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  • Warning: Spoilers
    They have completely jumped the shark with this season. It's like the writers decided to shit the season out in 1 day while hungover. So many interesting characters that have now dropped off the face of the planet and I'm surprised no one has noticed (Meadow? Maureen?). Not to mention characters that the writers seemed quite invested in the last couple of seasons barely make an appearance, like Lolly who I personally was hoping to see a lot more of this season. And what happened to Ruby Rose? We did see her in max trying to push drugs on Nickles and after all the hype surrounding her appearance I'm left wondering what is going on?

    Season 6 aired more on the side of a bad sitcom imitation instead of a serious drama (Nickles being the only decent humor throughout). I was expecting dark humor and instead got childish pranks and equally childish newcomers to the season.

    Humor has been present throughout all the seasons, but those seasons maintained their strong characters who are now going through turmoil and have been replaced with new characters that the audience has no connection with. And how could we, when it seems that newly introduced alpha-females end up dead or severely injured (think V in season 2). Will Carol and Barb be returning for season 7? Whether they survive or not won't make a difference to the decline of the plot. It seems to be the same power play story line with different characters. They are definitely running out of ideas and I will not be hanging off the edge of my seat waiting for season 7.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was a fan of this show when it started and into the second season. I just finished the third season and I can not believe it is getting such high reviews. I am not sure what happened in this season. I feel like the writers phoned this in. There was no story, just focus on each prisoner's little stories that made a huge effort for watchers to believe that the system is the real criminal and that the prisoners are all just victims. The show isn't even about Piper anymore, her storyline was so weak and boring. The relationship with her and Alex was dull. I couldn't wait for their scenes to end. The only potential storyline was what was going to happen to Alex and they just squeezed in a stupid ending that I guess was supposed to be a cliffhanger.

    I am not real sure what this show is about anymore. At the end of episodes in the first two seasons you wanted to watch the next one to see what was going to happen next but not this time. NOTHING HAPPENED! There is no main character, I could really just care less about anything going on. It was painful to watch every episode. The only thing that kept me going was the possibility that the new girl Piper is working with was going to kill Alex. Sounds morbid I know but it would have at least been an interesting twist. Instead we got a super random and weird wedding, and hard to watch prisoner inmate relationships.
  • This show is a seriously funny drama.

    If you like 'Weeds', 'Breaking Bad' or prefer your humour on the darker side, then give it a go... you will not be disappointed.

    Very few people create characters like Jenji Kohan... and it is the characters that make this show. Like 'Weeds', 'Orange' is fresh and original, and like 'Weeds' the lead character is tragically flawed and hilariously funny.

    Well done to Netflix on their latest production... 'Hemlock Grove' is just weird, 'House of Cards' was hit and miss... but it looks like the third time is a charm. Bravo.

    (FYI: humour is how we Brits spell humor). :-)
  • It brings back memories of Weeds. You know in its glory days. The first few seasons before it went off the rails. That's what "Orange Is the New Black" is like. Equal parts funny and sad. A mix of true pathos and yet true honesty and beauty coming from the strangest places. Be warned however there is plenty of lesbian sex and if the "F" word makes your ears bleed it is probably a good idea to turn back now...This isn't OZ but this also isn't Disney. This is a true winner from Netflix and tells an interesting story not only from the main character's perspective but from the other inmates as well. It would have been boring to see things from just her point of view. Like Nancy Botwin on Weeds, sometime Piper Chapman is portrayed in not so good a light because she can be the villain in someone else's story.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    is it because of the occasional lesbian sex shown in a very coy way ? or is it the odd flashing of a stray breast ?

    This is not Oz in a woman's prison. This is a watered down prison soap for people that want to pat themselves on the back for watching something where the word cwnt is mentioned occasionally and could been seen as 'close to the edge'.

    The characterisation and acting is actually fairly good and the lead character is likable.

    The problem is the saturated fat instead of substance. The fact that you have to disengage brain too often to watch it. The proposition that virtually all prison inmates are mentally challenged but only one is mentally ill and where the racial stereotypes are laughable.

    The black population are a cross between whores and comic children's toys where the black doll has floppy hair and does high fives repeatedly. Their speech and patois is a racial parody for American white middle class to look down on. There isn't one black person with a brain or a motivation apart from deep fried chicken and an impulse to dance at the drop of a hat.

