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  • Oh yeah, we know the type. September and January releases are generally known as movie dump months, after a busy period of cinema releases. A lot of the films released in this time period are films studios just needed to stick in to release. Generally these films are not good. The Disappointments Room does not go against the mold. After I watched the film I was kind of hoping I didn't as it pretty much offered nothing worthwhile during its entire duration.

    The film is about a mother (played by the lovely Kate Beckinsale), her son and husband who move into a house where creepy occurrences take hold. She soon discovers a "disappointments room" in the attic where children with special needs or deformities were locked up. The spirits of the past start haunting her and she has a hard time separating reality from this new world she unlocked. Its a typical horror premise. Can I even call this horror? There isn't one scare in the film. Nothing that will stay with you. There aren't even any jump scares. In this day and age you'd expect something startling from a horror film but nothing really ever comes. As the film progresses you want to stomach less and less of it. If you've seen as many horror films as I have, you want something original, ambitious, or frighteningly entertaining. Unfortunately, this rarely happens.

    I love Kate Beckinsale. She's an ageless beauty who I love watching on screen. I'd say she's the only reason you'd want to check this film out. She needs to pick better stuff for herself. She's been in some bad stuff but shes just wasted here. The guy who played her husband seemed like a caricature, his line delivery seemed so forced. He was basically the prototypical husband who doesn't see whats going on. Lucas Till was an entirely useless and creepy in the wrong kind of way character. I don't like the idea for the film but there could have been better delivery. Wish-washy editing of a bunch of "scary" images jumbled together is not enough to be memorable.

    I know its my fault for getting sucked into this (damn you sexy Kate Beckinsale!) but as an avid film lover I'm always willing to give everything a chance in search of finding an inspired work. There's no inspiration here. Just a tired picture filled with nothing essential. You'll find scarier things in your day to day life than this mediocre effort. Skip it. There's too many puns I can do with the title of this film to convey how bad it is but I'll save you all the torture.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    *spoilers in this post* I was an extra in this movie in 2014, in Greensboro NC at the Adamsleigh house. My part in the movie was a huge scene of a flashback or "vision" Kate is having while searching for her son Lucas. Now as other users have mentioned in their reviews, there seems to be a piece of the story missing or there is no backing to the situations that the movie slightly goes into. That is completely correct, because for some reason they edited so much out of this movie it's as if they changed their minds of the story completely, and were left with this empty boring story just about a slightly insane woman after he baby dies. The flashback scene I was in was a party Mr. and Mrs. Black were throwing. There was a room underneath "The disappointments room" that overlooked the garden (The garden they show all overgrown with the broken statue, now beautiful and pristine in the flashback) where the elegant party was being thrown. Fancy food, drinks, candles lit, an opera singer in the garden, party goers dressed up in their 19th century style ball gowns, men with beards laughing and pipe smoking, and so on. Kate walks through this party in disbelief of what she's seeing and looking for Lucas. My guess is this scene was alluding to the parents having this amazing party all the while their disappointment child is upstairs being hidden away from society, which would have added an interesting element to the unfolding of Kate finding out about the child's story of abuse. Perhaps sparking her interest to go see that woman who knows all about the history of those Disappointment Rooms. Who doesn't love a flashback scene to another time so long ago of a fancy party filled with ignorant party goers, having no idea their hosts are sick child abusers?

    Another key piece that was edited out of the movie has to do with the German shepherd scene where the cat is killed, and Kate has a vision of her son being attacked by the dog. All of that was leading up to the fact that Mrs.Black was attacked and killed by her husbands dog and her husband did nothing to stop it from happening, (One of my friends played Mrs.Blacks body double). Another interesting element cut from the movie, and leaving the scene with the dead cat completely out of no where and pointless. These scenes I was in (and told about in detail on the set) being cut from the movie, and probably countless other interesting scenes cut, left the movie dry and not well rounded at all. Let alone only 92 minutes long, shorter than your average kid movie. I will definitely be checking out the deleted scenes section on the DVD, they will probably be more interesting than the movie itself.
  • "The Disappointments Room" follows an architect (Kate Beckinsale) reeling from a family tragedy who moves into a remote mansion in upstate New York with her husband and young son to restore it. She uncovers a hidden room in the house that does not appear on the floor plans, and begins experiencing increasingly disorienting visions of the home's original owners.

