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  • Unicorn Store is delightful, quirky and charming film sparkles with feminine energy and pastel colors (I love the hues in this movie). It perfectly captures the "millenial life crisis" that's why it is also relatable. But... as wonderful as the story is, it needs a little more sophistication and depth, and less straightforwardness. Interesting idea from the trailer, but it stops there. It tries to come off as deeply profound yet in the end there's no follow through. Props to all the actors involved though! They did a great job- really amazing acting performances from everyone.

    As for Brie Larson's directional debut, this film is a valid effort, but it's obvious the lack of filmmaking maturity. She can do better next time (and I'll surely wait for that movie).

    Summary? Still a good watch. One of those movie you can play on TV while doing something else... like washing the dishes, or scrolling through your Twitter.
  • Though the premise is loveably bold, and seemingly fun, Unicorn Store proves to be more awkward and poorly written than it would seem. Brie Larson is at most okay, in this even mess of a film, but its not nearly her acting that is concerning about this picture, but rather her stance as the director. The film seems tonally and emotionally off at times, and though you may want to blame it on the fact that it claims it is being weird, there is a big difference between being so and being random instead. It's not that being weird is necessarily a problem of the film either, but rather it doesn't seem to know how to do so. The film goes all over the place, not knowing what it wants to be, or what it wants to say most of the time. Samuel L. Jackson is by far the best part of this seemingly tv-made film, and makes the best of his poorly written lines/dialogue. In the end, Unicorn Store does make you believe in the magic it was trying to create. Only if it had a better way of getting to the message it was trying to convey, it just may prove to be a decent time. But instead, like the glitter it often uses, it just feels messy. My Rating: 4.75/10
  • This is a very peculiar little film, and not in a good way. I honestly have no idea what it was trying to say, or whether it was trying to be satirical or sincere. Either way, it failed. The character they created was too incompetent and childish for anyone to be sincerely rooting for her bizarre agenda, yet was too sympathetic and harmless to be made an object of scornful ridicule. It's almost as if a 10-year-old girl, with an age-appropriate obsession for glitter and unicorns, wrote the script, not realizing that an adult woman behaving that way would be considered insane, or how exquisitely bad the character's taste is.
  • I started watching this thinking it was more of a funny, bull crap fantasy concept, but found myself moved to tears by the end of it. Maybe it's just because I'm different, just like Kit, and I don't wanna grow up. Society feels like the depressing, gray and beige setting of her office - rigid and colourless. Individuals that stand out are pushed away instead of embraced. This movie might not be for everyone, and not everyone might get it, but for those of us feeling like we can't fit into the norm it really hits home.

    Brie Larson does an amazing job at both acting and directing, and Jackson is simply outstanding as the colourful salesman.
  • So:

    -Weird, but at 27, Brie Larson doesn't look even close to the 22/3 y/o character she was portraying -When the dialogue is good, she delivers, when its bad, she fails. So, ok performance, but she's not making it better than what it is. -The message? As a manchild myself (not to the obvious exageration of the movie) I was ready to empathize with the character and story, but I think they didn't deliver a clear message (I believe it kinds of contradict itself a bit). -We got a "real story" and a "fantasy world". We got real life and her mind. I was expecting a convergence for the finale, and yet they kind of dropped the ball. You can't have the cake and eat it.

    ----- She matures... by totally giving into her childlike mentallity, which was what got her into the problematic state in the first place, right? I don't know. I dont' think it makes sense, and I don't think anyone cared. They do pay more attention to show a colorful world which I had little to no interest on watching.

    In the end, I didn't hate the movie, it had some (handful) of funny scenes and some (handful) cute scenes, plus terrible attempts at humor, odd acting choices at times by Brie Larson and a tonal dissonance that is not fixed with an ending that makes sense of it.
  • Just blah I guess. The movie doesn't really go anywhere and drags throughout the hour or so. I really enjoyed the trailer but the movie lack everything considerable.
  • preIe7 April 2019
    It's like they remade The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with Brie Larson, thinking they could make an inspiring movie that screams "Follow your dreams"!

    Everyone in this movie should've done just that and we could've avoided this desaster.
  • Watching this film was a waste of time. Having to endure it's desperate attempts to poke into junior was torture and anticipating a plot was frustrating. The ending, was the rotten cherry on top to this garbage.

