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  • After having watched "A Wednesday" by Neeraj Pandey innumerable times, I stepped into the cinema hall with high expectations from his latest movie Special Chabbis. And Pandeyjee has managed to pull off another amazing entertainer with a fast-paced & exciting plot. This is one of those movies which keeps on lingering in your mind even after the climax and you keep going back to the brilliant sequence of events and how they were executed throughout the plot.

    The movie is set in 1987 based on a true incident when a person posed as a fake CBI officer and robbed a famous jeweller at the Opera House in Mumbai. This incident forms the basis of the plot and how a group of conmen conduct false raids as CBI or IT officials to con politicians, businessmen and high profile people to rob them of their money. These heists are never reported as most of the money is black money and none of these high profile people want to be in the news for wrong reasons.

    Neeraj Pandey after his directorial debut with A Wednesday completely redeems himself with Special Chabbis and reaffirms his position as a master director. He is definitely not a one film wonder and a director to watch out for in the future. The best and the most noticeable part of the film is the period that it has been set in. 1980's have been very effectively portrayed in the movie, whether it was the cars running on the roads or the streets of Delhi especially well known areas like the Connaught Place, whether it was the print style of the newspapers or the clothes and jewellery worn by the actors. The whole movie seems to be set in 1980 and all credit goes to the art director along with the director. I am still wondering how he shot in the heart of Delhi with all these props from the 80s.

    The casting is perfect and each character in the ensemble of great actors delivers are powerful performance. Akshay Kumar has always been a great actor for me despite critics and so-called intelligent viewers writing him off. As the linchpin of the team he is subtle, intelligent and still manages to be funny in his own earthly way. This is definitely another feather in his cap with his long list of successful movies. Anupam Kher as a vulnerable supporter of the leader and a lustful old man (considering his long line of children) is superb and reminds of a perfect Punjabi uncle. Rajesh Sharma (Munjal from the movie Khosla ka Ghosla) as the third character fits perfectly into the well oiled team as the big guy from a Purani Dilli joint family. Kishore Kadam as the oppressed husband though a reserved role makes an impact. Jimmy Shergill's portrayal of a frustrated suspended police officer is very believable and you can't fail but empathize with the character of Sub- Inspector Ranveer Singh. But, Manoj Bajpayee is the actor which never ceases to amaze me. You put him any role and he shines, sometimes more than the protagonist. As a no nonsense CBI officer he again steals the show and gives another honest performance worth a standing ovation. Kajal Aggarwal (from Singham) is a pretty girl and looks pretty, however her character's contribution to the story is a little frivolous.

    The climax hits you in typical Neeraj Pandey style which I am sure is fast becoming his signature style in his movies. Full marks to him for great direction, amazing portrayal of all characters, great plot, superb casting and above all perfect detailing.

    Go and watch it, and I definitely can again. This one definitely lived up to my expectations and left me hungry for more (I waited till the end of casting hoping there would be another surprise scene at the end).
  • Special 26 is a heist movie based on real life incidents of 1987...I considered watching this movie because of the director of A Wedesday..NEERAJ PANDEY..and he didn't fail to deliver...Heist movies in bollywood are generally filled with crap like glamor,show-off and pulling off practically impossible stuff...and thats where special 26 stands above all....Great direction, incredible acting, perfect screenplay and a great script made this normal heist-kind off plot into the very best of its kind that bollywood has never seen....

    This fake CBI based concept is perfectly executed and what makes it standout is really good acting.AKSHAY KUMAR( who i consider bollywood's best)has finally found a good movie to do and he does it to perfection.But its ANUPAM KHER and MANOJ BAJPAI who steal the show with their perfect portrayal of difficult-to-play roles...the supporting cast does a fabulous job...except KAJAL AGARWAL...there was really no need for her character in the movie...

    Special 26 will keep you at the edge of your seat throughout 2.30 hours and an incredible climax will make you appreciate the movie...Except for AKSHAY-KAJAL segments, which were really not needed in the movie, Special 26 is perfect in every department and regardless of the business it does at the box office(I really don't give a damn about that),this movie is one of the all time greats in bollywood for me...
  • "A Wednesday" made me watch this and boy, was I surprised? Was I entertained? Hell yes, Special 26 is 2013's first serious cinema with no cheap humor, ridiculous stunt sequences or the typical B'wood masala. While Akshay Kumar is known for Housefull & Rowdy Rathore, this one plays different with a sharp plot-driven story and an even amazing execution on a real-life incident!

    Cut out the romance, and this is one gripping, fabulously woven heist drama parallel to what we see in Hollywood flicks. Anupam Kher couldn't get more thespian while Jimmy Shergill & Manoj Bajpayee complement the cast. Direction, screenplay (so that you don't get bored through 2.5 hours), score, acting and every other film factor is thoroughly scrutinized in this. Now, what's even more Special about this movie is that - since the time gap between decent, "movie-wala" movies is so vast, that you just can't get enough of it. Paisa Vasool!