    I have to admit that I was fairly excited by the trailers for this film; it promised nothing groundbreaking, but appeared by all accounts to be an at least entertaining Gothic throwback—and I'd assume the script would lead one to a similar assumption, but the film unfortunately is something of a self-sabotaging effort.

    It starts out briskly and glides through the typical haunted house fare—family arrives at old mansion, wife notices strange things immediately off the bat; she may be unstable, or the husband may be oblivious; the child is in imminent danger. These tropes are thrown at the audience in succession throughout the first act of the film; enter the second half, and the film seems to turn on its head. The plot regarding the history of the secret room and the apparent spirits in the house is sidelined, and suddenly the film becomes an anemic psychological study of a broken woman. The intrigue—or at least what little there was of it—for all purposes disappears.

    The last forty minutes of the film especially are marked by awkward, amateurish editing choices that break any sense of flow, and a frankly ho-hum performance from Beckinsale. This isn't to say she's a bad actress, but she certainly seems bored here. The husband character is essentially useless in the film, and Lucas Till comes in as a sexualized handyman in the last thirty minutes, far too late to introduce a character that is apparently supposed to have some significance to the plot. By the end of the film, I was wondering where the narrative was attempting to take me—through the journey of a traumatized woman? Through a family that's falling apart? Through a haunted house? I still don't quite know, as the film fails to commit to any of the above in a genuine way. The last scene ties things together in a neat package, but there is no sense of relief or catharsis.

    Overall, "The Disappointments Room" was a letdown (yes, I'm going to avoid the pun). In spite of the wonky editing, bad pacing, and general lack of narrative direction, the worst part of it all was that I honestly feel there is a good film somewhere in here; not an innovative one, or even a great one, but at least a good one— one that is capable of delivering a straightforward Gothic horror story without imploding on itself. One of the few things the film gets right is the atmosphere, and its most noteworthy scene comes at the end in the form of a disturbing Victorian-era flashback. Aside from that, "The Disappointments Room" is a lost opportunity. 4/10.
  • Long shelved (filmed in 2014, unreleased until 2016) this cannot decide if it wants to be a haunted house flick, a psychological thriller, family drama, or a routine slasher movie, as a couple, still reeling from the death of their infant daughter, relocate, with their young son, to a remote mansion, for unexplained reasons.

    Weird things begin happening immediately, but the film implies it may all be in wifey's mind. The discovery of a hidden room, and a black dog prowling the grounds takes the plot into generic possession/ haunting territory, but dead daughter subplot takes it into tragedy/ family drama territory. We are introduced to who I believe was intended to be the token psychic woman, who disappeared as quickly as she appeared, which lead me to wonder why she was even there. Twice the film tried to bring a third party/ love interest into the plot, before dropping one completely, and killing the other, without anything further being mentioned about him.

    This entire film is like that, with seemingly only the beginning of its plot threads being explored, then dropped entirely. The film never climaxes, so much as it just stops, with nothing remotely close to closure to any of its numerous plot threads.

    Well acted, and there is enough atmosphere in the Gothic home, but whole chunks of the plot seem to have been edited out prior to release, giving the film an unsatisfactory, unfinished feel.
  • The Disappointments Room is a disappoi...

    See what I did there? I delivered the exact line you expected only I half-a**ed it. That in a nutshell is The Disappointments Room; it sets itself up to deliver nothing but the bare minimum and then doesn't even deliver on that. I automatically assumed this film was less than a blip on the radar. A small budget, small minded, small expectation snoozefest comparable to this year's The Other Side of the Door (2016). So imagine my surprise when the credits revealed the movie was directed by D.J. Caruso, the same guy who made Disturbia (2007). What the heck man? What the actual heck?

    The plot, for what it's worth, concerns itself with a small family of New Yorkers who have moved to the American South to renovate an old antebellum mansion. While touring the grounds Dana (Beckinsale) our intrepid architect, notices a part of the house that's not in the actual blueprints. She prods further, locating the key to the room and deciding what the hay; let's open it up. What she doesn't know is the room also hides secrets that may anger the mansion's ghostly inhabitants and test the limits of her sanity.

    The film strains mightily to fit every basic haunted house cliché. They include but are not limited to: ghosts standing behind their victims, toys magically appearing, elaborate apparition flashback mode and pets prematurely meeting their demise. Those clichés are then complimented with the sloppiest of editing and laziest of jump scares providing a movie completely lacking atmosphere. What's worse is this faded out dollhouse of a movie comes complete with a boring assemblage of shallow traits and neuroses masquerading as characters, which are thrown about with little regard for perspective, personality or motivation.

