• nannyjo3 December 2013
    Definitely Gaining Momentum
    I have to admit that I was less than thrilled with this show's beginning. I didn't think the characters were well defined and the plot seemed very lackluster.

    I did continue to watch, though, and I am glad that I did.

    Each week, the characters are developing and the chemistry between the actors is getting better. The writing and the quick witted dialog are classic Joss. It just took some time to work out the kinks.

    The story lines are getting tighter as the show goes on. Also, as each character develops, there are questions raised that keep me coming back each week for answers.

    I'm glad that I stuck with this show and gave it a chance. It is turning out to be a great ensemble action show that I hope will last a long time.
  • millbranch6989 April 2014
    Sure it started slow, but good gracious what a ride we're on now!
    I heard an awful lot of people dogging this show at its inception. I wonder if they gave up or kept watching? Because if they kept watching I don't see how they could still be hating.

    The past two weeks in particular have seen me literally standing up, pointing at the TV, and yelling things at it. Sometimes all I can manage is gibberish in my excitement; things like "What did the? Did he just? Who's gonna?" There have been so many jaw-dropping moments here of late that I literally do not know who or what to believe.

    I failed to see Captain American: The Winter Soldier before "Turn, Turn, Turn", but am not upset by the fact that the show revealed the huge plot points rather than the movie. Yes, I will be seeing The Winter Soldier ASAP, but my heart has been so firmly gripped by the show that it felt more right to get the crazy news from there. I am sure the writers did a great job of making sure neither vehicle gave away too much.

    This show has really come into its own since things began to come together after "The Bridge." I love these characters, including the ones I don't know whether to trust anymore, and have been blown away by the world being revealed.

    If you hate it, re-watch it. If you still hate it, I'm sorry. But oh my goodness I am a complete SHIELD junkie!
  • sifu_annie17 May 2014
    The show just got better and better
    I remember how I felt after watching the first episode. It was 'meh' to describe it best. I think it was only out of sheer boredom I continued to watch it. I especially didn't like Skye. I found her too intrusive and irritating for my liking. But I knew the show still had some potential. The other characters entranced me. Sure the plot was bland and boring but I knew it was only the first few episodes out of twenty two. This meant there was room for development. And by gum did that last episode delivered.

    The things with new series are is that they require patience. You have to be very picky if you expect an amazingly complicated plot right at the beginning. A slow start makes sense. It matters on where the show takes us afterwards. And we've been to a lot of places in AoS. It just took time to pull everything together for a neat finish. And I'm glad they took their time; how else are we able to achieve such a deep and rich relationship with all the characters?

    I find it really funny how some of the viewers are still bitching about how there were no major SUPERheroes featured in the show. Well, the show made it clear that it was gonna be about the agents and the strength of humanity. Who cares the mains don't have any superpowers? It made me admire them only more.

    This show lacked nothing at the end. But perhaps I shall give it a nine for the minor inconvenience of the first couple of episodes.
  • Ben Smith30 August 2015
    My second, revised review
    I reviewed the show during the first season, when it was just off to a rocky start, and I said it had potential. But that potential has been satisfyingly reached, and continues to increase with every consecutive season. Without giving any spoilers I'd like to know that there are a lot of twists later on in the first and second season, that really make it a lot more worthwhile to hang in for, and when you go and re-watch the first season with those twists in mind, you realize that it wasn't just something they threw in to make it more interesting, it was something they planned from the beginning and dropped little hints towards that no one noticed. Ward was my least favorite character, until his true nature was revealed, and then when you go back and look at it with the experience of later events, you can see that there's much more underneath the surface. They were playing the long con, fooling people and thinking they were an average episodic show, when they had much more in mind for it. I have never been excited for any episode of agents of shield as I am the season three premiere, and I can't wait for the secret warriors story arc. The 10 I'm rating this is a bit preemptive, because I expect that season three maybe one of the best things to happen to the Marvel universe since Iron man 1, but it's also a bit of an apologetic rating for misjudging it early on in the first season. I now prefer agents of shield to arrow which used to be my favorite superhero show, but is now trailing in a close second.