    Originality in the thefts, corruption, authentic depiction of Indian locations and what-not, I could praise this movie and write a book moreover because it is 2013's one decent try.

    BOTTOM LINE: I should not reveal much and spoil the broth. Because Special 26 cannot be missed. 100% Recommended but if you are a logic- ridden cinema-goer, you may despise it! Except some dumb plot holes and serious anachronisms, it is a good thriller. But don't expect it anywhere near to what "A Wednesday" was. 10/10

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    Language: Mediocre | Sex & Nudity: No | Violence: No | Smoking, Alcohol & Drugs: No
  • He did it again. Though budget was seven times than "A Wednesday" (first masterpiece directed by Neeraj Pandey ) still it wasn't much hyped one ( or may be i don't watch TV these days). I came to know about this notorious saga when one of my friend messaged me to watch it . Thanks to her!! Its being ages since I watched well crafted ingenious Bollywood thriller( recommended to get over with trauma of Race 2). And that to con classic is a really a treat. And what makes it more interesting is "Based on real story" factor (though definitely more fiction).

    The movie is set in late 80's (specifically 1987). For starting 10 minute never felt that its a con movie. Thought of some kind of vigilant drama. But then subtle revelation made it clear. Story moves with introduction of all characters. One thing which was perfect about the movie was the feel of 80's. Airports, roads, vehicles, hotels,places where people use to hide money, panoramic view of cities, clips of events from 80's, demeanor of characters (Pleat pants wore by Bajpai,simple sweaters even the watch wore by Akshay was 80's item). The perfectly executed raid scenes with money shelled out from imaginative places. Brilliant and unpredictable climax. All adding stars to this con epic.

    Only week points were repetition of some scenes which were unnecessary, lady love of Akshay Kumar as per Indian Rule book, boring songs.

    Good to see Akshay Kumar doing something good (small trivia Neeraj waited for this movie almost 3 years just because he wanted Akshay to play lead role and in return benign Akshay charged only half of his normal fees), Anupam Kher and Manoj Bajpai at their best. Others playing their part.

    Final verdict : Watch it for intelligent con thriller, horse and buggy Indian days and Stellar Akshay Kumar's performance.

    Rating : 8/10.
  • After A Wednesday, Neeraj Pandey is back with an intelligent script on a true life incident against corruption. It is a story of con men who looted black money of politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen by posing either as CBI or income tax officials. Power of this flick lies in tight script with a last minute twist. This is a perfect answer to Ocean franchise, we can expect sequel as well. After a long time, Akki shows his acting talent in totally new avtaar. Anupam & Jimmy plays his role very well. Manoj is full of power & very well lifted his role. There is no need of female character in script. Loose Point: songs, as there is no need to waste 10-12 precious minutes. Best Dialogue: Asli Power dil me hoti h. Last Words: It is an intelligent movie with best performances. You would not regret watching.
  • Finally 2013 has its first Awesome movie. Its been an year with all crappy movies so far. Special 26 steals the show easily.

    The characters and actors have been so well chosen. Each actor has got the perfect character. The casting could not have been better than this. The direction is superb. So is the Art Direction. The story does not lag anywhere. So its a superb story with some really good editing.

    Talking about actors -

    Akshay Kumar - comes out of his day to day roles of khiladi and joker stuff. This is serious cinema which makes him a complete actor.

    Anupam Kher - reminds everyone that he is still very much the same awesome actor as the one in 90s.

    Jimmy Sheirgill - chooses the right kind of role finally. He perfectly fits the role of SI Ranvir Singh and also fits well in the 1987 plot.

    Manoj Bajpai - as good as ever. Special 26 ka CBI inspector Waseem Khan is as good as Wasseypur ka Sardar Khan.

    Kavya - hardly any role for her. Shes in the movie for songs only.

    Divya Dutta - standard supportive role. does well.

    Others - very well done.

    Art direction for Delhi steals the show. the 1987 Delhi has been brought alive. details have been worked out well. 1987 Mumbai disappointed. I guess it was very tough to recreate that so the director and the VFX team chose the green screen. Thats the shoddiest part of the movie and hence i gave the 9/10 and not a full tenner.

    Verdict : The movie can definitely been seen more than once at a theater if you get the tickets. It is gonna be a houseful for some days.
  • Movie name says it all, its special for movie lovers, awesome story, perfect movie. Everyone gave their best, there are no OTT actions or cheap comedy, no unwanted songs, not a remake from south, original script from perfectionist Neeraj. Akshay Kumar made an u turn with this movie, he should choose more movies like this instead of comedies where he can show his real talent. Manoj and Anupam was awesome. Bolly should make more movies like this then soon Bolly will be compared with Hollywood. the climax of this movie will make u speechless, awesome twist at the climax. Neeraj is perfectionist, his debut A Wednesday was awesome, now he delivers Special 26, like A Wednesday we can watch Special 26 again and again and can say What A Special Movie This Was. One word for the movie EPIC
  • It's been almost seven years before writer-director Neeraj Pandey decided to go back to the director's chair for what would only be his second feature film to date after making his debut with A Wednesday. And Special Chabbis, or Special 26, is indeed that special project that would lure him back, being once again a film inspired by true events, around a time in the 80s where identities of the taxman, and the policeman, were utilized by thieves in their respective heists against corrupt businessmen and politicians whom they know would not breathe a word on the loss of their ill gotten gains.

