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  • A gaggle of teenagers who've just graduated high school go on a rural excursion together before they all head their separate ways. They end up on a boat, on a lake, and at least one of their number, Johnny (Daniel Zovatto), seems to know the score. He's heard "legends" regarding the place. As it turns out, this dumb bunch ends up stranded on the boat - which develops leaks - and franticly trying to make it to shore when a goofy monster fish shows up and, every so often, gobbles up one of them.

    It's a shame, really. You expect more from writer / director / editor Larry Fessenden ("Habit", "Wendigo") than this kind of cheese ball entertainment. It seems as if he's trying to rise it above most of the efforts in this genre by ruminating on the idea of the depths to which people will sink when it comes to saving their own worthless lives. How much does friendship and family count for in such a situation?

    Negating whatever honest intentions Fessenden may have had is the fact that this is one truly despicable bunch of jerks. This is the kind of movie where you root for the monster, by default, to eat everybody because there's not one human character on hand that's tolerable. Zeke (Griffin Newman) is one of the worst because he's a walking cliché: the kind of film geek / aspiring filmmaker who stubbornly insists on filming everything, the kind of guy who drives this viewer right up the wall.

    The acting is pretty bad from most everybody concerned, which doesn't help matters. The young cast is amateurish, with just one old pro present: veteran character actor Mark Margolis ("Pi", 'Breaking Bad'), who has just two scenes.

    The design for the monster fish is, as was said, rather goofy, but the visual effects are better than one might expect; the fish actually feels like a physical presence in the movie. And there is a smattering of amusing gore throughout.

    This isn't one that this viewer would really recommend, unless you have a high tolerance for bad writing and bad acting.

    Four out of 10.
  • There's no word to describe this movie because it was awful from beginning to end. I usually check on IMDb to see if a movie is worth watching but I checked on the wrong movie (there are two movies called Beneath on IMDb).

    At first I thought it would be a good movie to see, I didn't expect any masterpiece but from the very first moment I saw that ancient fish I realized this was gonna be a waste of time, I needed to watch the end of the movie though just to warrant my first impression, but the bad acting, the poor effects and the lack of budget made me write my very first comment on IMDb just to prevent you from watching this movie, plus the storyline was unclear, I didn't even know why they decided to use the rowboat, knowing (one of them) it would be very likely to be attacked by the fish or that one of the boys decides to take a swim.

    Do yourself a favor and skip this movie, it's a waste of time.
  • Sorpse18 April 2014
    kind of the opposite of the other movie I watched today, I liked this one a lot less than I expected. Its gotten mixed reviews mostly on the good side Id say. Unfortunately it does not deserve the praise. What I did respect about the movie was the way the creature looked. It looked like they mostly used practical effects mixed with a little bit of cgi. This in my opinion was a great move on part of the directors. Using practical effects is almost a must for me. There has been a flood of cgi filled creature features and most of the time as soon as the crappy digitally animated creature shows up it pulls me right out of the movie. The creature in this movie looked great, Unfortunately the movie has nothing else going for it, The whole movie takes place around a group of teenagers stranded on a small boat. They make incredibly bad and unbelievable decisions that just make you mad and just over half way through I couldn't wait for this movie to end. It would have been nice to see them do something special with this cool creature and when it finds its first victim I thought things were looking up but they definitely went down from there.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was absolutely awful. I just don't know what to say, but I'll try to list a few of the reasons to not watch this movie. 1. The entire movie, they are the same distance from shore and do not get closer. 2. At one point, they "realize" that they were paddling in circles (in a 200 yard wide lake). 3. They decide to throw people overboard to buy time. After throwing one body and two "friends" overboard, they realize they can make oars out of the seats of the boat. What the hell? 4. Two of the three friends thrown overboard somehow survive only to be later killed in a irritating, nonsensical manner. 5. One of the "friends" gets rapped up by a slow moving rope that is powered by a tiny trolling motor. He falls over and struggles helplessly like in Austin Powers, where the guys yells stop and gets killed by a steam roller. Comedy? 6. How did they even get to the middle of the lake? It doesn't make sense that a monster hungry for human flesh would ignore the large group of loud people until they made it to the center of the lake. 7. The creature eats and eats without needing more than a few minutes to digest the bodies of a person half it's size. How many people does it take to fill that monster's belly? 8. The acting wasn't bad, but the reasoning behind each character's thought process didn't make sense.

