDIERS (Ken Holmes and Kurt Gombar) to an interrogation room where he meets Senator Higgins. Higgins asks Murphy probing questions about his "relationship with Polaris". The archeologist initially denies any relationship until Higgins tosses a few incriminating photographs at Murphy. Caught off-guard by the photos, Murphy decides to confess everything he knows to Higgins.

    A title card labeled "NATO Occupied Base Siberia, 2030" cross-dissolves as the next scene opens. David's wife, KRISTEN MURPHY (Melantha Blackthorne), expresses her displeasure that she and her husband are on an archeological assignment in Siberia instead of enjoying a holiday vacation. Murphy admits the details of the government sponsored assignment are vague but he reminds his spouse that the promised financial payoff would be substantial.

    David stops at a Siberian airplane hangar to meet up with the rest of his expedition team comprised of his best friend GUY BENTLEY (Ray Hryb), military expedition leader COLONEL MEYERS (Jon Pierce), LIEUTENANT STEIN (Giancarlo Madonnini), LIEUTENANT BAKER (Joe Victor), HERNANDEZ (Jim Baker), and MCGUINESS (Matthew Colicci). He confides to Bentley his reservations about the expedition due to the lack of proper archeological equipment on hand and the presence of military personnel above and beyond what is required for an archeological mission. Bentley agrees with David that the expedition might be a sham but adds that the financial rewards are substantial enough for him to go along with the charade and not ask questions.

    At the other end of the hangar, Baker expresses his concerns to Meyers about the dangers the group may face during the expedition. Meyers angrily brushes aside Bakers concerns and walks away.

    NATALYA DRUBICH (Emilie Faith Lewis), the expedition's guide, has a secret meeting in another part of Siberia with a RUSSIAN AGENT (Natalia Musatova), who instructs Drubich to keep her eye on the prize while she spies on the Americans.

    Later, Drubich leads the expedition through the most remote areas of Siberia. Bentley pesters the military men about the nature of the expedition but to a man they either ignore him or rebuke him. Tensions linger as the team continues its journey into the wilderness.

    Baker and Stein finally order the team to settle into a particular section of the woods. They tell the two archeologists to use a scanner to find "something". David protests the idea that even if "something" is found, it will be left buried deep in the ground due to its designation by the military that the item in question would be "classified". David and Bentley express their anger over being exploited as pawns by the military.

    Suddenly the team discovers that all electrical devices have become inoperable. Drubich expresses concern over the sudden drop in temperature and urges the team members to return to their base before the weather threatens their lives. Stein advises Baker to abort their mission. As Baker ponders what to do next, the team hears an unnatural sound originating at a point near them. The soldiers surround the civilians and aim their weapons at the wilderness before them. McGuiness' face loses all color and his eyes lose all expression.

    When Baker orders McGuiness to stay focused, McGuiness responds by shooting Baker to death. Stein fires his own weapon at McGuiness but McGuiness avoids being hit as he runs into the heart of the wilderness. With the death of Baker, Stein assumes command of the team. David and Bentley take advantage of the confusion and run into the wilderness but Bentley stumbles and falls to the ground. Hernandez seizes Bentley. Stein orders Drubich to lead the surviving members of the expedition back to their base. She agrees to do so. As they leave behind Bakers corpse, Stein mutters, "we are the monsters now."

    "Thats when you located Polaris?" Higgins asks David as the movie cuts back to the interrogation room in Washington DC. David responds that he remembered very few details of his trek in the Siberian wilderness since he was slowly freezing to death.

    The movie cuts back to the Siberian wilderness. David falls to his knees. He pulls out a photograph of his wife. David looks up. In the distance, he can see a dilapidated cabin.

    It is evening by the time David reaches the cabin and steps inside it. Lit by a solitary candle, David collapses on the floor of the cabin. He gazes at his surroundings. Suddenly David hears the sound of a woman's voice pleading for help. He forces himself to rise and walk towards the point of origin of the womans voice. Suddenly David discovers a young woman, dressed only in a bikini, locked inside an animal cage. She identifies herself as INANNA (Emily Coleman) and begs David to release her from her cage using the key that dangles from a peg on the wall behind her. David does as he is told. Inanna embraces David after she emerges from the cage and insists that they leave the cabin before her captor returns. David asks her a slew of questions. Inanna deflects them.

    Suddenly McGuiness storms into the cabin with a crazed look in his eyes. When he notices David and Inanna in his presence, he immediately pulls out a knife and lunges towards them. David places himself between Inanna and McGuiness. McGuiness rushes David. David pushes McGuiness away from him. As he does so, David trips, falls to the floor, and loses consciousness when he strikes his head. McGuiness spins around and confronts Inanna with an outburst of profane invective. Inanna coldly glares at him without a trace of emotion.

