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  • I personally really enjoy this show through-and-through. I love how stylized the art style is and i really really enjoy the animation! The plot has a super nice buildup but isn't entirely composed of fighting the main villain, it has a nice pacing of plot episodes, simple fun episodes, and character important episodes which i really really love. My personal favorite thing of the shows are the witty episodes titles those are absolutely the best. It is a children's show so the jokes are a bit childish but I love it, it's fun and relaxing to watch and I'd just be so sad if it ended up getting canceled. I really love this show and it means a lot to me!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    (Just a warning spoilers) Randy Cunningham has truly captured my eye. Being a show that what was originally intended for younger viewers. Like teenagers and younger adults, the show is actually pretty enjoyable. Yes some of the jokes are a bit silly, but they make you laugh. All the designs and characters capture your attention and cause you to feel a wide arrange of emotions. Giving the show the chance and watching it you get to see it for what it really is. Action, comedy, and just a down right good show. You find yourself cheering on the ninja, aka Randy through out his time being the ninja. He has grown through out the series and so have the rest of the cast, being main, side and even background! The show has really connected with their fans as well. Not to mention having big names as their voice actors. Animation is smooth and fluid. I've even recommend in public for people to watch. Even getting others into the show with it. I truly mean this when I say I love the show and for all it is! It is defiantly something people should watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As a self proclaimed cartoon connoisseur, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja is one of the most wonderful cartoons currently airing on Disney. It's up there in my books with Gravity Falls, Star vs. The Forces of Evil and Steven Universe. (Spoilers ahead!)

    The fictional town of Norrisville has been protected by a ninja for 800 years. What nobody knows is that every four years, a freshman is chosen as the next ninja warrior to battle the forces of evil and protect the town from the sorcerer and other baddies. Randy Cunningham was chosen as the next ninja, and the show focuses on his adventures (alongside his biffer Howard Weinerman) as he learns what it means to be a ninja and all that typical hero stuff.

    What makes the show so different from other superhero shows is how it takes the typical hero trope and flips it on its side in a fun interpretation of a teenager trying to save a town. Randy and Howard constantly use the Ninja suit to their advantage and despite making a lot of mistakes, Randy always figures out the Nomicon's advice in the end and owns up to his mistakes. The characters aren't perfect; they're incredibly flawed which makes it all the more believable.

    And one of my personal favourite things about the show, aside from it's made-up slang that is kinda catchy in a weird way, is how accurately they portray high schoolers. They swear as much as a normal high schooler (but with the made up slang instead of actual swears!), they're immature and do dumb things and make mistakes which is all a part of growing up.

    The show is dynamic and even the background characters are constantly doing something! The bad guys are a riot and a half and aren't the same all the time, which really mixes things up for Randy!

    I could go on and on about how brilliant Ninja Show (as it is affectionately called) is, but to truly believe me you'd have to watch it. Some find it hard to get into but I promise you, the show gets better and better and will guarantee laughs for kids and children and adults of all gender and age! Definitely give it a watch! :D
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show is so great! The character design is amazing, the characters are engaging, the plot is interesting, and the animation is top-of-the-line. The crew didn't cut any corners.

    The first episode subverts expectations by letting Randy's best friend Howard in on his secret identity as the ninja, even though he was told by the Nomicon (a sentient book that both gave him his abilities and teaches him how to use them) not to tell anyone. After that, it's a show about two pals and how one of them being a superhero affects their relationship.

    Be warned that the main duo is a pretty realistically-written pair of 14 year old boys, which can be hard to watch at times, but adds to the charm once you can watch through it.

    The villains have always been my favorite characters (although to be fair, I tend to prefer evil characters anyways), especially Hannibal McFist and Viceroy. McFist is the owner of McFist Industries, one of, if not the, biggest business in town. Viceroy is his right-hand mad scientist, who builds most of the robots that try to destroy the ninja.
  • This show has some REALLY good jokes and references, the character designs were made by Jhonen Vasquez and are pretty great! Because I can go on a LONG ramble as to why this is a great show I'll just make my points, reasons to watch:

    The characters are incredibly diverse and will grow on you, there are so many smart references to catch, The other fans are some of the sweetest people I've ever met. Did I mention the art style is really nice, because it is. Viceroy exists, if you don't like Viceroy I don't trust you.

    This is a neat show, I didn't expect to like it at first but it's just such quality! I'd love more television like this, actually.
  • RC9GN is a well animated flash cartoon that focuses between action and comedy equally and teaches valuable life lessons through, a rather passive aggressive book known as the ninja nomicon.