    The visual effects get a 10 out of 10, on par with supernatural or fringe The acting gets an 8 out of 10, added points for Agent may, Skyes impressive character development, and a lot of the humorous moments between Colson and Nick fury, or the infinite likable agent tripp, points docked for Fitz and Simmons "trying to sound smart" speak in season one, although a lot of their more annoying badly written character quirks are ironed out by season two The writing gets a nine out of 10, mostly because hard to write something I don't see coming a mile away, though it might be a bit generous considering a few of the missteps in the early episodes of season one

    The fight choreography gets a nine out of 10 for how well it blends with the visual effects, though it might've been a 10 out of 10 if daredevil hadn't come out with that awesome fight scene in the hallway the same year

    I now have nothing but high expectations and hopes for the show and I hope it only improves further. A few areas of improvement include Bobbi Morse who is not likable at all, and maybe some kind of seriously superpowered villain, or possibly the skrull invasion, or something on par with that? So far the major antagonists are a bit interchangeable, Whitehall being the major exception, who is probably the best written villain yet. But I feel this show does best with the villain that is both superpowered and covert, mixing subterfuge, espionage and superpowers in action. But the good news is they set up the foundations to make something like that happen spectacularly
  • mvmlego14 October 2013
    This show is beginning to live up to its potential.
    I had previously written a review based off of this show's first four episodes, and I gave it a 7. I felt that, as of that time, it was an average show, and that it could go either way. Most of the first eight episodes were good. A couple were great, even. But: episodes nine and ten were stellar. This series earned its 8th star.

    The main characters are good. Agent Coulson, Skye, and Agent May are all very good, and, though some would disagree, I find Fitz and Simmons both likable. As for the minor characters: the people making this show aren't afraid to make up new characters, whether they're hero or villain, super- powered or non-super-powered. They already have a couple of compelling villains that are driven by more than simple greed or madness. The show's special effects are particularly good, which you might well have guessed. The show uses offshoots of classic story-lines such as Extremis. They also make references to the events happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at large. They are also beginning to link the events of individual episodes together very nicely. There is a good deal of mystery as to what happened to Coulson after the Battle of New York, and Skye's and May's rather ambiguous background is intriguing.

    On the downside, the show contains some gratuitous content (and I'm not talking about showing blood in the action sequences or anything, I mean including things that are genuinely unnecessary). Also, some of the dialogue is a little cheesy. Additionally, some people who have seen a lot of television might find some of the plot elements predictable (although I personally don't).

    Let me stress again: this show had potential, and, as of the most recent episodes, it is fulfilling it. It is truly earning its place in the MCU.
  • johannesdouglas1 May 2014
    A show which has kept me at the edge of my seat.
    At first this show did not grab my attention. I have been a Marvel comics fan for many years and have enjoyed watching it grow into some of the best films in the last few years.

    When I heard about this show I was worried that it would be overdone with effects and that it would lose a good story arc and character development. I was reassured about a few episodes into the series as I learned about the S.H.I.E.L.D Agency and now a few episodes close the end of the first series I am shouting to the world about how grate this show is.

    I know Joss Whedon must get a hard time from fans of Firefly (which I am one of them) and I feel like Joss must always have to live up to that show which was to infant in its ending. I am however starting to love Mr. Whedon's writing once more.

    This review is a personal one from me as I enjoy every moment of this series and hope that this will not be another great show that is over criticized and ends before it has truly begun.

    This review is a personal one from me as I enjoy every moment of this series and hope that this will not be another great show that is over criticized and ends before it has truly begun.
  • ziploked25 September 2013
    Has potential
    I watched this because I grew up reading Marvel Comics, I've loved the big-screen Marvel Movies, and I really like Josh Whedon's past work, including "The Avengers".

    That being said, while literally opening with a "Bang", the show wasn't everything I hoped for, yet it shows the potential for more--much more. Its unfair to expect everything to be perfect in a opening show for a series, and I suspect this show will only get better week-by-week.

    The show introduces us to mostly new characters, and there is obviously room to add more along with some familiar faces as the series evolves. There's enough action, but not too much, and enough violence without going over the top with excessive blood and gore.

