David Michôd wrote the character of Eric specifically for Guy Pearce.

Robert Pattinson stated, that after Twilight ended he knew he had to play these kind of roles to avoid getting typecasted, and that he wanted the role so much, that in the days leading up to the audition, he even dreamt of his character Rey. When he was at David Michôd's house for the audition, he couldn't start to actually play the character for 45 minutes because he had so much anxiety.

The scene which involves Rey (Robert Pattinson) listening and singing along to the song "Pretty Girl Rock" by Keri Hilson, was put there by the director to remind people that in a normal, civilized world, Rey would still be a kid listening to pop songs and swarm for girls.

The film was originally going to be written by both David Michôd and Joel Edgerton for Edgerton's brother, Nash, to direct it.

Director David Michôd asked Robert Pattinson to watch the documentary "Bully" (2011) to better understand and prepare for the character Rey.

Parts of The Rover were filmed in the outback town of Marree in South Australia.

Eric's car is an Australian Holden Commodore, sold in North America as the Pontiac G8 GT

Though the credits list Guy Pearce's character's name as Eric, he is neither called by anyone nor presents himself as Eric.

The film's title, "The Rover," gives a big hint as to why Guy Pearce's character wants his car back so much. Rover is a term for dog.

Body count: 15 (without counting the dog). And if the story presented by Eric about killing his wife and her lover was true, the number goes to 17. Most of all the deaths are caused by Eric.