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  • When I was a little kid I used to watch both Scooby-Doo and WWE on TV. Now, it's a pleasure for me to be able to watch a movie which contains those two things. Apparently, I'm not a child anymore, but that does not mean that I can not watch an animated movie mixing my favorite TV shows as a small fry. If I had seen that movie those past years, I would definitely be excited. However, even as an (almost) adult I watch that kind of films gladly! I bet you'll be delighted too.

    Sometimes, I love travelling back in the past and that movie is a first-class ticket for that trip, don't you think so? Watching John Cena as a cartoon exploring with Saggy and Scooby the WWE City, that's cool. I didn't get bored at the whole movie, even if its length is 80 minutes. I mean that the Scooby-Doo episodes on the TV used to be like 30 minutes, but that's OK, I don't mind. Nevertheless, it could be shorter, and that means better.

    If you remember the Scooby-Doo episodes, the movie is exactly like those: There's a strange monster and Scooby-Doo's clique has to chase it and catch it. At that particular film, they got help by WWE superstars, like John Cena, Sin Cara, Triple-H etc. I like it! So, people, give it a chance, it's totally worth it. You won't regret it (unless you are expecting to watch a masterpiece).
  • Not the best Scooby Doo film or among the best, but still great entertainment from start to finish. Some of the story can feel over-stretched, the film could easily have been shorter and still be effective, and the final solution did feel over-complicated, a lot goes on but some of the explanation is rushed. The animation is top-notch however, there is so much detail in the backgrounds that has a uniquely interesting style, all the characters look great and the colours are warm and vibrant. The soundtrack is still groovy with some very catchy moments, and the writing, a vast majority of the story and characters hit the spot excellently. The writing is goofy but of a endearing and hilarious kind that is remarkably true to that of the classic Scooby Doo, and there is a lot of heart. The story never feels dull and the mystery is a good one apart from some padding and an over-complicated final solution, plenty of suspense and the clues as ever are very fun to spot. The ghost bear is a solid and initially scary villain that could have been utilised more, though you do know straight away from the usual formula that it is a person behind a mask, unlike some people here the culprit wasn't that obvious to me. The cross-over of Scooby and WWE worked excellently, I'm a huge Scooby Doo fan if not so much wrestling but the smart dialogue, chemistry between characters and colourful characterisations really worked. The Scooby Doo characters don't disappoint, Shaggy and Scooby have the lion's share of the funniest moments and the best bits are hilarious, but their friendship has a lot of heart to it. Velma(whose personality since the Sander-Schwatz outings has taken some getting used to), Daphne and Fred are likable and do things that are interesting and different to one another. The WWE characters are a huge amount of fun with their personalities as colourful as in real life without being exaggerated yet don't swamp the gang too much, the balance between the two are just right. The voice work doesn't disappoint, Matthew Lillard and John Cena standing out particularly but it is great from all the voice actors and is actually one of Wrestlemania Mystery's strongest assets. All in all, lots of fun and excellent as a cross-over. 8/10 Bethany Cox
  • Reviewed by: Dare Devil Kid (DDK)

    Rating: 3.9/5 stars

    Fantastic nostalgia all the way through. Fans of the old Scooby-Doo animated series will love this. It has all favorite mystery solving gang back in familiar pseudo-ghost territory, doing what they always do best. And keeping them company are everybody's favorite WWE stars – past and present. This makes it a combined trip down memory lane.

    But make no mistake, this is a Scooby vehicle all the way and the WWE stars are present only to add additional chutzpah to the proceedings (after all its a combined Warner Bros. and WWE Studios production). It has all the ingredients of the classic animated show we grew up with and came to love so dearly. Everything from the mystery van, to the archetypal character traits of Scooby and his pals, to outlandish plots and villains masquerading as diabolical urban legends are there to make it a fun-filled adventure ride.

