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  • This is a comedy about a young man who finds comfort (after a catastrophic event at his wedding) in the company of 3, more experienced in life, men. They take him under their wings and they are trying to teach him some bitter truths about women, marriages and relationships.

    The situations in the series are over-the-top but they work well enough. Missing the usual laughing track and shot mostly outdoors helps too. It would be terrible if they shot it in a studio with fake laughs.

    Tony Shalhoub plays a very not-Monk character who chases young women. Jerry O'Connell plays a doctor and has the more energetic personality and Kal Penn plays the romantic who also has a kid.

    The 1/2 man is played by Christopher Nicholas Smith, who is also the narrator, and we see things in his perspective basically, but the whole atmosphere also works like as the audience is part of the group and listens to all that ...concentrate wisdom the guys have to offer!

    In the end the show is OK. Not great, not boring either. If you have the time, give it a chance...
  • Four divorced guys live in swinging singles apartment complex. It's a ridiculous show with a stupid premise. These guy are middle age divorces who are partying with hot young chicks everyday. I guess that's LA for you. Are they filthy rich? If they were, they wouldn't be living in an apartment complex.

    Christopher Nicholas Smith is the young naive newbie. He's weak acting-wise. Then we have Kal Penn and Tony Shalhoub. I don't know what the heck these guys are doing here. At least Jerry O'Connell is trying to do something. He's playing the stupid douche.

    This is just not funny. The chemistry is horrible. There is no bromance going on here. I think that's the minimum requirement for this show. I was willing to give this a chance because of the actors. But it never landed one single joke.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show is funny. The entire cast had great chemistry. I know that this is a pilot episode but it made me want to see future episodes. Tony Shalhoub is hilarious just as he has been on other programs. This show reminds me of other great sitcoms that I watched in my teens. This has themes that are more for teens and adults, and the writing is an A. My favorite part of the show was "let's run!" If you watch the pilot episode you will know what I'm talking about. The cinematography was cool. And I like the way the characters relate to one another. Whoever wrote the pilot episode for this show knew what he or she was doing. If the cast and writing stay the same= CBS has a winner!
  • nickorbe30 September 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show is sad. It is an attempt at a TV Comedy but, it feels more like a really bad, really short movie. At the end of the pilot episode, it seems like all of the loose ends get tied up. Now, what's important for a TV show? Well, having a reason to watch the next episode which this one doesn't do. I would not suggest this program unless you want to watch one episode, get a little confused and then have no reason to continue the series. At the end of the first episode, after getting his fiancé back, Carter (portrayed by Chris Smith) decides to leave her at the altar and stay with the guys. The "guys" are a sad group of people who's wife or girlfriend left them for some reason, played by Kal Penn, Jerry O'Connell, and Tony Shalhoub. In all honesty, I don't see myself ever attempting to see this show when it airs on CBS and I don't see it lasting more than 3 seasons.
  • That Jerry O'Connell gets work on a soon-to-fail series each and every season validates the American viewing public's taste and the notion that casting directors have no idea what they are doing. O'Connell is neither funny nor engaging - ever. He serves as a reason for hope among others who seek work in television without any discernible talent or ability to amuse.

    Shaloub and Penn are very capable comedic actors, but the show wastes their talents.

    Not sure what goes on in the offices of network executives who review shows. It's shouldn't be this hard to tell funny from unfunny. They should count the number of times the show prompts laughter. I doubt this mess elicited any, and O'Connell is the Mario Mendoza of comic actors (that's a baseball reference). Mendoza couldn't hit and O'Connell can't funny.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Awesome cast, really funny. I do find that it's new, and as many new shows they need a little more than a few episodes to bloom.

    I think people will have a hard time relating to Shaloub because they are still caught up on Monk, this is the Shaloub from Stark Raving Mad, a force of screen controlling power.

    Besides that, the show is new, fresh and exciting. 4 divorced men living the life, and suffering through it. Broken, like Felix Unger and Oscar Madison before them, they will Survive.

    Recently, I found out there are plans to discontinue this show, that is yet another mistake. I feel the advertising on this are misleading the show, and as for the people that didn't like this, I think they need to give it more time.
  • codydudes230 September 2013
    I hope this show keeps going on for a while I saw the preview it looks funny and it's some things I'll do in real life so I'll keep watching until it goes off and that will be for 18 years look at two and a half men it was awesome 'til Ashton came on so please actors don't none of y'all leave please I want to see what happens too all of them in the future seasons hey who knows this might surprise y'all think of it might be a awesome series too come in I'm running out of ideas to say yeah but still people please give We Are Men a shot in seasons too come please it might surprise you like Two And Half Men so yeah all I'm trying too say is just try and give this show a shot I know this is getting annoying what I'm saying about this but man this is epic I just want to lift a car and stuff