    Is it safe for kids? Well, if you let them read the comics, then I'd say absolutely...there's nothing here they haven't seen in the comics in terms of graphic violence. Is it fun for adults? If you like the Marvel movies, then I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy this series...I can't imagine Josh Whedon letting us down
  • Martin Tabasco Eriksen25 September 2013
    Maybe.. just maybe!
    I have been anticipating this show for quite some time now, and my expectations were high. Let me start out by saying that I am a big Marvel and Avengers fan, so there was no question for me whether to watch this show or not. The fact that Clark Gregg (plays Phil Coulson) was in the cast only heightened my expectations and excitement! The pilot was, in my humble opinion, very decent. I wasn't blown away, but my expectations were met and I was intrigued by the story and entertained throughout the episode. I will definitely be tuning in for the next couple of episodes and ignore some of the bad reviews that I've been reading. The show is interesting and has potential to become a great show that will last for many seasons, which i hope it will.

    My advice to you is, ignore the bad comments and reviews of the show and go take a look for yourself, you wont regret it!
  • matbriggs7627 September 2013
    Great start with lots of potential
    I'm not sure why some of the reviewers have already dismissed this show. I wonder what people expect from a pilot but I think there are too many expectations based on The Avengers (and other superhero films). It's a TV show so there's going to be a lot of differences with respect to pace, storytelling and character build-up. Don't expect an hour packed full of action like a film.

    In my opinion the pilot was a really strong start to what looks like will be a really good TV show. It's obvious a lot of money has been spent on the show because the special effects are better than the majority of films. The cast has been well selected as the acting was strong and no characters looked out of place. Even from the first episode you can start to warm and empathize with most of the characters. Visually it looks great. For fans of the superhero genre this is a sure winner (if you leave your expectations at the door). I watched it with three friends and we're all really looking forward to the next installment.

    Nice work Joss, keep it coming!
  • david-228-4180927 April 2018
    If the IMDB score ignored reviews from season 1, this would be 9+
    It started slowly, in season 1, but I'd heard so many positive accounts of the writing that I persevered.

    Wow. It's amazing. The character development, the plot twists, the reveals, the twists and turns, the drama, the fight sequences, the effects, the acting, the whole story - it's truly awesome.

    If you watched season 1 and gave up, I heartily recommend you get back to it and watch to at least season 2 and you'll be hooked. There are plenty of moments where I've laughed out loud, plenty moments where I've almost cried, plenty times when I've shouted at the screen - it's full of drama, adventure, action, suspense and even comedy.

    No spoilers. Just watch it. Of all the television shows I've watched, it's definitely in the top 10, maybe even the top 5. Give it a go - if the IMDB review scores were ignored from 2013, this would be scoring a 9.0 or higher instead of the measly 7.5 it currently, undeservedly has.
  • JNobre26 September 2013
    WARNING: This review is based on the pilot episode alone, which i have just recently seen.

    When you base a TV show around a universe so massive in scope and so varied in content such as the MARVEL brand you immediately set yourself up not only to fill some incredibly large shoes but also to respond to a certain level of expectations.

    When you hire the director of The Avengers to helm such ordeal, said expectations rise even to a higher level. Now granted, seeing as this is a TV show on ABC the scope is understandably expected to be more focused and contained.

    So with these elements on the table, the show has to be good, right? RIGHT?

    Unfortunately, it isn't. Unfortunately it isn't bad either. See, if it was bad at least we would have gotten a kick out of watching this sinking ship delving ever deeper into an abyss of rage, frustration and fan boy anger capable of making THE INCREDIBLE HULK blush.

    Instead, what we get is a pretty standard TV show filled with the same clichés that every CSI episode has already aired once or twice before. The whole thing looks cheap and rushed. The acting is cheesy and often badly delivered. And surprisingly, not even Whedon seems to be with his head in the game seeing as the show just looks terrible. Even for it's budget.

    It's bland and it's boring. It has nothing that defines it as a new IP worth of sinking your teeth in.

    I really hope next week's episode can deliver or else, it's quite obvious this show won't stay in the air for long.

    I'll give it an average 5 out of 10.
  • dan-804-30958028 September 2013
    Not your best work, Joss!
    Joss, I'm a big fan since Firefly but I hoped for better than this. Remember how it was to create Firefly with a limited budget so you had to rely on genuinely original stories with real depth and human drama?

