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  • lor_7 November 2022
    Adult Time platform's new porn series "Modern-Day Sins" promises excitement but delivers ordinary dull porn in this two-fer on DVD. This pair of scenes are under the "Idle Fantasies" category, not clear which of the original 7 deadly sins those relate to.

    Title segment features three unbelievable characters, courtesy of a lousy script from showrunner 3X West. Laney Grey brings home a friend for supper, and her dad immediately makes a play for the pretty girl, Anny Aurora. Charles Dera as Laney's dad is from the Snidely Whiplash school of acting, so his sleazy come-ons are a joke.

    After dinner he invites Anny to stay for a sleep-over with Laney, and he sneaks into Anny's guest room after hours. She wakes up and immediately seduces him. End of non-story, merely an excuse for XXX action. I am a fan of Anny's and was sorely disappointed with this filler waste of her talent.

    Supporting program is titled "Sit Back and Enjoy...". It has Jenna Foxx in a NonSex role, as a party hostess who keeps plying Chase Arcangel with crude double entendres, while her friend Aften Opal observes. Chase almost comically (we should be so lucky as an audience) doesn't get any of the saucy references, but when mousy Aften confides in her that she has a crush on the big lug Jenna devises a plan.

    Jenna asks Chase to head upstairs with her, and gets him on a bed where she offers a blow job. He can hardly refuse and she insists he get blindfolded, accomplished crudely by pulling his t-shirt up over his head to cover his eyes. She has Laney sneak in and blow him, killing off at least 10 minutes of running time until she pulls down the t-shirt.

    Chase is shocked at the ruse, but Jenna almost instantly talks him into finishing the sex scene, and she politely exits to let them have at it. I kept waiting in vain for something interesting to happen, perhaps a plot twist from hack writer Fistopher Nolan, but after the cum shot they merely look forward to the next time. Or as I would interpret it, the next payments for being sex workers on camera.