    David awakens in a hospital bed. Kristen rushes to his side to comfort him. As she does, Davids voice over describes not only his relief at being rescued but his growing sense of dread that in releasing Inanna from her cage he also unleashed something evil in the world. As he speaks, Kristen notices Inanna is on the other side of the hospital room glaring at her.

    The movie cuts back to the cabin in Siberia. McGuiness corpse rests on a small chair whose legs are surrounded by a pool of his blood. His arms are held aloft by chains. A large hole in his bloody clothing reveal his internal organs hanging out of his body. Gilgamesh strides into view and discovers the corpse. When he notices Inannas cage is empty, he howls in anger.

    Back at the NATO Occupied Base in Siberia, Stein informs Meyers that both David and Inanna are at the sick bay section of the base. Meyers betrays his concern about the news. When Stein asks Meyers to brief him on the true nature of the expedition, Meyers refuses. Both men part company. Meyers finds an isolated area and makes a phone call.

    At Washington, DC, the President of the United States (POTUS) (Peter Morse) answers his private phone line. Meyers informs the POTUS about the casualties from the mission but that the mission's target - Inanna - has been brought in. The POTUS reminds Meyers not to tip off to Inanna their true intensions and hangs up on Meyers.

    The movie cuts back to Higgins at the interrogation room. Higgins informs David that tests taken on Inanna proved that while she shared certain human attributes, she also contained within herself tremendous non-human powers. As Higgins speaks, the movie cuts back to a location identified as "Hangar 18". Inside its laboratory, Inanna lies half naked on a medical table with a deep incision on her bloody torso. As the SCIENTIST (Matthias Lupri) and the US MILITARY SURGEON (Alexander Hauck) prepare to continue their tests on Inanna, she suddenly awakens. An unnatural energy erupts from her eyes as she stares at the two men. The Scientist covers his burning face as he collapses to the floor while the eyes of the US Military Surgeon pop out of his head before his trembling body falls to the floor. In a voice-over, Higgins suggests Inanna escaped the military lab in order to reunite with David.

    A title card labeled "Boston, MA 2030" cross-dissolves as the next scene opens. David and Kristen relax in the bedroom of their home. They try to figure out Inanna and why the US government would take such extraordinary steps to locate her in Siberia and bring her back to the US. As the conversation turns to more personal matters, Kristen reveals to David that she's pregnant. David, though shocked, reassures Kristen that he's ready to be a father.

    Later, David and Kristen enjoyed themselves as a local pub. Bentley stops by their table and offers to buy them drinks. As Bentley places his order at the bar, David and Kristen get into a heated argument about her pregnancy. David admits being baffled by it since he had found to be sterile years earlier. Kristen views her pregnancy as a miracle and feels hurt that her husband doesnt share her enthusiasm. Indeed, Kirsten posits that David might even harbor the suspicion that she had an affair with someone in order to get pregnant. David vehemently denies the charge but Kristen bolts from their table in tears and leaves the pub.

    Bentley watches her leave as he approaches David with two drinks. David angrily informs Bentley about Kristens pregnancy. Bentley advises David to go after Kristen but David refuses to do so and plans instead to spend the night at his brothers home. Bentley manages to calm down David and get him to agree to reconnect with Kristen again.

    David stumbles down a street as he uses his phone to leave a voice-mail message with Kristen. David bumps into Inanna. She invites him to have "one more drink" at a nearby upscale establishment and David reluctantly agrees to do so as a way to humor her. After David and Inanna leave the establishment, she assists him as they walk due to Davids inebriation and offers him the opportunity to spend the night at her place. David declines the offer. Inanna gives him a deep kiss and leaves. David watches her go and walks away.

    David returns to his home and discovers that Kristen had been up all night waiting for him. When asked by Kristen the reason for his late arrival, David blurts out that he had been out drinking first with Bentley and then later with Inanna. Kristen recoils at the idea that David was alone at night with Inanna. David assures her nothing happened but Kristen is too angry and throws him out of their home. She then sinks into her chair and rubs her belly.

    Bentley and Inanna have a post-coital discussion in the bedroom of his apartment complex. He resists the idea of murdering Kristen in exchange for the "great sex" he enjoyed with Inanna. Inanna, however, hypnotizes Bentley to fulfill his end of the bargain. When Bentley finally agrees to kill Kristen, Inanna gives him a hand-job. He passes out from the orgasm.