    Shield is just another predictable, formulaic, two-dimensional, Hollywood techno-fest with no character or story development potential. When the tech and the plate-headed eye-candy (bad acting BTW) is no longer new and titillating you have nothing to keep the show alive.

    The review page is insisting on more lines, but, I'm sorry, there just isn't enough that's interesting about this show to comment upon. It would appear there is enough money to make a good show, but, apparently, the network (all TV networks now it seems) are run by shallow people and are putting restrictions on producers to help them make TV viewers as shallow thinking as them.

    I'm just cynical enough to believe that is precisely why Firefly was never properly supported by Fox and didn't just cancel but slammed the door on it. I think the six mega-corporations that own and control all the media in the western-hemisphere prefer a weak-minded, compliant, consumer population and fear shows that stimulate viewers to think and feel deeply.
  • thegreyeagle24 September 2013
    Mediocre TV at best
    If you go into this show expecting anything like the movies, you are going to be gravely disappointed. Right now it's at about a 5 out of 10. I thought the pilot was at times kind of a snore fest. The writing at times was juvenile at best. I expected so much more from this show, with all the hype and all. I hope it improves in the coming weeks, or it might be taken off my dvr. The pacing of the show somehow needs to be changed. I like the lead actor a lot, and was glad to see him carry his role over to the show. Maybe the wow factor is yet to come. Things need to be explained a bit better as well. I'm sure they can get it right. with so much to watch on TV will there be enough time to do just that.
  • stickybuns201318 November 2013
    My take on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    I think this is an interesting show.As with all new shows they can tweak it as they go along.I thought in the beginning it wouldn't hold my attention,since I have only watched one Avenger Movie and one Ironman Movie,but I am a fan of other Marvel comic movies.I think the spin off to television is a good idea.I like the cast. I think the cast appeals to younger and mature viewers. I really like Clark Gregg's character Coulson,he's vulnerable but strong,very sexy.I think he has all the viewers wondering what they did to him while he was allegedly dead.I hope the fans and the network give this show a chance.I believe it's worth it.
  • seeth-mcgavien18 December 2013
    Marvel Agents of Shield: A regrettable approach to a Marvel franchise.
    Warning: Spoilers
    Bland, boring, and a complete waste of time; I could use these words to describe this show, but why use words most other critics already have.

    Let us dissect this show using three elements, characters, plot, and world building. We will start with plot. A covert independent team unsanctioned by the United States government goes around kidnapping people, exercising authority, and acting like the FBI or police without paying any attention to the individual's rights. These are supposed to be the heroes? What happened to the days of the X Files when people questioned the forces that be and paid attention to due process? Agents of Shield can leave a man alone in Hong Kong after being deceived without any accountability. This shows plot is a conspiracy theorists wet dream where a large scale heavily funded secret organization breaks any law they do not feel like following. Police state anyone.

    WORLD BUILDING: A world full of super heroes, villains, alien technology, covert operations, and we get an unhinged, disconnected story which features villains of the week that fade into background like the faint whisper of a bad joke. A rich diverse world of marvel and the focus is on small boring elements created strictly for TV without featuring anything fans would enjoy or that could draw in a new audience. Mix the most boring elements of Heroes and CSI and you get Agents of Shield.

    CHARACTERS: Brooding strong guy, check carefree anti-government hacker, check, bumbling scientist with a heart of gold, check, dark mysterious women with a tortured past, fantastic we got that too. This would be original had this been written 50 years ago. Somehow we are supposed to get emotionally involved with stereotypical characters that are all archetypes no one can relate to. If this show didn't have the names Whedon and Marvel behind it, this show would have been canceled within 5 episodes. I would rather watch a Brady Bunch Reunion than another episode of this dribble. This show poorly written, poorly executed, and offers nothing to Marvel fans or a new audience.

    Have a couple of drinks then imagine a show and I promise it will be better.
  • danielcbn20014 October 2013
    Bad show
    I watched the first "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" with mixed feelings, not really good but not that bad. The story was OK, if not good. But when my college asked how it was, I said : yeah well...it was OK. Let's see the second.

    The 2nd one so sketchy that I couldn't even finish it.

