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  • I've seen quite a few of the Jay and Silent Bob On Stage movies. Usually it's pretty funny to see Silent Bob just chatting away and giving extreme long stories to short questions. The guy has been around, so he makes an interesting story.

    Not this one. Here Jay and Bob come on stage together, and start chatting to each other. And that's really it: chit chat. Boring stuff that we don't need to hear. I'm sorry Jay, but you're only half as interesting as Bob, yet you say twice as much. And the silly game that you've invented must be a new depth in creativity. What were you smoking?

    To you as the audience I say: do yourself a favor and skip this one. There are plenty of other Silent Bob On Stage movies. This is the worst of them, the other ones are very entertaining.
  • Let me say this out of the gate: I'm a Kevin Smith fan. I have seen everything he put his name on and loved it all, especially the previous Q&A's. His chemistry with Mewes was very entertaining, almost as much as Mewes' obvious discomfort with fame.

    This one, however, is sad and it is bad. Jason Mewes is clinging to his old image and it truly is painful to watch. His face and voice have literally been morphed by years of drug abuse and there's something unsettling with watching a fat 40+ year old and a drug addict talking about jerking off for over an hour.

    Skip this one guys, nothing to see in this one.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    247 mins. of very funny one on one dialog along with great audience participation. The best reason why to watch is realizing Jason Mewes is now almost 700 days clean and still as honest as ever.

    SPOILER The Edinburgh show is the harsh reality of a recovering drug addict's childhood. Jason Mewes discussing being a young child of a drug addicted mother is a detailed account and quite chilling and dug from deep in his memory and heart.