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  • i originally only decided to watch this show because of Robert Sheehan who plays Billy, but i quickly fell in love with all the characters and actors alike. this show is just great, it had me laughing my ass off to almost tearing up because of how sweet it was. it's one of those lovable and just cute as hell shows that i get so easily sucked in too. The writing in this is so well done,(unlike my review) and i seriously cannot wait for more, i have recommended this to all my friends, and now to you. watch it, i'm telling you, its great. secretly though, i am a bit jealous of Mrs Jones...

    sucks that they only made 6 episodes, wouldn't hardly call that a whole series, but as long as they keep making more, i'm happy.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am so in love with this show. I discovered the show on Friday and I've dedicated every available moment of my weekend to replay the scenes from the show. It is so very well written. Gemma is clumpsy, cluttered woman but you can't help but love her. She is such a good mom to her older son Alfie and her little twin girls named Jess and Charlotte. She is always keen to take care of others but not herself. Billy is this mature, attractive young boy that treats her the way she should be. He loves her just the way she is. I love the writing. I think the love for the show is a testament to how well written the show is. I am sad that there is only 6 episodes for this season, especially because in American TV, most shows have about 21 episodes for a full season. I would love to have more episodes because I wouldn't want to wait for another year for new episodes.
  • ktalbert-785-3881477 September 2013
    Love It
    I also fell in love with this show. I caught it on PBS and look forward to it every Saturday.It is just one of those shows that make you feel good all over. Every Character does such a good job of sucking you in to every episode. I'm hoping it will play for a good while. Trying to find the first season out on DVD and finding that it is currently unavailable. This is one of a few Brit Comedies I just love to watch. Each character plays their role perfectly. I really don't think that 30 minutes is long enough for each episode.The writer does such a good job at the end of each show giving you such anticipation waiting for the next episode. I highly recommend this.
  • Just keep coming back to this show. The actors are great, Robert is so charming & the story is entertaining enough. As good as it gets for this genre, if your a fan of Sheehan you'll probably binge it all in one sitting. Only fault- there wasn't a season 2!! But maybe some things are best left to the audiences imagination