    A good example being the storyline of the mobile phone hidden in a wall. It's being used for entertaining an inmates boyfriend by her sending him 'shocking' pictures of her punani. Just one minor problem... how does she charge it ?

    so it's not Oz, it's not close to Oz more's the pity.
  • It's really sad to see a good show go this way. It has now turned into a b grade sitcom with bad acting.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am chiming in about this show because I am surprised at how positive the reviews are trending for it. After reading positive buzz over the past several months, I have finally had the opportunity to watch Orange is the New Black. And I am very, very unimpressed.

    Now, as a disclaimer, I've only watched the first couple of episodes. So I cannot comment on the rest of the first season. But from what I did see, my observations are as follows:

    The Good - The premise is undeniably compelling, even if it is for salacious reasons. The title is cool and clever. Laura Prepon. A different role for Kate "Captain Janeway" Mulgrew. It's cool to support Netflix's pioneering spirit.

    The Bad - The writing. The lead character and her fiancé. (Those are two HUGE negatives, though.)

    I was expecting an intelligent drama. Maybe my expectations were off, or unreasonable. Is this show a black comedy? It seems like it at times, but the "humor" is very lowest-common denominator, often employing very cheap-feeling shock value. Others have suggested that this show gets away from clichés...I don't know, maybe in some isolated cases, but on the whole it strikes me as extremely clichéd.

    The lead character is utterly unconvincing, annoying, and uninteresting to me. In the bad sort of way, the not-worth-watching another episode sort of way. Perhaps I am being too hasty in my judgment? Overall, I can see why this show draws viewers. It is compulsively watchable in a certain way. But not the way that deserves high quality ratings, in my opinion.

    I approached Orange is the New Black with an open mind, by the way. I simply feel that it is not very good. Certainly not to be compared with the best shows around. Are we watching the same show here? I applaud Netflix for the effort, but would suggest that there is huge room for improvement, based on what I have seen.
  • Netflix bats it out of the ballpark again with another original, intelligent comedy from the Jenji Kohan, the incredible writer who brought us Weeds! I was hooked from the moment it opened. I wasn't familiar with Taylor Schilling, but I am now a big fan. She's totally charming as the lead and there's a lot of heat between her and fiancé, Jason Biggs. The inmates are a crackup. It's inspiring to see a bunch of women who aren't the same clichés we've seen over and over again. In Orange is the New Black, Kohan pushes the boundaries in the same way she did with Weeds. She somehow manages to make her female leads into adorable victims of circumstance, even if they are criminals. I enjoyed Weeds to the very end. Can't wait to see how this series unfolds!
  • Jenji Cohan does it again. This show covers the life of an innocent minded girl going through the troubles of fitting in to one of the worst places to be, prison. Throughout her sentence she learns the do's and don't's. she finds living her suburban lifestyle wont work. just like our favorite drug dealing mom, Nancy Botwin, she learns quickly and not always efficiently. It does a great job of entertaining through laughs and a few cries. Great casting and writing. If you enjoyed weeds then I highly recommend watching this. The best (or worst) part is that you can watch all 13 episodes whenever you want if you're subscribed to Netflix instant. I can almost guarantee you will fall in love with piper Chapman. You will laugh and cry with her as she tries to make it through her sentence.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'll be brief and to the point.

    Like many, I anticipated the third season with hope to be entertained and to see characters develop through great story accompanied by great acting. I saw none of this. Season two frustrated me for five episodes before an actual story emerged. Season three, not only didn't bring a story, characters wandered aimlessly for thirteen painful-to-watch episodes before finally drowning in a lake.

    I'm not sure what Jenji Kohan and the writers were thinking when constructing the season. You have a main character in Piper and the best you can do is make her the king pin of a... used pantie business? Seriously? And what was the point of Alex Vauss? What was the point of most of the characters. We all know why Poussay got another season but I'll leave off-camera b.s. alone. THERE ARE TOO MANY CHARACTERS ON THIS SHOW, most of them useless and not contributing an ounce to the story. I said last season that you could cut the cast in half and still have the same outcome. The writing is as poor as it gets. The back stories of EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER was so awkward, most had hardly anything to do with, well, anything.

    So much for being brief. Suffice it to say, since watching this garbage that people seem to rate highly (Obviously those people haven't watched the masterpiece WENTWORTH), I've completely shut myself off from watching Season 4, hopefully the last season. Thirteen hours of my time this season can't be reimbursed by Netflix and I'm not about to invest any more.
  • Season 5 is the perfect example of when the show needs to be over. First 2 seasons were amazing, then we saw a gradual decline in good storytelling. And season 5 has no common thread, all the old characters are not even given a chance to shine. The show seems very disconnected, too many ideas never form into anything interesting. Please let it be the last season because it's borderline embarrassing. Pass the word to American Horror Story, and the new Twin Peaks.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So I had heard about this show and wanted to find out for myself what all the fuss was about. So I decided to watch one episode just to see what all the hype was about. I started watching the pilot episode of season exactly 1 a week ago and I have watched nothing else but Orange is the New Black. I have literally been binge watching ever since.

