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  • It didn't take me long into watching "The Marine: Homefront" when I said, "I've seen this before." In fact, I repeated that phrase in my head A LOT during the entire ninety minutes this movie took. Clearly the story and various plot elements aren't very original. And there are plenty of plot stupidities, like the fact the bad guys often can't hear gunfire taking place just a short distance away, or that their number are being slowly eliminated. Actually, the unoriginality and the stupidity of the script didn't concern me that much - I can take such stuff in a movie like this as long as there is good and plentiful action. But this movie doesn't have any of that. In the first half of the movie, there is perhaps a minute's worth of action in total! While the second half of the movie has a lot more action, it isn't that well done. It's generic shooting and punch-ups, filmed without any skill to make it rise above routine. There's nothing much of interest in this movie, and the best praise I can give it is that it was shot in the Canadian province I live in (British Columbia) and gave some work to my fellow citizens in front of and behind the camera.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    WWE Studios' latest direct-to-DVD just blew up in the producers face. If you haven't saw the Marine 3; don't worry, it follows the same plot as the Marine 1, and Marine 2. Rather than having the Marine character's wife or girlfriend being stolen, we get the Marine's sister being taken this time. How recycled. The writers didn't even bother with giving the Marine a good name, they just ripped off the name of an Indy wrestler that looks like the semi popular wrestler who playing the Marine. I wouldn't say that Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin is best all-around wrestler. He's moves awkwardly in the ring, and delivers moves not so sound. Its shows in the action scenes here. Also he doesn't have the mic skills to make himself likable and the writers don't do any favors as most of the scenes he is before the kidnapping makes him look like an ass. At less, he is better than WWE first choice to star, Randy Orton was set to star as the lead role in the film. I don't think it would be wise to have a ex-marine turn wrestler who went awol to start in a movie about a Marine. I would said that Miz was at less, better than John Cena and Ted Dibiase Jr who play the Marine in previous films. Sergeant Jake Carter (Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin) of the Marine Corps' Special Operations unit has just return home to his small rural town after a dangerous covert mission in Central America that never shown up in the film nor does it show the Miz in action. What is shown is stock footage of combat that looks more like Afghanistan or a desert setting than Central America finish off with a shot of the America Flag. I really think its unused footage from the two previous films. He's looking forward to spending quality time with his two sisters, Amanda (Camille Sullivan) and Lilly (Ashley Bell). Why on earth does Jake offer booze to Lilly's boyfriend when he is driving? Anyways, the boyfriend and Lilly is captured by Jonas Pope (Neal McDonough) when Lilly and boyfriend happen to be near a weapon deal went wrong. It's really out of place. Anyways it's sad to see Neal McDonough in a straight to DVD movie because he was a pretty fine actor who start in good movies and shows like Band in Brothers, Minority Report and Captain America. If anybody delivered in this film, it was him. He made me believe that he was a former college professor turned extremist determined to unleash an elaborate terrorist attack on American soil due to the fact that he lost everything due to the economy and hate greedy corporation America. You can't help side with the villain with this. Sadly, that's what wrong with the film. If the villain makes more sense than the hero's actions. People will tend to agree with his views. I guess he was also a huge Dark Knight fan because he rob a bank, only to set it on fire AKA Joker like. Epic. The bankrupt music is very similar to the music that play in the Dark Knight's bankrupt, by the way. It's just annoying to see that. Also what awful plastic masks they are wearing during the bank heist, were they really thinking that clear plastic was going to hide their identify. Idiots. The action scenes are just not that good, but one is OK. The one on the ship, hand to hand combat. I didn't like the pointless bar action scene that never talk about again. The editing to the woods fight is bad. It seems like we was teleporting from place to place like he was Nightcrawler or something. He looks and reminds me of Tim from Braid. I have to rewind the movie a bit to figure out how he move from one place to another so quickly. At less, there wasn't any cheesy one liners from him throughout those scenes. It's not like the SWAT or police are helping him. Films like this makes these highly trained SWAT and police looks like idiots compare to the military. They get eliminated like Red Shirts against non-combat domestic terrorists. I think most people hate the cops in a way that action movies like to portray them negatively. It's only for military to patrol another country's street, but don't patrol mine, unless I need you. That kind of thinking is so wrong. Excuse me, but SWAT is just as skill as a member of a Marine Corp. Plus, a many amount of ex- Marines go into police service after serving their nation. At less, the movie only has one big explosion rather than the orgy of explosions in the first Marine. This movie wasn't too bad. Worth renting, but not buying.
  • It wasted me 1.5 hours in my My wife said so too. I watched this one because the previous two ones were good. Unfortunately this one is really sucks. I'm not saying the actor was bad but the story is terrible. I could saw the end when I watched it for 20 minutes. Basically it's a no brain movie. Jeez I don't know why I'm still wasting more time for writing this comment. Maybe just because I feel sorry for the one. I guess there will be no v4.0. event die hard had 4.0 and not too bad. I think I got to review the DVDs of the previous two ones. I think the requirement as the minimum length for reviews must be at least 10 lines of text is unreasonable because the only thing I wanted to say about this movie is, sucks.
  • This movie really sucked so bad, but what can you expect from WWE studios. Apart from the Miz being in it and the older Sister having a NICE!!! Butt, the movie sucked. Same old cookie cutter plot from the previous Marines movies or better yet all the movies WWE makes. Seriously how hard it is to write a decent story plot. They waste money on set, location, and effects and they make the cheesiest, most predictable movies ever.

