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  • xyRena31 December 2014
    The recent suicide of Leelah Alcorn has made me think about this documentary many times even though I watched it months ago. It has been several years since the events documented, but there are still parts of the United States which oppress and misunderstand trans people, and there are still many people who remain ignorant. Even after these years and the progress that the US has made (I cannot speak for other countries), the injustices and suicides continue in the same exact way.

    This documentary is poignant and thoughtful, but most of all it is something that will change the viewer's outlook. When I saw this documentary I realized that there were many ways, even as a feminist/lgbt ally for years, that I had misunderstood or ignored what it is like to be a transgender person, and many assumptions which were not correct.

    Anyone interested in watching should definitely watch. Anyone not interested should be forced to watch anyway, because this movie is incredibly important to becoming a more inclusive and understanding person. Perhaps the whole problem is that nobody understands in the first place. Don't ignore this film.

    Edit: The original review above was posted in January 2015. Now, in October 2017, I understand I am a transgender woman! Watch this movie. It was incredibly important for my transition.
  • As a transgender person this was incredibly painful to watch. The narrators and doctors continually misgender the people featured in this video. Come on.