    The most laughable of these paltry characters is Kate Beckinsale as Dana, whose lip-quivering mother in emotional recovery rings egregiously false. She saunters through scenes looking perturbed and has her share of bad dreams which is to be expected. Yet when the film reveals possible psychosis and carelessly lumbers towards a splashy confrontation, it's clear Beckinsale is drowning in a cesspool of offensively bad schizophrenia tropes.

    This movie was not fun to surprise there. But it's also no fun to review. There's nothing resembling the ponderous hubris of Warner Bros's DCEU or the desperate "love me, please" attitude of Independence Day: Resurgence (2016). There's no hilariously bad reasoning like in God's Not Dead 2 (2016) or drive-by bellicose like in 13 Hours (2016). The Disappointments Room is the movie equivalent of flat skunk beer. Any processes that were once teaming with life are now dead and baking in the sun, making your patio smell like cat p***.

    Nothing happens in this film. There are no consequences to sift through, no conclusions to be drawn, no lessons to be learned. If the opposite of love isn't hate but indifference, than the fact that I left this movie feeling nothing should be a testament to just how bad this thing is.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Nothing Happens in this film so Speaking about it at all is a spoiler. OK I'll start with the good. Kate Beckinsale needs to permanently go blonde because that is the best she's ever looked now with that being said this is also the worst she's ever acted and it was the most annoying role so maybe she can blame her writers. It was hard to cope with such an annoying beauty through out the entire film. Now why company's waste millions of dollars to make a non original un scary no mystery not thrilling low dramatic non sexy motion picture is beyond me I mean this movie actually has no point at all I mean they have a situation to build on she figures out about the house it doesn't mean anything though it doesn't help or hurt she spazzes out of course shes mentally ill most models are but of course this doesn't coincide with anything so they just leave. REALLY. I'm sorry but there's no way to put this nicely this film is just Pure garbage. And did you hear well of course not, you didn't hear the credits because I only had the credits rolling at the end because I was writing this horrible review but the closing music was literally the worse close out ever right at the end it just keeps shrieking for no reason it wasn't musical at all it actually aligned with the movie by reiterating the theme of pointlessness. Please do you and the ones you love the great service of not watching this trash. Don't be fooled It tricks you because of the camera and actors but this is the worst professional movie I've seen in a while.. All the starving kids around the world and you fools waste millions on this.. ugh despicable.
  • The Disappointments Room.

    Do you know where that room is? It was my living room while watching this horrible excuse of a movie.

    What the heck was the movie about at all?

    And I knew it before. As you probably are just as big horror fans as I am, you know the golden rule: when there is a famous Hollywood actor / actress in it, the movie is bad. Really, really bad.

    But I adore Kate Beckinsale (even though blonde is NOT a good hair colour for her...), so I wanted to give it a shot. And hey, there CAN be pleasant surprises when it comes to horror flicks with stars in it. Deliver Us From Evil, Mirrors, The Veil (but not for Alba, for T.Jane only!). It CAN work, so I was full of hope.

    I shouldn't have been.

    The movie is completely boring, from start to end. There is no "horror" in it. I mean, literally. The only scenes, that are supposed to be creepy, are flashbacks, nothing more. No jumpscares, no gore, no suspense, just plain nothing.

    If Kate at least would have undressed, but nooooo, not even that.

    The plot is confusing and has no start and no end - I heard important scenes got cut out of the movie (read the review of the extra from the movie's set), but even with all of them included it would still be a horrible movie.

    Kate Beckinsale obviously did not receive enough money to bring in some effort, and the Frank Grillo clone could not catch that up for her.

    The quality of course was good, perfect camera, light, sound, there was nothing left to be desired. But you can bet Kate Beckinsale does not work with people not knowing their technical jobs on set.

    This must have been some contract work for Beckinsale, I cannot see why she participated in this mess of a movie. Or maybe she cannot get any more roles these days, since the success of "Underworld" lies far back in the past, and she does not get younger, I don't know. Whatever, just like me, she should have avoided this movie.

