Edward Furlong was unable to attend the film festival screenings because he was in jail at the time.

The movie was shot in fifteen days.

Composers Julien-K, formerly the rock band Orgy, have been Writer and Director Nicholas Gyeney's favorite band since high school.

In a flashback scene, Edward Furlong can be seen wearing the "Public Enemy" t-shirt from Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), Writer and Director Nicholas Gyeney's favorite film.

The events of this movie are loosely based on the real-life of Matt Erlenmeyer, a good friend of the director.

Dustin James played a character named "Scott Friend". Dustin also played a character named "Scott Friend" in Nicholas Gyeney's high school feature film, which aided in awarding Nicholas a scholarship to USC.

The second film directed by Nicholas Gyeney to star an alumnus of The Terminator film franchise.

Gabor, who is a leading character in this film, was named after Nicholas Gyeney, who's middle name is also Gabor.

In the news broadcast, the ticker references Dr. Jason Pyatt's discovery of Time viewing. This loosely ties the events of this film to Nicholas Gyeney's previous film, The Penitent Man (2010).

The first movie in a planned trilogy.

The "long take" mental duel took thirty-seven takes. The thirty-seventh take was used in the final film.