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  • N V31 March 2013
    Insult to the humanity/movie lovers....please ban this guy from making movies
    I usually do not write reviews as I do not have time to do so. But for this movie, I am still in shock and could not resist to register and write a review. Sajid Khan, as always is the worst director and a movie maker in the bollywood industry ( may be in the entire world). While watching the movie, I could not believe what I was watching. The movie was so pathetic that I was ashamed on myself for watching it. My confidence level has really gone down after watching this movie.

    Sajid Khan needs psychiatric treatment with shock therapy. I wish there is a class action law suit against him for making such movies, for mental torture and making people feel idiots.

    I urge everyone to watch this movie so everyone in the world must know how pathetic, poor, terrible, shameless director this guy is. but please do not spend money for this movie.
  • kamran_301229 March 2013
    You have to be a 'Himmatwala' to watch ''Himmatwala''
    You need to be brave, courageous and strong to watch this Movie. This more like a Torture than an Entertainer. Sajid Khan Claimed that this is the best movie he made. HE must visit a Doctor. Ajay Devgn shouldn't sign movies which are remakes. It's sad and disappointing to see a fantastic actor losing his track by doing these crap Masala movies.

    Well Now for the Movie

    Direction : It's weak and not worth commenting. This worst Sajid Khan's Movie ever. Dialogues are average. Looks like a 10 year old wrote it.

    Performances : Ajay Devgn tries hard but the script is awful. Ajay Is just okay. He looks convincing though. He has a one or two good scenes but that 's not enough. Tamannaah Bhatia is wasted . She is beautiful and has a screen presence but she is more like a Talking Doll. Mahesh Manjrekar is good. Paresh Rawal is the SAVING GRACE of the movie. His performance will make you laugh. Rest of the cast is purely average.

    Music : The original was famous for it's music and it's dance set pieces. The music isn't great expect the 2 songs "Taki Taki" and " Naino Mein Sapna". But the choreography is AWFUL.There are 2 item songs. Not Great.

    Action : It's over the ROOF TOP. Senseless to be frank.

    Overall : It's a Waste of time. Better watch "JOLLY L.L.B" or 'Mere Dad Ki Maruti' Wait for It : It has A TIGER!!!! AJAY DEVGN FIGHTS WITH A TIGER AND WINS!!! YES A TIGER!!! OHH GOD WHY???



    This movie can can be Compared his Sister's with Tees Maar Khan and His Brother-in-Law's Joker.
  • Ravi K Singh30 March 2013
    Insult to Human Logic
    Climax scene, very intense. Son (Ajay Devgan) is getting beaten inside a temple compound by villains in front of his mother, sister and girlfriend. Mother, finally enters into temple and pleads to god "Bas Maa Bas, Aur Kab Tak".

    Entire cinema hall bursts into laughter! I doubt there can be any bigger insult to a movie maker than this - he is trying to create an emotional scene and viewer is getting comedy out of it. If I could, I'd request govt to consider giving out some sort of award - not to the movie, but to the viewers for going through this tormenting, nerve-racking, torturous assault on human logic. I wish I could get my money back and sue the director for wasting my 2 hours.

    Well, this was probably the most confused movie I have ever seen. The treatment is pathetic and the entire movie is shot casually without any brains. It being a remake of an old movie (well, almost all the decently launched Hindi movies now a days are either remake of some Tamil / Telugu / Kannada / Hollywood film or some sequels like Murder 3, Jism 3, Race 2, Saheb Biwi and Crap returns, Ashiqui 2, Yamala Pagla Deewana 2 etc) always brings additional expectation of it to be slightly better than the earlier one. Not with this one. Forget being better, if Jitendra sees it, he might contemplate killing himself for approving such a shady remake.

    Movie starts with a street fight which is idiotically shot. Then suddenly jumps to a railway station called Ramnagar. Ajay Devgan gets down from the train with dress and shades of 2013 for a movie which supposedly is of 1980s. Meets mother - mothers tells some senseless story - they move in to their home and starts taking revenge on villain. I guess my narration of story is far better than how Sajid Khan has managed to display it.

    Presence of Paresh Rawal doesn't help with comic quotient of the movie. Its ridiculously meaningless - but I guess we must have gotten used to it by now with Houseful and Houseful 2. I am yet to figure out why Sajid Khan is loosing his brain with each movie he is releasing. Hey Baby was a much better entertainer and after that, he seemingly has lost his sane in making movies.