    I feel bad for the actors involved since they actually weren't bad...
  • Jumpa196718 July 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    This really was an awful movie while the acting was Okay they storyline was just awful.. OK so you know here is a 10 foot overgrown killer Perch in the lake, yet you still reach out 4' over the water to grab the oar in the water instead of using the other oar to pull it in. Stupid stuff like that makes you want them to get eaten by the K.P.,

    Now the K.P. chews the oar in half & they still have one oar left but the give up and just sit there voting people off the boat to their deaths so they can get a few minutes to rethinking they can not row themselves to shore with just one oar idiots !!!Then the guy shows back up to tow them in and they kill the guy how dumb was that don't waste your time the only thing worth watching in this movie are the daisy duke shorts on the blonde Just my 2.¢
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The worst thing about this movie isn't the acting or the special effects. I think most people will be ok with this. I'd give the acting a 5/10 and the special effects even a 7/10. The creature looks plastic as hell, but that's all good. I can work with that.

    No, the worst thing about this movie is the storyline. I'd give this a 1/10. The story's very lame. What are the odds of 5 psychopats ending up together on a boat in the middle of a lake? And not one of them has the brilliant idea of working together and actually doing something to fight off the creature? Yeah, I get it.. I would throw my friends and brother overboard aswell in a situation like this (roll eyes). This is the main problem of the movie: it doesn't connect to its audience. No one watching this movie would make these decisions. It makes the whole experience... empty. As a viewer you start cheering for the monster fish. Never a good sign.
  • jamiegates-2847117 July 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Story was initially ok for a rubbery horror. Acting was bloody awful, overacted and underacted and everything in between, location was a joke, lake only seemed about 50ft wide in most shots. the only reason this doesn't get a zero is because the fish was actually pretty well done. Shame because the rest was not woth my hour and a half
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie started off as a 7/10 and I thought "oh yeah, I'm in for an interesting movie", then it gradually degraded as the minutes passed.

    To me, this movie is in no aspect a horror movie. There were no scenes that left me on edge, intimidated me or made me jump; it is a thriller, at most, and even that's pushing it. I honestly don't know what genre this movie should be... It was extremely sloppy, poorly written, very predictable and in no way alluring; the characters were also extremely mild, and I've forgotten most of their names already...

    There was only one character I wanted to survive because I liked her and that was Deb, yet she was killed off first. I'm the type of person that likes to see at least one survivor in a movie, so they can tell people the ordeal they have been through and maybe even skip forward a few weeks or months to see how they're holding up, yet every character on the boat dies, and nobody but the old man knows what happened. It then cuts to credits...

    There was also no solid plot with both loose endings and unanswered questions, such as: Why were they at the lake to party in the first place? Why did Johnny take his friends to the lake without telling them about the suspected creature that lurks within? If this group of people were "friends", why did they show little to no remorse when their friends were sacrificed for the benefit of the remaining survivors, or just died in general? To me, this movie was not at all believable, or enjoyable.

    I regret watching this movie, and shake my head that it is characterized as a "horror" because it is in no way scary.