    What's more, these elements are presented with careful development, madcap planning, and precise execution, reminiscent of some of the crime busting gang's most famous TV episodes. The Director, "Brandon Vietti", and the writer "Michael Ryan", merit special praise for this. Even the gang's most famous dialogues such as "Jinkies!", "Nice work Scoob!", "Zoinks!", "Let's split up gang", and "Scooby-Doo, where are you?" are thrown in for added measure. Yet, the characters themselves take a few amusing digs at some of the more obviously silly parts of the show, like how they never change their attire. Along with the brilliant scripting and direction, the animation flows seamlessly considering the constraints of a direct-to-video feature.

    In true Scooby-Doo fashion, I'll sign off by saying that this is one of the mystery gang's "grooviest" adventures yet, and while it's a must- see for all those who enjoyed the show, even neutral fans are bound to enjoy this full-length, animated, direct-to-video feature to the hilt.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Jinkies! This movie was pretty odd. When I was a child, I was a huge fan of both Scooby-Doo and pro-wrestling. I just never thought of them being combine with each other. I really don't think, it mash well, together. I know, the movie was made for children, but it was a weird trip to see the Scooby-Doo gang hanging out with WWE wrestlers. For the most part, pro wrestling has always had that stigma of being too violence for the sake of entertainment. Because of this, pro-wrestling was somewhat censor from main stream media outlets, time and time, again. It wasn't until the 1980's, that pro-wrestling once again, appeal to main stream audiences because of Vince McMahon. Vince McMahon's company, WWF was able to pull this off, because it started to enhance its product, to appeal to children which led to more support of media outlets. It did this by cutting down the violence and language, and creating more cartoony type characters. I grew up with the Hulkamania era, and love every minute of it. Pro-Wrestling got so popular, that a cartoon show came out in 1987's call, Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling. In the 1990's, the life action cartoon friendly gimmick was losing its edge due to the audience wanting more adult theme type wrestling. Vince McMahon was once again, was call back to producing pro-wrestling as having an more adult-oriented programming content. It wasn't until 2008, that Vince McMahon turn his company around, yet again, by providing a safe friendly PG show, so that company can once again, get more support from media outlets and make more money. One such company that came to support, WWE is Warner Bros that wanted to make a cross over film with them. Scooby Doo was one of their most famous cartoon placement, and working with WWE, would be good for both of them. If you've seen anything Scooby-Doo-related movie, then you know how this movie works. It's a formula that has worked for the franchise. The movie starts off with uber fan boys, Shaggy (voiced by Matthew Lillard) and Scooby (voiced by Frank Welker) winning tickets to WrestleMania. They convince the entire Mystery Inc. gang to travel to WWE City in the Mystery Machine to enjoy the show. Soon, enough the trip quickly turns into another mystery as WWE City is being terrorize by an evil ghost-bear! With the help of WWE Superstars John Cena, Triple H, Sin Cara, Brodus Clay, AJ Lee, The Miz, Santino Marella and Kane. Scooby-Doo and WWE team up to solve the case before it is too late! First off, the voice acting from the WWE roster is pretty awful. I have to say, Triple H is the worst. It felt like he was just reading the lines, with little emotion. There was some fun wrestling cameos in the film that is worth looking for. For any wrestling fans. Look for the cameos of Jerry 'The King' Lawler, Sgt. Slaughter, Big Show, Alberto Del Rio Jimmy Hart and even owner Vince McMahon, himself. The other voice acting is alright, as I found trainer/former superstar Cookie (voiced by Charles S. Dutton) and Cookie's son Ruben (voiced by Bumper Johnson) interesting characters. The humor was pretty clever, even breaking the fourth wall, a bit. The movie even makes WWE city look like a theme park with all the puns. There is even some dialogue references that only a true WWE fan would know about. About the mystery of who the Ghost-Bear is, it's pretty clear, who it is, even if it doesn't really make any sense. While the exposition for this character is all fake, the film did do its research of the history of pro-wrestling for this. Indeed, there was a time where people would wrestle bears in the carny days. The movie also smartly hints at the conflict, it has with the World Wide Fund with the character of Bayard (Corey Burton) who believes that WWE City is hurting nature. This conflict come from the fact that WWE and WWF once share the same name. The animation is pretty good looking, but some of the characters don't look like their real life counterpart. The Miz cartoon looks nothing like the real Miz. Another problem with the film is how long the animation takes to be made. Most of the superstars gimmicks are so outdated now like Brodus Clay's Funkasaurus role, Kane's monster role and even Sin Cara who at the time of this release was fired from WWE. It was bit funny to see that Sin Cara was given a secondary role in this under John Cena, as in real life, he botch most of his moves causing injuries to himself, and others to the point, that WWE only use him in the low ranking card like a jobber. Another annoying thing is how much WWE branding is in this movie. You rarely see anything that isn't relate to the WWE. The movie makes WWE look good. Even some of the classic Scooby Doo jokes seem missing from this movie. The movie remind me a lot of 2000's Ready to Rumble with its plot clichés and tropes. The movie is easy to find. It really miss the mark, not having Undertaker in this film. His gimmick works great for this. Blu-Ray release of this film contains a couple of fun bonus things in addition to the feature film. There is a bonus episode call 'A Pup Named Scooby-Doo' titled 'Wrestle Maniacs' on the DVD that perfectly fits in with the wrestling theme. Pup named Scooby-Doo episode could have used some work. It's really gritty. Overall: I didn't get bored at the whole movie, even if its length is 80 minutes. This definitely not the last collaboration between Warner Bros. They are planning to mash-up another classic series "The Flintstones" in early 2015. I really don't know how that movie will work, but it will be interesting.
  • This movie is about Shaggy and Scooby winning a trip to WWE city to see WrestleMania. The gang runs into trouble when Scooby is accused of stealing the WWE championship belt. Some of their new friends must prove Scooby's innocence before it's too late and the mysterious Ghost bear ruins the main event. Daphne (Grey DeLisle) is my favorite character because she is in love with John Cena and it reminds of me of myself when I have a big crush on a celebrity. I love when she confesses to Fred that she gave John her phone number, cellular number, email address and home address. That is pretty funny and cute and - Fred gets jealous. Scooby (Frank Welker) is my second favorite character because I love his voice and he is a better fighter than Shaggy because his moves are so swift and smooth.