    Let me just start by saying, I found the first two seasons, compelling, and I was fascinated from beginning to end of each episode completely drawn into the story. The character development was so fantastic. The setting felt realistic and the story was gritty. You didn't know what was going to happen next but you knew it was going to be high drama. Guaranteed. I felt for the main character and I cared about what happened to her. I was on the edge of my seat and couldn't wait to see what happens in the next episode.

    Then season three started and I felt like somebody let the air out of my sails. It was like the whole series shifted from the great drama that it was to a mid day soap opera. What started out as probably one of the greatest series ever to grace the small screen, turned into a boring, weekly, snoozefest.

    For one I hate the direction that the writers have suddenly taken the series in particularly with the main character Piper chapman. She started out as likable and I felt for her and what her life had become. However she has quickly turned into someone who I not only no longer like but I no longer give a damn about what happens to her. In fact they could write her out of the series entirely and I would be fine with it.

    I don't blame that on her but moreso on the writers. Seasons 1 and 2 was really emmy worthy material. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a watch. However im 5 episodes into season 3 and Im doing everything I can to stay interested in whats going on. To me its apparent that the writers have run out of ideas and are just phoning it in and riding their success from the previous two seasons. So for me season 3 ruined what started out as a great series!! P.S. Season 3 is so bad, I think bringing back Mendez would be an upgrade. lol
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The one star is for some of the characters in this, it is no doubt full of talented actors and actresses but I find a lot of the sex, nudity in this series is put in there deliberately for shock factor and it overtakes from any substantial story line. Unlike Breaking Bad, this is not a dark comedy that is effective in combining profound serious issues with humour. It fails at this remarkably in my opinion. I have watched other incredible films that revolve or have a central focal point around homosexuality - like Brokeback Mountain and Monster - these films do not come across as trying too hard to be eclectic because there's a holistic component to the entire story and its depth. They simply just tell the story and the story stands for itself. I guess what I mean is that it is pretty obvious to a viewer when nudity and sex scenes (be they same sex or not) are trying too hard to be shocking or eclectic to increase viewer ship and it gets in the way of the story. It's just trying to be too funny, too different and too deliberate with trying to appeal to men's girl on girl fantasies that the story loses substance.
  • Well the concept of women prison is something new and I started watching it with blank mind. Start is all in all mildly interesting but as the story progresses there is not much to expect. The leading character, Taylor faces multiple dilemmas, most interesting of which is about her sexual orientation. She used to be gay in past but she has a boyfriend now..and then she bumps into her old girlfriend in that is the most exciting part. But wait there is mild comedy too..she comes across a stalker whose weird acting is to be appreciated the most. The entire season is full of small time accidents and fuss that Taylor comes across. Orange is the new black is not a thriller as a prison based series should be but its close to chick flick. It covers every theme partly so, it is no more than a regular time pass daily soap.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    You don't feel in Prison anymore, Its feels like a High school.

    Season 3, begins with meaningless episodes, empty characters, empty scripts that lead nowhere, performances like drama class when I was in high school like (@KimikoGlenn).

    It is obvious that writers were out of ideas; No more fresh, innovative and captive, since most of the dialogs bored me to death and force you to overtake, just as there are nonsense characters only place to fill up and consume time as Kimiko Glenn, known as So So (KimikoGlenn), doing a annoying performances, senseless and full of bad performances, yesterday tweet to Kimiko to let her know what i thought about her character, the woman can not deal with criticisms and blocked me, this is what happens when studios hire mediocre actors, who can not give and express feelings on camera.

    DO Not waste your time watching this series, not have any sense and not leads to anything, it is too tedious, vexatious and meaningless ...

    The hook is selling sex with lesbians, but really boring topics are repetitive and vexatious. I do not want to put spoilers, so you judge by yourself, but it's actually the worst series that I've ever see. the first 2 seasons were entertaining, but it exceeds the limits of boredom, no issues, no good performances and episodes no sense to each other.

    Orange Is The New Black has just signed their death penalty, the audience will stop watching and writes and directors can't do anything to save it.

