Emily Middleton: Oh, not you. It was me. Can you kind of beat it? Cause you're a distraction.

Emily Middleton: Just use the map, Mom!

Linda Middleton: [opens map] Oh, my God. This is a placemat from a restaurant!

Linda Middleton: Why did I ever let you talk to me into this?

Emily Middleton: I should have just listened to you... I love you.

Linda Middleton: This is great, but we've really got to get out of here, you know.

Emily Middleton: Yeah, we need to get out of here, okay.

Emily Middleton: Let's go out tonight. Hair, makeup, boobs... we're going out!

Linda Middleton: Emily, I am not going out at night.

Emily Middleton: Everything shouldn't be so scary.

Ruth: Oh, it damn well should. One in four tourists are kidnapped.

Emily Middleton: Not true.

Ruth: One, two, three... Somebody's missing.

Emily Middleton: We really need to get to the US consulate in Bogota as soon as possible, kind of, so if you know the easiest way?

Roger Simmons: The easy way?

[bar patrons laugh and Roger joins; he lifts his drink and turns around to see the patrons having their own conversation]

Roger Simmons: Feel free to drink from any puddle you see. All water in the jungle is safe.

James: Your tit's out.

Emily Middleton: [Joking] Your tit's out, too.

James: No, your tit is actually emerged.

Emily Middleton: [Notice it] I thought I felt a breeze. Will you excuse me?

James: Oh, no. Yeah, absolutely.

[Emily tucked her breast back into her dress]

Linda Middleton: For 18 years your mother is the most important person to you in your entire life. And then... and then... One day poof! You're gone. And then what are you supposed to do. Like, just adjust? Just like that?