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  • This is the worst movie I have seen of Salman Khan. It was intolerably stupid and a pain to watch. I had not expected too much from this Bollywood movie but this one crossed all the limits. I wanted to walk out of the theater in the first ten minutes itself, but somehow sat in for the whole movie. The movie starts with an absurd fighting sequence that is stretched beyond any reason. The movie is too cheesy and Salman Khan looks like a dimwit for even agreeing to act in this movie. No character, no substance and a total waste of time! The whole story revolves around Salman Khan like any of his new movies, and tries hard to project him as a larger than life figure with cheap antics.
  • Seriously, complete time wastage. No story + no realistic comedy + stupid action scenes(except the one with train shown in trailer). Horrible acting by Salman and I've no idea why Jacqueline was casted? She can't even speak Hindi words properly. Randeep Hooda as usual was excellent. Nawazuddin Siddique was average. Mithun Sir was OK. Please don't waste your precious money on this. It was wise move to release this movie on EID otherwise it would've been a big FLOP. I don't know how this garbage made it to 100 crore? This movie don't deserve 100 rupees. To all the directors : Want to make a 100 crore movie? Write a story while sitting in toilet and cast SALMAN KHAN as a lead. That's it :)
  • waste of time , money and emotions.

    Saw this movie on eid day for some entertainment but was really upset to find it irritating.

    Stupid plots and boresome acting with no interconnection . CGI was childish not acceptable at such a stage where films like AVATAR can blow your mind.

    Avoid at any cost if you want to feel normal .

    salman khan has a legacy and he should not be throwing it with films like kick he Can deliver better and should be doing films with better story lines.last film i remember was Tere naam.
  • I have not watched the Telugu version.

    But if you were to ask me what is the most annoying thing about its remake, then I would say this peculiar background jingle "Kickya Kickaaaa..." that plays every time the lead character tries to be over- smart or punches a dialog on to our face.

    Salman Khan supposedly plays a superhero with a Godly name Devi because even after sitting through the 140-minute torture, I couldn't fathom his actual role. Narrowing it down, he is the good Devi Singh for the world and his girlfriend (Fernandez), but is also the evil Devil for his enemies. But at the end, everything mixes up and you wonder if it was the most outrageous Samaritanship you have seen on-screen. He can teleport, fly, dance, break-dance, smirk, jump from bridges/skyscrapers, ride a weird vehicle, save women from being molested, pay up hapless children's hospital fees, et cetera..

    The film is basically about how Devi Singh takes on the original evil guys (Siddiqui, Sharma) with a mask that looks like Krrish has put on weight. This you will see if you are brave enough to control your patience after 30 minutes into the film. Khan uses slapstick and situational comedy to bring out screw-ball, but fails disastrously. His expressions, stances, dialogs all blew. Not to mention many sequences were taken from his previous potboilers. He acts childishly throughout and instantly turns into a hard-faced dandy when confronted. I can even say that this is Khan's worst performance for me.

    Hooda can be seen in one of the wasted roles of his career and for the first time I am disappointed with Siddiqui as well. He only cackles through the film and that is the second most irritating thing. There is no vindictiveness nor there is any substance about his villainy. Fernandez is hot, agreed. She slightly resembles Zeenat Aman, agreed. But can she act? If your definition of acting is wearing a body-sticking top and a very short pant, trying to be more voluptuous than Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, then YES.

    Coming to the screenplay. Chetan Bhagat has maybe charmed me once or twice with his writing but this is pure buffoonery. Screenplay can be divided into 3 parts: first - the 40 minute stupidity, then some melodrama and cheap twisty plot points stitched together, third - predictable climax with a hackneyed flashback. Writing is preposterous and all this substandard parameters just downs the whole parade.

    It mixes action and humor, and while few Hollywood films get away with it, this was bad. Terribly bad. The stunts are poorly choreographed, showing us not the actual fights but the aftermaths where Devi Singh comes out victorious. Every time. It has 4-5 songs for its supposedly cheesy audience with Narghis Fakhri coming to quench your lusty desire (hope is audacious?!).