    Actors are bad, characters are "clownesque", Ming-Na in bad ass is not credible at all. This series is made for pre-teens.

    The story is worst, the 2nd episode looks like the old movie "Commando" with Schwarzeneger. (the part I saw) Everything so predicable that is not funny at all.

    I'm not gonna follow.
  • johnnymacbest24 September 2013
    Well-written, tense, and incredible.
    Whedon has done it again. Not only has he given us the greatest superhero ensemble piece that is The Avengers(among Firefly, Angel, and the excellent Sci-Fi epic Serenity, and other things of this caliber)but also this new and exciting take on an established and soon to be shared "Marvel Universe" known as "Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D".

    This new show delves into the lives of the human aspect of the mysterious organization among it's super-powered brethren(watch the earlier Marvel films as well as The Avengers to get up to speed)with lots of thrills and character drama that Mr. Whedon is so lovingly known for as example of his earlier work. The show has a lot of ground to cover as this is the first episode of a series, as more plot and character development will be explored in future episodes, but the premiere episode is really good. Not going overboard, just finding a nice balance between action and story. Other superhero shows have tried and failed; most notably "Heroes" although the first season is simply incredible, but Whedon's new series knows what it is and is building on it tremendously. Keen viewers will notice several Easter eggs pertaining to certain characters in the Marvel universe which I will not spoil, but for those new to this show, will be quite surprised.

    I'm impressed with what this show has to offer. With a great foundation to build on, it's really shaping up to be something special. The last moments of this episode will leave you breathless and anxious to see what Whedon and co will come up with next. Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is one of the better superhero shows out there on the airwaves; providing a nice balance of character pathos and movie-caliber action.
  • stamps799 October 2013
    What is this....
    This show just seems to go down hill further and further each episode. I'm feeling more and more less connected with it and it's cast. The missions, the story, the back stories, the cast & the action scenes. I just don't click with it, maybe i'm too old, maybe if I was a kid, I would probably jump for glee over this, but really I just don't find it entertaining. Movie cameo's are fine, but they don't make for great show, I need a story and characters I can really get lost in and I just don't with this show. I'm three shows in and I think I'll give it just one more show and if from their, it just doesn't grab me, even just a bit, well it's one less show for me to care about.
  • anders_asd4 October 2013
    So far, not so good
    Warning: Spoilers
    Don't get me wrong you guys, I love the Marvel cinematic universe! (Except from the fact that we won't see Spiderman, The Fantastic Four or The X-Men in an Avengers movie any time soon.) But I don't understand why they decided to make a TV-show about S.H.I.E.L.D! The one thing that works in the show is agent Coulson, 'cause he is a bad ass! I'm just having a hard time seeing the point of all these mini-stories that somehow are gonna tie in to the universe of Marvel and Joss Wedon. The characters are grossly unappealing and lack depth, and they don't play well together. A perfect example is the one mumbling scientist in Coulson's team. That guy simply can't act! He should have taken a few lessons from agent Reid from "Criminal Minds" in how to play the socially awkward genius. But even if he did, the whole dynamic between the characters is off. The one redeeming quality about the show is the SFX. It really looks good for a TV-show.

    I get that the success of the films in Marvels "Phase One" was a massive confidence boost for the studio, but I think this show is pushing it. I'm a big fan of the films, but this show didn't need to happen!
  • neonrt-492-4871726 September 2013
    It is like they mixed 5 past shows into one
    Warning: Spoilers
    For a moment i thought i was watching iron man 3 . Because the story line was the same as that movie with the super soldier that explodes . Then i thought i was watching fringe with a bunch of people running around but no one knew what was really going on. Then i was confused when the agent of shield put the superman guy in a choke hold and he went to his knees. I thought oh the agents have powers,,, nope as he gets thrown through the air but is OK. I fell off my chair once and hurt for a week... I had to rewind the ending where the super soldier got shot in the head, They were all smiling and one guy gave the thumbs up. I was like why are they so happy that he is dead. That is kind of mean. Oh he is bullet proof. And the shield guys and girls have the special power of never getting dirty or their hair getting messed up.