    I could not even tell, what the movie really, really was about. Sure, there was this room where the rich people hid their ugly kids, fair enough. But why some - what? Ghosts? - haunt her now, and ONLY her but nobody else, I have no idea. What was it about that dude helping doing the repairs? Is he dead, or what? Was he real at all? He has to be, since her hubbie has seen him, right? And all those multiple scenes, where you see all actors in different roles? WTF?

    As the title says: the movie is a complete and utter mess. It has no clear target to achieve, no character development at all, and more holes than plot.

    The golden rule just got confirmed again. Avoid horror movies with big names in it. Give 20.000 bucks to some talented amateurs, and you will get way more entertaining horror flicks.

    Put Beckinsale back in this black leather catsuit or let her play some RomCom, this is her only range as actress.


    No More.
  • Saw the movie today. I enjoyed watching Kate Beckinsale and I believe she made her character believable, you feel what the character is going through. However, this was supposed to be a HORROR, not a drama on Lifetime Movie Network. Some revelations are made before the middle of the movie and the pace just slowed and there were no more surprises or plot development. You know that part of a horror movie where the evildoing of the antagonist, the fighting back of the protagonist create a crescendo of visceral emotions in the viewer leading to a catharsis and release, that never happens. There were more than a couple of jump-scares but the possibilities from the plot and the characters just were not followed through and explored enough for the horror to happen for me. Nice story though and definitely worth a watch if you like scary TV dramas.
  • I had high hopes for the first half of this movie, but it just falls into a jumble in the last half. So many unanswered questions; a random kite, a random carpenter,etc..

    If you want to see a classic with a similar story line, but done much, much better, check out The Changeling, bone chilling Canadian movie from 1980 with George C Scott. Don't be fooled by it's age, it's scary. You can even see it on youtube for free:'s basically everything this movie is trying to be know, it makes sense.
  • For me the movie seems to suffer mostly from it trying to be two things without being really good at being one thing.

    I went into the movie expecting a ghost story. What I ended up seeing is this some sort of psychological thriller staring Kate Beckinsale. She plays a architect who moves into a new house in the country with her family in order to get over the lost of a child, when she discovers a previous owner also lost their child on the same day and are hunting the room that they kept this child, who was a deformed girl born to a well to do family that wanted to keep their shame under wraps.

    Kate Beckinsale does a really good job at playing a woman distressed over loosing a child. Most movies don't usually show this part of the break down, as her character develops a drinking habit, starts looking at her husband differently, to the point that a new man has a chance to interfere with the relationship, and she's becoming distance from the child she still has, in most movies this happens before that family moves into the house, but hear it actual seems to be happening during.

    What takes away from this performance is the uneven dual plots with the ghost of their new home hunting Beckinsale's character, driving her crazy by putting ideas into her head about her feelings towards her dead child.

    Having two movies in one can sometimes work (Like it did in From Dust Still Dawn), but here I feel the filmmakers never were quite sure about what they wanted the movie to be, which really effected it poorly.
  • BigZ_733710 September 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    This was honestly one of the worst movies that I've ever seen. I don't know how this piece of crap was made, and how they actually released it. They should have just kept the film on the shelf, but instead they spent 0 dollars on advertising the film in the hopes that gullible film goers will see the movie before the bad reviews can be published to scare people away. Don't watch this film.

    One of the weirdest things about it, is that even from the very beginning, what's the point of featuring the Disappointments Room Ghosts if it doesn't mirror something in her own life. I mean even if they wanted to have the kid be Autistic or something, he didn't have to have a huge head tumor like the ghost girl. None of the movie made sense, and I was amazed at how it just ended out of the blue, and they like a happy family despite what had just happened. It was an absolute piece of crap.

    You can see my full review over here:
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The architect Dana (Kate Beckinsale), her husband David (Mel Raido) and their son Lucas (Joiner Duncan) move to an isolated manor in the countryside seeking a restart of their lives after the death of their baby daughter in a tragic accident. Dana overhears noises in the attic and finds a hidden locked room. Soon she finds the keys and is haunted by the evil spirit of an old man. She researches and learns that old rural houses had disappointments room where retarded and deformed children were locked to avoid embarrassment to the traditional families. Further, the spirits of the original owner of the house, Judge Blacker (Gerald McRaney), and his daughter are still trapped in the house. However, only Dana is capable to see and contact them and David believes she is delusional. When Judge Blacker threatens the life of Lucas, Dana tries to protect him but she is not sure of what is reality or daydream.