    Akshay Kumar plays Ajay, whom we see as a Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) officer, together P.K. Sharma (Anupam Kher), Joginder (Rajest Sharma) and Iqbal (Kishor Kadam) performing a raid in New Delhi together with local policeman Ranveer Singh (Jimmy Shergill) against a prominent minister. But soon this facade soon gives way that Ajay, Sharma, Joginder and Iqbal are none other than con men of the highest order - confident in execution, meticulous in detail, and able to cover their tracks really well in their many heists together. This is like Danny Ocean and his Ocean's Eleven, except that Ajay relies on a much smaller crew in their attempts to fleece, relying on quick wits to turn unexpected situations into opportunities of gain.

    The crux of the story, once we get out of the extended introduction, is the cat and mouse game between Ajay and his crew, and that of CBI officer Wasim Khan (Manoj Bajpayee) who is determined to track them down and bring them to justice for ruining and embarrassing the good name of CBI officers everywhere. And in part this key assistance comes from Ranveer who had been duped into helping Ajay and crew, and possibly being the only one who can help identify all the perpetrators, who have so far stayed below the radar after the completion of each heist.

    Neeraj Pandey knows just what it takes to make a heist film, utilizing key requisite scenes such as the planning, and execution, tossing in surprises along the way to keep things fresh and engaging for the audience, never for once knowing just how each attempt would play out, at times for light comedy, but most times in admiration just how an escape strategy got formulated, with audacity. What's best here is of course the true meaning behind the title's Special 26, where once it's fully explained, will wrap up the brilliance of the entire caper, which proved to be that ace up Pandey's sleeve, with a pace that never lets up, save for moments where he felt he had to balance the testosterone levels with the introduction of Kajal Aggarwal's character Priya, serving as token romantic fodder for Ajay.

    I felt Akshay Kumar was badly in need of a hit, and a film that didn't requite him to play the joker. His filmography in 2012 was rather weak throughout, and for a hardworking actor who appears in more than a handful of outputs, 2013 might be off to a great start for his fantastic performance here as the master thief and schemer who is into his final lap, so that he can retire with his lady love and ride off into the sunset. It's not the first time Akshay's playing a thief, but it's clearly one of his best roles in recent years. And added to that is Anupam Kher's ever reliable performance in a supporting role, as the one amongst the gang who has the most to lose, given a large family to support, and the one who gets put in a spot to decide whether he should give in to the law, or stick by Ajay and his grand plan.

    Special Chabbis / Special 26 is that crime caper that's all smart and serious, but never without a light touch when the situation calls for one. Perhaps the only weak points here were the song-and-dance interludes that felt forced and necessary, but would have done heaps better without these pauses in the narrative, mostly for romance to take place, and to flesh out more depth to the Ajay character. But in all honesty, it's the audacity of the crime that's being committed that we're here for, and to see just how, in true Ocean's Eleven style, these robbers get to wriggle their way out of trouble. Recommended!
  • You don't need almost 832 twists in a script to make it look slick and classical thriller. Neeraj Pandey proved it with Special 26. AND one more thing : All PANDEYz of bollywood please stay aside as this PANDEY is something extraordinary with his hand on script and direction. lets move back to film. film starts with a bang (Heist) which stuns you more because of body language of characters and the direction (ofcourse background score should get the praise too) film moves to some rom-com plot suddenly but without making you bore. First half was good but when the second half starts it takes it to another level. beyond our imagination and a amazing climax leaves you thrilled. film keeps you on the edge of seat throughout the 2 and half hour. astonishing sets,superb background score,tight script,marvelous performance and NEERAJ PANDEY. lets say the later NAME is enough to make you expect the unexpected. lets have a look to the performances : Manoj Bajpayee is amazing. one more time he gave his BEST and i don't think its necessary to say he is one of the most talented actor bollywood ever have. Anupam kher is also awesome with all his body language and dialogue delivery stuff. BUT this man AKSHAY was the show stealer. He did something out of the box and did it so brilliantly that you will remember him as his character name AJJU more than akshay. A film not to miss this weekend. All the abusive words got silenced and its a clean family entertainer with all the element to entertain and thrill you. missing such a cinematic experience will be a crime for a movie buff and bollywood lover. Rating : ALL THE STAR IN SKY
  • An amazing movie with a very good twist in both the starting and the climax part. All actors have performed well and the movie is worth watching. The amazing weekend blockbuster starring Akshay Kumar, Kajal Aggarwal and supporting actors Manoj Bajpay, Anupam Kher and Jimmy Shergill. This movie marks the comeback of the greatest action star Akshay Kumar in his amazing comic role + serious role. This movie depicts four characters who looted the money of rich people like ministers and jewelery shop owners who were corrupt by claiming themselves to be CBI and in other case as Income Tax Dept. This issue is shown in the movie which refers to actual occurrence of such robberies in the 1980's in India.
  • namashi_110 February 2013
    Neeraj Pandey's 'Special 26' is A Must See! A nail-biting thriller, that borrows its premise from true events. Its a solidly written, superbly directed & sharply acted film!