    The tiger fight scene is absurd and nonsensical. In 2013, where CGI is so far advanced, the entire stretch is shot as if the director is running on budget crunch. Guess, it is more of a intellect-crunch at directors end than anything else.

    Well, not everything is bad in this movie. There are two good things - call them eye soothing if you wish - Tamannah, who simply looked fabulous, and 5 beauties dancing on "Dhoka Dhoka Dhoka" item song. The song is ludicrous (like rest of the songs and the movie itself), but I guess having 5 item girls helped a bit to glorify the screen.

    Should you watch this movie? Well, go ahead if you want to see how an illogical movie is made to abuse human brain. I lost my senses after watching this movie and had to wait 24 hours before I could gain some of it to write this apt review.

    In my opinion, you'll be much better off sipping some drink and enjoying a biryani with that money in some decent restaurant than wasting it here. If you are not hungry, give that money to some beggar for god's sake, better than wasting on it. You would not miss anything in life if you haven't watch it - trust me!
  • jaydeep-subhashis29 March 2013
    Himmatwala is not worth a ticket.
    I clearly remember when I first saw the trailer of Himmatwala and at the end of it written A Sajid Khan Entertainer, I was sure that another trash from sajid's kitty is going to see the daylight and this time I promised not to watch the movie in theater at least. Then finally i watched it in my Laptop and i was so happy that Sajid khan didn't prove me wrong.Each and every scene and the nuances of each character's depiction was so silly, unfunny and annoying that i completed the movie within 1 hr and 10 mins.The shocking thing was how could an actor like Ajay Devgn's caliber sign a nonsense movie like this? just for the sake of 100 Cr moolah that could make a hat trick other two being Bol Bachchan and SOS. Tamannah, please go back to south and if Trisha fails to grab a position in Bollywood, then of course you can't. Again as there are so many other bimbos flying high with success with khans without knowing acting then chances to sizzle on bollywood screen gets higher courtesy Sajid Khan.Sorry Jacqueline Fernandez. And yes Sajid, as you hate critics, so let me tell you am no critic and love Hindi films but know the difference between good and bad.And yes in a recent reality show where you were one of the judges,you were saying repeatedly " Your performance is like Sajid Khan's Blockbusters" gone horribly wrong at least from the multiplex collections of Himmatwala. And Multiplex audiences are more of a class. Rest You can think yourself..Please No Himmatwala 2....EARNEST REQUEST!!!
  • saadibrar72031 March 2013
    Pathetic simply pathetic
    I just wasted 2 hours of my life for this crap. After seeing Joker and Tees Mar Khan i was expecting that those were the worst things ever happened to me but boy , Sajid Khan proved me wrong. This crap is senseless and a torture to anyone . U must be a real himmatwala to watch himmatwala (bullshit). Sajid Khan please use some logic before releasing a torture cell. Do not waste your time and money . Acting by each and everyone in the movie is pathetic. Ajay Devgan disappointed me a lot . Im a huge fan of him but he is a total waste in this movie. Direction from Sajid Khan is too bad. I think he was confused while making this movie and did not know what to do . Tamanna Bhatia is beautiful but her acting was not up to the mark. Paresh Rawal is way out of his own league in this flick. In a nut shell this movie is going to be the biggest flop of this year.
  • desisongsvevo30 March 2013
    One of the "Worst Bollywood Movie" u will ever see
    Help me guys. Rate this shi*t 1/10 and throw pup on Sajid Khan's face.

    Also thumb up the review so everyone can see only one line and save their time.


    Cant believe why Ajay and Pervesh would do such a film. This movie make Tees Maar KHan and Joker award winning movies. Hope Akshay don't do his films in future. He thinks all of us are jokers wating to get fooled.

    Only Good thing is songs (those reused)are reasonablly well. Tamanaah look very good but cant be said about her acting.

    Cant believe why Ajay and Pervesh would do such a film. This movie make Tees Maar KHan and Joker award winning movies. Hope Akshay don't do his films in future. He thinks all of us are jokers wating to get fooled.
  • GaneshKSalian1 April 2013
    Himmatwala:A Idiotic piece of work by Sajid Khan in the name of Entertainment!
    Himmatwala directed by Sajid Khan is one of the worst remakes I have ever seen.