    While walking the streets of Boston, David bumps into Drubich. The former guide warns him about Inanna but he brushes her off and angrily walks away from her.

    The movie cuts back to Higgins at the interrogation room. He demands to know from David the whereabouts of Inanna (whom Higgins refers to as "Polaris"). When David claims no knowledge of Inanna's location, Higgins reacts with shocked incredulity over what he perceives as Davids indifference towards an inhuman creature with dangerous powers.

    How much of a danger Inanna is becomes clear in the next scene. She exults and laughs as she smears her body in blood. Beside her is the bloodied corpse of Drubich.

    The movie cuts back again to Higgins at the interrogation room. He informs David that Inanna has summoned a meteor to position itself above the earth in a threatening manner. David once again expresses his regret about unleashing Inanna and despairs that the one creature who can stop her - Gilgamesh - is nowhere to be found. Higgins offers David a glimmer of hope that Gilgamesh might be available to stop Inanna. He reveals to David the fact that Gilgamesh launched a series of revenge attacks against the expedition team.

    The first attack occurs against Hernandez. Gilgamesh interrupts Hernandez sodomizing his naked GIRLFRIEND (Christine Cilano) and uses his spear to slash Hernandezs throat. Hernandez falls before a coffee table that has his pistol resting on it. Hernandez tries to grab his gun but passes out from blood loss. Hernandez's Girlfriend screams at Gilgamesh.

    Stein becomes the target of Gilgamesh's second attack. Gilgamesh confronts Stein inside an elevator. Stein slips out of the elevator, stumbles down a set of stairs, and leans against a door with an EXIT sign attached to it. Stein clutches his bleeding throat as he loses consciousness. His body slowly slides down the door until he falls out of frame.

    A title card labeled "Wright-Patterson AFB Dayton, Ohio 2031" cross dissolves as the next scene opens. Escorted by two soldiers, Meyers walks down a long corridor as Higgins states in a voice-over, "some of us...decided to take matters into our own hands before we were next" on Gilgamesh's list of people targeted for extermination.

    Meeting in a secured conference room, Meyers and Higgins discuss their options on how to deal with Inanna and Gilgamesh. Both men understand that Inanna and Gilgamesh are non-human space aliens who have hidden themselves on earth for thousands of years. Higgins warns Meyers that Gilgamesh will kill him to avenge the release of Inanna. Meyers ignores Higgins warning. He views "Polaris" as an incredible military application that should not be locked up and shunted aside. Higgins agrees but argues the only way to utilize Inanna is to destroy Gilgamesh. Meyers proposes using the "experimental technology" of a weapon called the "Particle Accelerator" in order to destroy Gilgamesh. Higgins supports the idea.

    The movie cuts back again to Higgins at the interrogation room. He informs David that the "Particle Accelerator" used against Gilgamesh succeeded in scattering his particles "across the globe". David counters that Inanna "summoned the meteor" to threaten earth once the US military removed Gilgamesh as a threat to her. Higgins ruefully admits that "we brought the apocalypse on ourselves". Lars enters the room and admits that he, too, "hold(s) some of this burden". David sarcastically dismisses Lars when he tells him to leave the room.

    A title card labeled "Washington, D.C. 2031" cross-dissolves as the next scene opens. Dressed in fetish outfits, Alexandra and Valentina stand above the bloodied body of SENATOR TOOLE (David Bockenkamp) lying in a deserted basement. Toole weakly tries to understand the motivations of the two women who have almost beaten him to death. He tries to defend the American system of government but Alexandra and Valentina rebuke his arguments. They argue the system had negatively affected their personal lives. Both women cite Lars as the savior of their families and themselves. They have pledged to follow him as he overthrows the American government and exterminates its elected leaders. With that, they finish the job they've started by beating Toole to death.

    As chunks of rock from the meteor break free and strike a variety of cities across the country, Higgins continues his voice-over on how Lars seized power in Washington, dismissed the Constitution, and turned the nation into a military dictatorship following the bankruptcy of the federal government. Higgins points out that "fallout from the meteor has generated a dust cloud that now blocks out the sun. Our planet is on the brink of death".

    As Higgins talks about Lars "solidifying his dominance" over the country, a montage of scenes unfold that showcase Lars' violent reign of terror occurring across the country.

    Four people with their respective mouths taped sit cross-legged on the floor of an empty office. One of Lars' killers douses the quartet with gasoline. She then sets them all on fire.

    Lars himself steps into the private chambers of the POTUS. He slips a piece of ligature from out of his pocket when the POTUS answers a phone call. Lars then strangles the POTUS to death.

    Revolutionaries plaster a wall with a presidential poster of Lars.