    'Special 26' is based on a real life group of con artists who pulled off many clever robberies during 1980's, and robbed famous businessmen and politicians by pretending to be the CBI or Income tax officers, and on the pretext of conducting raids they would take away all the black money.

    'Special 26' has an engaging first-hour, but a spectacular second. The twist in the tale is highly shocking but cleverly executed. Neeraj Pandey, Writer/Director of the 2008 cult-classic 'A Wednesday', delivers another winner with 'Special 26'. His Screenplay is solid, while His Direction is simply superb. Cinematography by Late Bobby Singh is excellent. Editing is good. Art & Costume Design are good.

    Performance-Wise: Anupam Kher is gloriously scene-stealing. The veteran plays the paranoid yet sly fake CBI Officer with remarkable ease. Akshay Kumar is a terrific actor & he's in serious form this time around. Manoj Bajpai is exemplary, as always. How good can Bajpai get? Jimmy Shergill is restrained. Kajal Aggarwal is fair. Rajesh Sharma is impressive. Divya Dutta sparkles in a cameo.

    On the whole, 'Special 26' is a gem!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Special Chhabbis (a group of twenty-six specially chosen people) is based on the real life event of the loot of the jewellery showroom of Tribhuvandaas Bheemji Jhaveri in the Opera House of Mumbai (then Bombay) on 19.03.1987. The specialty of the loot was that the robbers had posed as CBI officers giving the loot the look of a CBI raid on the showroom, taking away jewellery worth millions in the shape of the forfeiture of the unaccounted goods. For this purpose, the robbers had used 26 fake probationers of CBI, 'recruiting' them through a fake interview just one day before and telling them that this raid was a 'practical test' for them. This incident gave Neeraj Pandey,the filmmaker a plot to make a thriller movie which has come in the form of Special Chhabis.

    Neeraj Pandey has shown that there is a group of four conmen who pose themselves as CBI officers or income tax officers and conduct sudden (fake) raids on the business houses and residences of corrupt govt. officials and ministers. The 'confiscated' currency notes and jewellery is their booty with which they vanish in the thin air without the robbery being reported to the police because of its being black money. They are fond of slapping people also while conducting the raid nay robbery. And they are very much proud of this act of theirs too as if they were doing something laudable. Coming from different cities, they assemble only for this joint venture of themselves whenever it is planned by their leader - Ajay (Akshay Kumar). After such a raid at the residence of a minister in Delhi on the Republic Day of India in 1987, the matter reaches the real CBI and an honest and dedicated CBI officer - Wasim Khan (Manoj Bajpayee) starts trailing them. By taping the phone of one member of the gang - P.K. Sharma (Anupam Kher), he comes to know of a big robbery planned to be conducted in the jewellery showroom at the Opera House of Mumbai (Bombay) and also the drama of recruitment of 26 youngsters to use them as ignorant accomplices in this loot. But despite his knowledge of everything, the loot takes place. His team of 26 cops proves to be the Special 26 for the robbers (and not the recruitees) which is used by the mastermind as the ignorant accomplice for the job. Instead of the showroom, the workshop of the owners gets looted where the jewellery of the showroom had been shifted by the real CBI.

    First let me jot down the pluses of the movie in a nutshell (because their trumpet has been blown by several reviewers quite loud). The filmmaker has created the period of the eighties with almost perfection on the screen which is a great job and deserves high accolades. The performers have done exceedingly well especially Manoj Bajpayee who from every angle, appears to be a no-nonsense CBI officer. The movie contains good humour and Ajay's demonstrating his quick-wit in an unexpected adverse situation is highly impressive. The director has maintained the momentum of the narrative throughout keeping the audience hooked (with the exception of the utterly superfluous romantic track). It's a very interesting movie, no doubt.

    Almost all the viewers and the reviewers got so much carried away by the entertainment value and the bringing the era of the eighties alive on the screen that they (perhaps unknowingly) bypassed the minuses of this movie which are no less in number than the pluses.

    The filmmaker has not bothered to explain the reason behind this robbery act of the characters except a (probably false) explanation furnished about Ajay's failing to make it to the CBI years back which led him to become a fake CBI officer. Very less is told about the personal lives of these foursome except the family life of P.K. Sharma containing his wife and several children. Besides, he has glorified the crime as if it were some noble cause.