    It references Dhoom 2 & Jai Ho. If you were to mix up those films and create an output, you would get an unedited version of Kick. Hrithik Roshan skated in Dhoom 2, here Khan cycles. Roshan had a revolutionary mask in Krrish, here Khan has a toy mask with red outline. While I did appreciate where the second half was going and suddenly my hopes went up, it was soon diverted into the usual climactic pitch, leaving me tired, stabbed and dead.

    BOTTOM LINE: Kick may look like it is for Khan's fans, but trust me it is worse than Jai Ho, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger, etc.. Although there is this one animated sequence that I loved, depicting Devi Singh's childhood, it cannot really be termed as a salvaging factor. The animation is top-class. If I could advice, I would say just erase the thought of going for this. It sucks.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES
  • You have an intelligent cop chasing after a foxy thief who specializes in high rung robberies and speeds off on a bike or a cycle or whatever he can lay hands on. He also informs the police well in advance where he is going to strike next and he does and the cops cannot do anything about it.

    Nope! I am not talking about the DHOOM series, I am writing about KICK-replace Randeep Hooda with Abhishekh Bachan, the film would pretty well be named DHOOM 4 and can boast of Salman Khan as the new villain in the series. But alas- we have the thief here as the main protagonist, and Randeep Hooda intelligent than Abhishekh Bachan and dumb heroine who can't act to save her life-is a psychiatrist but lets a weirdo play mind games with her.

    The movie begins in Poland where psychiatrist Shaina Mehra (Jacquline Fernandez)meets her future husband Police man Himanshu (Randeep Hooda), and comes clean about an affair she had with a weirdo Devi lal Singh (Salman Khan) who she breaks up as he is not serious about life and does not do anything unless it gives him a kick. Himanshu tells her that he is in Poland hunting a clever thief Devil (Salman Khan) who has till now successfully got away with heists worth 600 crores INR.

    Before long both of them realize that Devilal and Devil are the same person and he has a major agenda on his hand in Poland and is in fact using both Himanshu and Shaina to pull off a heist on philanthropist Shiv Gazra (Nawazuddin Siddiqui).

    The story line is intelligent, but there are huge gaping holes in the screenplay which surprisingly was worked upon by 4 writers Rajat Arora, Keith Gomes, Sajid Nadiadwala and surprise surprise Chetan Bhagat. It might well have been written by a novice and all he needed was to watch the Telugu DVD from which the movie was made, as the movie is 95% faithful scene by scene to the original.

    Salman has a cool air throughout the movie and you do not see him switching between the two characters as he should be, instead you are subjected to "this is my movie-I will do what I wish" attitude.

    Jacqueline Fernandez has only 30 seconds of fame in the song "Jumma Ke raath" where she breaks into a hot jig and leaves everyone gasping for more. And the rest of the movie she would actually give a complex to a zombie. The role required someone more mature and someone who can actually act.

    Randeep Hooda will go down in history as the only lead actor who has managed to hold his own in a Salman Khan movie, it is sheer pleasure to watch this talented actor underplay his role and his dead pan one liners in the climax are absolutely hilarious since he delivers them with a straight face.

    Nawazuddin Siddiqui gives a striking performance as the psychotic villain, but he is not given enough screen time to actually perform to his fullest. It is sad to see Mithun Chakraborothy accepting such inane roles. Nargis Fakhri is not exactly a malaiaka Arora to set the screen ablaze with her item, one of the easily forgettable visuals in the film. All said and done, go ahead and watch this movie if you have nothing interesting to do, or if you are a die hard Salman Khan and if you have not seen the original.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was very excited to watch kick.I watched it today.I think it's one of the worst film I have ever seen in my life. It's over the top,It's unrealistic.It's like leave your brain home when u r going to watch this movie. Salman looked like a cartoon in the film. Nawaz was good that's all.It's totally a crap film. Now,I take a vow that I will never watch a salman film in theater. It's utter nonsense. It's a slow paced movie. duration is long. Cheap dialogues r there . It's not worth of ur money.I hope after reading this review u r not surely watching this movie.