    "The Disappointments Room" is a horror low-budget movie with an unoriginal haunted house story. The predictable story gives the sensation of déjà vu and the unique surprise is the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale with blonde hair. My vote is four.

    Title (Brazil): "O Quarto dos Esquecidos" ("The Room of the Forgotten Ones")
  • 'The Disappointments Room' was one of the worst movies I have seen in theaters in recent years, period. Where do I even begin? There were almost two completely different plots running at the same time where attempts to mesh the two together failed atrociously.... For a "horror" tagged movie, this was hardly any form of the word. I understand clearly that there are different variants of horror but I fail to see any form of it take hold... I felt no pull to any of the characters. They all felt very dry and boring... I felt Lucas Tills character was absolutely pointless. He served zero purpose... I am sorry, I am getting bored and annoyed just trying to remember this film.

    Case and point, this film was horrible. Would not recommend it to anybody. Would not recommend it to get drunk to and laugh at. Would recommend it to torture inmates.
  • OK I was looking forward to this and I was just satisfied with the movie. It looked good had a dark look and tone but was very average throughout. The acting was quite wooden at times which maybe the script has to be blamed. A few good scares but not enough to warrant a cinema release.

    I wanted to see it as it's been getting slammed badly.

    It was not terrible but was not great either.

    Surprised That the name was what it was should have been called The Room.

    A not bad score but not enough to spend $13 on this.

    Should have gone VOD.
  • This is my first review here in years. This movie so bad I took the time to rejoin IMDb to get this thru and give it my 1star vote. Now understand, I love and lust for Kate Beckinsale like no other actress but htis movie was so infuriating I had to do this.

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS Garbage. I felt like I swallowed a smooth stone and chased it with scoop of loam.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    OK, be warned, this whole review is filled with spoilers! If you don't want to know what's happening, then please look away. I gave this move a 3 star because there were 2 moments that actually tugged at my heart strings and it occasionally gave me chills at the creepy parts. The first moment was when the son says to the mother, I would like to have a baby sister again, and the second was when the reveal of how their daughter passed away.. Genuinely sad. The rest of the movie is what give is a 3 out of 10. 1st... what the hell was the cat for and why was the Lucas talking to it? I mean if it was there to help, it wasn't doing a good job, and the one time it actually got off its but to help, it gets torn apart by the ghost dog! Ms. Judy in the library makes one attempt to call the Barrows with information (whatever it was) once, then she is never seen again! Why was Ben there? Was he the little girls brother and when he finally found her buried body and got hung by Judge Blacker disappeared to Dana because he was never there to begin with? He added nothing to the plot at all! The paintings behind the mirrors... I believe Mrs. Blackers face being washed out was symbolizing the fact that she had no say in the relationship whatsoever.. That I would accept.. But why would the paintings reappear after they were burned? Here's how it should of ended if you are a producer and you are reading this... First of all, when Dana is watching the Judge kill his daughter, it's a image from the past so her grabbing a hammer that wasn't there to begin with is ridiculous.. Yes the dog attacks her, but it's a ghost dog. There are no ghost hammers! OK, how it should of ended. Dana should of run to Lucas's room to see the Judge attacking her son. She then takes the little girls toys and jabs him in the neck a few times to see him writhing on the floor trying to stop the bleeding. Then David should of walked in and finally seen the Judge there to realize that Dana wasn't crazy this whole time. They gather their son and go to town to let everyone know how that little girl was killed. The ending shot (instead of them driving away from the house) should of been Dana at the now properly buried little girls grave and placing her little toy figures on her headstone. That's how it should of ended. Skip this flick if you don't want to be up at 10 in the evening writing a review!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I finished watching this two days ago, and already I'm having a hard time remembering chunks of it.

    The premise is decent. A house is haunted by a disabled girl who was kept secret from the world by her parents. The father (though not the mother) remains as a ghost as well, continuing his aggressive punishment for eternity. Or something like that.

    The new owners of the house start dealing with the hauntings and things get sort of weird... then the movie ends.

    So there are several problems with this. First, the only person who seems to have any haunting-related problems is the wife. The husband and son are just fine. I don't feel like there's any explanation for this, except to make the wife seem crazy. Second, there isn't much of a mystery to uncover. The primary mystery seems to be "what's the deal with this room." It isn't "what can I do to stop the haunting?" Third, the antagonist of the piece is the ghostly father. But there's no explanation for his general evil behavior. In a flashback scene, we get to see him kill his deformed daughter, but there's something off about this. He doesn't seem to be conflicted about it - he seems just straight-ahead evil. So why didn't he already kill her earlier?