    The entire show is aesthetically pleasing and the art direction is incredible. Vasquez (Yes THAT Vasquez, you know Invader zim?) and Takayama did beautiful designs and set the overall design of the cartoon- and it honestly goes PERFECTLY. The series follows the misadventures of two shoobs dealing with monsters, robots, bad guys, and the life of a high school freshman in Norrisville (presumably in America). The main character is far from perfect and exhibits great spurts of irrationality, impulsive behaviors, selfish acts, and a lack of understanding of the world around him. Despite this, he somehow manages to find himself in a situation requiring him to become the Ninja of Norrisville- saving the town from the wrath of a crazy sorcerer, a stressed business man and his mad scientist companion, and at one point a crazy swamp man. The protagonist (Randy Cunningham) best friend is equally intriguing. Unlike his heroic and eventually upstanding pal, he seems apathetic or indifferent to situations around him. He's got a tough outer exterior and appears selfish and angry (which most of the time he is) but proves, he's also the best friend a ninja can have. If not for him it can be said that Randy and perhaps the entire town- would have dealt with their own despair and destruction. The backing characters are all also, incredibly unique and pull the plot of each episode ahead in their own ways. Julian the goth, Morgan the dancer, Bash the thick skulled bully, Theresa the baton twirler, and Debbie Kang (who is overall the CHEESE). My personal favorite aspect of the show- as aforementioned, is the unique balance of action and comedy. It never allows itself to become too serious but maintains that feeling of suspense and on-your-seat-action. It always finds a way to make even the toughest audiences laugh (whether it be movie references or bad puns), and shows the difficulties of life in a way that gives you hope. The ninja Nomicon is a key (character??) of the series- and gives the oblivious Randy anything from cryptic advice that can be easily misinterpreted to advice as straight forward as 'don't go in other peoples houses'. The writers are amazing and manage to come up with new sequences for every episode. The animators are amazing putting so much time and effort into this masterpiece of a cartoon, the storyboard artist are witty and entertaining- and the creators of this show (Scott Thomas and Jed Elinoff) have given me a reason to tune in to cable (which I normally do not). It's an uplifting and lovely show and I recommend it to everyone regardless of age or natural preference.
  • I'm going to be completely honest with you. My first impression of this show was "what a weird, quirky, and stupid show."

    I still uphold to my initial impression, because it is weird. It's quirky. And it is wonderfully and wittingly stupid. Those qualities that first shunned me from watching the show happens to be some of the best aspects I've come to appreciate and enjoy. What I mean by wittingly stupid is that the show writers are aware of the stupidity that they've written and aren't afraid to poke fun of it within the episodes. And what seems like stupid remarks at first glance are actually well thought-out, witty lines, that it brings a certain idiotic charm to the show (yes, I use the term 'stupid' a lot, but it is very much used in an endearing way).

    And this show is beyond just those three qualities I have mentioned. The art is cartoony looking because...well...this IS a cartoon, but the animation flows extremely smoothly which makes ninja fights, scarf movements, and even the way the characters bob up and down from walking great eye-candy. If you really pay attention to the background art (which is a bit hard to miss), you'll get a beautiful visual with color schemes that'll make you want to hug the artists for providing such beauty for your eyes to soak in. Each episode is fast-paced but it works really well for the show's style, and every second used is never a waste.

    As for the actual plot line, I won't give anything away, but for a show that uses a lot of cliché (good vs. evil, high school hero, etc.), it brings something new, fresh, and unexpected every time, which is why this show never gets old for me (although I admit, I may be old for this show). And yes, I may be part of the older audience, but this show brings laughs and entertainment for both old and young. Enough simplistic jokes to make the kids smile, but more than enough witty banters to reel in the adults.

    There is more to this show than what I've just written, but I'll let you guys watch it to see what makes Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja such a spectacular hidden gem of Disney.
  • The plot is pretty much what the review before me said. Randy Cunningham is a kid that is given a magic ninja suit and is tasked with being the protector of his town. He has to fight a sorcerer that turns people into monsters, a rich villain that sends robots after him, and lots of other foes. Not really spoilers since that's the whole basis of the show.

    The animation is really good! The color and visuals are stunning and most of the character designs are really interesting and nice (some of the monsters are a little eh, though). The design of the ninja is what got me into the show, because he does look really cool in the suit. The animation is really smooth and nice looking, especially in the intro and most of the fight scenes. However, other times it looks a little clunky and you can tell where they reused frames. In my opinion, it's one of the better flash animated shows out there.