    The real CBI officer shifts the jewellery of the showroom to the workshop, replacing it with imitation jewellery. Why ? When the robbers were going to be caught red-handed, what's need for that ?

    Neeraj Pandey has tried to create an unexpected twist in the climax of this movie in order to give a shock treatment to the audience. However since in case of this movie, the story is a real life incident, he had to amend it to create the desire shock value. This shock is less for the real CBI officer who has been made a fool by the conmen, more for the audience who has been fooled like anything by the filmmaker. It is revealed in the end that the cops who were posing as the ignorant accomplices of the con-gang are actually fake and their real accomplices. How can one digest it because the fake cop (Jimmy Shergill) himself brings the case to the real CBI and himself furnishes the identity and the Chandigarh address of P.K. Sharma (Anupam Kher) enabling the real CBI officer (Manoj Bajpayee) to tape his phone and thereafter trail and nail him ? This is as good as hitting axe on own foot. Besides, when the actual address of Sharma is known to the CBI,how can he escape now ? He has a very large family and establishment behind him. Neeraj Pandey has challenged the intelligence of his audience and fooled them.

    In no review of this movie (except the one on did I find this flaw of the movie being highlighted. What does it mean ? Do we enjoy being made fool just because the filmmaker has entertained us very much ? And is this why that instead of complaining, we start going ga ga over the movie and singing praises for the conman, i.e., the filmmaker ?
  • Amazing film, best Indian heist drama ever. One of the best Hindi films I have ever seen period. Its a gripping thriller,story keeps you on the edge of the seat, loads of laughter also. Acting wise Akshay Kumar is the best, his best performance ever. Manoj Bajpyee, Anpuam Kher and Jimmy Shergill are amazing, award worthy performances, career best for all. Direction, Screenplay and Script wise Neeraj Pandey is beyond belief good, should be pick up all bollywood awards and national award. Won't reveal anything about plot because would ruin the film but its must watch movie for everyone, not enough words to explain this masterpiece.

    10 OUT OF 10 5 OUT OF 5

  • I just have to say that they have got traits of several movies (Oceans Trilogy and The Illusionist to be exact). But they have woven a great story around a perfect plot so well, that one would enjoy every aspect of it. Yet another great work from the magician named Neeraj Pandey. Even Akshay Kumar's presence has been good, amazingly. Anupam Kher also have done a marvelous job, and so has Manoj Vajpayee. The cinematography and the BGM shot off the hook, while the special effects were quite lame.

    The overall screenplay has so been so beautifully shot, and the basic plot being excellently set, one would actually enjoy this movie to its core. This is a great watch for all movie lovers. From within, I told myself while watching this movie, "Finally, an entertainer. And that too a proper one...from Bollywood, after a long period of time."
  • kunder-akshay313 February 2013
    This one comes from the director of the classic 'A Wednesday', so the expectations were high and the question arises is does it stand up??

    It does and does so well that you may well end up watching the end credits .

    The movie starts with a sequence of fake CBI Interview wherein the intensity of both Anupam Kher and Akshay Kumar builds the movie further with fake CBI Issues piling one on another.

    The high point of this dramatic satire is that there are no dull moments.Even the scenes between Akshay and Kaajal are ain't boring.

    Since the movie stars well acclaimed actors there was seldom chance of bad performance. Manoj Bajpai , Anupam Kher , Akshay Kumar top notch. Great Supporting cast from Jimmy Shergil and Divya Dutta.

    All in all its a movie recommended to the class of different genre movie lovers.Great to see AK in a different role after long time.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Written n directed by Neeraj Pandey (A Wednesday). Cinematography by Bobby Singh (Gangster, Life in a Metro). Edited by Shree Narayan Singh (a Wednesday- excellent job in that film but don't know y he dint cut the romance angle from this flick). The film takes its foundations from the robbery of 19 March 1987, when 26 people posing as income tax officials raided a jewellery store in Opera House, Mumbai. Nice thriller marred by bad n unnecessary romance angle. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this movie. Akshay was OK. Can't act. Anupam stole the limelight. He was too good in this film. Perfect Indian heist film. Loved it man.  Akshay shud do more films like these n avoid baby, houseful n holiday kinda films. Manoj bajpai was excellent as usual. Even Shergill acted well. Good attention was paid in detail (very rare to see in Indian films), good character building. Best was the cat-and-mouse chase between the conmen and the police. Nice twist.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After an excellent 2012, Akshay starts 2013 with a fantastic film. Special 26 was the one movie the Khiladi needed as even if his previous films were successful, they weren't great. Baring OMG:Oh My God, his other films all depended on solid one liners, superb action, and word of mouth. I have nothing against Masala movies, they are quite entertaining but, it is not as good as a realistic films like Kahaani, Taalash and the recent Special Chabbis. The movie isn't successful only because of Akki, other people have contributed quite a lot to the film. What doesn't the film contain? Powerpacked performances, funny dialogs, decent songs, a proper flow in the story.

