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Quotes (6)

Shiv Gajra: There is no hope to be found, there is no resolution to be sought... death is destined to come one day, but why can't I sleep all night... earlier I was able to laugh at the predicament of my heart, but now I am unable to laugh at anything

Devi Lal Singh: One who becomes my enemy... God may forgive them, but I don't

Devi Lal Singh: From today even if you look at my friend... then your blood will flow in the Yamuna river... and not water

Devi Lal Singh: You chasing the devil and devil is chasing you... Too much fun.

Shiv Gajra: Let's checkout that who is that devil greater than me!

Himanshu Tyagi: There are a lot of medals on my uniform... but just one stain