    They seriously need to hire better writers for these movies. The Miz was okay at acting and so were the rest of the cast, but the story and dialog ruin everything.
  • After watching the movie I'm actually very surprised at how much I liked it. In some scenes it's quite obvious that it's a low-budget-production with a simple script but that does not make it a bad movie at all. The actors were very solid and IMO Mike "Miz" Mizanin did a heck of a job in his acting debut. As shown in the extras, he clearly did his homework preparing for his part as a combat-proved Marine. But not the action-scenes really caught my attention but his actual acting-skills e.g. when arguing with his family where he showed genuine, credible emotion. The action-scenes were cool but I would have liked a couple more of them. :) So go on, buy the movie but do not expect it to be Oscar-worthy or something ... just enjoy!
  • I really can't believe that Mike The Miz from WWE can act that good; throughout the entire movie his expressions were really awesome and he acted just like another great professional. The movie was so unpredictable I saw on the edge of my seat, and all the time I watched the movie it was totally worth it never expected WWE to make such a great movie. In fact, every Marine related movie is really awesome. This movie was really action packed, blockbusting and damn it was fun watching it. Come on people you must purchase this movie because its awesome, I ain't no official of WWE or something its just that Mike the Miz has really impressed me to that state that I am writing my third-ever review for a movie on IMDb. The soundtrack for this movie is dynamic, the last song is just so awesome you would want to download it and listen to it over and over again. The Miz had a really great role in the movie, he really has showed that he can play lead roles really well and I have seen several John Cena movies but this just shows that Miz is better in the field of acting.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film is grossly formulaic with bad acting. It has the lame soundtrack and writing of a Lifetime film. Jake (Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin) is home on 2 weeks leave in the small town of Bridgetown, Washington. He stays with his two sisters, doesn't approve of their boyfriends and has a hard time controlling himself to the dismay of family and friends. For a Marine, he needs a haircut.

    Meanwhile, Jonah Pope (Neal McDonough) is a bad guy who has a grudge against the system. Being raked over by the stock market, banks, and health insurance companies, Jonah devises a plan of revenge in the city of Seattle. During an arms deal, Jake's sister Lily (Ashley Bell) and her "not a loser" boyfriend (Jeffrey Ballard) get taken as hostages as they witness a crime.

    The FBI is apparently helpless to save the hostages and the city of Seattle, only a Marine can do that.

    The script was written very badly. I can't fault the actors for trying. The political speech made by Jonah was unbelievably phony. This is for fans of the combination of Steven Seagal, Marines, anarchists, and after school specials.

    Parental Guide: F-bomb. No sex or nudity.
  • this movie wasn't best as Marine John Cena and Ted DiBiase, Jr. Marine 2 the franchise should have just followed With John Cena In First Marine in big budget franchise but sometimes i hated franchise's going to Blu Ray and DVD. Film Directer,Actor,Writer Scott Wiper who did a WWE Wrestler's in Action movies The Condemned (2007)Steve Austin witch i liked. Marine 3 had good action scenes and good fights R.I.P(Darren Shahlavi)Cazel did had good fight scene with Miz but not the best scene i have scene i wish there could be more scenes with him but he is only 1 hour of film.