    With the corpse of the POTUS beside him, Lars prepares to become America's first dictator.

    The TORTURED MAN (David Palmer), strapped down to a chair in an empty office, declares his love for his country before being beaten up by Valentina.

    Senator Toole is seen in a flashback when he was captured by Alexandra and Valentina.

    Lars entertains CORRUPT SENATOR #2 (Steven Higgins) at a White House guest room.

    The VICE-POTUS (Alexandra Cipolla) is escorted down a tunnel by four armed soldiers.

    A mortally wounded ANGRY MAN (Rob Sherman) curses Lars' poster as he dies.

    Valentina guns down an EXECUTIVE (Donn Kelly) in an abandoned office building.

    Alexandra strips the shoes off her female victims after she executes them.

    A close-up of Lars' hand as he shakes the hand (also in close-up) of another corrupt politician while a large globe of the earth positioned near Lars' chair remains motionless.

    The Tortured Man again weakly declares his love for America before Valentina attacks him.

    CORRUPT SENATOR #1 (Steve Sandberg) meet with Lars at a White House guest room.

    The corpse of the POTUS is covered with the flag of his office and is removed by soldiers.

    Now a bloody mess who is near death, the Tortured Man faintly declares, "I love my new leader - Lars ". Valentina laughs as she wraps his tie around his neck and strangles him to death.

    Five corpses lined up in a row each contain a sign that reads, "Enemy of the People".

    "Enemy of the People" signs lie near a MURDERED BUSINESSWOMAN (Jody Celentano).

    A BREADLINE MAN (Angel Connell) is stomped to death by government soldiers.

    LARS' HENCHMAN (Todd Therrien) forces a boy to watch the Breadline Man's murder.

    Alexandra and Valentina burst into the suite of a BUSINESSMAN (Ray Boutin) being entertained by two ESCORTS (Dominique LaFleur and Shauna LeMay). They pull out their guns and execute the trio before any of them have a chance to react.

    Lars' Henchman and military soldiers order a group of people to line up against a wall.

    A US SENATOR (George Raynor) and his BODYGUARD (link=nm4161712]) are quickly ambushed by military soldiers and shot to death by them as the duo leave a building.

    The group of people lined up against the wall are all executed by military assault weapons.

    Two SWAT men restrain a HARASSED MAN (James R. Green Jr.) screaming in horror.

    Bombs can be heard going off as Lars finishes his meal at the POTUS private chamber.

    The Vice-POTUS is strapped to a chair in an underground basement. Four soldiers keep their weapons aimed at her. To her left side is ROBO-THUG (Christian Cromwell) while to her right is Angela. The Vice-POTUS refuses to give Angela the nuclear launch codes after Angela douses her face with a martini. Lars enters the room and announces that the codes have already been provided to him by Senator Higgins. He declares that the Vice-POTUS is no longer needed and asks of Angela any ideas for executing the Vice-POTUS. Angela suggests the Vice-POTUS be eaten by the rats. Lars and Angela beat and slash the Vice-POTUS face so that the rats will "smell blood" and have an "incentive" to devour her alive.

    "Welcome to my America", declares Lars as the four soldiers automatically fall in line behind him and Angela. "With liberty and justice - for me."

    Lars and his Henchman arrive unannounced at the Murphy home. Kristen lies in bed. Her belly indicates she's in the final stages of her pregnancy. Lars informs Kristen that he will use her as bait to lure Inanna to him. He also expresses his fascination with Kristen's unborn baby, whom he calls a "monster". Kristen recoils in disgust at Lars desire to either "weaponize" Inanna - or Kirstens own baby. Lars grabs her by the face and hypnotizes her to fall into a deep sleep. Kristen passes out after Lars licks the side of her face.

    The movie cuts back again to Higgins at the interrogation room. Lars informs David that Kirstens baby was born and that both of them are safe. Lars also confesses to David that he was influenced by a force he encountered in Viet Nam back in 1972 a force he now believes to be Inanna and that he has made it his lifes mission to create chaos in the world. Lars also believes that the meteor signals the end of the world and he is resigned to see it happen unless he can capture Inanna and force her to destroy the meteor. One of the soldiers interrupts Lars to inform him that "large amounts of radiation have been appearing over the Atlantic". Lars thinks about the reports significance and orders the guards to escort David as they follow Lars out of the interrogation room and leave Higgins behind.

    The movie cuts to a deserted beach. The meteor can be seen hovering in the evening sky. ALICE (Shannon Carter) and JAMES (Chris Goodwin) face the ocean as they stare at the meteor and ponder their fate. Suddenly radioactive particles float into view before they gather together into a mass that assumes the humanoid form of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh watches the terrified couple run away from him.

