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  • lor_7 November 2022
    These two stories stem from the "Proud Pervs" section of the new "Modern-Day Sins" series, and stretch credibility for the purpose of prurient interests.

    RayVeness comes to the rescue with her inimitable sexiness, not playing a MILF this time out. Instead she's half of a lesbian married couple with Candice Dare. In a switch on the popular Hotwifing porn genre, Candice is happy being married to Ray but feels obliged to service her spouse's bisexuality by getting studs to service Ray while she watches. Sounds preposterous, right? Well it is.

    Oliver Davis is a meek (but big-dicked) employee of Candice, so when she invites him over, he has no choice but to service Ray at his boss's bidding, with a promotion promised. Under coercion he gets his dick to perform and everybody's happy, including the stud advancing up the corporate ladder. Yawn!

    Supporting segment is titled "Making a Good Impression", and makes the previous vignette seem like "Lawrence of Arabia" by comparison. It presents a kinky couple, Nathan Bronson and Vanessa Vega, who have invited over four of their neighbors to impress them and get invited into the local Owners Association.

    Nathan, in one of his all-time worst "acting" performances, seems to be a prankster, as he insists on using an app on his phone to stimulate a butt-plug via WiFi connection, with the butt-plug inexplicably in VV's behind while she's trying to serve hors d'ouevres to the visitors.

    Worse yet, the phone app malfunctions and goofy Nathan can't control it, so she's constantly going out of control with orgasms, dropping things and otherwise grossing out the quartet. They get mad and leave in a huff.

    After this fiasco, Nathan doesn't even apologize but instead asks her if she enjoyed it. She answers by going directly into gonzo mode and they hump for the rest of the scene. Result, in the anti-logic preferred in Pure Taboo scripts is a note from the neighbors on what a good time they had, and the hope they can join in (a la swingers) next time! I guess this video was supposed to appeal to Trump fans who'll believe anything no matter how stupid it is.