    The only reason I'm rating it a 3/10 instead of a 1/10 is because it started as a reasonable movie; other than that, it was unbelievably dreadful, not worth the watch in my opinion and I wish I could get my 90 minutes back.
  • This movie is very bad from the beginning to the end. This is almost too horrible to even comment on or review. I knew going into this movie that it would be a big disappointment, from many reasons:

    1. There is no exactly story why Johnny lead his friends to the rowboat? - for revenge or "just like that" to celebrate even he knows that there is big danger

    2. The giant fish is like a toy

    3. The acting is too bad, unprofessional and amateur

    4. The story is unremarkable and the characters, as written, are awful

    5. And finally do yourself a favor - DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME
  • westsideschl5 April 2014
    Signs of bad: 1. Cover is more scary than the what's in the movie. Called false advertising. 2. Usual no-name studio, "Chiller Films". Usual no-name $100/day actors (OK, a few TV spots and similar cheap-to-make movies for their credits.) 3. Usual dumbed down stereotypic plot hooks: Teens in car going to a remote site to party, with lots of boring scenes of van driving on road. 4. Usual teen mix of hot chicks, jock, nerd/geek, cool quiet type guy. 5. Usual stranded setup with no cell reception (so overused there are actual web sites that list all the no-cell-reception movies). 6. Usual alcohol, usual dumb decisions, usual tension amongst are doomed group. 7. So they get boat stranded on some small lake/reservoir. Only stranded in the sense that they can't figure out how to paddle a hundred yards to shore. 8. Monster is one, and only one (reproduction is not in the cards) large catfish (they actually do get that big) with eyes on the top of it's head (why during their many chances our dummies didn't poke them out is beyond me). Eyes should have been on the side for a scavenging bottom feeder. Anyway, it's scary attribute are some teeth that are functionally pointless except for snagging on sunken trees. 9. No scary or gory scenes except for a minimal amount of prosthetic blood tossed around.
  • rootsinwv18 July 2013
    This filmmaker needs to get someone with writing talent to write the scripts for his films. The biggest weakness of this movie is the pathetic script itself. You can forgive the low budget special effects, because it is in fact a low budget film. But the poorly written script makes it impossible to even care about the characters. I found myself disliking every character. There wasn't a single character in the movie that I felt was worth saving, so when death approached, I was thinking, oh please, just get it over with. These teens, who are supposed to be good friends, barely react when the first one of them dies. And it never gets past that. Their lack of real terror or emotion means that the audience lacks terror and emotion. It's not cheesy enough to be a cult favorite where it's so bad it's good. This movie just leaves you shaking your head. I didn't give it a 1, because I gave credit for some decent cinematography.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Mortifiyingly bad!

    It was like a cheap home movie a few 12 year old's could make in their back yard:

    • The entire movie is 6 (supposedly) 18 year old's afraid of a fake rubber fish with Nosferatu teeth while "stranded" in the middle of a lake.

    • The fish is so cheap looking that it's laughable! Except, this isn't supposed to be a comedy. They impale the fish with a broken oar and for the rest of the movie it looks like a diver is swimming underneath said fish holding into the stick to maneuver it around the lake.

    • From this point on I was expecting the "teenagers" (yeah, right - they looked more like 29 year old's!) to grab the stick, capture the rent-a-fish, swim to shore and toss it on the grill and have a party. But while that was wishful thinking, it would have made a better story line than what was to follow in this failure of a film.

    • Oh, and Nosferatu Fish is afraid of a charm necklace - with a tooth on it. (groan).

    • Bad camera angles, bad lighting, water droplets on the camera lens. In some scenes you couldn't see the actors faces properly so any emotion they were trying to convey was lost.

    • The worst acting I've seen in years. Don't be surprised if you never see most of these actors ever again.

    • The dialog is so bad that during one "emotional" scene it looked as if one of the actors was so embarrassed he was laughing when he was supposed to be crying.

    • Everyone is in danger so you expect people to die. But the characters are so annoying you can't wait for them to die!

    • There was not one redeeming factor in this train wreck. Not a single scary moment. No real suspense. No real fear. No likable characters. No relatable characters. No terrifying monsters.