    It was like watching a children's fairy tale story desperately trying to tap into millenials.
  • nocturnine25 April 2019
    I had expectations because I love movies about magic and maturing journeys and the premise sounded promising. Also I could relate to the concept of an artist and dreamer having trouble to fit in the adult world. But I was utterly disappointed. I kept watching the movie waiting for it to get to "the point" but it never does. The point is never clear or it never gets to it, I can't understand the message it's trying to convey. The ending is a weird anti-climax. I was hoping to feel moved by the character's journey and was excited to see how she was going to figure out her life but nothing happens. The lead character was too bratty for me to relate. None of the characters are very well developed and all the sub plots falls into nothing... what's up with all the characters in the office, especially Gary? There's no closure to anything, it makes you expect something that you never have. It was frustrating.
  • With Brie Larson being so prominent in movie news recently, and as I'm not a big superhero movie fan, I thought this would be a great choice to check out what she can do, sadly I was very wrong. It's an incredibly shallow movie that wants really badly to be deep and meaningful. Apart from its obvious goal to be deep and meaningful though it has no idea what else it wants to be. It's rather schizophrenic in that a lot of the movie appears to have been written by a bored nine-year-old girl who isn't allowed outside to play because it's raining, but other parts feel like they were written by a jaded hack writer who's been forced to take a nine-to-five job in an office and wants to get their own back. The part where Kit's (Larson's character) new boss complains about there being such a lack of imagination around here was speaking more about the film itself than anything else. I know it was Larson's first try at directing, but she did a very poor job, it was terribly uneaven, unimaginative, and batters you over the head with what she probably thought were subtitles. The acting (if I even dare call it that) was terrible from everybody, including a few of the cast who normally can turn in a good to great performance. And the dialogue was terrible, possibly the worst part of the movie. It was back to the nine-year-old girl writing what she thinks is the way witty and clever grown-ups talk and missing the mark dramatically. This is all somewhat of a shame because with a good rewrite and somebody with more experience and vision at the helm, this could have been a really good little movie.
  • perisho6 April 2019
    I'm probably not the target market for this film, maybe it resonates better with younger or female audiences. I did watch the whole thing so it wasn't horrible, I did want to see how it ended.

    It's a story about a young woman trying to figure out life and her place in it and how to relate to her family and friends and humanity in general. She seems to gain some insight through her journey. There is a bit of magical realism done in a somewhat clever manner that adds to the allegorical feel.

    I did other things while watching it and found it to be okay entertainment to pass the time.
  • Brie Larson's directorial debut was a surprisingly fantastic movie about someone learning to accept who they are. The incredibly low rating this movie currently has is because of a bunch of angry dudes who don't like Brie Larson and don't have anything better to do than give movies that they haven't seen bad ratings. This is a film that anyone can watch and enjoy, and I definitely recommend it.
  • There are quite a bit of people here bashing Brie Larson and giving this movie low scores based purely on her. I am sensing that this is a continuation of the crusade against Captain Marvel (sexist or otherwise).

    The movie is obviously metaphorical and meant to be a satire. It has an interesting and inventive premise, but the plot is still a basic believe in yourself story. Truth be told, what carries this film is Larson's charisma and charm as well as Bradley Whitford, Joan Cusack, and Samuel L. Jackson.
  • Brie Larson has a strong wave of fans who are fresh off the captain marvel train in search of more films and television that includes their new favorite superhero. This film is a quirky great indie, which is a far cry from the mega millions investments that make marvel films what they are. However that's the point, this film is simplistic in the most creative way. Incapsulating the child like wonder and fear of failure we all as humans have felt at one point or another. I recommend watching this movie with an open eye, and understanding that there is more to it then simply wanting a mythical creature to come to life.
  • 2 stars because there were some really awkward parts that made me chuckle but mostly out of disgust of what they were trying to portray here. There's no depth, terrible plot, no direction, and DEFINITELY no "that was different but I liked x, y, and z" after watching it. Save yourself some time and watch something that actually has substance.
  • Interesting idea from the trailer.. but it ends there. A lot of the scenes are just like typical things that would happen to a young adult but made out to be something groundbreaking. It tries to come off as deeply profound but in the end there's no follow through.
  • Now first off, this is obviously something that would have made an fun little short, stretched out to a feature length cringefest. It's just painful watching such a mess, especially considering the talent attached. It comes off as something with "the office"'s level of cringe, but with all the fun and comedy sucked out of it.

    As you watch the awkward performance from Brie Larson and the complete lack of chemistry with the love/friend interest, you have to notice that what is lacking here is someone to stop this sham and tell the people what to do, but Brie Larson obviously doesn't know how to do this.

    Admittedly, the source material she is dealing with is not great, the dialogue is very weak and laughable with the painfully predictable and obvious premise, so one is left wondering why even try to adapt the story, especially one that has been done a hundred times. The tonal mismatch between her cold directing (like you're watching Soderberg, but much less inspired) is also completely mismatched to the tone of the story, and makes it even more awkward.

    Do yourself a favour and watch anything that ever played at Sundance instead.

    Liked: The set of the unicorn store The character Vigil

    Disliked: the tone The dialogue The story The characters The pacing

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ms. Larson could not have selected a more fitting project for her directorial debut in the feature-length category. Within the first two minutes of Unicorn Store, the viewer grasps that this picture is autobiographical in nature; the film opens with home videos from the early 90s depicting Brie in early childhood; her pension and predisposition for art become abundantly clear in these snapshots and they are a logical segway into the main character Kit's current state of affairs.

