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  • Not the worst but not very good. Decent with an interesting aspect or two. I liked the two main actors, but the rest of the cast wasn't very good. Low budget by far. Good for some time waste.
  • ant36au9 December 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    I've seen worse movies and even worse actors but these are right in there amongst them all.This a true stinker from start to finish,what bothers me the most is that it could have been good,if it had better actors,better cinematography and a better script.The only standout was the main character of Mattie (Mandi Christine Kerr)but I suspect I may have been swayed by her pretty face and smile,one character drove me mad to the point that if I met her in real life I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to get past how much she annoyed me(Christina Pykles)who plays the endlessly irritating skeptic and perpetual bitch Kylie.The timeline fails to fit the story and even the dialogue fails to fit what you hear and see on screen.The best part of this movie is the song the band does at the pool party.Avoid this sad effort at all costs and go watch bugs and daffy instead,at least they are entertaining.
  • roxyroxie29 December 2020
    This has got to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen on Prime. The plot made no sense and the acting was as dry as watching paint. The special effects - I don't know where to start without ruining the movie but they are terrible. This was a complete waste of time
  • nogodnomasters1 December 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    The back story is a woman was raped and killed at a home and had three toes cut off which is why her name is 7 toe Maggie. Ghost hunters investigate the house along with young Mattie (Mandi Christine Kerr) in a small Georgia town.

    The acting was poor, especially Oscar (Sammy Harley) in the opening scene and hopefully Sam will keep his day job. The sound was uneven between camera switches and the camera man couldn't properly frame a scene, frequently cutting off heads, typically at eye level. The pop-eyed fellow was wasted. He could have been creepier. The girls in bikinis were hot. Not worth the DVD rental cost.

    The DVD includes out takes, deleted scenes, and director commentary.
  • tmccull5222 October 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    A band of paranormal investigators goes to check out a haunted house out in the middle of nowhere. They set up camp in the house, and the next morning, our merry band goes out to get breakfast, leaving one of the crew behind, as she's sleeping in late. Sleeping Beauty wakes up to find the others gone, and she begins reviewing photographs that the group took the day before. She sees something of interest, and phones the others.

    The others leave the restaurant and go back to the haunted house, and Sleeping Beauty is gone without a trace. No one can find her, and all of her belongings are still there. The group's reaction? "Oh, she just went off somewhere to be alone."

    Went off somewhere to be alone? She was already alone; the group had left her behind when they went into town for breakfast. She was already as alone as alone can be. She calls the group to come back to the house, specifically because she urgently wants to show them something... and they conclude that she just went off to be alone instead of being there, waiting to show them the things that she had told them about.

    The entire day goes by without a trace of Sleeping Beauty, and no one seems to be too concerned. One of the group goes to take a hot bath... in the haunted house... where one member of the group had already disappeared without a trace. Unfortunately, this kind of sheer idiocy has become all too common in horror movies these days.

    This movie is just stupid piled upon stupid. The acting is terrible. The story and script are imbecilic, and the actions of the characters are beyond inane. Everyone acts like they've booked a suite of rooms at the local Ramada Inn, instead of being in a haunted house.

    Do yourself a favor, watch something else... anything else. Watch grass grow. Watch your dog take a dump on the grass as it grows. Watch paint dry. Watch a cut scab over. Any or all of those things would be preferable to watching this movie. It's very much like the film makers watched a bunch of horror movies, and then said, "Hey! Let's do that! And that! And that and that and that!". There is absolutely nothing original about this movie; it just checks some boxes, and doesn't even do that very well.
  • africe11 November 2019
    This was truly the worst movie I've ever seen. If there were awards for worst ever this movie is it. I hope these actors have day jobs. They need to leave show biz and maybe even the working world. Terrible is too light a description for this crapfest. Avoid at all cost