    I enjoyed the wrestling scenes in this movie, especially when Scooby is dreaming of being in a video game and he is up against a slice of a pizza, two delicious hotdogs and a huge cup of soda.

    My favorite scene is Scooby playing the bonus level of the video game by doing Sin Cara's victory dance because Scooby has some nice dance moves. I is really cool to see WWE city animated because you get to experience what it is like to be a wrestler and what it is like to see a fight in the stadium. The upbeat music allows the audience to feel the excitement of the opponents. My least favorite part is the beginning because it takes forever to get to the plot and I is confusing for the first 30 minutes of the film.

    The moral of the film is to not allow one's anger to turn into revenge. It's okay to be angry. It is not okay to act on the anger and make bad decisions. Parents should be aware that there are fighting scenes and a Ghost bear before allowing small children to view this movie. I recommend this movie for ages nine year to 18 years. I give this movie 3 out of 5 stars.

    Reviewed by Shelby R., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic
  • lillawson2017 April 2014
    For kids, this show is fantastic. Like others have said it combines kids two favourite things Scooby Doo and WWE. Really funny, and light minded humour. All characters appear well, and the story is great for kids. You really enjoy watching it, even adults. I think we should support WWE Studios in future endeavours. I believe they are making a Flintstones movie for 2015, which should bring some light hearted fun to the scene. Also new movies like Oculus and Leprechaun should prove a hit. I wish all in WWE and WWE Studios all the best in their future projects. I also hope WWE continues to make new movies as children love them. It's always fun to see Scooby doo, or Fred Flintstone run around with a wwe superstar ! Enjoy the movie everyone !
  • Whereas "Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery" is, of course, a children's cartoon, then it was still fun to watch, having grown up with both the Scooby Doo cartoons and wrestling on TV during the 1980s (I stopped watching (and outgrew) wrestling before it become WWE), then it was fun to watch this 2014 animated feature.