    It's worst film of 2014.
  • maxjosh7213 August 2014
    Well I do not have much words to describe a disaster of a movie.First time director with plenty of movie making experience and he still does not know how to make a movie. I had to watch this for my kid. Well, let us be clear it a choreographed movie not directed. No logic no continuity no sense utter disguise and what a waste of money. Only saving grace is Nawazuddin Khan but his role is too small to sustain interest in the movie. Salman has dine a good job of doing Salman on screen

    That's it. Awful songs and duologue's. These people have enough money to throw in production and then make money out of common man. In the name of art they are looting people and big banners block all screens too such that common people do not have option to watch other movies as I wanted to watch Pizza 3D but no screen was available. What a sorry state and surprised that it is still running in cinema halls. Something is terribly wrong with UA.
  • ndosanjh12 August 2014
    Now where do I start? I mean not much has to be explained when your watching a salman Khan movie. It's basically obvious that any movie he does will be a hot because the lack of brains for the majority of Hindi dim audience. The fact that this movie can be a block buster is a joke. Salman khan is a genius if I think of it. Why the hell would he change anything if the idiots out there keep excepting this crap. Why even try to do something better. I mean people that are calling this a classic need to get their head examined. I'm not a Salman khan fan but I loved him in Wanted and the original dabaang but now it's getting ridiculous. I just saw xpose with himesh and I can say with a straight face that his performance and te film was an Oscar contender compared to Kick. We as an audience need to start rejecting this garbage or a day will come where Hindi films be nothing but this nonsense.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    KICK - So we have another south Indian movie remake by Sallu Bhai.....

    The biggest question is that will it going to be a blockbuster like Sallu's almost all film or it will be an average affair like Jai Ho ,, and the answer is - it will be a B L O K B U S T E R..... The biggest reason for that is it has been directed by Sajid Nadiawala who is among the biggest producer of Bollywood and producers are the real person who knows what the mass audience want to watch and he has given it,,,,in a manageable way....

    So its clear that Salmaan's fan will like this no doubt but what for the rest,,,,my answer is that even haters will like it only if they have come to enjoy it not to find logic............ There is a problem with Salmaan khan which i personally feel in all of his movies that he plays himself not the character in the movie.....Its seems like he is in a talk show or award show or reality show ,, he acts same as in his film....Even there is a scene in which a tribute has been given to his character of Chulbul Pandey ,,,, now that's a thing that keeps you remembering that the person whom you are watching is Salmaan khan our larger than life hero and not Devi Lal Prasad , Salmaan's character in the movie.....I often imagine how will Salmaan do a movie in which he has to act a normal human being ,, like a under dog , or a poor person who lived in village or something like that....The image what Salmaan has made of himself has restricted him from doing variety of characters.....But than again i think Fans wants to watch Salmaan only and not came for judging his acting capabilities.......