    The story is based on some true incidents that happened in the late 80s, it's about how certain people raided officials like ministers as fake CBI. These fake people would steal all their goods and money and leave the place, make it look like a real incident and leave. They would go to a secluded location and change their identities, from their they would part their own ways.

    The movie has something called a proper storyline, it also has a good flow in the storyline. There are hardly in clichés and plot holes in the storyline and everything is well directed. The only cliché would be the forced romance of Akshay and Kajal which doesn't fit well with the story. Other than that, the whole storyline has been well handled.

    Performances are first rate for the most part, Akshay Kumar does a brilliant job and it doesn't look made up. Being an Akki fan, this movie was a must watch for me. After a decent 2012, the Khiladi does a brilliant job in a realistic and well made film. Kajal Aggarwal looks gorgeous and acts properly though her part wasn't needed in the film. Even then, she does a good job as the heroine. Anupam Kher does a brilliant job in a supporting role and the same goes for Manoj Bajpayee. Jimmy Shergill is fabulous and the twist involving his character nearing the end is extremely well handled. The rest provide good support and do what is required.

    Music is decent, Gore Mukde Pe Zulf Di Chavaan is good(Kajal Aggarwal looks beautiful in that song), Kaun Mera is slow and melodious, Mujhe Me Tu(Sung by Akshay Kumar) is fabulous, it is so nice to listen to. The rest are good fillers for the movie.

    Direction and story by Neeraj Pandey is superb, he handles the whole movie properly without any rough patches. Even if the romantic angle is forced, it is well handled as there is no overacting and boring moments in the romantic bits of the film too. Kudos to Neeraj for giving Akshay the well directed and well scripted film he needed. Because besides OMG, none of his films were well scripted though the entertainment made the film worth watching despite the films being silly in parts.

    On the whole, Special Chabbis(26) is a brilliant film scripted and directed by Neeraj Pandey with Akshay Kumar and Kajal Aggarwal in the lead.
  • All i say its more than worth to watch this movie.Super movie with full of entertainment and drama. Kajal aggarwal was not up to the mark in movie but standing ovation for Akshay,Jimmy Divya Dutta and last but not the least Manoj ji tremendous job by all of them.

    All i say Kajal does a bakwas job she was better in singham. But movie full of twist and drama and u do not think to leave your seat. Bit boring part is the chemistry between Akshay and Kajal. And all four team members does a tremendous job. After a long time such a movie come. When 2.40 hrs gone i didn't come to know. My 3 favorite Dialogues:- 1. Asli power Dill main ho ti Ha. 2. Asli kaam to yeah kar rahe Ha hum to bus apni.... 3.full form of CBI is "Central Bank of India"

    One time must must watch u will definitely have a great memory.:)
  • I have to say that this is the best con movie Bollywood has ever produced; and yes I've seen Doom I & II. After watching Neeraj Panday's directorial debut A Wednesday, expectations for this film was already sky high and he didn't fail to meet our expectations. An excellent plot backed by great acting from the whole crew except Kajal Aggarwal. I don't want to reveal anything about the plot in fear of divulging those great twists in the process. The songs were really poor and irritating and was interrupting the general flow of the story; the romance angle was a complete failure; and though Neeraj did a great job in picturing the gritty real life scenes but in some places they felt a bit dull and lack-lustre. Without those horrible unnecessary soundtracks and romance, this movie could have been bold enough to be compared to OCEAN'S ELEVEN. But overall, this movie is no doubt quite impressive and a must watch for all con movie lovers!!!
  • rhitwick10 February 2013
    The movie is 2.5 hrs long (yes, I checked!) which could have been easily shortened to 2 Hrs. Just remove all those good for nothing songs, few flashbacks (collage of scenes which you've already seen) and one or two more unnecessary scenes.

    BUT, but, don't go by that negative starting, this is a good movie and may be first hit of 2013 from Bollywood. Neat(well, 98% neat) script, short and smart dialogues accompanied with powerhouse acting of Manoj Bajpayee, Anupam Kher and Akshyay Kumar(I've never thought I would say Akshyay and good acting in one sentence, ever!)

    Go, watch'll definitely enjoy it.
  • A Neeraj Pandey film post the classic A Wednesday cannot escape two major things associated with it unarguably. One is the huge amount of expectations among the viewers from his second film and the other is a comparison in their minds with his debut movie which was acclaimed all over unanimously.

    This time the basic theme revolves around few shocking true incidents of 1980s wherein four people posing as CBI or Income Tax department men robbed several businessmen and politicians in the broad daylight and nobody even reported those fake raids due to the fear of revealing their unaccounted black money. The subject is no doubt a well chosen one which also has been made into a fine exciting thriller which would surely entertain majority of viewers interested in this particular genre. The fantastic initial 30 minutes impress you a lot and then you get into the mood of watching an engrossing heist tale of four entertaining con-men who plan & execute their brave heists with great intelligence and confidence.