    We are introduced to an adult Kit, early 20s, played effortlessly by Brie Larson; quite frankly it's difficult to fathom whether Ms. Larson is even acting in this piece. Kit attends art school and struggles to conform like the rest of the students. Her rebellious streak doesn't fit in with her peers and soon Kit finds herself flunking out of Art School; her only solace; shacking up with.her overbearing parents until she can figure things out.

    After a hilarious scene that is all too relatable on the sofa (watching an endless loop of meaningless television), Kit decides it's time to grow up and joins a Temp Agency as a lowly employee who's sole responsibility is to make copies, ad nauseam. It's a beautiful juxtaposition, placing an artistic, creative soul into a bleak, drab work environment void of hue. Though Kit flourishes initially, it becomes readily apparent that the soul within this character realizes this place isn't the ideal fit.

    From here the picture takes the viewer on a whimsical journey of self-discovery. Through a chance encounter with a stranger, played earnestly by Samuel L. Jackson, Kit is given the unique opportunity of fulfilling her childhood dream of owning a Unicorn. But first she must prove herself worthy to take on such a task, a poignant metaphor conveyed beautifully without being on the nose by Ms. Larson. Ultimately, the film's central message is about learning to be in touch with your inner-self & embracing what you have, instead of focusing on your perceived shortcomings.

    Other notable stand-outs; newcomer Mamoudou Athie breathes life into the picture and more than holds his own across a dynamic and seasoned actor such as Larson. The film is paced beautifully, with a plethora of beautiful Jonathan Demme-like close-ups throughout & the ensemble cast provide top notch acting. Ms. Larson proves that her foray behind the camera is not a one-off and that she is more than apt to bring her unique and singular voice to future narratives.
  • This was just not good. Bland, dull, . . . Unless you really need a nap pick another movie about someone who can't adult.
  • Not sure there's even a real plot. There are infomercials with more entertainment value. Wonder if I can Sham-Wow this film from my memory.
  • A whimsical comedy that jumps between the awkward humor of The Office and the outrageousness of Office Space with rainbow sprinkles and a touch of Wonka magic thrown in. Unicorn Store only ends up infantilizing millennials and, when it comes to Jackson's ethereal character, playing into offensive tropes.

    Brie Larson's Unicorn Store is too adult for kids, too childlike for adults, and too muddled for the motley lot of misfits and dreamers who just want to think different.
  • I REALLY Wanted to love this movie. I went into it with an open mind and high high hopes .... As a fellow unicorn and magic/ lover I get what she was going for- the whole "keep the magic and inner child alive inside" but this inept, childish, embarrassing attempt was well.... All those things. I ended up HATING the lead rather than rooting for her. Everything down to that stupid glittery string hanging off Mr. Jackson's head was just WRONG. WHAT WAS THAT!!??? WHY??? Maybe this movie wasn't meant for adults or real people so I was just the wrong audience I dunno but next time someone wants to walk around with a stupid, vacant look on their face covered in glitter and paint living in their parents basement yet wants to claim to be an adult, they shouldn't try to advertise to us actual adults a crap movie that they only got on Netflix cuz Disney bought a movie said movie maker was in and convinced the world it was a "hit" for who knows what reason... They should keep it buried far far away from us actual humans that don't want fellow unicorn believers to get a bad wrap cuz of this chick or this garbage movie. Brie, take some advice, take some acting classes. Better yet, go to school...get into real estate.. I dunno, buy an island far far away from the rest of us... your in the wrong business.
  • itsintheiron8 April 2019
    I was bored & felt the story didnt connect or have a clear point
  • This movie is bad. Terrible story. It numbs your mind. Horrible, horrible, horrible story. I watched 3/4ths of the movie before I turned it off. I kept going on and on and on hoping something in the move would pop up to make it interesting or send a message. Nope. It's a boring ass movie with nothing in the script to keep you glued to the story. Horrible, horrible movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Oh, where to begin? The editing was piss poor at best. Flash backs and current time blended in together. Brie was boring AF! For a girl who's supposed to be eccentric and quirky, she's bland as oatmeal. The office people are supposed to be boring, but she fits right in. You can tell Brie doesn't know how offices are by how she directed them. This was just horrid to watch. I forgot Sam Jackson was in this movie he's that forgettable. And her she shed. Oh my coffin! SPOILERS she's surprised by her own work! WTF. Don't bother watching, the "magical ending" falls flat on it's ass and unbelievable. Nothing leads up to make it special. She's a whiny, spoiled girl, who gets what she wants. Only watch this if you want to be bored and hate yourself.
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