    Storywise, well, then it is as any Scooby Doo cartoon goes. Basically, once you have seen a single episode, you have seen them all. Something foul and strange is afoot, and it is up to the gang to get to the root of the mystery that is plaguing the WWE city.

    The animation in the movie was smooth and it was just like the cartoons I remembered from back in the 80's, except for some minor updates, such as tablets and smart phones and such. But great to see that the show is progressing and staying in tune with todays day and age.

    As for the voice acting, well people were doing good jobs putting themselves, their talent and souls into the characters. Now, I can't really claim to be familiar with the stars of WWE, so I really can't put much comment on their part.

    The enjoyment in "Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery" was good, and there is something for the entire movie to watch here when sitting down all together to watch this.
  • Jesus f*cking Christ on a Pogo stick!!! If this movie was any better I would have to sacrifice 10000 goats to it to show my appreciation. Everything from the animation to the voice acting were beyond human comprehension. No movie I have ever seen can compare to the pure genius this. The second the "Ba Ba Ba baa"s and "Ba Na Na Na"s kick in you know sh*ts going down. The action was so fluid that you could get lots for hours watching the same scene on repeat. I was a bit weird-ed out when Shaggy started making out with Cena but the twist at the end really comes out of nowhere and solves all the plot holes. In summery this film is a must watch for everyone in our plane of existence.

  • Hmmmmmm...

    I really don't know how to feel about this.

    I mean, I can see Scooby and Shaggy as being WWF fans. I can see them being the types of rubes that don't understand that it's all fake. that works.

    But the Bear? Really, it doesn't fit for a big bad.

    And the show is a bit over-the-top even for Scooby Doo. It is all a little bit too much and builds up to yet another forgettable ending.

    It's a negative in oh so many ways. It doesn't work, especially as a Scooby Doo movie.

    So there is all of that weighted against it....

    BUT, it was funny and it had moments where it moved from funny to hysterical.

    So even though it doesn't work as movie, it passes only on the strength of its humor.
  • glucas-728333 November 2016
    All I'm saying is...

    This movie is one of the best movies I have ever seen, and I'm 50 years of age. Why?

    The horror is amazing, the suspense is palpable, the voice acting is impeccable, the animation is flawless, the characters are lovable and the ending? Timeless

    This films production value is outstanding, and its budget has to reflect this. I loved seeing my favourite WWE characters meet my favourite TV characters AKA Meddling Kids.

    All I can do is recommend this Enjoy
  • Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery (2014)

    ** 1/2 (out of 4)

    The latest mystery has Shaggy and Scooby winning a wrestling video game, which gives them the grand prize of a week at the WWE headquarters. Once there the gang gets involved with the mystery involving a giant glowing bear who is wrecking havoc on the place and plans to ruin the upcoming WrestleMania. The latest movie from Scooby-Doo isn't the greatest and in fact it's a major set back when compared to BIG TOP SCOOBY-DOO but there's no doubt that fans will still want to check it out. While the film remains entertaining for the most part, there's no question that it lacks a certain amount of charm. I'm not sure why on Earth the filmmakers decided to mix in the wrestling stars but it really didn't make for a good combination. I'm not going to lie, I stopped watching wrestling years ago but I thought they could have done a few interesting things with it. Sadly, that really didn't happen as we get the typical types of jokes that you'd expect and of course Shaggy and Scooby eventually have to face down one of the biggest people in the business. The film does have some good stuff in it including the monster bear, which looked excellent and made for a great villain. It's really too bad he wasn't used more. The animation is top-notch as you'd expect and there's no doubt that Scooby is always at the top of his game. The vocal work is good by all, which is another plus. The story itself is pretty standard and it's not too hard to figure out who's going to be behind the mask. Still, even with the flaws, the film manages to be entertaining.
  • When new superstars came to the WWE like Daniel Bryan, Darren Young Ryback, Adam Rose and those 2 Mexican ***** that wear the masks i could barely watch an episode of RAW without gagging or throwing up a little bit in my mouth.