    The 1983's Jeetendra-Sridevi's Himmatwala was entertaining while 2013's Ajay Devgn-Tammanah's Himmatwala is horror offered to the audience in the name of entertainment.

    While the movie has a running time of 150 minutes,I could not endure this nonsense for more than an hour and I had to leave the theater!

    The action sequences,too,are boring,because they are the same repetitive action scenes which we have seen in many movies before.

    The direction by Sajid Khan is done to death.

    The screenplay is badly written.

    The music is sonorous.

    The dialogs written by Sajid-Farhad are awful.

    Performances: Ajay Devgn is strictly okay.Tamannah overacts.Mahesh Manjrekar is fine.Asrani hams and is wasted in a small role.

    Special mention of Paresh Rawal,who steals the show with his fabulous performance!

    All in all,Himmatwala directed by Sajid Khan is an Idiotic piece of work presented to the audience in the name of Entertainment!I am giving it a generous one on ten(Solely for Paresh Rawal). A Disappointment!
  • coolanop29 March 2013
    I don't want to believe this movie Really exists
    Warning: Spoilers
    From The First day when I have seen first time seen trailer of this movie I know this was going to be a bad one. but My kid (5 year old is Big fan of the Singham...Mean ajay devgan with mucchhe) insist me a lot after seeing trailer with lion fight.

    I knew it was bad by the looks of it from a fifteen-minute review, but I wasn't fully convinced. This movie COULDN'T be as bad as Ram Gopal Vermas AGG, right?? Boy, was I proved wrong.

    This isn't of course an exact copy of Old Himmatwala (1983... I even don't like that one too).... The director makes freewheeling changes both in terms of characters and situations. But no amount of tweaking can do much to save this piece of tawdry twaddle from being a complete washout.

    My massala Movie gore kid who even enjoy crap like RA-one, Is come out of Hall Silenced as he have seen ghost! Avoid this movie at all costs. Unless you like to watch movies that will give you headaches and begin to question humanity in this world, then knock yourself out. But other than those people, don't waste your time. 150 minutes will be wasted from you if you dare watch this.

    The end.
  • ramangharsangi4 April 2013
    Is this the WORST out of the sajid's AEGEAN stables......nah don't think so !!!!
    the first existential question that arises after watching this movie is whether this trite is worth reviewing....the answer was an overwhelming NO,then i thought of the snotty and obnoxious manner in which the sibling director duo has been panning all and sundry in their movies and in award ceremonies.The so called TALENTED DUO has been directing some pathetic movies such as housefull,joker etc.Himmatwala, the latest in the khan assembly line production is another DUD in the offing.It seems no one is advising the all knowing brother sister duo to clean their stinking Aegean stables once and for all.Himmatwala amply displays that Sajid khan is no director.....he's merely a mimic harbouring gargantuan ambitions.SORRY.....but thats what the dirty rotten truth is !!!!!!
  • Ashwaryy29 March 2013
    'HIMMATWALA' is the one who can watch this movie second time...
    Warning: Spoilers
    I usually don't watch such movies but I don't know what it was that convinced me to watch this one... The movie touched each and every aspect of boredom. In fact, the movie sets a new benchmark in the field of irksomeness. The movie starts with a song featuring Sonakshi. Well, no comments on that. Then comes a (practically impossible)fight scene. There you get a glimpse of what this movie is going to be. Then comes Paresh Rawal's character. The character played by this great actor was the most irritating, annoying, aggravating, abrading (idk add some more words) character I had ever seen in my entire life. The same goes with Mahesh Manjrekar's character. Ajay's and Tamanna's characters were so-so. Now, Good and bad aspects of this film: BAD- 1. 'Dangerously' uninteresting story. 2. Super Boring songs. 3. Irritating comedy. 4. Impractical fight sequences. GOOD- ... ...(plz suggest if you find some)

    The movie has the potential of making you feel like going home (multiple times). This movie, as rightly said in the other review, "questions humanity in this world." Sajid Khan himself is not capable of watching movies like this (provided it is not made by him). But this movie can be used as 'an April fool's day prank'. You can tell your friend that the movie is awesome and send him to watch this piece of s***...And I'm sure your friend will never forget that...

    P.S.-You still go to watch this movie after reading this....then you are an IDIOT
  • maneesh-kalsi3 April 2013
    Need Himat to watch Himatwala
    This is overconfidence of Sajid that he knows how to make 100 cr from movies.

