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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a riveting film that I had difficulty tearing myself away from and am having difficulty forgetting. It starts with a young boy being rented to his father's brother to be abused and doesn't get any brighter, except for a couple of episodes where the brothers are interacting. The actors are all excellent, particularly the young man playing Aske, at the center of the film.

    The whole film has a sense of inevitability, as though Aske has no way to change his circumstances. The change that does come is fleeting. The world of the film is unforgiving with only small moments of kindness and love.
  • Just remember that this is not a film to entertain you, but it is here to open your eyes on the child abuse issue. This is one of the major problems today we're facing around the world. All the governments had taken the strict actions on the matter, yet somewhere without being noticed domestically these things keeps happening. Such a theme was this film, which is not easy to digest the ugly truth it reveals.

    Looks like a B movie from the Denmark, the production quality was decent, but the topic of the film was very strong and that makes it a must see even if you think you're not made for the micro- budget, not-so-popular films.

    I've seen films like 'Trade', 'Taken', 'Eden' et cetera, but this is something a new angle about when parents are directly involved in the such dirty affairs. This story was about two brothers and their miserable childhood. After their mother died of an accident, they end up in the custody of their abusive father. Life won't be the same as it was before to them, but the eldest takes all the measures to protect his little brother. Unfortunately, it looks the fate is not on their side when a terrible thing unfolds after one bad evening, which leads to a chain of events before concluding the narration with a twist.

    "When I grow up I won't hit my kids."

    I am really lucky to find this film, which is yet to open its wings to reach the wider audience globally. I know this is not a film to have some good time, but might disturb you with its strong contents. Yes, the film has some of the bold scenes which strongly restricts for the adult's viewing. The film was shot in some of the beautiful locations, but what the story was dealing makes us to focus only on the cruelty the two minors are encountering.

    Just watch it to believe what's actually happening in the families of child abuse history. If this is what the fate of innocent children in the first world nation's lower class families, then imagine what about the second and the third world. If you had seen 'Trade of Innocents' and 'Graceland', you will get a clear picture.

    The director and actors are all the fresh faces, but given a one good product as the theme wise. One of the few things I did not feel comfortable was the camera work. It was very shaky and in the initial part it had given me a hard time to get used to it. Because of that kind of screenplay, it looked like it was shot with a camcorder.

    The others were the nude parts which were a bit unnecessary for a little film like this, but they went for a bold statement and I appreciate that effort. And finally the story, in some segments it did not convince me, as they were way too off from real like the accident in the beginning and dragging climax. If you won't mind these things considering it is a B movie, this film is definitely worth seeing. So here it goes my recommendation for the grown ups only.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    "For My Brother" (in Danish, "For Min Brors Skyld") is a full-length film that tells the story of a 17 year-old boy named Aske who is sexually abused and exploited for pornographic films by his unemployed father, Lasse. More importantly, it is the story of Aske's dedicated effort to protect his 12 year-old brother, Bastian, from a similar fate.

    At the outset, let me say that this movie is not for the emotionally faint of heart or the seeker of warm "fuzzies." It is an emotionally-wrenching depiction of the all-too-real problem of familial child sex abuse. The role of Aske, age 17, is played by a winsome 22-year-old blond actor named Elias Munk-Petersen. Munk appears shirtless or fully naked repeatedly, though the frontal nudity is fleeting and his two overt sex scenes are simulated. In the context of this film, however, the nudity is hardly gratuitous for it lies at the heart of the boy's vulnerability which is nowhere more evident than the scene in which Aske is unexpectedly abused by adult males.

    The movie does not lack for spectacular locations. It is shot in downtown Hillerød, Denmark, on the hilly west coast of Langeland Island, Denmark, in southern Sweden, and in the fjords of coastal Norway. Nor does the movie lack for plot, breathless drama, or emotionally-charged acting. The movie is about the very real pain suffered by sexually abused children, and the acting—especially that of Munk's Aske and Allen Karlsen's Lasse—is purely extraordinary.