    As for the dialogue, the first thing you're gonna notice is that the slang is a little... odd. All of the characters say things like "that's the cheese" or "that's so bruce" instead of 'that's so cool'. It's laughable at first, but I promise you'll get used to it! Lots of the jokes in the show are cleverly written, and there's quite a few laughs to be had.

    The episodes are in the 11 minute, 2 per 30 minute block format, and usually they're in the 'problem of the week' 'one adventure per episode' format, making the show fun, quick, and easy to watch on most episodes. For more serious fans, there is continuity between episodes, which a lot of other cartoons lack. Also, there's quite a few multi-episode plot arcs, most of the big ones being in the second season.

    Overall, I think this is a really great show, which sadly is short on viewership due to only airing on Disney XD and not getting enough advertisement. I'd recommend it to all animation fans!
  • Where do I even start? I love this cartoon to bits. From the top-notch animation to the awesome jokes and the BEST voice acting i've ever heard. The story is original, intriguing and well mixed with humor and action. The character designs are so good and unique and recognizable! Even the background characters are designed one by one instead of being a faceless mass. And speaking of backgrounds, this show has beautiful ones, and overall amazing color schemes. Every single character is SO good and relatable! Main characters? Villains? Secondary characters? Awesome. Every single one of them. They act and speak realistically. Tired of teenagers with the vocabulary of a linguistics major? Look no further, because in this gem right here teenagers use a made up slang that would translate into actual swears (which teens happen to say a lot) and that could slip into your talking! Seriously, just try it and you will NOT be disappointed!
  • I started watching this show because it was recommended to me after watching Danny Phantom due to similar hero tropes. Super fun and goofy if you're looking for a relaxing, feel good show. Of course, the fan base will provide you with anything other than that. The animation and voice acting is amazing, and the character designs were done by the same guy who did invader zim, which is really nice to see his art in different things. Jokes are both enjoyable for kids and adults with some jokes about early 90's tech and a lot of titles are jokes off of titles from other TV shows, books, movies, etc.

    Overall, really fun and enjoyable show for all ages!
  • callistaquek17 December 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    it is better than all those lousy shows out there like breadwinners and ex.cetera and there wasn't really a good superhero show which isn't from marvel at Disney XD all the other shows were based on humour and it has clean swearing like their slang:WTJ,what the juice,that's bruce,shnasty and many more.i would rather watch this entire 2 seasons than watch breadwinners honestly this is one great show!but,some things like how the theme song is quite bad as it is all about their slang and the villains are weird and not really scary or threateningsince it has stopped for a while or got cancelled(idk)i would like to ask if they could put in a rival as a new characters it would make it more interesting like maybe the rival can be a samurai or make randy learn new techniques like art of flying or invisibility?
  • Honestly childhood i wish they could come back for another 2 seasons. i ve rewatched everything and i 100% recommended it i just want another season haha
  • The main duo is a pair of high schoolers who are written surprisingly realistically. What do you think a teenager would do if they suddenly got superpowers? Use it for personal gain and generally disregard the authority meant to help him control said powers. The humor is strange in that it can be viewed as trying to be funny and failing, or trying to mock teenage humor and succeeding. Personally I view it as the latter.

    Just replace the made up slang used in this show with swear words and you have the most accurate depiction of high schoolers I've ever seen. Also, the theme song perfectly conveys the tone of this show, with lyrics like "what the hey? Come on you? What the juice? He's so bruce.
  • It has a lot of entertainment and you could giggle here and there. Overall I think it is a show that can be improved upon if a season three(Let's hope) arrives
  • Warning: Spoilers
    (Spoiler ahead). Okay first of all this show is awful a lot, and don't get me wrong it is completely waste of my time watching this. The story is about a guy named Randy who is given a ninja suit and to save the world from the villain named Scorserese and I don't really remembered the name. And the things that I really hate about this show is this, the soundtrack/music is very annoying, voice acting lame, lame jokes not funny at all, and the background animation is cheap. So please, I don't' really, really want to waste my time on this show. It is really awful to me and Disney I beg you please canceled this show from the TV forever.
  • This show is hot garbage and it's dosen't make sense so ever. basically 2 guy worrking on the stupid show and the drama arc is gone so they replace the whole thing with stupid 9th grade joke, unfunny gags and some dumb millenial cringe generation slang uncool word. in another thing this cartoon is nitpicking and biased i win bye bye no season 3 to this show forever stupid rcgn fan