    You can't even say it was so bad it was entertaining or campy. It's just so bad it's bad.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I can't believe the mess I just watched! I only watched it to the end to see everyone get killed off because I was that disappointing. Usually, I root for characters to get themselves out of situations, but I literally wanted them all to die. Surprisingly, it was not the acting; they're no A list actors, but they worked with what they had. I think if there was better scripting, the good side of their acting skills would have shone a bit more, for the better. The music sucked, and like one reviewer said, the cinematography killed me. I think an eighth grader in AV class could have managed doing a better job than this armature. The basis of the movie had such potential, but it was destroyed, due to everything from the script, the plot of the movie, and everything in-between!

    It reminded me of Prison Break: 1st season started out good, then it went down hill from there. Same as this movie, the beginning was okay, and everything began going downhill after they took the boat out to the lake. I know it wouldn't have been a movie if they asked, but if it were me in that situation, and my overly nervous friend said, "Don't go in the water!",then you would think the plausible question from one out of the other five people there would be, "Why?". Moments when they were sitting there, was when they should have been paddling. What really upset me, was when they used all of the fireworks at one time! Like seriously?! You have got to be kidding me! Use ONE to scare it away, and then when he starts getting closer, use another! What a bunch of dummies. Then, the part where the nerd kept filming instead of helping; I would have thrown that stupid camera in the water a long time ago. The part where they killed off their only way out was a dumb move as well. And then they stupidly left the only undamaged boat! If they wanted to "Vote" people off, they should have voted for someone to go into the water and to flip it over so they could be on a non-sinking boat! There are too many other things to type about, so I'll just leave it at these situations.

    They seriously should have taken notes from Open Water. The writers to that movie really knew how to build up anticipation, when to make the serious stuff happen, and when to break in-between incidences.

    Hopefully in another 20 years, there's a remake of this movie that I can give a great review for. Until then, I wish I had 2 more hands so I could give Beneath four thumbs down! That is all...
  • nybor792 January 2014
    Finally! A cheesy horror movie where the aquatic predator is NOT brought to you by the "magic" of CGI. Yes, this movie is cliché and predictable in close to every single way, but unlike every other made for ScyFi movie wherein the beast is some computer generated three-headed shark or swarm of piranhas, the creature in THIS movie actually appears to be in the water rather than edited into it after filming was complete. It may lack the kitsch of Sharknado but it deserves some credit for the old school mechanical creature effects factor. There's just something much creepier about knowing that there's really something there in the water. I have to be honest, I do not regret a single moment spent watching it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    With a movie like this, where the monster AND plot are revealed in the movie poster, there can be only two things that make it worth watching: the quality of the effects, or the quality of the story leading to the monster parts.

    Let's start with the first: if you thought that the rubber creature in the old 1960s swamp creature was a low that was 50 years in the past, think again - the fish in this movie is as unrealistic as it's possible to be. Not even animatronic. Just a crappy crappy crappy lump of rubber with a mouth that opens and shuts - and none of the nuances that might give it life: flexible skin, realistic eyes, variable swimming motion, a sense of aggression - no. Instead, just this big dumb lump of rubber that floats around the lake like a submarine with all the menace of an inflatable lilo.

    And now the story. There's no level on which this crappy waste of 90 minutes is plausible. Clearly all of the major characters hate each other except slut and native American style flower child, so why the hell would any of them choose to spend the day together?

    And then there's the fact that they ARE all just painfully uninspired stereotypes:

    Spoiled jock Irritating nerd Treacherous slut Evil ruthless brother Beautiful silent type flower child Mysterious brooding old guy who lives by lake

    But just put the uninspired characterisation to one side, if you can do so, and try to work out the logic of the movie.

    Big dangerous fish in lake and we have no oars because we dumb nyuck nyuck. we sacrifice someone create distraction. Then take no advantage of distraction, once, twice, three, four times, repeating the same pathetically unbelievable little melodrama until the entire party is in the water getting eaten by super slow rubberfish, until finally, forced to swim, dumb jock makes a break for it.

