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  • I recently viewed a short video about Ms.Amelia Earhart that explained what happened to her remains, as well as where you can find not only the bone fragments, but fragments of her plane here in the US. Please drop me a line at my email address and I will provide you with information about the video site well as the location of both sets of items. I have been fascinated with Ms. Earhart since I was a young girl and to know that you may actually continue to search for and settle the debate about her loss is really thrilling. I hope that you do not give up, I really would hate for that other fellow to continue to go on with his erroneous and ill conceived outdated ideas of her being marooned on some lonely island in the Pacific. Please straighten him out for the rest of us. Thank you, I am,

    A.M. Clarkson, CPT, U.S.Army Retired