    There is no personality established for the ghostly girl. In fact, we don't see the effects of her isolation, it's entirely stated in exposition. Why not make us care about her? Since we're supposed to care about the wife instead? Why is there a subplot with the contractor making passes at the wife?

    There's a nice ghost story buried under this, but it seems like there was a push to twist a moderately clever story into a dull, predictable, poorly thought-out one.
  • I like Kate Beckinsale's acting and when I knew this is a horror movie I was very curious about this movie. Horror movie is one of my favourite genre. So I was eagerly waiting for this movie. the trailer of this movie is not not so interesting but the casting of this movie was quite impressing. Director D.J. Caruso is a talented director and gave us some good thriller movie (Eagle Eye, Disturbia, Taking Lives). But he is not known for horror movie. I was curious how he handle this type storyline the output of his effort was very bad.

    the beginning of the story is very common and nothing new. But I was waiting for some good punch and twists. But after 20-25 minutes the jump scares started and the movie turned into a very illogical situation. the story is not new and not so convincing. There is nothing really good in this movie and the script was not imposing. Just some very cruel jump scares are the main tagline of this movie and the acting of the lead casts are nothing to shout about. I am not revealing the story but I am just telling you this is a very average and common story line.

    Direction of the movie is very poor and the pace of the movie is horribly slow. background score was not scary but sometimes bothering. The climax of this movie is very confusing and not convincing.

    If you have no choice other than this movie and want to scare with some overflowed jumpscares, this movie is for you.
  • Was drawn into seeing 'The Disappointments Room', with as said for many films seen recently a cool poster/cover, an intriguing if not exactly novel premise and as someone with a general appreciation for horror. That it was low-budget, which from frequent personal experience is rarely a good sign due to that there are so many poor ones out there, made me though apprehensive.

    'The Disappointments Room', simply put, turned out to be a terrible film and waste of potential with next to no redeeming values and so much done catastrophically wrong. One of the worst films seen in a while, which is saying a lot for somebody who on the most part has been encouraged by their film/television watching and has more often than that been quite generous. Decent idea, horrendous execution.

    Lets start with one positive. The scenery is atmospheric, if wasted by the schlocky way the film is shot and particularly edited.

    However, the story does feel over-stretched and some of it feels vague, under-explained in the last third where the film especially became duller, more predictable, more senseless and less scary. Too many characters are too sketchy and with nowhere near enough to make one want to endear to them. Their irritating and illogical decision making and behaviours frustrate. Making the film feel bland and forgettable with not enough heart put into it. The acting is also terrible, expected better from Kate Beckinsale whose performance is overwrought and anaemic, and the effects are ropy at best.

    Dialogue can be stilted and rambling while the pace is uneven, dragging in a lot of the first half, which goes on forever and fails to get going, and never is it exciting. Found too many the supposedly shocking moments not surprising or scary and the supposedly creepy atmosphere dreary, due to the excessive obviousness and the lack of tension and suspense. Too many elements are introduced, and then dropped, barely explored or don't go anywhere, sometimes even all three.

    A lot of the film completely fails to make sense, both in underdeveloped plot elements and often nonsensical and confusing character motivations. There is a real sense that a lot more scenes were filmed and then dropped which explains the choppiness and lack of coherence. The threat is poorly used and poses very little threat. The film completely peters out with one of the most abrupt climaxes/endings seen for any film in a while.

    Overall, terrible, disappointment is a very apt word to sum it up. 1/10 Bethany Cox
  • I'm not a big fan of horror films because I get nightmares easily, therefore I don't watch them often. But even I can see how unoriginal this movie was. Stereotypical tragic event in the family's past that is constantly alluded to but never fully explained until the end; big run down house in the middle of nowhere; overly happy father always upbeat and playful with the kid; mentally unstable protagonist whose illness is used solely as a way to have her scary experiences shrugged off, etc. There are a couple of jump scares that were so predictable. There were no other scary images or anything (personally I was thankful for that lol) And then there was really no plot, with an ending that didn't make much sense or leave you with a sense of satisfaction. I can see why this movie was pulled from theaters after just three weeks. This is something I would expect from a Lifetime movie - in fact I bet that's where you'll see this playing someday. I can't believe this is the same director as Disturbia. At least that movie got some reaction from me. The Disappointments Room is a colossal waste of time.
  • aharmas10 September 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    It looks right. The set of the haunted home conveys the feel of suspense and impending doom. Kate is very good in the role of increasingly mad mother. It all begins with very strong indications we might be witnessing the making of a classic, only to lose its way in the last third.