    If I had written this pile of crap, I'd be ashamed to be credited. From start to predictably feeble finish, there is not a single saving grace.

    Acting -nope Plot - nope Originality - nope B movie schlocky entertainment - nope Creature effects - definitely nope

    Do yourself a massive favour - swim on by this piece of garbage.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Dreadful teen horror story set up - teens, love triangle, lake, boat, beer, party, monster, death blah blah blah

    It seemed like everyone -silent one, jock, jock's bro, t'other lass, everyone except the geek that is, had shagged the slut, even the other lass.

    I liked the way the sides of the fish looked as it moved through the water, it did indeed look fish-like.

    I hated all the characters, which in my book means they played their parts well because they were all indeed pretty despicable.

    And I didn't understand how they never seemed to get any closer to the shore when they were in a lake.!

    All in all it was pretty dire.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Frankly I don't know how these young actors could keep straight faces while making this stupid movie, yes I said stupid. Also I don't understand how anybody and everybody involved just did not refuse to make this movie.?????

    This movie could have been a bit better if the giant fish in the river had not looked so false. It looked like a huge wind up toy.

    It looked like it come from the puppet TV series Stingray.

    Also I've seen many rubbish movies, and so I cant understand why they are made ??????. Why would a director, direct a rubbish film in general.???.

    In the movie world today there are so many unanswered questions.

    Part of the story line in this film is about several young people suddenly without oars to get their boat to back to land, so what do they do with their time ?????. Argue amongst themselves. I felt like telling them all to shut bloody, up!

    This movie was frustratingly stupid. End of story.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film is so bad i felt i had to write a review about it to warn others not to watch it. now where do i start with this stupid film?.yes i know! i'll start with the story six teenagers go away for some fun in the woods,and there is some kind of fish creature underneath the lake where the teenagers go boating and one of the teenagers knows there is a dangerous creature in the lake and for some reason he doesn't tell any of them about it. why didn't he tell them you ask? i have absolutely NO IDEA!. the boy knew right from the start about the creature and he does not try to warn them at all??. What i find odd about this idiotic character is that he would even get in the boat with them in the first place if he knew about the creature.

    if i knew there was a dangerous creature in the water i would not get on a BOAT AND GO OUT THERE!. but of course this dumb character does. i should probably also mention there are NO likable Characters in this film. all of the characters are stupid A**holes with no likability. none of the characters are interesting at all which i guess i should have seen coming. I thought this film was going to be decent but it was not and i guess i should have seen that coming too. There was actually a scene in the movie that i thought was quite suspenseful when the teenagers were swimming in the lake we see a dark figure slowly moving toward them under the water and i thought that scene was well done because we don't see the creature and sometimes what you cant see is scarier because some people have a fear of the unknown. To be honest that was the best part of the movie! because everything else sucked!.

    This film would have worked if they had kept the creature hidden Because that would have kept the viewers wondering what the creature is or what it looked like.if they had done it that way it would have been more suspenseful and even chilling but sadly that did not happen and when the creature is shown it looks laughable it looked like a giant rubber fish toy,also its eyes and mouth never moved so you could tell it was fake and that dumbs the film down even more!. predictably one by one the teens start dying and then predictably they turn on each other.GEE I DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING!!.sarcasm. One guy is so stupid he actually starts hitting the creature with his paddle which then of course gets bitten in half by the creature and they lose one paddle then for some reason the teenagers start yelling at the creature and they start to hit it with their other paddle.