    These days everyone is making their life time worst movies. Ram gopal verma ki AAG, Farah Khan - Joker, Sajid - Himatwala.

    Don't watch this movie, I stopped it after 30 mins and I haven't laughed once :).

    So all the best if you dare to watch ;)

    IMDb should have 0 star or 1/2 star option.

    Now i can really understand the 1 star movie.

    Don't know why critic gave it 2 stars

    waiting for good one..
  • toson_jack29 March 2013
    bad totally bad movie of this year
    Warning: Spoilers
    this is not at all good movie compare to sajid khans previous movies. this movie is tool long .only good thing about this movie is its remake of 1983 movie - himatwala.this movie is full of stupidity comedy which does not make audience laugh at all.i would give 1 and half out of 5. Fashioned exactly on the same story as its 1983 saga, the story is typical of that era.I don't think anyone except Sajid Khan could have found the script of Himmatwala interesting.In the film, perhaps the most notable moment was Ajay's fight sequence with the tiger that leapt out straight from the sets of Ang Lee's Life of Pi.Personally, the film made me miss the intense and passionate actor Ajay Devgn was, before mindless comedies got the better of him! He is obviously way more Himmatwala than Jeetendra was and performs his stunts with inexplicable exhibition of power and strength.
  • as52399965 April 2013
    The worst film can get
    The worst the worst film ever, i won;t spend even a single rupees for this pit film. Sajid Khan feels he is the best director of the film industry but he should knows this that he is the worst in all. He doesn't have any writing sense or directing sense. I wonder why great actor like Ajay Devgan is doing such films like this and wasting his talent. It is pitiful that a national award winning actor that does film like Bhagat Singh can do Himmatwala. Already i disliked the original film but how could the makers even think of remaking it on such a heavy budget. I think as this has gone flop the director will now take few years to come back just as his sister's brother. It's funny film for the makers not the film.
  • Obaid 77729 March 2013
    After watching this movie" Now i can say i am real Himmatwala
    Warning: Spoilers
    The problem with Sajid Khan's 'Himmatwala' is the director can't make-up his mind whether he wants to make a spoof or whether he wants to recreate the nostalgia of the 1980s. The film thus hangs in a precarious balance vacillating between the two extremes.

    Ravi (Ajay Devgn) is a street fighter who discovers that his widowed mother and sister are in dire straits in his native village. He returns to Ramnagar to avenge the death of his father and seek justice for the people of his village. Sher Singh's (Mahesh Manjrekar) daughter is equally spoiled and walks around the village in very small dresses, brandishing a whip. The spoilt brat soon falls for Himmatwala Ravi and is then swishing around in salwar-kameez plotting her father's downfall.

    A very typical Bollywood revenge saga like this one in the hands of a better director could have become a laughter riot. Sajid Khan however, hopelessly grapples with the treatment finally completely losing track by the climax. The dialogue-baazi quite often doesn't have the desired effect, the action sequences look very Rohit Shetty style and the humour falls flat quite often. Even Ajay realizes that his jokes are not that funny and even mentions it more than once in the film.

    What works for the film is basically Ajay who seems completely convinced with the flimsy script. It's as if his presence is enough to make the film a Rs 100 crore enterprise. Tamannaah looks good and shows enough flawless skin in the 'Tathaiya Tathaiya' and 'Taki Taki' song, to ensure they will become the most popular songs of the year.

    Why we start the film with the 'Thank God It's Friday' song or why we suddenly throw in a totally redundant item song, is completely beyond comprehension. Farah had very deftly handled the rebirth saga and turned it on its head in 'Om Shanti Om' to deliver a complete entertainer, unfortunately Sajid completely fails to do the same.
  • bobbysing20 April 2013
    It will raise a big question on the intellect of 21st century's Indian viewers & their choice of entertainment if this becomes another notable Hit of 2013.
    Remembering the day, when I first heard Sajid Khan announcing an official remake of Jeetendra, Sridevi starrer HIMMATWALA released in 1983, I was really shocked since it was not a great film in terms of content despite of being a big hit in those tough years. Now the phrase 'those tough years' has been used here, since the decade of 80s is apparently considered to be the most forgettable, amateurish and indecisive decade of Bollywood in the history of its 100 years of film- making as far as the commercial films are concerned. So making a remake of a film selected from that era was quite strange and weird to accept all of a sudden. Yet considering the successful track record of Sajid Khan, I thought that probably he might have cracked some worth trying comic idea within the same storyline and maybe would come up with something interesting rediscovering the 80s in his own version.