    Plenty of things point to something dark in both the past and the future of this family, even when they are moving to a new place, which couldn't be more different from their last home. She's a successful architect who is on a leave of absence and is determined to fix her new house. It's not clear what the husband does a for a living since he jokes about his new position and a housekeeper, but he's later accused by his wife about how unfair it is that he's working, and she is now relegated to a restricted situation.

    We learn she's undergoing some sort of therapy to deal with a family tragedy. The details are kept hidden until the end when things become more confusing than ever. When we see her dispose of her medication, we begin to suspect that the events she witnesses are figments of her imagination. Is the house haunted? Is there a vengeful spirit in there? We see a woman looking at old newspaper stories showing a dreadful event which occurred at the couple's home. She grows more unhinged as we see her visions of growling beasts, mysterious paintings hidden throughout the house, and a secret room in the attic.

    In the weak conclusion, we are not sure how the situation is resolved because it looks like there are two endings here. People appear and disappeared, people are murdered, animals are found dead. She sees an event which happened many years ago. How much of this is real? To make things worse, check the final scene.

    There was a strong premise here, but it fizzled.
  • Robbie K here, and I'm covering yet another horror movie to grace the summer season. My first film in this genre is a film that came out of left field entitled The Disappointment's Room. With little advertising and a title with the word disappointing in it, I can't say I had high hopes for this one. Yet, you never know what you are going to get from Hollywood. Let's get started.

    LIKES: • A plot that keeps you guessing • Decent acting • Short Run Time

    When it comes to a horror movie plot, you never know what creepy nightmare our team a writer is going to come up with. The Disappointment's Room is a psychological thriller about a small family moving to the stereotypical old manor home for a new start only to find something sinister within. In this case, it's a room, nothing more, nothing less. Sounds stereotypical right? Well it is, but the strength of this plot is that it keeps you guessing as to what is really happening to the family and who is the cause of all the trouble. This is accomplished by having one of the characters having a history of psychosis. It's difficult to fathom whether all the spooks are indeed spirits or nothing more than an episode of mental illness gone wrong, which kept me engaged in the plot to say the least. If this doesn't engage you and you still get roped into seeing it, fear not the run time is only 90 minutes.

    Of course it helps to have some decent acting to bring that madness to life, which is accomplished by the lead actress Kate Beckinsale. The woman certainly commits to her character, and the Underworld Star captures the psychological tension of mother struggling from depression and potentially schizophrenia. From the endless montages of low energy sulking to the intense bouts of yelling and crashing, Beckinsale displays all these emotions to the full level. Outside of that though, the rest of the cast plays their parts well, helping to drive the plot while giving Beckinsale something to act off of. Unfortunately due to limited roles…there isn't much past that.

    DISLIKES: • Limited Roles • Not scary • Unimpressive story • Unnecessary (quite confusing) violence

    As I just stated, the roles were certainly limited in this film. While I appreciate seeing mental illness portrayed well, I can't say it's the only character I want to see unless it is like A Beautiful Mind. Beckinsale's character annoyed me in the fact that she did nothing but scream and cry and I was hoping for more in the lead character. The supporting husband, the clichéd creepy son, and the potential new friend were much too simplistic for me, and did little to better the story for me. Again good portrayal of an outside support system, but without any further development…well can't give this component kudos. Speaking of limited characters, let's talk about the ghost of this movie. The Disappointments Room's specter could certainly have been developed more not only in creep factor but story as well. Without ruining anything, the proverbial Englishman only brings arrogance and a bad temper to the screen. Our writers tried to give him some edge in terms of intense scowling, but he lacks a backstory or even skills that you hope your malicious antagonist to have. In addition, there was little else in this movie that scared me, with the usual ploys, such as things rushing across the screen or a sudden blare in music, being executed poorly by our design team. The exception to this is a few moments where Beckinsale starts to fall deeper down the mental tunnel and a few creepy moments, but outside of that…it's kind of tame. Instead, our directors wanted to fill the time with pointless violence, mostly designed around harming animals and children. Part of this comes from the very shortsighted, and somewhat confusing, story that our team designed. Oh sure the madness keeps you guessing, but wouldn't it be nice to have a straightforward wrap up and fulfilling conclusion to all the craziness. Sorry folks, that doesn't really happen here. Yours truly could only shake his head as he bore witness to at least thirty minutes of anger fueled smashing and incidents that should have gotten a child services call. It certainly fits with the story and the main character, but this kind of stuff does not impress me one bit and became somewhat corny near the end. Sigh, such potential indeed only to be lost to the shock factor.