    The story is like that,,,,Salmaan is a brilliant person ,, a gold medalist in civil engineering and all other examinations,,,,,have done a lot of jobs but such jobs doesn't give him 'KICK'(u cant actually describe the word in the movie even if it has been repeated millions of times ).......Someday something happened and he got his Kick and get started to rob wealthy persons for helping poor children ...... Randeep as cop wants to stop him , Jaqliene is her love interest and Siddique is the last person he wants to rob...... Noe here is the biggest logic jump of the movie if Salmaan is a Gold medalist and also have invented a hologram machine which almost can produce a real hologram of anything why wouldn't he had sold that machine which can earn him billions of money if patented.....O my god i m thinking of too much logic.......That cant be expected from a Salmaan movie....Okay then lets take a small illogical moment....There is a moment when Salmaan was drowning in the a lake with a Red Double Taker bus with 500 million Rupees and just after that in the next scene he was celebrating in the country club....The writers doesn't even bother to show how Salmaan survived from that situation.... Another one ,, Salmaan was acting as he has lost his memory and Jaqliene wants her to take home so that she can revive her memory and then dump him for taking revenge,,,,but it doesn't take a second for Jaqliene to fall again for Salmaan .... I think i should stop here only otherwise Salmaan fans will stop reading my review...... Music as per and many of my known persons is average but the bad thing is that The Devil Song and Jumme Ki Raat are fitted in the movie so badly i can even say they have been the worst situation for any song in the whole decade...... There are long stretched scenes too,,,,like Salmaan Mithun drinking scenes ,, like Archana Puran Singh's cameo , like Randeep Salmaan drinking scene etc....I don't whats the problem in deleting long boring scenes and non situational songs,,,,they will only raise the quality of the movie and also cut the running time,,which will make the movie better..... Sorry Salmaan fans its my job to dig out the demerits of the movie,,,,but i would like to say screaming that as a audience i enjoyed the movie ,,,, its easily a one time watch that too in big screen.....And m gonna tell you why.... First of all I felt Salmaan was enjoying the movie a lot which i haven't seen in Jai Ho or in Ek Tha Tiger..... Nawazuddin Siddique with a very less screen time did a hilarious job in his villainous act,,,,even overshadowed Salmaan khan with his comical joke in the climax...... Cinematography is at its best....I haven't seen such beautiful frames in any of Salmaan's movie....Warsaw of Poland looks even better than Chicago shown in Dhoom 4.... Jaqliene is a surprise ,, she can act really well what i knew from her very first movie (Aladin),,,,just was not getting decent roles.... Randeep was enjoyable as cop and stylish dialogs,,,,than also we have seen him doing almost same character in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai and Jannat 2 ..... Length should have been small as there are unwanted scene and songs.... Last words of mine- Salmaan Fans - Don't think Just go for it.... Salmaan Haters - U will hate it too For Neutral persons like me - U will enjoy it too if u watch it as audience not critics.... 7.3/10.... M still waiting for a Salmaan movie that can be compared to WANTED By ANuP APu KuMaR
  • start with I would say if you are a hardcore Salman Khan fan then you must have seen this movie first day first show and enjoyed a lot. Like any other previous Salman's flick this movie also delivers laugh less comedy and two & half hours story less script.Basically the movie begins after interval and before that it is only a monkey show. But the two plus point of the movie is first its music and second awesome negative performance by Nawazuddin Siddiqi. Surely this movie gonna be in 100 crore club but as far as I am concerned it is another disappointment from Salman Khan.God knows when we will be able to see a strong scripted movie from him.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Devi Lal aka Salman Searches for kick(adrenaline rush) here and there then he founds Jackline our heroine.Their chemistry was bad with worst songs of the year to support with.Then there is Mithun da as Salmans father with nothing to do at all & Nawaz as the prime antagonist And an excellent actor like him has a mere 10 min presence in the whole movie.Coming to the story (is their is any of it!).My 1 stars is for Hooda ji who has been very good in this meandering story. With poor editing, dull action scenes dull despite the hype.One of the worst movies that you can possibly watch. Movies like this should be banned. Salman Khan should seriously put some thought into the type of movies he choose. Instead watch QUEEN,Hasee To Phasee, Special 26 which although low budgeted but have good story and heart Which is now seriously missing in Big Budgeted movies.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am ashamed to say I was lured by the marketing hype to watch this film, only to find myself leaving the theatre appalled and swearing never to trust false and paid-for reviews. An hour and half into the film the plot, if one can call it that, was a mish-mash of dribble and slapstick nonsense. Only after the intermission the poor writing showed some thread. Even then, an honest movie critic would render this film to the bin as the continuity was flawed. Example, take the London red bus chase scene in Poland. The bus destination window reads King Cross via Kingston????? Chased by blue politzia cars through Poland. Yet, all of a sudden the chase is through London streets and then back to Poland and this goes on for a bit. Does the whole film making team think the audience is short of a brain cell? Salmon looks ridiculous! His age dictates he should be playing father figure roles, not prancing about a pretentious teenager. Fernandez, cardboard in style and lack lustre performance. Finally, why does Bollywood think putting non-Asian background dancers, who can't dance desi, add anything but discourse?? Ashamed to call it a film.
