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  • My boys, 12 and 13, really liked the show. They enjoyed seeing the skateboarding and liked the story line. It held their interest the entire time. They were able to relate to the kids in the show and really understood everything that was going on. They loved how the show portrayed bullying as uncool.(their words) As a mom of two boys that are in between little kid shows and adult sitcoms, it's refreshing to see a show for them that doesn't have a reference to sex or drugs. I thank the writers of this show for not putting in bad language that's in every single TV show created for the above 10 year old group. Also giving kudos for the writers to keep this one simple enough to understand yet give these 'tweeners just enough to make them think. We look forward to many more episodes. The DVR is set. :)
  • Both my husband and I enjoyed the show very much. The comic book set up going back and forth with reality really kept it interesting. The characters (teen boys) were cute and believable. Boris was the perfect friend who knows what to do even though he was a bit of a nerd. He is very likable and adorable. I think there was a movie called Alien Dawn done a few years back and this show might be confused with that mediocre movie... I hope not. I don't usually watch Nick Tunes but we saw a preview and decided to check it out. Glad we did! I was a little confused at the beginning of the show but then figured out who the speaker was and then understood what was going on. I loved the geek friends of Boris... they had all the answers. The only thing I wasn't really good with was the music playing during the skateboarding scenes. It reminded me of that Flight of the Bumble Bee music. My husband is a little deaf and had the TV volume up too high so that music got on my nerves. If the volume was down, I probably wouldn't even have noticed that much. We are looking forward to the next episode!
  • shall17323 February 2013
    I viewed the new NickToon series Alien dawn last night. It was the pilot episode but set the stage for the series. I am quite excited to have a show with some suspenseful intrigue combined with real life school situations. I look forward to the show now each Friday night. Boris really made the show for me with his true to life emotions and expressions. It was comical how he kept up the resistance to the bully while being placed head first into a garbage can! True passion! The story line narrated through the comic strip is a great concept. Not sure what to expect in each scene. The story was developing throughout the show. Can't wait for the next episode.
  • Great Action! Great Fun! If everyone had a Mom as beautiful as Hillary Greer the world would be a better place!!!! I thought that moving from the comic world to the real world and back was a great deal of fun. The young cast seemed to be well directed and seemed to be having a great time filming this piece. It was a great story line seeing the main character going from frustration and disappointment with is pre-occupied father to a realization that maybe just Maybe he was the hero that all the"nerds" had the faith that he was. Slowly but surely the mystery builds and holds your interest until our young hero realizes that his Dad was perhaps the special person others thought he was. I can't wait until next week!!!!!!
  • I watched Alien Dawn for the first time last week, and I thought it had a great storyline (clever). Kids will enjoy this and no sex/ drugs/ violence! Aaron Sauter's performance (Aaron plays 16 y.o. "Cameron Turner," the main character) was first rate and in my opinion he carried the show.....his character is believable and held my attention (Kudos to the casting director!). I also enjoyed actress Hilary Greer's performance as the character "Ruby Turner," the mother of Cameron Turner; her veritable Tina-Fey-plays-June-Cleaver presentation was both unexpected and fun, and truly in keeping with a comic book persona. Will I watch this again? Absolutely, I am hooked on the storyline.
  • flixfan40426 February 2013
    Finally a kids show I can get excited about. This is the first live action series in decades that got my attention. I just hope the rest of the season is as good as the pilot. If it is, this show is going to be a classic. I loved the characters and the fact that it was shot in New York. I love that it's not dumbed down to children. Kids are a lot smarter than the industry gives them credit for! I would have killed to have a cool show like this when I was a kid. I watched it at a friends house and he has an eleven year old son. He recorded it and watched it again the next day. He got super excited about the little clues that seem to be in it. I know he's going to watch it next week to see if the clues pan out. If they do, this show is going to be like the next Star Trek. On a side note, I can't understand why anyone would give this show one star. That's just crazy. They must of thought they were voting on the movie from a which is completely different thing.
  • I'm sure most people were expecting 90% special effects, 2% acting, 4% bad language, 4% violence. We've all seen those mindless shows that keep the eyes busy and the brain empty.

    Cam and his friends are seeking answers but they find more questions than answers. Loyalties are not clear and situations question those loyalties constantly--just like real life. Even the bad parts are there but they're not infused with bad language, so you can actually hear the story.

    The show is appealing to me because it makes me think. It should be making everyone think. I suspect that a great number of people will change channels merely because they want instant gratification. That's unfortunate. They're missing out on skills that make life easier.

    The writing is quite good and the acting generally keeps up. If they have plenty of stories to tell, things can only become better.
  • nobody6826 February 2013
    I think Alien Dawn is really good so far. Nice to see a show that actually gets my boys (9 and 11) away from video games. There aren't very many shows on TV that they are interested in that don't involve bad language and violence. The way the characters speak seemed realistic but I noticed the show is very family friendly. At least it's something I can watch with them! Liked the friendship between the 2 boys and the theme of Dad being gone. Definitely something a lot of kids can relate to. I also like the scenes of New York City and that you can see where the characters live and go to school. The jokes are pretty funny too. I'll definitely be watching with them this week.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What do you get when you have a similar, non-animated plot line to Mega Man Star Force? Alien Dawn. I've watched this series and 10 minutes into the show, I literally threw up on how bad this was. This series makes Mega Man Star Force and Damien Dawn (a German Edward-knock off singer) look severely bad. Not only has the plot been done to death (Son loses his father due to some kind of alien force and moans over it), but the rest of the plot makes no on-earthly sense. Action? Where is it? Cameron and some friends are hackers and they use a comic book of all things as a plot device? Come on, Nick. You can do better than producing an Damien Dawn mixed with Mega Man Star Force rip-off. My only thought is, I sure hope this doesn't get a second season. This is supposed to be for kids? Mega Man Star Force was more entertaining and had much more action than this.