    You will not find a young male actor more adept at conveying fear and vulnerability than Elias Munk in the role of Aske. The terror on his tear-streaked face after he finds Bastian's underwear next to his father's bed in an empty house is purely haunting. Munk is a serious actor with New York Film School background and a healthy filmography, and he carries this film from start to finish. He's a mature 22-year-old playing a powerless and frightened 17-year-old, and he pulls it off masterfully.

    As for Allan Karlsen's role as Lasse, hate him. You fear him. You want him dead, although, as is typical in familial abuse cases, his kids do not. Put another way, Karlsen does a great job of acting too. I only hope he doesn't suffer the fate of Faye Dunaway who had great difficulty separating herself from her portrayal of a wire hangar-wielding Joan Crawford in "Mommy Dearest." Kudos also go to young Christopher Friis Jensen, who does a touching job in his only acting credit as younger brother Bastian, and to Oliver Bjørnholdt Spottag who plays Aske's concerned friend, Silas.

    The only drawback in this movie is some questionable camera work. Much of the movie appears to be shot with a hand-held camera, and the image shakes to the point that it occasionally becomes almost dizzying. I don't understand this, because it doesn't match the quality of the plot, acting, and locations. It's not that hard to keep a subject centered with smooth camera movement, and digital image stabilization has been around for more than a decade.

    I give this movie a thoughtfully-reached 8 stars. As a major full-length motion picture, it probably would be a 5 or 6, but it has the flavor of a short film and features many first-time actors. In that genre, it easily rates an 8 or 9 for its drama and emotion. With the camera work being a little spotty, I settled on an 8. (Its IMDb rating is 7.0 out of highest-ever rating of 9.3.) The acting supports these consistent ratings, and I most definitely recommend the film to anyone with the emotional armor to watch kids suffering under enormous stress. This is not a movie that leaves you as it finds you.
  • typhoon-6818230 April 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is one of the most heartbreaking movies of child abuse I ever saw. Aske the 17 yo main actor is playing a great role between desperation and hope. He is abused by his father to please all customers he is presented - male or female. He lived this ordeal only to safe his brother from the same destiny - is raped by a gang - but can't protect him. Only one little luck he wishes for himself - to go to a parts - turns into a big mess - his brother is forced instead of himself. He tries to escape with the help from his best friend. But in the end his brother and his best friend are killed by his father. I had to cry more than once on this movie. It is really heartbreaking.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The pre-credits sequence of this film sets the tone for the rest of it. While it starts off innocently enough as though it's a happy family gathering, things go downhill from there. From these few minutes of the movie, we find that the father is a deplorable human being and you can quickly figure out that he is involved in some equally deplorable people.

    The lead character, Aske, is a boy who has been abused by his father, "hired out" to other people and had videos made of these exploits from a very young age and, as a young adult, knows that he has to continue to live this life to protect his 12 year old brother Bastian from experiencing the pain that he has suffered in silence. Everything he does during the course of the film stems from his love for Bastian.

    Aske has a best friend, Silas, who knows nothing of what Aske is going through and both innocently and desperate;y wants them both to attend a birthday party in the hope that he will get laid. After trying to fob Silas off, Aske eventually relents and agrees to go to the party. It is only when Aske attends the party that you get the sense that this is one of few moments of happiness in his otherwise bleak existence. In the course of celebrating, he is alone with a girl who likes him a lot but his inability to "perform" causes him to reveal to Silas what his father has been doing to him over the years and he runs away.

    When Aske returns home after the party, he realizes that his father has abused Bastian in his absence and panics until Silas arrives and calms him down. Aske and Silas locate Bastian hiding out in his secret place. Silas realises that what Aske has told him is true and urges Aske to go to the police but Aske is scared. Silas suggest that both boys go to his parents cabin in Norway and he will tell his parents about what has been going on when they have left.