    This show should be moved to Saturday mornings.
  • ithiaca4 October 2013
    Color me not impressed.
    I do not know about the rest of you, but so far I am not impressed. Sure Agent Coulson is his usual neat suit dapper self in this series. However I am having issues after only two (2) episodes in trying to stay interested in the series. Frankly, I am not to enthused. I expected a lot more from reading the comics from way back S.H.I.E.L.D. is not a nice organization. There are wheels with in wheels working inside of S.H.I.E.L.D. and sadly we are getting a squeaky clean version. I will continue to watch and see how things play out. But so far I am not holding out for Hero here anytime to soon. No matter how many cameo's they bring on.
  • helturflippad6 March 2014
    Filled with stupidities...
    Warning: Spoilers
    First of all I want to know if they forged Joss Whedons name on this?

    Embarrassing lack of logic, for instance did you know that fat people cannot spell on computers! Explanation, in s01e04 actor Pascale Armand has an electronic eye and gets badly spelled messages. Leader Coulson (Clarg Gregg)geniously draws the conclusion that the typist is fat and clumsy, Pascale immediately cheers in of course what a brilliant conclusion. Besides managing being both stupid and offensive at once, it follows the logic of downs syndrome detectives. Pretty much each conclusion follows this "logic".

    What is up with the casting, one example, the genius duo are about age 7 years old. Their only real asset is a annihilating lack of credibility. For instance they make some bogus pistol build in fore-mentioned episode and cannot tell the slidelock and safety apart and mis-build a pistol. I will not even get in to the stupidities of this, besides why put 8 million dollars copying and building a pistol when you can get a better on the street corner for 5 bucks, and the mechanics of a pistol would make it impossible to cross mistake these two parts. As a joke it is a ultimate flatline, does score high on the embarrassing scale though.

    It does follow certain patterns though, whenever a character is presented with a character treat, it always start by showing the quit opposite - incompetence and then some. Take anyone, like "the cavalry" presented as the ultimate uber kickass reigns death over huge armies singlehandedly. First episode she gets backhand-slapped and falls asleep. Presentation contra facts - she obviously couldn't manage against a newborn in combat.

    Are they trying to be funny? Nah I don't think so...

    Most of this show is embarrassing, it is even worse when you see that some actors probably are competent in most other circumstances.

    I will end with one last question, can anyone on this planet tell me why they hauled Chloe "Skye" Bennets ass onboard? She is said to be a computer genius, but what does she contribute really? Would anyone ever noticed if they cut her out of the series and painted a face on a shoebox and addressed it instead? I give that she has some presence in the moment, but presented as the shows "main character" and some kind of infiltrator traitor you kinda loose the obvious identify with the main character thingy. Although there is no real main character storyline so that doesn't really work either...

    How can shows loke firefly and others great shows get cancelled and total flatlines as this get made instead?

    Shame on you Joss Whedon
  • Tanveer Masood27 September 2013
    Not as expected
    Warning: Spoilers
    I watched the pilot episode, expecting something great. It was disappointing and some of the characters were more annoying than fun. People would expect something way better from Marvel. This is not a show I would follow for long.

    The action was very limited and plot was not well presented. Overall, it looked like an attempt to cash in on the success of The Avengers. The show might improve itself over the weeks but I highly doubt it.

    The actors were not convincing as agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The writers have to work really hard at making the characters convincing, if they want it to be a successful show.
  • haphro11 October 2013
    Possibly the worst show on TV
    Warning: Spoilers
    For a show with such big names attached to it, it sure manages to suck really really bad. I've watched three episodes now, and I assure you I will not be watching a fourth. It does absolutely nothing to draw you in. It makes it feel almost impossible to care about any of the characters when they brought back Agent Colston from his death in avengers. How are you supposed to give a crap what happens to any of the characters when they can't be killed. I will never understand how a show this horrible can get a full season order while shows like firefly, Dresden files, and their ilk get the ax.

    I can understand that because it's marvel it's going to draw a bigger crowd than something new, but the Eric Bana version of the hulk was marvel as well, and it got rightfully panned by the critics. The fact that this show currently has a rating of 7.5 out of 10 is absolutely flabbergasting. It's a 3, maybe a 4.5 if you're in a charitable mood.
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