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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Protagonist Sasami Tsukuyomi is a hikikomori; a shut in who won't leave her house. She is looked after by her doting brother, Kamiomi, who teaches at the school she is officially enrolled in. He enables Sasami to view the outside world on her computer via a 'Brother Surveillance Tool'. If this wasn't enough we are soon told that Kamiomi possesses the power of the god Amaterasu which he unknowingly uses to help his sister! This power is usually passed through the female line of their family but when Sasami ran away from the family shrine she passed the power to her brother. The three Yagami sisters work to prevent this power from causing too much chaos.

    This anime series is rather strange but in a fun way. When I started watching I thought it would be another comedy series about a school aged protagonist… in fact when the weirdness started I thought it might be just going on in Sasami's head but gradually came to realise that it was really happening. As the series progresses there is a greater sense of threat but no significant decrease in the comedy. These comedy moments are pretty funny. The characters are fun, I especially liked the Yagami sisters. The character designs are distinctive and in a style that is slightly different to most series; they have a slightly softer look with more pastel shades. One the down side it was a little confusing at times, although I suspect things will be clearer on a second viewing, and for some reason Kamiomi's face is always obscured; usually in an unnatural way… as if he is deliberately hiding his face from the camera. Overall this was a fun, if somewhat weird, series that probably requires more than one viewing to fully appreciate it.

    These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.