    But surprisingly it was really unacceptable to find that Sajid does nothing of that sort in his over-hyped film to please the new age viewers and just sticks to the same old melodramatic script full of all clichéd plots not appealing to the present net generation at all. Now here an important question arises, that if one really is willing to see a film chosen from that forgotten era of the 80s, then he can easily opt for the original only, which at least would provide him the feeling of that 'Pleasant Nostalgia' watching the jumping jack, Jeetendra and the owner of thundering thighs, Sridevi along with the incomparable witty Kader Khan performing at their best. And if he can easily get to see the film on the net just for free or on a DVD for only a few rupees then why on earth he would like to see the same outdated acts being performed by the present big stars at a cost of a high priced ticket?

    In other words, if Sajid simply assumed that the viewers in 2013 will really be amused to see Ajay Devgan deliberately doing all those over the top fights and emotional sequences without any contemporary touches or favourable changes introduced, then he was gravely mistaken in doing so, because the films utterly fails to make any kind of entertaining or emotional connect of that sort with the viewers in its pretty long length of 150 minutes. And the same can also be said for its entire cast too wherein Ajay Devgan looks like a clown performing in that peculiar style of the 80s hero, Tamannajust manages to look beautiful awfully speaking "I hate Gareebs" in a childish tone and one truly feels pity seeing an extremely gifted actor Paresh Rawal performing such a silly act wearing a horrible wig. To add further Sajid's own self praised film falls completely flat in its soundtrack department too with the remixed tracks missing the required bubbly spirit and the fresh songs simply falling into the category of below average. However the cinematography does try to give you something to watch and so does the background music desperately trying to pump up the blood at regular intervals.

    Further replying to the bragging statements given by the director weeks before the release of his film I would like to say that for me neither Ajay's entry had anything exceptional to cheer for nor I could appreciate the stupid spoof played on Alfred Hitchcock's cult classic PSYCHO. So, if Sajid is firm on his statement of paying back the ticket amount to those who didn't feel like clapping on Ajay's entry in the film, then probably he would have to spend a lot paying many like-minded friends disagreeing to his assurances given like myself. In addition I also have another question for the director that if he was really making a film for that common man of the interiors who comes into the theater just for his escapist entertainment, then why were the few subtitles shown in the film written in English and not Hindi?

    Anyway, coming to the only silver lining in this black cloud, I would like to mention its two action sequences with the TIGER which easily transported me back to those years when we eagerly used to wait for a tiger fight in a film particularly the ones featuring the Garam Dharam. May be the kids would enjoy this more than the mature audiences which might become the only saving grace of the film to sustain in the home video market. Nevertheless, the truth remains that while watching the tiger in this bad remake, I just had the famous slogan in mind in a different form which said, "Save This Tiger" instead of "Save The Tiger" ironically.

    Summing up, one really needs guts to see this HIMMATWALA made with some questionable expectations by the makers, religiously following its outdated original of the past lacking the much needed appeal for the current generation.
  • silvan-desouza14 April 2013
    Sajid Khan needs a life
    Warning: Spoilers
    Sajid Khan ought to learn that being humble will help him survive not ego and showing off The arrogance he showed during the interviews proved that he thinks himself as a numero uno, after the success of his last 3 films he had the reasons and he thought he can take audiences for granted but he was proved wrong. The film is a remake of Himmatwala(1983) but barring the main plot(which is changed a lot) and some scenes the film is different from the original Sajid Khan minuses some characters like the mute guy, Shoma Anand, Asrani's role from the original and adds new characters here In the original, Ravi was an engineer here he is a street fighter. Even the twist at the interval is different here The film however reminds us of the bad films made in 1980s and is cringe worthy to the say the least. Sajid Khan claimed that if people don't clap at Ajay's entry he will give the money back, and the entry is one of the best ever seen but sadly it isn't. In the film, Ajay keeping into the trend of Son of Sardar does all Rajnikant type jigs like breaking the lock with his bare hands, fighting with a badly CG enhanced tiger, bending a rod.etc He also has to dance and compete with Jeetendra and he is a laugh riot The film has all the masala and everything that we wanna forget of the past. Sadly now days filmmakers have found a new mantra to success, rehashing old masala in the name of tribute, but sadly it is a farce