  • harsshhsatishshah21 August 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    I have no clue who all liked this series. Its slow, boring, badly written, poor performances by mostly all characters. There are many good TV shows out there, this is definitely 1/10 rating I could not watch past 7 episodes of season 1 That too, I was forcing myself. It does not flow well and it tests your patience. I feel all those who have given it a thumbs up are not exposed to better cinema Its time people come up with honest ratings and reviews. Gosh, I hope the producers realize their mistake and don't make season 2 the choice of characters is bad, the plot is boring unlike other series where u cant wait to watch the next episode, this one bores the living guts out of you in an episode. Please please stop this torture
  • rjkeenan16 July 2013
    Outside of "Breaking Bad", "Game of Thrones", and "Walking Dead", this is the best show right now. What great character development. Jenji Kohan got it right this time. Kohan's other project, "Weeds", started out a really good show for the first two seasons, then just started to feel forced and ridiculous- you also kept losing empathy for the protagonist. The protagonist on this show has much more promise, and all of the characters are mysterious but round in their development. The flashbacks provide a much broader understanding of their history and what drives them, similar to "Lost", which mostly proved effective.

    There is a lot of humor provided in Kohan's new series, but the humor is more based in reality, as opposed to the unbelievable goofiness that eventually ensued on "Weeds". I applaud Schilling and Mulgrew for their amazing work on this show, and Jason Biggs provides the adequate amount of comic relief just when it's needed most. The only criticism of the show would be Laura Prepon. Like in everything she does, she falls completely flat and doesn't add any real tension to the show, which is the only point of her character- that was a complete miscast. Aside from that, this is a close to perfect dramedy.

    Netflix is really starting to step it up and give the big paid cable networks a run for the their money. Good- HBO and Showtime need to get with the times and create stand-alone programming outside of cable providers- they deserve to lose customers for that and Netflix is starting to pave the way with shows like "Orange is the New Black" and "House of Cards".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Season 1 was a refreshing experience. An innocent educated woman sentenced to jail makes up for a great story to tell. The plot is centered around Piper's troubles and tribulations in dealing with her new life as an inmate, it made me curious enough to watch the whole season, and I liked it. Season 1 turned out to be very successful, the dramatic/comic entertainment value was undeniable.

    Season 2.

    Eager to cash in in their success, the producers must have felt the need to extend the life of the series. Their approach is to develop circumstantial characters as part of the main plot. Risky business!

    So, we are no longer following Piper, but a bunch of other uninteresting characters that completely change the entertaining tempo of season 1. The intent is to slow down the show in order to cash in their success. The problem is that they have transformed an interesting story into an inmates soap opera. They attempt to provide continuity by maintaining a similar comical approach to rough situations, and by the already established sexual tensions, mainly on the lesbian side.

    I watched season 1 in 2 days, but I can't watch back to back season 2 episodes, I have lost a lot of interest as I feel manipulated by a degrading plot that no longer appeals to me at any level. I am half way into season 2, and I doubt that I will finish it.
  • I think they should have ended this in 4th season. They just kept stretching with here and their stories. The only thing that kept me going is just to see if the system gets what it deserved and i just finished the 5th and 6th season in like 2-3 hr. Ya I watched it by fast forward because most of the scenes were unnecessary in my opinion.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched every episode of seasons 1 to 4 of OITNB during a bit of a marathon box set run last year. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was really looking forward to season 5 - but what a disappointment! I watched up to episode 4 last night and that's it for me I'm afraid! The season begins with a prison riot and by episode 4 it's still going on with no hint of authorities taking any action! There is no story line - just a mish mash of barely connected 'happenings' that are so ridiculous that they are not even funny (the 'hand in the pocket gun', the half naked guards in captivity, the talent show, 'Red' acting like a 5 year old on a sugar high and absolutely no screen time for Piper and Alex). The only light on the horizon was Uzo Aduba as Crazy Eyes - she was outstanding as always. Sorry folks, but I think this has run it's course.
  • I watched all 13 episodes already...and the show launched less than 2 days ago. Yes it's THAT good! I was already interested in "Orange", as I assume most of you were, because of the magic Jenji Kohan has given us before...but this gem blew my expectations away! The way he lets the characters develop without feeling forced will make you care about these inmates and C.O.'s, and you won't even realize it until you try to take a break from watching. Fans of his work in "Weeds" will instantly feel at home with his direction style and camera work. The humor he writes into this series will bring back fond memories of The Botwins without feeling stale in the slightest. Much like the classic prison drama "OZ", this incredible cast holds it down in a small prison setting with ease. You will see names you know, but the ones you don't will steal the scene. The way Kohan weaves in flashbacks of how the inmates got there flow seamlessly in with the prison scenes. I was glued to the screen through all 13 episodes and already I'm excited for season 2.