    Story Follows that(Michael Gregory "Mike" Mizanin)Jake Carter who come United States Marine Returns Home To Bridgeton Jake had to sisters (Ashley Bell)Liz and (Camille Sullivan)Amanda having fun after that Liz and her boyfriend been kidnapped from radical militia group Villain wasn't great expect for Robert Patrick from Marine 2006 was good villain like Always but this Villain sucked who starred alongside former WWE superstar DWAYNE "THE ROCK" JOHNSON as yet another villain in (WALKING TALL). Using every bit of his military training (Neal McDonough) Jonah Pope just lame villain who got Jake Sister as hostage. Jake Carter goes there to save day but the Action Scenes were good Jake taking out bad guys killing them it was fun then with Darren Shahlavi fighting with Miz scene didn't go long But I have seen better. In fact I have expected a much better movies in the beginning Jake had Combat skills this is not best Marine franchise 1 and 2 were great but this eh there some scenes are unrealistic low budget film camera looked eh normal not the best i have seen what can i expect from WWE Studios witch i always like buy depending what movies they make Marine 3 is has same story like previous Films it didn't had interesting story 6.10 some of action scenes were not much executing for me i wish it did a lot better film to it i had no problems with Miz Wrestler but i wanted to have John Cena Back on Franchise
  • ravimirna23 December 2020
    One of the good B grade action movies . With less profanity and controlled violence, this movie does not stray from the main story line. An antagonist felt wronged by the Corporate system turns into violent rage targeting rich . I wonder how SWAT team easily gets shot by bad guys they are supposed to undergo training to maneuver however fall easy prey to bullets. Mike the Mitz is good. There are couple of intense hand to hand combat scenes . Scott Wiper has given a watchable action thriller with shoe string budget. There is no sex which comes as a breather . Technically well made.
  • The Marine 3: Homefront from the long running Marine series mark the first appearance of Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin as the main hero then the star of the series later on with two more sequels.The movie follow a U.S marine officer return to his hometown and as usual find himself in a deadly situation.The movie is well shot,the action scene is hard hitting and bloody with Mike on screen charm all over the place but the biggest problem of this movie is the bad guys.Seriously the bad guys motivation makes no sense at all from his standpoint i kinda guess but how can other guys follow him.Nonetheless it still a fun movie to waste time
  • Not too fond of the opening narration. It sets the tone that I have to like the movie because it's about supporting the troops, but is it? Or is it just exploiting them like every movie seems to these days. It's like if I put some marine in my movie or something about a soldier it gets a higher score, automatically.

    But you know what? Once that John Cougar Mellencamp- type song came on after the open narration, I knew then what type of homeland American movie I was getting into and just needed to accept that.

    I'm a fan of the Miz. I've never seen him wrestle, and more familiar with him as Mike from the Real World but I think its cool that someone from the show became big enough to star in his own movie.

    But I think they are not sure about his star power as there is a big cast of characters doing a lot of things in the movie, making his part smaller.

    Decent gun play makes for some cool actions sequences.

    Neal McDonough also made a nice villain. He was sympathetic and unwavering in his cause. It's a pretty bad ass villain.

    I actually saw the Marine 4 before I saw this one and as far as The Marine saga starring the Miz, number four is better than number three. Nothing beats the first one starring John Cena, but Marine three was just developing something for the Marine 4.
  • julie-stahl313 March 2013
    Action movies are predictable but this one I thought was a little different. The main protagonist was bad but not your typical bad guy. Yes there was a scene that was unrealistic( Come on its Hollywood you expect it to be realistic what action movie is.) but you have to make the star the hero of the movie. It is called The Marine: Home Front for a reason he had been through a lot and knows about combat. He know how people think and work that what he is trained for. Marine's are bad-asses. I thought the acting was great and non-stop just kept watching going, wow can he top himself. It was a great plot and thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I waited weeks for the movie to come out being a huge Mike the "The Miz" fan. I was hoping but not expecting it to live up to my expectations. It did that an more. It was "AWESOME".
  • One of the dumbest movies out there. they use an unattractive 30 year old woman to play the teenage girl.. its almost comical.. they just gave her a braid in her hair. the cops are like starwars storm troopers .. they shoot alot of bullets but NEVER hit anything..and apparently the fbi swat team never takes cover and just runs into hail of bullets.. the glances between cast members... omg this was bad..but people who think wrestling is real will probably like it and maybe thats the audience they are going for..
  • kaysw27 December 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is a good movie. But I have seen better. In fact I have expected a much better movies in the beginning. Some parts are so unrealistic. I mean would a trained federal agent let his team into a death trap and sit watching his crew get killed and doing nothing? That is just one example. There were few more. Anyway action sequences are good. Overall the film is not boring. It is totally watchable. The villein is not that bad after all. Finally he let the girl go. Maybe he has fallen love with her. I am still trying to figure out that move. The main character is well built. The actor is doing a great job and proves he can act. But some characters are not so lucky. As for an example the sheriff has nothing to do in a situation where his county and people are in a dangerous situation. He must have given more chances. Anyway I enjoyed watching this movie.