    To begin with, SPECIAL 26 has an uneven first half with a forced in love angle and few good songs (taking you again into the clichéd Punjab) which I was never expecting in a film from the maker of A Wednesday (a song-less masterpiece). Anyway, to say the truth, the film would have been a much better, focused and inspiring tale to watch without all these silly, forced in sequences.

    In the second half, though there is another song to continue the avoidable teasing, still Neeraj gets back on his track soon and then gives you a shocking climax in the end breaking all the norms of such con-films made in Indian Cinema till date. The twist in the tale makes you sit straight and forces you to think that how they actually did it. Yet here once again I would like to say that S26 will surely be appreciated more by the lovers of this particular genre only because the film has a major part of its content without dialogues with just the pulsating background score keeping the energy alive and the actors performing their act on the screen silently. Hence it's basically a film, which is more concerned about its rare plot in the script and less about the actors performing their roles on the screen (as it should be).

    Apart from its exceptional execution SPECIAL 26 also excels in its department of Cinematography and Art Direction showing the cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Calcutta in the late 80s almost perfectly. To give you the feel of that developing era, the essence of those times is well taken care of with all Maruti 800s, Fiats, Black Autos, the old Connaught Place (partially), Best Buses & Bus Stops in Bombay and Trams in Calcutta shown clearly in all the long and close outdoor shots taken elegantly. Further its also nothing short of an achievement made by the director that despite of being a film about con-men, police and thieves performing some big crimes, there is not even a single scene of blood- shed, murder or gun-shots. So visually too it's a great work done by the team lead by the talented Neeraj Pandey which needs to be watched keeping in mind the obvious points (like there were no communication sources at that time other than the fixed line government allotted telephones in our homes).

    Musically, S26 didn't require a romantic plot and the songs at all even if they do give you some listening pleasure for few moments (like Kaun Mera) . The songs hinder the pace of this crime-chase thriller hugely and they have clearly been added to suit the image requirements of the lead hero.

    Akshay is in terrific form in the film and emotes well in all kinds of scenes in the script, which is far different and ahead than most of his recent mindless comedies. But in case, the romantic angle was in reality forced by him only then its pretty evident that he was not 100% confident about the genre of S26 and its success right from the beginning. Both Manoj Bajpayee & Anupam Kher give another splendid performance of their bright careers as expected. Jimmy Shergill is efficient and same can be said about Rajesh Sharma and Kishore Kadam who mostly remain silent throughout the film.Kajal is wasted in a forced role and Divya Dutta shines in her small cameo.

    Having said that the film still has many big flaws(like the real identity of Anupam and his residence already known to Police, still he manages to fly away with his wife) which force me to rate it a bit lower than desired. However one can enjoy it surely if he wishes to ignores these big open loopholes in its entertaining script. So due to that very reason SPECIAL 26 remains a fine heist thriller from Neeraj Pandey which can surely be considered as A TUESDAY after his A Wednesday and not A THURSDAY.
  • This is undoubtedly the best con movie Bollywood has ever produced. Bunty & Bubli, Bluffmaster all take a back seat when compared to this gem. The details with which every con job has been portrayed along the engrossing Background Score keeps you on the edge of your seat for most part of the movie. The romance angle was quite unnecessary though. They should have stuck with Oh My God & Paan Singh Tomar approach. If your story is good enough Indian audiences can forgive the director for not including forceful romantic angles in every movie. By interval you will be unknowingly rooting for the Bad Guys. The way the story ends leaves you in quite an awe. Good times await for Indian audiences and this movie is an indication for the same. Must Must watch for all.
  • rraghav10 February 2013
    Special 26 is a very impressive film from start till end with minor bumps which if edited would have straight away landed it as the Best film of 2013 without even waiting for rest of the movies which will release. Neeraj Pandey has done it again, very talented Director. I am already waiting for his next flick.

    Special 26 is executed really well with top notch performances from the actors. This movie will keep you waiting for something to happen. Will the elite CBI officer catch the smart con its better you watch it yourself. The movie has its share of light moments which are situational. Songs are not great and the love angle would have been presented better maybe but then you feel it more due the adrenalin the director has already built up.

    Akshay Kumar is fantastic, Manoj Bajpee is as usual good, Anupam Kher great. Overall the movie is presented very well with the climax being the best a thriller/suspense movie can have. I am sure you will try and guess the climax but rest assured you will be served with a delightful climax which will leave you with may be a Smile on the face or "Hell man he is a genius".

    I will go with 9/10 and you will know why the lone star is missed.
  • With talented directors' innovative bend of mind we are subjected to some brilliant cinema off late (though the 100Cr trashes still rules the marquee).Neeraj Pandey is one of such avant-garde story teller who wooed the audience with his flawless directorial debut "A Wednesday" half a decade ago. After a hiatus he is back and back he is with a Bang! Special 26 takes us back to the era of 80s (not the loud inane "Himmatwala" kind) when things were less convoluted and people still used to have faith on fellow sapiens. In terms of technology life was simpler and people had the time to use their wit to the summit. The film is about an team of four intelligent con men who used to impersonate CBI officer (or Income Tax officer) & raid corrupt ministers, businessmen to loot their "black" money. Their confidence & acuteness gets tested when pitted against equally capable Wasim Khan, a dynamic CBI officer. Therein begins the war of wits which becomes more captivating with the progress of the film. Based on real events it is heartening to see that someone had the wit & balls to con those who are conning the whole nation.

