The six friends who plan the bank robbery (Benny-Big Time, Erik, Derek, Jamie, K.C. and Kyle) were named after Maguire's six close friends from his younger years. The only bank teller seen (Yvonne) who is also pregnant, is named after Maguire's mother. The other two bank tellers (Annette and Maryann) mentioned in the movie were named after Maguire's aunts.

Maguire worked for years as a movie extra in Los Angeles. He said it would be fitting to cast himself as the bank's security guard in the movie, which was a glorified extra role with no lines of dialogue.

The movie took only eleven days to shoot, but was spread out over a six month period because of scheduling conflicts.

Because K.C. was in charge of disguises, the number on the back of BBT's sports jersey at the end of the movie is the number of women K.C. has slept with.

Maguire and Scalco tried to attach name talent to the project in the beginning stages. They contacted the manager of David Faustino to play the role of "Derek" and a good friend of Matthew Lillard for "K.C.'s" part, but were said to be embarrassed when they had no real money to offer the stars. When Scott Bailey showed interest in playing "Kyle" for next to nothing, Maguire offered him a promise of winning some type of trophy. Bailey would go on to win a Best Supporting Actor Award at the 2012 Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, his first accolade since working in the industry.

The red VW in the movie is owned by Maguire. It is the car he brought out cross-country from Massachusetts when he moved to California in 1999.

To save money, most of the character's houses/apartments used in "Bank Roll" were the actor's actual residence.

World Premiere was at Quentin Tarantino's movie theatre, The New Beverly Cinema, where Bank Roll won three awards during the 2012 Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival. This is also where the movie picked up distribution when the director of acquisitions from Cinema Epoch accidentally walked into the theatre and caught the last ten minutes.

Nobody auditioned for their part. Three actors (Anthony Hansen, Emilio Rossal and Azmyth Kaminski) were cast from head shots and demo reels. Johnny Scalco knew Josh Roman from college. Scott Bailey answered an ad from Craigslist. Before they started production, a "fake" trailer was shot with no dialogue to see if everyone got along.