    This is an instant hit, don't pass it up!
  • Tell me this series isn't "jumping the shark" already! BORING!!! I loved the first 2 seasons, but I'm forcing myself to finish season 3. Did the writers give up? Main characters are gone, plot lines are non-existent and stupid! What happened and who said wow this season 3 is good stuff? It's like a 15 year old kid wrote this season. This season was pushed out without any heart behind it! A COMPLETE Disappointment!!! Writers re-watch season 1-2 and learn from your mistakes! What a waste of a season! You better hope it doesn't get canceled because of this pile of dung! All these great actors and actress and this is all you can come up with! Panty sniffing business and a dirty book by Crazy Eyes! Lame! There is nothing compelling about any of these story lines! Get a handle on this for season 4! You owe the fans big time!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I heard so many good things about Orange is the New Black and the plot made it seem like it would be interesting so i decided to give it a try....I can now say i have officially wasted hours of my life watching one of the most uneventful, overrated, unrealistic and just plain boring shows on television

    Orange is the New Black is a completely unrealistic portrayal of a woman's prison and the drama's that go on inside it. First of all, it paints prison like somewhat of a sorority, there are no gangs/factions, an extremely low level of illegal activity, very soft violence (if any) and all of the inmates seem to be each other's best friends. I also don't appreciate the fact that every inmate seems to be in prison for a reason that is not of her own wrongdoing, like ALL of them are victims of the justice system and have been hard-done by in their life.

    I literally watched episode after episode where NOTHING happened, there is an episode at the beginning of the show, centered around the main character Paige, imagining she is seeing a chicken....i was honestly waiting for some kind of amazing cliffhanger or plot twist in this episode....but the entire episode was about a chicken

    I have never been a fan of long, overly drawn out weak character progressions, and that's exactly what tho show is. It has a bleak and unrealistic storyline, characters who are so predictable and incredibly dull that they are honestly hard to distinguish from each other, and absolutely NO significant plot twists, cliff-hangers or interesting story lines....

    If you want to watch a boring, over-hyped, lesbian sorority then watch this show.....if you want something WAY better...then watch Orphan Black
  • The first two seasons were actually loosely based on the book. It was fun and I enjoyed every minute of it. Season 3 and 4 got worse with terrible writing, nonsensical plots. Season 5 is the worst. Each episode feels as if it is 3 hours long, so dreadfully boring. All of it is filled with SJW, leftist, anti-white propaganda which completely sucks out any creativity, Face it, certain people like George Soros, and leftist groups are paying for these insipid, crappy shows to be made. I guess if you like Jimmy Kimmel, and CNN, you might like season 5. I am completely done with this horrid show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Orange is the New Black is being released on Netflix. I am providing my review after watching the first four episodes.

    Because most of the show takes place inside a women's prison, this show features an huge female cast, and it's a wonderful cast. Taylor Schilling plays the lead, Piper Chapman, who has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for her part in drug smuggling ten years earlier. Taylor also played the iconic role of Dagny Taggart in Atlas Shrugged. Laura Prepon (That Seventies Show) plays Alex, Piper's ex-girlfriend. Kate Mullgrew plays Red, a Russian émigré who runs the prison kitchen. Natasha Lyonne plays Nicky a savvy girl who gets some of the best lines. Yael Stone, who plays Lorna, is a striking presence on screen. There are so many strong actresses in this production that I can't list them all.

    Jason Biggs plays Piper's fiancé who must wait for her release to restart their life together.

    Orange is the New Black is a drama with strong comedic undertones. The New York prison where the women are incarcerated has an atmosphere that might best be described as sterile, scary and corrupt. As the women deal with the inhumanities of prison life, some seek small daily pleasures, a few hold onto their hopes for a better life after prison, and some are hopeless victims of the institution. Most of the latter were victims in the outside world as well.

    As the women are introduced to us, there are flashbacks detailing their histories and the circumstances that sent them to prison. Their stories are humanizing. The prison employees also live within the prison culture where rules are paramount. They too are imprisoned during their work hours and must learn to cope with an insensitive environment that is also political.

    Piper has to learn the rules and the other harsh realities from the first moment she enters Litchfield Prison. Then she has to learn how to cope, making mistakes along the way. Before she was confined, she lived a life at the top of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs; in prison, the most basic needs cannot be taken for granted. Even the hugs are rationed during visits with family and friends.

    As you watch, I think you will find that your heart hurts for these women. There are so many themes available to the writers, but central is the fleeting nature of hope.

    Can love flourish in prison? I think we will find out.

    I rate this show 9/10.
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