    Direction by Sajid Khan is nothing great Music by Sajid Wajid is ordinary, Naino Mein Sapna sung by Kishore's son Amit Kumar and Shreya Ghoshal is well choreographed but lacks the zing of the original(obviously Ajay is no Jeetu and Tamannah is no Sridevi), Taaki sung by Mika and Shreya also isn't that great The new songs Bum Pe Laat is ordinary and also Dhokha Action scenes are nothing great

    Ajay Devgn ought to change his script selection, he does a good job as usual, but sadly the actor in him is restricted, after all he has to please the chawani crowd but doing such films will not help him anywhere else.His dances are very bad Tammannah makes her comeback to bollywood after a debacle Chand Sa Roshan Chehra that released in 2005 and also starred another forgotten débutante Samir Aftab and then she went south and got famous, her acting isn't anything great Mahesh Manjerekar tries to fit in Amjad Khan's shoes but isn't that effective, he doesn't resort to his now trademark hamming but he is average Paresh Rawal does a mimicry of Kader Khan, amalgamating 2 roles of Kader Khan, Bhajrangi from Ghar Ho To Aisa(1990), he keeps speaking to the camera and the other from the original and he is good at times but overdoes it too often. Amongst rest Zarina Wahab repeats her Agneepath act and is getting typecast, we fear she may become the next Rakhee Adhyanan Suman is plastic in a role done by Shakti Kapoor in the original. Asrani who was in the original too is as usual rest are all okay
  • Ketan Gupta6 April 2013
    Himmatwala is a threequel to TEES MAAR KHAN and JOKER !!! Thanks to Sajid Khan
    When you remake a classic 80's movie , you carry a big responsibility of living up to the audience's expectation. Himmatwala carries of the genre of 80's era but falls flat on the face with horrible direction and over- top-performance.

    Ravi( Ajay Devgan) returns to his village after 20 years to avenge his father's murder from a cruel and heart-stoned Sher Singh ( Mahesh Manjrekar).

    Director of somewhat-OK Heyy Baby and pathetic Housefull series, Sajid Khan made of a fun of himself and the movie which will give you nothing but severe headache once you will leave the theater. The running time of 2.30 hrs does seems elongated with a pale script which has more loopholes than the government services. Have not we witnessed such kind of story in India cinema before ? When you have so many talents and creativity this year for trying out something new , you have a film like Himmatwala which is a reflection of bad light in Bollywood. Worst scenes include the spoof on Psycho ( yes you heard it right) - the classic scene where a woman in shower is murdered by a stranger, the fight scene between tiger and Ajay Devgan , the chemistry between Tamanna and Devgan - the list is endless. I feel bad for actors like Ajay Devgan and Paresh Rawal wasting their talents in film like this. Music is irritating . Cinematography is good. Art direction nice depicting the era of 80's very well. Performance by other stars are insignificant.

    Overall , a bad film at every aspect. Sajid Khan completes the series of disaster right after TEES MAAR KHAN , JOKER and now HIMMATWALA.
  • Safwan Akram16 September 2013
    Text book example! how not to do a movie!
    Usually I don't mind no brainer entertainers at least they bring some smile on your face. I am not going to comment on story because lack of it was expected as I knew I was going to watch Sajid Khan's movie. But this movie didn't even do justice even with its genre. There was only one good joke and that was on save the tiger which was already running TV adverts day in and day out. If Sajid Khan didn't come with a good movie anytime soon then this might be his career's last. I reckon that everyone from film crew who must have seen pre-screen should have stopped the movie. If projects turn out to be so bad then it should be benched.
  • cinematic_aficionado31 March 2013
    Great story, disaster movie
    On the surface, it has the potential for a great film; a poor family being grossly mistreated by a local wealthy landowner resulting in the death of the father and the getting away of the son.

    Several years later, the deceased son's closest friend returns to that village to get things right.

    Yet, despite the pedigree of the main story, the powers that be decided to make a B film, or even C, out of it. Tacky, tasteless it falls short of expectation.

    Even when this is somewhat improved on the second half it is not enough to save this whereby had it not been for the moral of the story I would have walked out the theatre long before it was over.

