Dana Barrow: See, it's gone unchecked for a while.

Ben: Lucky it didn't cave. Lucky I stopped by when I did.

Dana Barrow: Well, and lucky for you people around here like to gossip.

Ben: That they do. Also heard you were an architect or something.

Dana Barrow: Yeah or something.

Ben: Well, maybe we should talk about money.

Dana Barrow: Well, that's a little premature.

Ben: Come again?

Dana Barrow: You haven't been hired yet.

Ben: No?

Dana Barrow: No.

Ben: There's nothing I can do to change your mind?

David Barrow: Hello.

Dana Barrow: David... uh this is my husband, David. David this is Ben Philips, Jr.

David Barrow: Yes, the legend. Hey! Nice to meet you.

Ben: Likewise.

Dana Barrow: Mr. Philips is here about the leak.

David Barrow: Right, Ben works fine. Great Ben, when can you start?

Dana Barrow: No, that's still up in the air.

Ben: Soon as you pull the trigger.

David Barrow: We should probably get on this right away babe, don't you think?

Dana Barrow: David...

Ben: The next couple of weeks are kind of busy, but I am free now.

David Barrow: What is this? This is water damage, right? Does this floor need to go?

Ben: Yes. Look we get a dehumidifier in here we can actually save most of this wood. Just say the word.

David Barrow: Great. Well, yes, we want you to start as soon as possible.

Ben: All right.

Dana Barrow: No, uh, what I would like is for Mr. Philips to come back here when it hasn't been raining for a few days, and the two of us can get upon that roof and see what's what. That way once the situation's been thoroughly and properly assessed, then we can talk about hours and materials and the scope of work in a manner that's not been pulled directly out of our asses. And what I'd also like is to agree on a deadline which if not met, means revisiting the terms of the contract with the probability of penalties paid to us by you for each day of work exceeding the original agreement. Now if that all sounds acceptable, I'll be happy to resume this conversation at a later date. But, in the meantime it was a pleasure meeting you Mr. Philips and uhm, my husband, David, will show you out. David if you wouldn't mind.