    Aske and Bastian leave for the cabin by train and Silas returns home - we have to assume he then tells his parents the story and they contact the police. You need to fill in the blanks yourself.

    Aske and Bastian enjoy a few days of happiness together at the cabin but back home, Silas has texted Askes phone and the father has intercepted the message and convinced him that he is Aske and that they returned home since they couldn't betray their father and that Silas should come over to talk. Silas comes over and is confronted by the father and once more, you need to fill in the blanks of what occurs between them as a few scenes later, the camera lingers on a disturbing image which I can't get out of my head.

    Aske wakes up at the cabin and Bastian is not by his side. Dressing, he goes outside to find his father holding a gun to Bastians head, threatening to kill him. Aske fights his father and both he and Bastian attempt to escape but tragedy ensues leaving Aske alone.

    You feel utter despair for Aske and Bastian and sympathy for Silas who just wanted to help and paid the ultimate price.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is not the best in terms of acting, cinematography, editing, etc, but the subject matter is so intense and it is presented in such raw form that I could not help but feel like the story swallowed me into it. It was like standing in the eye of a hurricane and watching all the destruction happening around me.

    This is not the kind of movie you want to watch if you just feel like passing the time or being entertained. It's the kind of movie that leaves you thinking, the kind that makes you cry tears of anger and sympathy, the kind that makes you question why some humans behave like subhumans, the kind without a happy ending because sometimes in life a happy ending is just not possible.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I guess your wondering why i rated it 10 out 10 well its because it an amazing film and its really actuate and the characters are good actors!! At times I was like i cant watch this movie because every thing was so wowing! I hate that it ended on a bad note, but its a great film!! I have been though some of their struggles i know how hard it is and my life story is different but that not the point!! the point is that the movie was just great all around and there were screens i just really couldn't watch it was hard! i have been in some of the same situations in my life but different!! this film is about what a brother would do to protect his little brother! i would have done the same thing! a lot of people rated this movie low but they just don't know how actuate this movie is and some wouldn't know unless they were touch as a child! it was an amazing movie with jaw dropping scenes, Abuse, and brotherly love not in the bad but the good kind! where its only us and we'll figure something out!! its as good as Dog Pound!!!
  • I thought this was a really well made movie. The acting is always good enough, and even brilliant in some parts. The scenery is amazing. The characters are engaging, and make you really care about them.

    I will say that there were parts which were not perfect. The beginning was a little weak, but good enough to provide just enough backstory, without going overboard.

    I actually LIKE the shaky camera work. It really added to the emotional connection. There were scenes where the camera would jerk right as something horrible happened, and it mirrored the emotional jerk that I experienced. In fact, that makes it a bit metaphorical. Everything happening is so chaotic, frustrating and unstable, and the camera makes you feel that way inside which helps the viewer to connect to what the characters are feeling inside. I think it is absolutely genius.

    The scenes of the natural tranquil beauty conveys the sense of isolation and contrasts nicely with the chaotic ugliness and violence which is happening unnoticed, as if nobody, even the natural environment cares. This, again, gives you a sense of compassion, and helps you to understand what the victims feel like.

    The whole movie is full of poetic metaphor, and analogy. It is a true work of art, and actually pretty well made for such a low budget. You get a sense that a lot of thought went into it. And, all of this with the use of CGI, cutaways, flashbacks, or any of the other usual Hollywood devices. It was so emotionally engaging, and thought provoking.

    I like how the ending drops you off, and leaves you wondering how things are going to turn out. It was truly painful to watch, because you really understand how this affects the main boy, and how horrific this experience is for him. Several parts brought me too tears, especially the ending. Any movie which can achieve that is a good movie. Personally, I think that they pulled off something truly magical with this one, and now I want to see more by this director.

    As for the subject matter, I think the writer was a little heavy handed in their approach, but it is something which does happen, and we really owe it to those silent victims to watch this movie, and understand what is happening to them. I think they managed to really make that possible with this movie, and I would strongly recommend it as something which all of us should watch.