  • The first thing you should know about Kick is that it is an outrageously silly film. It lurches from a thwarted love story to infantile comedy to slick action to shamelessly manipulative melodrama without any attempt at coherence or consistency. Kick is the official remake of a 2009 Telugu blockbuster also called Kick, but debutant director Sajid Nadiadwala bungs in Hollywood-inspired action, snatches of Dhoom 3 and even a smattering of Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Salman Khan plays Devi Lal Singh, an adrenalin junkie who has quit 32 jobs in search of a kick (incidentally, every character in this film says Kick at least a dozen times, just in case you forgot which film you were watching). He falls in love with a psychiatrist named Shaina, played by Jacqueline Fernandez. With great affection, he calls her Dr Psycho. Jacqueline is like a pretty wax doll and even the film doesn't take Shaina seriously. Anyway, Shaina can't put up with Devi's hunger for excitement, so they break up. And he somehow evolves into Devil, a Robin Hood-type masked robber who steals from the rich to give to the poor. Enter super cop Himanshu Tyagi, played by Randeep Hooda, who becomes both Shaina's fiancée and Devil's nemesis. Cops in Hindi movies are usually bumbling idiots but Himanshu is a whole new level of incompetent. Are you following this story? It doesn't matter. Because a Salman Khan film isn't about the plot. It's about Salman, who once again plays his signature persona — a charming, playful, slightly crooked superman with a heart of gold. What's fun is that Salman is in on the joke. He's aware that he's on the screen not to deliver a performance but to give us a good time. But even if you're willing to ignore the logic-free story and buy heavily into the cult of Bhai, Kick is bumpy, and far too convoluted to deliver the joyride of a Dabangg. What does work are the thrilling action sequences; Rajat Aroraa's crackling dialogue; and, above all, Nawazuddin Siddiqui as the wicked Shiv Gajra.
  • This is an open secret that Salman's movies are far above to critics and his fan never bother to refer any review. People just love him and wait for his movies. This time Salman bang the BOLLYWOOD with KICK. Almost 7th month passed and there wasn't a Blockbuster and with Kick here it is. Shania (Jacqueline Fernandez) parents ask him to see Himanshu (Randeep Hooda) and during train journey Shania narrate about Devi Laal (Salman Khan)who is free soul man who always search fun and ready to help and how he left her because of her insulting behavior. On the other hand Himanshu is chasing a thief Devil. The Story has many twist and angles and full of drama. It has fun, music, action and also has some social message. This is Sajid's debut as Director whereas he has a stature as Producer. Go for Kick for Salman, for Jacquline, for music and entertainment. A joy ride for cine-goer.
  • What kind of movies are making 500 crores(dhoom:3),100crores(jai ho) and now kick is in the 300 crore club.I guess audiences are getting dumber by the day.This movie defies not only logic but also the sheer fact that u don't need a good script to fetch you money all you need is a good star cast,a good music album and exotic locations.At this rate the industry will never develop.The film industry especially Bollywood has become a place of remakes.Please do me a favor and next time boycott such movies to teach the stars a lesson that we are not dumb and that we will not see any crap thrown at us .My review for the movie kick is if u think that the movie will get better after the interval you are mistaken it only becomes worse and will end up giving you a migraine.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Salman is a chutiya, he killed 6 innocent people in real life, and starts talking about being human, He doesn't deserve this much attention. He is getting old he is a murder he cant act for sh!t Totally overrated this movie had no plot nor story, and the whole flying action in Bollywood is getting really boring they should stop doing flying action, most scenes are copied from dhoom 3 so just beware, the director was nuts hiring the lead actress, because she cant even fully speak Hindi, Saale chutiya nei aukat bhool gaya. Salmans acting? well its not in this film and it has not been around since dabangg1 If you are wondering if you want to watch its entertainment over this i would recommend that you do watch its entertainment over this because at least in that movie they have well developed actors Randeep Hooda disappoints and should stick to the typical acting he does, Siddiqui did better than salman khan heroine was just terrible, songs were overrated, and yaar na miley is not a copy of Florida low if you can understand Hindi you will realize its not a copy,
  • I was very excited for this movie right from the moment i saw the trailer of this movie.I went to watch it for 3 reasons. 1-The production value of the movie looked good and the trailer looked very promising.2-I read that Chetan Bhagat was writing this movie.3- Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Sadly all the three of them disappointed me.The production value was obviously good but there was no use of it because the script ruined it.I don't know what did Chetan Bhagat write because whatever i saw it was almost copy paste of the original Kick.I thought Nawazuddin only acts in good movies but now I know that it's not true.I was even wondering if i am watching Kick or Dhoom4 as it is even somewhat similar to Dhoom3.Salman Khan is in his typical avatar.There are even references of Chulbul Pandey from Dabangg only God know why.There are many forced jokes which fails to make you laugh.Even the twists in the movie make no sense and it actually kicks your brain and intelligence.I wasted 700 rupees on this movie which obviously turned out to be a bad decision.So don't waste your time and money on this movie instead do something else which actually gives you real Kick.
  • Worst Salman Khan movie. After Ready, he does it again, another bummer. IMDb surprisingly rates it at 6.3. Worst background music, intolerable story and dialogues, no coordination about "who is where" in the movie. The mast concept taken from Dhoom 2, Hrithik leaving "A", which might also be copied from somewhere. No basis, once a 'happy to go" bodybuilder starts caring for cancer patients all of a sudden and becomes badass robinhood "DEVIL". Suggestion, watch it once for curiosity sake and then get the kick....Everybody seems to be blind in the movie, not able to see a clear face behind mask....Same old tectics, Devil the villain comes in front of the policewalah "who has Eidetic memory..but not able to recognize the Devil. What happens in the end is not at all understandable... totally baseless
  • The premise of KICK, first! On a train journey in Warsaw, a pretty psychiatrist, Shaina-Jacqueline Fernandez, meets Himanshu-Randeep Hooda, a police officer from India, for an arranged match. They share their pasts with each other.