    Perhaps I ought to see the 1983 original.
  • Mind Freak16 November 2014
    Stay As Far as Possible from Sajid khan Film!!!
    Warning: Spoilers
    I remember Sajid khan made an statement prior release this film where he claim HIMMATWALAWill be the biggest hit of the year. That is my only guide to this movie and it was a massive blunder To trust this unabashed, dismal guy! I just lost my word after 10-15 minute & wonder whether cry or laugh!!The jokes was awful, unbearable…I never seen any 1 try this hard to make audience laugh and yet him/her Become ridicule. There was no story at all, Emotional seen make you laugh even more than joke, action seen were ridiculous,Better suit to a comic hero than film hero (slap a Tiger!!!).Heroine looks good in all songs but acting left lot to desire,Ajay must be ripping his hair off for his decision to sign this film..he could easily do without a sloppy role such as this. All I can say about sajid khan is he is a big NOTHING, a big disaster, a shameless, brainless, useless, hopeless fellow! Even Sajid & his family member could not watch this nightmare for 2/3 Hour let alone audience. If any 1 even thinking Of watching this movie just FORGET it, even if some 1 pay you to you know how bad is this movie!!!
  • mrblazers24 October 2017
    Revenge movie in a comedic style justice.
    Brilliant Movie. Superb Martial Arts Fight Scenes. Comedy is insane. Better than Jeetendra's version. Ajay devgan as always giving powerhouse performances. Indian critics wanting typical Indian crap like shahrukh khan dilwale dulhania le jayfgen. A CAT CAN BE A MAN'S BEST FRIEND AS WELL.
  • dineshrajpoot18 September 2016
    Awesome movie
    Warning: Spoilers
    Movie is funny. I am exited for movie. Movie is mast. Himmat bala film is amazing its the great is the best.acting is wonderful. You like this movie. I like this film. Ajay Dewgan is best actor. Stunt is danger. Dailoge delivery wow. Wonderful delivery. Ajay says to billion Shera Bali ki kasham sab ko chun chun ke marunga.wohh nice dialog.its the bast movie. Song is the fantastic.funny song.its the Nice song. Writer is the best.story is the good.writer have good think. Wonderful story.i like this story.they have good think. Director is good. He have a best idea this movie.he is the best director. Direction is the good. Theam is the best.he has a nice idea. This good film.
  • uttamkalika6 June 2016
    don't waste your money
    No. This was the original one-word review I submitted, because really that's all I have to say about the sole Bollywood release this week,

    There are those who will be satiated by the story of the poor man's struggle against corrupt overlords and will revel in the triumphant conclusion, while Sajid Khan will undoubtedly defend his film to the hilt, issuing the caveat that it is but an 'entertainer'.

    Thankfully, Hindi cinema has moved on in leaps and bounds from this. It's a period we would rather forget. Instead of being nostalgic about the regressive cinema of yore, it's surely time to leave the archaic values and misogyny of the past behind us and look towards a brighter future both for modern Hindi cinema and Indian society.

    The title is fitting. You have to be a 'himmatwala' to endure this.
  • 2/10
    Irritating and Boring
    Himmatwala is hugely disappointing.

    Dialogues were really bad.I don't know what great actor like Paresh Raval was doing in this movie.His role was really irritating.

    Only positive thing about this movie is its songs.

    Himmatwala may be the worst movie of 2013.

    The tiger fight scene was really looking fake and there was no need to add it in movie.

    Please don't watch this movie and save your time.

    I didn't expected such a bad movie from Ajay Devgn.

    I give this movie 3/10.
  • festrel18 April 2013
    80's Reloaded has some good moments
    I have seen the Jeetu starring Himmatwala. And i have to admit the kind of humor and typical humor of 80's. It has been captured well and reincorporated in this project by Sajid Khan. In my opinion because the audience has grown from 80s and has become more mature. It might seem too lengthy or boring or senseless. But that is how movies of 80;s were at that time. If you have patience and if you were charmed by 80s era. You will absolutely love the movie and think of it as a visual delight. Humour fun and lot of drama with fantastic comedy scenes. Music has been themed after 80's era as well. Very peppy and upbeat music although fewer songs would have done more justice as audience is losing patience these days. I hope it appeals to audience who were born before 1990's. I am sure Iphone might not relate to it much.
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