    It was BAD... and i mean BAD. I thought the WWE got as bad as it could get but then along came this Scooby Doo crossover monstrosity. I watched it (via torrent) because i wouldn't want to waste my money and boy was it BAAAAD. Of course Super Cena starred in the movie telling his corny jokes and selling out to the 'younger' fanbase (9- 12 year old kids, usually wear John Cena wristbands, shorts, John Cena t- shirts that go down to their knees and post videos of themselves demonstrating how to do an 'AA' (PG name for the FU -_-) on YouTube.

    Instead of putting this 'thing' on, put on an old episode of RAW from 1999 or 2000.
  • This was made so bad that it could ruin the childhood fans of Scooby-Doo. (I am a fan!) So bad that it should be wiped clean.

    Come on, who owns the copy rights of Scooby Doo, they shouldn't let any one just make such craps.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hand it to the juggernaut that is the WWE to ruin an all time classic children's cartoon.

    What is it the WWE are aiming for, are they trying to literally take over the world or something? They're poking their noses into pretty much everything trying to make a name for themselves.

    You're a wrestling company, you should concentrate on wrestling, or sports entertainment whatever you label yourselves as these days, using Scooby Doo as a platform for success and mainstream attention is about as shallow as it gets.

    Anyhow, as for the overall quality of the film itself, I wasn't impressed, but it was at least watchable. The phantom bear was, well what exactly was it? And what has a phantom bear got to do with the WWE anyway? They could've come up with a more appropriate villain, like the spirit of a long dead wrestler coming back for vengeance.

    A Scooby Doo-WWE crossover had so much potential, but they ruined it purely out of self indulgence, so much so that they created a whole city based around themselves: WWE City!

    The correct way to do a film like this would be:

    No WWE City and don't base it around Wrestlemania

    Have Scooby and the gang turn up to one of WWE's events somewhere in America, but the event is haunted and ruined by the wrestler spirit (the villain), Vince McMahon and his company approach Scooby, Shaggy etc to help them investigate the case. Actual wrestlers can get involved and it can be classic Scooby Doo, in the end they discover the wrestler spirit is actually a "fictitious" wrestler WWE haven't long employed, he was fed up of being held back and not given the spotlight despite all his hard work in the ring.

    That's how it should've been done!

    And the actual star power in the film, Sin Cara playing the joint lead alongside John Cena, only in cartoons would that happen, never once happened in real life, Sin Cara is a jobber at best who has made more botches in his matches than anyone else ever has, and they give him the spotlight in this film, on the same level as John Cena?

    Weak, self indulgent film that I'd avoid watching, even for the most die hard WWE or Scooby Doo fans, just not worth it, I gave it a 3/10 purely because I can't bring myself to give anything Scooby Doo related lower, actually worth a 2/10.
  • I was excited to see this as it combines two of my things one of them from my childhood but I was disappointed with how this movie played out. I didn't really understand this whole ghost bear thing even after watching this movie a few times to see if it made anymore sense which it did not. I feel like they could have gone in a few different directions with this movie instead of ghost bear. Also they have made other live-action Scooby- Doo movies why did this one have to be a cartoon? I probably would have liked it a bit more if it had real people and not have had a ghost bear. A friend of mine watched it and she said that she didn't like how they portrayed John Cena as some sort of super hero figure that can lift vans above his head and stop a giant bolder. My friend also didn't like how Daphne fawned over John Cena like a teenage girl at a Justin Beiber concert. All in all it was a somewhat good movie that children will enjoy