    Shaina shares the story of her ex-boyfriend Devi Lal Singh-Salman Khan, a guy who lived only for 'Kick'. She talks about his madness and their whirlwind romance, until one day he breaks up with her for a new kick and walks away, never to return. Himanshu tells her about his glorious escapades and that he has finally met his match - an intelligent thief.

    What they don't know is that their stories have one thing in common - Devil. He returns back into their lives under a new guise of having lost his memory. Behind it all is a deeper mystery and an uncompromising mission...
  • In order to deteriorate the cinematic aesthetics, one more addition to the pretentious genre-defying all basic elements of storytelling and narrative, it is again style over substance with Salman Khan's superficial extravaganza in a South Indian remake of the same name.

    Devi Lal Singh (Salman Khan) is frantically searching for "Kick" which gives him real pleasure whatever work he does. Devi falls in love with Shaina (Jacqueline Fernandez) a psychiatrist. On account of some disparities, Devi leaves Shaina. On the other side, a top cop Himanshu (Randeep Hooda) is searching for a masked robber called Devil. Then there is a baddie Faroz (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) who is the target of Devil.

    Sajid Nadiadwala's directorial debut is half baked with mediocre scenes. He uses the template made for Salman, inserts different actors, an item-song, some absurd and abrupt comedy scenes, that is all and it will sure earn 200 crores. His effort to bring Salman in every frame is pointless as it does not serve any purpose. Salman is patronizingly taking the advantage of his persona and style.

    Salman Khan again plays himself as his previous films with the stiffness in his dancing and tacky dialog delivery. His body language is exactly same as it was in his previous films Dabangg, Bodyguard, Ready or Jai Ho etc.

    Randeep Hooda does a good job; however, his character is the victim of poor writing. Being a potent actor, with the limited screen presence Nawazuddin Siddiqui gives a good performance but sometimes it is annoying, goes over the top and looks like ham. There is no clear motivation behind Siddiqui's character running behind the money.

    Jacqueline looks beautiful as a psychiatrist who can dance extremely well but does not have any patient to take care of.

    The plethora of decent actors cannot save the movie due to irregularities in the screenplay. We see Mithun Chakraborty, Sanjay Mishra, Archana Puran Singh and Saurabh Shuka but everyone gets unobserved.

    There is nothing new in "Kick" except the word "kick" has been spoken uncountable times. The narrative jumps from one place to another without giving you any logic or precise motive behind the happenings. Larger than life actions sequences with songs shoved in between.

