Final film of Anton Yelchin.

During the initial days of filming, Peter Dinklage shot solo scenes with Director Mark Palansky and the crew. To unwind from these intense days, they would watch the comedy Step Brothers (2008) every night, a movie that Dinklage hadn't yet seen.

The cast and crew wrote down their own favorite memories on a "rememory board", that was displayed in the production office during shooting.

Catherine O'Hara was originally cast, but replaced by Julia Ormond.

Peter Dinklage previously worked with Mark Palansky on Penelope (2006), which was Pelansky's feature film directorial debut.

Sadly, this was one of (if not the last) film, actor Anton Yelchin shot before his untimely death.

The gorgeous modern house used as the home of the Dunns was discovered via the girlfriend of a crew member. Built on the outskirts of the town where they shot, it had been used for commercial purposes (a sizable expense) previously. The director feared they wouldn't be able to afford it; however, fortunately for him, the owner was a Game of Thrones fan and decided to let them use it as long as he and his family got to meet Peter Dinklage.

Brandon Kidwell is the artist whose artwork was displayed in the gallery. He also designed the poster.