Natali: You'll never get away with this!

[the Hulking Kidnapper removes Natali's panties and throws them across the room]

Hulking Kidnapper: Enjoying the fun?

Natali: Big man, huh, when I'm all tied up!

Goldie: I bet these crooks wish I was tied up and out of the way.

[a ghost materializes and knocks Goldie unconscious]

Natali: Okay, you got me. Now what?

Hulking Kidnapper: I'll decide when I'm ready.

Natali: Ooh. I'm terrified.

[the kidnapper ties a cloth over Natali's mouth, stifling her remarks]

[first lines]

[reading through the case file]

Natali: Ah-ha! So that's where the hideout is. Well, I think I can handle this myself without too much trouble.

[to the bound and gagged detective]

Hulking Kidnapper: How did you know I was here anyway?

[the ghost runs his hands over Goldie's shapely body]

Goldie: Get your hands off me, you creep! I suppose you think that keeping me bound and gagged is going to stop me... .

[the ghost ties a gag over Goldie's mouth, cutting off her protests]