    why would these kids yell at the creature? what is that going to do? it does Nothing of course. by yelling and hitting at the creature they only made it angrier!.the same stupid guy that lost them their fist paddle stabs the creature with the next paddle Which gets stuck in the creatures body so thanks to him they now have NO paddles so they get stranded in the middle of the lake with nothing to row with!. the creature swims off and instead of the teenagers using their BRAINS and finding something to row with they just sit there and argue for ages which was a waste of time! so predictably what happens the creature comes BACK! and it slams into their boat! cracking it so then water sinks in which then leads to more arguing and more stupidity and more slowness!.That's the problem with these characters they are too slow! and too stupid to save themselves!.they spend most of the film arguing instead of trying to survive! which makes NO SENSE!. come on where is the logic in that?. the teenagers end up having to row with their hands to make the boat move,and i should probably mention they row so SLOWLY they barely move! so they get nowhere.

    i'm afraid that's your movie readers! its about a group of stupid hateful teenagers that fight and argue with each other instead of working together to survive.stupid choices are made and there is no one to like or give a crap about.the acting is bad the characters are Lame and the script is Bad.I advise people to skip this Stupid film and Take a Nap instead that would be better than the movie.
  • Gathering together for one last trip following high school graduation, a group of friends' trip to a small nearby lake forces them to come face-to-face with the lake's monstrous fish creature living there and try to find a way to get out alive.

    This one here had just a never-ending series of problems against it that there's not a whole lot of good points for it. The biggest issue with the film is that the film thinks these kinds of callous, vile humans are worthy of being the center-stage for the actions in here, yet none of them are ever worthy of doing anything more than being cannon fodder for the creature as other, smarter characters fought it off. Relying on bullying, cheating, blackmail and deciding that others where more worthy of living and dumping their friends overboard to die with the creature in the lake with them is perhaps the biggest death-knell to each of these characters, especially since all the while there's more than enough tactics on hand to actually fight it off with a gallant effort without resorting to dumping your friends in with the creature that even thinking of resorting to that tactic is really hard to forgive. Of course, the fact that there's one who knows the truth about it but decides against telling the others so that he can win the heart of the group's resident slut doesn't do much to favor this either, and the fact that this one tends to focus solely on the group sitting in the canoe arguing with each other tends to make for wholly uneventful programming with nothing interesting happening. That said, the gore isn't half-bad for the mangled bodies really look like they've been munched on and the creature does have some realistic looks to it since it's kept to a more reasonable size without being too gigantic to live there undetected, and frankly some of the sequences in the later half with the rapidly- drowning boat do get somewhat suspenseful. Overall, though, there's not too much to like here.

    Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language and Graphic Violence.
  • Went into this with sort of high expectations. Love a good water monster film and don't mind them low budget. I saw this trailer a while back on You Tube and thought it looked good. Basic premise - characters all with annoying character traits and not that enjoyable to watch end up on a lake with a medium sized fish puppet. Maybe my expectations were too high but the movie doesn't deliver on the trailer.

    The creature looked awful and probably the most fake I have seen besides most the creatures on SYFY. They show too many close up, medium and long shots of real bad fish model which clearly looks fake. I appreciate, what looked to be, practical effects over CGI but in this case it didn't help the film. Some of the better scenes with the fish is when it is submerged in the water or a shadow in the water. Its huge eyes look fake as and should have been darker to hide that fake-ness.

    The story is unremarkable and the characters, as written, are awful. I feel the actors did their job and no criticisms there - though none shine through. The director, I feel is sloppy as there is no build up for tension in his scenes, he rushes moments that should have levity (most death scenes besides the first girls) and the cinematography is amateurish. The director should have been in control of these aspects. The aspects of having friends making decisions about who to use as fish bait is as stupid as it sounds and comes across like voting for Big Brother. The teen love triangle and angst did leave some room for the actors to emote but again the director I feel didn't push or get the best out of them. The editing and the music was god awful and ruined some aspects of the suspense in scenes being too loud/bombastic when a softer more ambient soundtrack would have been better.