    Neeraj Pandey should be showered with awards for this brilliant script which keeps you on the edge. There are many con films being made in India but this will feature amongst best Heist & Con drama made in Hindi so far. Pandey's film is one rare script-based gem that plays on the wit and gives a realistic touch to the proceedings. The detailing used to re-create the 80s deserves accolades. Every city shown in the story gives you the feel of the by-gone era and with usage of orange-brownish colour the tone of the film becomes more accurate. From telephone sets to car to newspaper the effort given in detailing oozes out from every scene. Dialogues like "Ye juicer grinder kya hai" hints on a subtly how mechanical we have become. The brilliant script is complimented with sharp dialogues with layered humour. One master stroke was when Akshay points on so many children of Anupam kher to which he replied that there wasn't any TV for entertainment in those days. At least there we have a reason for this gigantic population of ours ;) The script of "special 26" throws light on why Neeraj took 5years to make his second venture after a stupendous debut & now he stamped the fact that his maiden attempt wasn't a flash in the pan. Special 26 raised the bar & full marks to Pandey for making a commercially viable yet realistic, intelligent racy heist thriller that can proudly rub shoulder with world cinema.

    Late Bobby Singh's camera-work coupled with Reddy's art direction brings alive the 80s distinctive flavour with honesty and reality. Narayan Singh's editing gives the edginess to the narrative keeping us glued to each scene. The visual graphics used to recreate the 80s are commendable.

    Neeraj persuaded Akshay for the role and he excels as an astute con-man who let his brain speak rather than muscle. It is a rarity for Akshay who sheds his superhero image and gives an earnest performance. (How i wish he does more Speicla26 & OMG rather than the housefull rowdies. Also this film should force Sallu & Devgan to do at least one meaningful film).Manoj Bajpei is one of the finest actors around and we can only expect the best from him- whether it is revenge stricken Sardar Khan in GOW or a upright dutiful officer Wassem Khan in this film Bajpei is superlative. Even when he isn't speaking he is emoting through his posture & expression. Anupam Kher gets a meaty role after a gap & he pounce on to it giving a phenomenal performance. Jimmy Shergill had a strong yet understated character which is of extreme significance to the narrative & he doesn't let you down. As a dismissed confused police officer vowed to unmask the con men he adds more spice to the chat-pata narrative. Divya Dutta shines in an interesting supporting role. Rajesh Sharma is ever reliable and he made his presence felt in a role which is far cry from nutty Tikku mama from "Luv Shuv tey Chicken Khurana". Kajal Agarwal looked good but her character was forced and could have been done away with. The rest of the cast were restrainedly exemplary.

    Neeraj Pandey gives a winner again after "A Wednesday" and this is not to be missed. An earnest, honest and realistic heist drama which comes once in a while in Hindi. Good to see brainy films for a larger audience are getting made nowadays. Let us help this superb film to cross the 100 Cr mark to show respect to this kind of films. Indeed a special experience for cine-goers who are bored with typical 'race2' kind of films.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hollywood has been famous for its incredible heist movies all the time. It is not often that Bollywood tries this type of concepts in its movies. Yet it took the risk, and this one was totally worth it. This movie is based on a true incident that happened in 1987 in present day Mumbai.

    A group of con men posing as CBI officers carries out a fake raid at a minister's house successfully, fooling two police officers in their way. They then get back to their way of continuing with their natural lives. They continue to do their operations. But the police whom they fooled first is determines enough to take the gang down, and thus contacts the real CBI, seeking their help. Thus begins the cat and mouse chase which forms a major part of the film.

    Ajay (Akshay Kumar) leads the gang of four, and is quite perfect in his role. He is accompanied by P.K. Sharma (Anupam Kher), Joginder (Rajesh Sharma) and Iqbal (Kishor Kadam). They all truly justify their roles in the movie. But the casting of original CBI officer Waseem Khan (Manoj Bajpayee) is the best decision that. His acting, expressions as the determined officer is phenomenal.

    The film has cool period flavour in everything from the costumes to the musical score. Even the chase scenes combining with the background score are quite interesting and succeeds in the creating the tension in the scenes. Unexpected twists also add to the movie's flavour. There are certain scenes which also minimize the tensions created with their comical mood. Although not intolerable, the dance scenes serve as an extra weight to the movie, which is typical of any Bollywood movie that you will ever find. But they don't reduce any of its good aspects.

    Overall, this movie truly justifies its genre and is one of Bollywood's finest movies. This movie is recommended to anyone who loves heists and crimes and also enjoys watching Bollywood movies.
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