    Avoid this piece of junk unless you are an unshakable Salman Khan fan.
  • Kick is a remake of Telugu movie Kick. While the original kick had kickass comedy, this version forces you too kick the ass of the director. First half is irritating where Salman tries hard to imitate Ravi Teja's mannerisms but Ravi Teja's style is unmatchable. Second half is boring trying to show different from original mixture of dhoom and previous salman films. Please watch the original kick.
  • Not as exciting as I had hoped it would be. The visuals are amazing, but the story is too slapstick and overall not interesting enough. The plot is downright silly: about a man who doesn't really get a 'kick' out of anything...I didn't get a kick out of the film, either...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you want to watch this movie then as usual people do, in case of Salman Khan's movies, you have to keep your mind at your home. The movie is a remake of the Telugu movie of the same name.Salman plays character of a super talented person named "Devi Lal Singh". He is extraordinary from childhood. He is not a stable person and always looking for something called "Kick". When he first meets Shaina, a psychiatrist , who lives in Poland,he was helping to his friend to get married with his lover. Shaina initially dislikes Devi but later fall in love with him. She asked him to find work so he joined a chemical lab. But later resigned from there because he didn't find "Kick" in working in the lab. Because of it she break-up with him. Later he finds "Kick" in helping a child suffering from cancer. After that he started robbing. Himanshu ,an honest police inspector, tries to catch him. Acting of Nawazuddin Siddiqui is very good.He is justifying character of Shiv Gazra. It is directed by Sajid Nadiadwala. As always he does it is full of over acting. There is no logic behind all miracle that happened. There were some twists in the story but they didn't work well. Its story has a good social message. Other then this there is nothing in the movie. So if you planning to watch then watch it at your own risk. I would like to give it only 3 out of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The first thing you should know about Kick is that it is an outrageously silly film. It lurches from a thwarted love story to infantile comedy to slick action to shamelessly manipulative melodrama without any attempt at coherence or consistency.

    Kick is the official remake of a 2009 Telugu blockbuster also called Kick, but débutant director Sajid Nadiadwala bungs in Hollywood-inspired action, snatches of Dhoom 3 and even a smattering of Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Salman Khan plays Devi Lal Singh, an adrenalin junkie who has quit 32 jobs in search of a kick (incidentally, every character in this film says Kick at least a dozen times, just in case you forgot which film you were watching). He falls in love with a psychiatrist named Shaina, played by Jacqueline Fernandez. With great affection, he calls her Dr Psycho. Meanwhile she gets to say lines like: "Social psychology K hisab Se aadmi Ki pehchaan uske kaam Se hoti Ha."
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So basically Sajid Nadiadwala wanted to be a director. Then what he did? He saw a bunch of tamil/telugu movies. He picked one of them. Then he roped in Salman Khan for the role, and released the movie on Eid. Wow, the strategy makes up for the lack of talent.

    The movie crossed 100 crores already, and this director must be thinking he is one of the best. So he will make similar kind of movies in future, which is a real danger to the film industry itself. Same goes for many more such directors and crap Masala movies.

    In his entry scene, Salman helps out a couple in their marriage. The dialogues, the so called chase-sequence, the forced comedy, everything is pathetic in this scene. I thought things will get better. But no, the film goes on to break its own record of idiocy in every scene. Salman wants a kick in his life and bla bla bla, so his relationship with his girl breaks. He becomes a thief (Devil). Then he becomes a pain-in-the-a** of Randeep Hooda who is trying to catch him. Then a cat-and-mouse game starts.

    In first half, the movie was going astray. I was confused what the hell is going on. Why the hell 'Devi' has to become 'Devil' only because his girl wanted him to make money and become stable in life. But in last 30 minutes, a considerable explanation for his transformation is provided, which was good. He is simply taking revenge against a group of elite people.

    Okay, this is fine and acceptable. But 'Devil' is killing hundreds of people - blasting cars, shooting Police. He probably killed more than 10-15 innocent cops in Holland. WHY? Because he wanted to teach lesson to some elites. How can you digest this? The editing is also horrible. There is no smooth transition of scenes at all, specially action sequences are laughable (except the one with Train/Cycle).

    Money is wasted on Foreign locations and non-sense action. You don't get that 'wow' feel in any action scene. There is not a single comedy scene you will remember. The screenplay already sucks. The direction is childish. The only good thing about movie is Randeep Hooda's performance and a couple of good songs.

    In fact, it looks like Salman is helping out all the bad directors of Bollywood in their career. Salman Khan is basically playing 'Salman Khan' in every movie, the same larger-than-life but non-sense character.

    If movies are given grades based on the content instead of its budget, this one is B-Grade movie. If you are a die-hard Salman Khan fan, you may like it. But if you are expecting some quality entertainment, skip this one.
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