    Hopefully from my review you can see that The Disappointments Room certainly is lacking in the horror genre department. While it has a strong actress leading the bunch, a plot that keeps you guessing, and a little throwback into history, there is not much this movie has going for it. While Kate Beckinsale has saved the vampire the occult world many times, she could not save this film from being, dare I say it…a disappointment. Therefore, I can't promote this semi-boring film to be seen in theaters and would strongly encourage waiting until Netflix or cable picks up this option.

    My scores for this review are: Horror/Drama/Thriller: 5.5 Movie Overall: 4.5-5.0
  • I don't know who wrote this, I don't know what is wrong with them, I don't know why Kate Beckinsale is in it. I guess every actor takes a role they regret once in while, but holy crap this was stupid.

    Literally nothing happens for the first 30 minutes of the movie. We get to watch a very boring family move into a large house, then meet a really creepy lady who sells ice cream. Now, the lady isn't creepy because this is a horror movie or anything, it's just because Celia Weston is so strange looking that it is off-putting.

    Seriously. Stop casting this weirdo.

    So I just looked up the writers, because I need to know who is responsible for this. The culprits are D.J. Caruso and Wentworth Miller, both of whom need to be sent to bed without dinner and should lose their word processor privileges. Seriously, they need to not write anything longer than a text message ever again, because if this is the best they can do then, well, they are not writers. They did bad and they should feel bad.

    This movie seriously needs the Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What a bizarre movie 'The Disapointments Room' is. In fact it is so bizarre that I had to go and watch the trailer after seeing the film, because I couldn't imagine how they could possibly have marketed this. As I suspected, they portrayed it as basically pure horror. That isn't really the case however when you see the full length film. What is it then you might ask? I really don't know. I suspect they were going for a sort of a 'The Babadook' type thing where everything that happens is symbolic of something else (in this case depression). Now they were either too subtle with this concept, or they simply didn't know how to go about it properly. Hence, the finished product just ends up looking like a mess of a film that had no idea what it wanted to be.

    I notice the trailer states that this is "Based on actual events". I didn't see this show up in the beginning of the actual film, but it is possible I missed it. What's strange though is that I can't imagine what part of this could be based on actual events - or I suppose more to the point, which part of it couldn't. What I mean by that is nothing that happens is this film is both possible and incredible. The ghost side of things is obviously complete crap simply put there so that this could be called a horror movie, and the rest is just run of the mill story lines that have featured in movies thousands of times and happened in real life billions of times. 'True stories" are usually an expedition up Mount Everest that went wrong, or a ship that sunk on its maiden voyage. Just a a very odd claim that one.

    The film is riddled with negative elements. First of all, it's incredibly boring. There isn't even an opening scene of any note to kick things off and get the audience on the hook. There is one decent scare near the start, but not once after that did anything work in the least bit in terms of giving the viewers a fright or even creating any tension. Secondly, the amount of dream sequences and things shown that are not actually happening at all is bordering on ridiculous. Just time and time again, and you could even predict that this was the case while it was happening because it was so frequent. This is a real pet-peeve of mine, and this was one of the worst cases of it I've ever seen.

    When you have the word 'Disapointments' in your movie title you better make sure it is a high quality film, otherwise the critics are going to have a field day. Sadly, 'The Disappointments Room' didn't get the memo on that one. There's very little to like here. Certainly not one to rush out and see.
  • tin-B19 January 2019
    It was interesting to learn that there really were such things as disappointments rooms, not just "oh, put him in the back room while company is here" but real rooms for this purpose. Other than that, the movie was so-so, not very gripping or fascinating but okay for a midday mild entertainment watching the snow come down and crunching popcorn. Don't expect more. Also, the mother speaks in sexy whispers throughout the whole movie turn on your closed captioning. Some actresses think it's more important to sound sexy than to be the role they are playing, lol.
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