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  • pensman13 September 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Cain is no Ironside sitting in a wheelchair and being driven about in a special van. Cain lost the use of his legs in a motorcycle accident and he is bitter, angry, and a general pain. But he is a great detective. He drives around in a classic convertible Saab. When he needs to get about, he assembles his portable wheelchair and manages to get himself up and down stairs unassisted. The humor, and there is plenty of it, is biting and sardonic. Captain Fred Cain is grudgingly assisted by Lieutenant Lucie Delambre as he has managed to get his previous partners to transfer to anyone other than Cain. But Delambre gives as good as she gets. If anyone gets pity it is Cain' boss and friend, Commandant Jacques Moretti. The stories are well written and will keep you coming back for more. The series has a solid sense of reality about it and in each episode we learn more about Cain giving his character a depth and complexity missing from most TV shows.

    In addition to watching Cain and team solve some challenging cases, in series one Cain is dealing with his upcoming divorce and trying to be a parent to his teenage son Ben. The disability is never played for pity nor is it a gimmick. First and foremost, this is a detective show; and good television, and quickly you forget you are reading subtitles.
  • This program is one of the best crime/drama series on TV, with a subtle humour woven through imaginative plots. It also showcases the coastal area of France around Marseilles. The characters are very believable, and generally likable but very human. I'm in awe of Bruno Debrandt's ability to play a wheelchair bound character.

    I just wish that I could purchase this show on DVD with English subtitles. I watch it on TV5 where it is subtitled, but like many French series it isn't available to purchase with the subtitles.
  • Cain is based on a wheelchair bound police detective with more than a few skeletons in his closet. Cain is one part Chief Ironside, one part Doctor House, one part Sherlock Holmes, and one part Dirty Harry. In short, he is cynical, deductive, tough-as-nails, and dangerous, breaking every rule in the book. He is brilliant and flawed, consistent and unpredictable, caring and ruthless. If you watch one episode, you cannot wait to see the next, and the next, and the next. I am surprised HBO hasn't yet bought the rights to make an American version.
  • I can get season 3 &4 only. there is some interest but more clichés, or contrived plots- yes it's drama, TV. Francois, whom I saw in Spiral, Mugs continually, caricatures of real emotions, or thinking. His acting is awful- I can't believe no one has reined him in. Lucie, female Detective isn't much better.

    Marseille- this seems to be a favorite spot outside Paris for these crime dramas- you would think they run into each other- they do not show the port, or the landmarks in the city.. he lost a wheel on his chair, from his car at night, and without showing how, I guess gets out of his car and home, bec he shows up the next morning. Does he call for help, on his cell, or does he crawl out on his belly. One scene, he gets in the car in his sporty convertible- with the woman detective, in a matter of seconds. He can't be flying like Mary Poppins. Makes me think of "Ironside" 1967 Raymond Burr (one of the few Movie stars who did 2 TV shows in the 1957- 75) before it was done).

    He has (in the evening, but are Homicide detectives ever off duty) several hard liquor drinks, with a "suspect" and gets into his car for his drive home. He is often drinking and driving. Cain is either working or drinking. He rolls around on uneven terrain at crime scenes, without help..

    Like Law and Order Criminal Intent, we knew the criminal. early on. There is a 4 episode arc, which resolves. again what is supposed to be a twist, and than we see how it resolved; the twist is predictable, cliché.

    This is supposed to be a big success in France. I read Julian Baumgartner is taking over as Cain 2019. He was on Origins, Season 1 was good, Season 2 they replace the Actress (very good) playing the partner & Genealogists for being too old, (yes really) ruined the show. Another actress just showed up being the same character. I guess the French do this.

    Someone who understands dialects better than I, said no one speaks like they are from Marseille- No surprise there either. Despite all the really bad writing and contrived plots, I find I am mildly interested, tho often not in all the plot. Meaning I phase out, and don't care.
  • This show is supposed to take place in Marseilles. Well. You won't see anything of it, not a single known place, nothing. You won't hear no one speaking with the typical local accent. So, if it would be the dullest place in France, it wouldn't make any difference. But as the series itself is dull, it's alright... Caïn is an egocentric who lost the use of his legs by his own fault. That makes him bitter and cynical. But he still feels he is a hero. The main characters--that is the police force--are all poorly developed, and they all have a dark past; the plots are ludicrous and always very predictable. The series begin with the warning that it is not suited for persons under 10 years of age. I strongly believe that this is a mistake: in fact, the warning should be that the series it is not suited for persons over 10 years of age. Simply because the whole show is an insult to the viewer intelligence. This maybe the worst series I ever watch on French TV.
  • I loved this show and want to see the other episodes. I would love to see episodes 5 to 8
  • greanjellibean24 October 2020
    The plots move at a good clip in every episode, not too much soapiness in the personal lives of characters, and the acting is good all around. The actor who plays Cain does a great job, and it's forward thinking of the show creators to feature characters of different abilities in prominent roles and demanding occupations. The gritty and beautiful landscape geo setting in and around Marseille makes it très interesting as well.