    The movie then cuts to a holding cell that contains Meyers. A soldier enters the room to inform Meyers that he has been pardoned by Lars and promoted to the rank of major.

    Gilgamesh reappears in a weed-infested area as if seeking something or someone.

    As Lars walks down a hallway, Inanna darts behind him going from one room to another. Lars stops at mid-step and looks behind him. Seeing nothing, he moves on.

    The party being hosted by Lars is in full swing. Fetishism is the theme of the party. Seen at the party is Valentina whipping submissives, fetishists bumping and grinding at a Fetish DJs booth, a bondage fetishist dressed as a leather dog in chains, a bondage fetishist tied to a chair being tortured by Alexandra, a leather-masked bartender mixing drinks, and leather fetishist UDO (Morte McAdaver) passing around a tray of drugs. Stationed at strategic corners of the room are a handful of soldiers who observe the party through gas masks.

    Inanna melts into the crowd as Lars strides into the room and sits on a chair that resembles a throne with soldiers standing behind it. David is forced to kneel before Lars. Lars orders his minions to bring out Kristen. Hovering on the fringes of the crowd is Bentley.

    As Kristen appears before the crowd, David jumps to his feet and calls out to her before the soldiers closest to him seize him and prevent him from moving any further. Angela and Udo appear armed with guns and bookend Lars' chair as the drama unfolds.

    Kristen informs David that the baby she bore is not his. Before she can continue talking to him, however, Bentley rushes up to Kristen with a knife and fatally stabs her. Angela shoots Bentley and kills him. The gunfire panics the partygoers and they evacuate the room.

    As the last partygoer runs away, Inanna reveals herself to Lars. Lars soldiers, Angela, and Udo aim their weapons at her. Lars orders them to seize Inanna. The soldiers keep their guns aimed at Inanna as they encircle her. Inanna asks David to leave earth and join her for eternity. David harshly rejects the offer. Inanna orders Lars to allow her to finish her work but Lars ignores her order and demands his soldiers to "restrain" her.

    The soldiers fire their guns at Inanna but the bullets bounce off of her. She laughs at their helplessness before she screams a scream so piercing that it knocks out most of the people in the room. Inanna mocks David as he cradles his dying wife in his arms. Kristen tries to impart what she knows about Inanna to David but dies before she can do so. Lars strides over to Inanna and declares her "property of the United States government". Inanna responds to Lars' insane declaration by slapping him so hard he falls to the floor.

    Suddenly Gilgamesh appears in the room. With his spear, he sends a current of energy throughout the electrical grid suspended above the room. Some of the currents break away to rouse the soldiers awake. Lars and David call out his name. Inanna does the same thing before she turns to face Gilgamesh. When she forces herself to view him, she screams.

    As a montage of time-lapsed outdoor images flow one from another, Higgins voice-over muses over some of the profound questions philosophers have sought to answer in centuries past. He posits that Gilgamesh "holds the keys to these puzzles" and yet had been "victimized by the very species that almost brought him to his knees". As Higgins ponders the different stories told by different people, the images of David, Kristen, Lars, and Inanna segue across the screen. When Higgins talks about the "reincarnation of others", Kristen is seen in the hospital smiling as she receives her baby. That scene gives way to an image of Gilgamesh as Higgins intones "a second chance... perhaps to tell their story forever as they prepare for the ultimate sacrifice." The scene implies Gilgamesh has been or will be reborn.

    When Higgins says "and some simply get a second chance", Meyers raises his head as he sits in the brig before the scene cuts to Higgins himself packing his luggage. "Brazil here we come", prays Higgins. The movie then cuts back to the fetish club where the soldiers have encircled Gilgamesh and fire their guns at him. As he strikes the soldiers with his spear. Inanna cries out, "prepare for oblivion". A portion of the end credits roll before the image of Gilgameshs bloodied mask and Inannas bloody cape appear as both items lay on the floor.

    Time-lapsed outdoor images of nature return to the screen for a brief moment before a scene of Lars' Henchman being kicked by soldiers appears followed by other scenes such as Meyers exuding triumph, soldiers aiming their weapons at Lars and Angela, Meyers tearing down a Soviet flag hanging from an open window, David back in Siberia with Kristens baby in his arms, David placing the baby on a table inside Gilgamesh's cabin before he lights the solitary lamp, Inanna back inside her cage covered in a blanket, and David leaves the cabin teary-eyed while the sound of the baby cries are heard behind him.

    The movie fades to black, the rest of the credit roll, and the movie ends.