Dr. Henry Jekyll: Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters.

Jenny Halsey: You are a good man.

Nick Morton: You don't know that.

Jenny Halsey: Yes, I do. There's good man inside of you fighting to come out. You saved my *life*. You gave me the only parachute without thinking.

Nick Morton: [taken aback] I thought there was another one.

Dr. Henry Jekyll: It's not an exact science, this business.

Nick Morton: What? And the business being?

Dr. Henry Jekyll: Evil, Mr. Morton. Recognize, contain, examine, destroy.

Jenny Halsey: Whatever's in there has been safely hidden for two thousand years. This isn't a tomb, it's a prison.

Title Card: Death is but the doorway to new life. We live today, we shall live again. In many forms shall we return. -Egyptian Prayer of Resurrection

[last lines]

Dr. Henry Jekyll: Sometimes it does take a monster to fight a monster.

Nick Morton: Okay, you were right. We have angered the gods.

Jenny Halsey: Wait, what?

Nick Morton: I saw her. The chick in the box.

Jenny Halsey: Ahmanet?

Nick Morton: That one.

Jenny Halsey: Nick...

Nick Morton: He said I'm cursed.

Jenny Halsey: Who said?

Nick Morton: Vail.

Jenny Halsey: Vail?

Nick Morton: The coffin we found.

Jenny Halsey: Sarcophagus.

Nick Morton: Whatever. There was writing on it.

Jenny Halsey: Hieroglyphics.

Nick Morton: Jenny, respectfully, I'm not interested in archeological jargon right now.

Chris Vail: You can't run. You can't escape. She's got plans for you.

Nick Morton: Who are you?

Dr. Henry Jekyll: I'm a doctor... my name is Jekyll, Henry Jekyll.

Dr. Henry Jekyll: Please meet Princess Ahmanet. She will claim what she has been denied.

Nick Morton: You're welcome, by the way.

Jenny Halsey: How's that?

Nick Morton: Because I saved your... whatever-it-is.

[pointing out at the desert]

Jenny Halsey: That was safely hidden for 5,000 years before you dropped a Hellfire missile on it.

Jenny Halsey: [after witnessing Ahmanet's attempt to revive Set] Were you just gonna leave me?

Nick Morton: You saw that, right?

Jenny Halsey: You were gonna leave me!

Nick Morton: You saw it, right?

Jenny Halsey: I can't unsee it!

Jenny Halsey: Legend has it she's a being of unimaginable powers. Now she's using you to regain them.

Dr. Henry Jekyll: You are alive because you were chosen.

Nick Morton: Chose? By what?

Dr. Henry Jekyll: Evil. The ultimate evil.

Nick Morton: I'm thinking!

Chris Vail: What do we do now?

Nick Morton: Where's your sense of adventure?

Dr. Henry Jekyll: Because of your actions, this ancient power has returned.

Nick Morton: Stay with me!

Jenny Halsey: I'm scared!

Nick Morton: I'm figuring this out...

Jenny Halsey: Don't leave me.

[first lines]

Cross Rail Worker: [having just broken through with their drill] What the hell is this?

Construction Worker: I don't know.

Cross Rail Worker: [stepping inside] Whoa! Bloody hell!

Reporter: The Crossrail is the biggest construction project in Europe, carving 26 miles of new commuter train tunnels beneath the surface of London. But today, an ancient tomb filled with the coffins of Crusader knights...

Archaeologist: People don't realize that London is a giant graveland. A modern city built on centuries of death.

Reporter: Because of the proximity to the Thames, half the space is flooded. Is that right?