    With all that said I WOULD advocate for the director to be financed and to continue developing and the film was not a complete waste. It does sit well with SYFY type of films and as stated my expectations may have been too high has it was a awesome trailer.
  • The oversized antagonist of this run of the mill creature feature isn't a bad specimen and definitely looks like something out of the River Monsters alumni, not too far beyond realistic proportions. But that's about all I can praise in this otherwise irritating labour as six high school seniors try to stay afloat a sinking row boat as they're stalked by the voracious lake monster whilst tensions amongst the group threaten their survival.

    Most of the characters are clichés (the nerd, the jock, the outsider) and some are plainly irritating, not to mention uneven as the plot meanders from one fatality to the next. It doesn't take long for this lemon to lose its zest, the brittle relationships deteriorating into ridiculous scenarios that accelerate the attrition rate beyond I'm sure even the appetite of the assailant. Aside from the abysmal acting and puerile dialogue, the key weakness in the plot is the fact that the riverbank is clearly visible in almost every shot, yet despite their obvious proximity to shore, these directionless debutantes never seem to get any closer to it. Had they been depicted further from land in a vast lake, the situation would've been more believable.

    Unlike the typical monster movie, there's a rather morbid conclusion to this aimless outing, though it doesn't necessarily redeem the previous 80-minutes which even by B-movie standards is pretty mediocre.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't think I can convey in words just how bad this movie is. I went into the theater with high hopes. I tend to enjoy independent movies. Not the case here. The premise of the movie was good. A group of teenagers decide to go across a lake to a place to have a party to celebrate graduating from high school. They get trapped on the lake by a killer fish and have to figure out how to get back to shore alive. Unfortunately, this movie was just bad. The acting...bad. The killer fish effects...bad. The ending...bad. I'm just glad that my husband won the tickets to see the movie. So, we didn't waste any money on this horrible movie. We just wasted our time. If it was possible to give this movie negative stars, I would. It's that bad.
  • harryplinkett1418 April 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    This thing... It boggles the mind.

    First of all, I am sick of low budget films that revolve around a bunch of teenagers getting themselves killed. It is a cheap way to create a film that is an hour and a half long, without an actual plot. Virtually the entire plot revolves around these brats getting themselves needlessly killed. That's it.

    Now, the monster looks cheap, but I wouldn't mind if the story was good. You know those old episodes of The Twilight Zone, filmed in cheap studios and with crappy special effects? As a rule, these episodes had engaging stories and interesting characters so that the effects did not matter. This monster fish was actually adequate. The problem is that there is no story and the characters are annoying.

    Regarding the script,I don't even believe they had one. It looks improvised. In any event, you just want to cover your ears so you don't have to listen to the rubbish that comes out of these repulsive characters' mouths.

    Basically everything about this film is a failure: the plot, the characters, the dialogue, the action... Even camera-work is crap. The film repeatedly cuts to the POV of the camera one of the characters is carrying. It is unbelievably stupid and confusing. It's not used to create suspense, it's just distracting, pretty much like everything the characters do. I can't even tell you how meaningless the actions of these characters are. You have to see it to believe it. You want these people dead. None of them deserve sympathy. You just want them taken out so you don't have to listen to the obnoxious nonsense that comes out of their mouths.

    Don't watch this. It is not even mildly entertaining. You can't even watch it as a bad film that has its moments. It has none. It's cheap, amateurish crap, made by people who shouldn't be in the movie business. It is one thing to have a low budget; it's a million times worse when you take whatever funds you have and waste them. Even with this low budget the film could have been interesting, but unfortunately it was made by people who couldn't write an interesting scene if their life depended on it.
  • There was not a single person I cared about dying in this flick.
  • I love this fush so much please respect her, shes doing her best and i feel like whil the men as always are too many but the main caharcter js not a man so its gery valid and the fush is amaxing truly great monstrosity i want nothing more than for her to kill me and then preform my eulogy, one guy has agressive vibes but the fish takes care of it, i stan, she is an icon, they out her thru a lot tho
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