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  • Lea Lexis as filmmaker emphasizes the sex over the action movie content in this kinky Digital Playground take on the "Mad Max" films. No Charlize Theron, but plenty of talented porn femmes giving their all.

    Back of an envelope level story content has a couple of synthetics (sort of sexbots) played by busty LaSirena69 and Roxie Sinner (robots wearing white wigs and replete with pubic hair) being protected by various rebel forces including Brooklyn Gray and Van Wylde (in his trusty RV -a vehicle George Miller never considered muscular enough for his Aussie movie) as they're chased across the desert by masked bad guys including April Olsen.

    The four segments run over 3 hours long, most of it devoted to lengthy XXX action. Highlights include Nicole Doshi in a fabulous foursome that includes tentacle sex and quality gonzo, presented as Old School VR (no audience goggles necessary) as well as an impressive turn by beautiful & busty TS star Brittney Kade humped by Dante Colle, including surprise fisting action.

    Other sex stars getting a workout include Angel Youngs and Chloe Surreal, adding up to enough porn content to please the fans. What's missing is a point to the brief action footage, much ado about nothing, leading to an amateurish ending. The era of sex movies with story and action scenes well integrated (think: "Pirates" and its sequel or many of Brad Armstrong's super productions) is definitely over, as a smidgen of NonSex content is about all that is provided these days -"Wasteland Ultra" being an obvious example.