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  • The first half of the movie, involving the mother and her daughter moving into an old apartment with a spooky past, is good. Creepy and suspenseful. The idea of the tooth fairy, and plot of the story is a good one. The special effects are very good, and the gore is minor, which I actually like. The scene where you finally see the "tooth fairy" is really good, scary and well directed. Then however, the movie takes a turn for the worse. It is slow moving and boring to some degree. The whole storyline within the mental hospital is disconnected to the first half of the story. It loosely ties into the history of the apartment, but kind of goes off the rails from there. It is unpredictable which is refreshing, the ending was not what I expected. The mother is the only person in the movie that you have any real connection with. The daughter is unpleasing, and a bit scary looking to begin with. I think I would recommend this if you like spooky movies that are not run of the mill, and low on gore. Good story, just kind of seemed like to parts that didn't tie in well together.
  • I read most of the reviews regarding this film, and truly expected it to suck enough that I would have to fast-forward. That is how I view most low budget "horror" films. However, I didn't fast-forward the film once. I am a huge horror fan, and though this one didn't give any real scares, it didn't bore me to tears either. The plot of the story was interesting, and I (like many other viewers) didn't see the end coming until right before it happened. I can't say the ending was great, but it was at least interesting. If you have a little time to spare, and have watched pretty much everything else that has come out recently, then give this one a shot.
  • For starters, I'm no film critic so feel free to flail me for this as its my first attempt at a review. I've just watched this thoroughly expecting it to be Corny as hell but in fact its not bad. I don't usually go for these sort of films but I was bored had nothing to watch. As it happens it was OK, the acting's a bit wooden and you don't really get to know any other characters other than the lead but the story's not bad, not too predictable.The special effects/CGI is done well and not too over the top with the blood and gore. Also it seems to be shot in Italy as there seems to be some Italian writing on newspapers and things with quite fast and very hard to see subs. All in all, its worth a look if your into the thriller/horror films.
  • Sophia's (Harriet MacMasters-Green) daughter does not say this but you get the idea. Wanted to get into it but ended up hoping it would not disappoint me too much with the ending.

    On the bright side, it is definitely not Hollywood but on the dark side, it has a hackneyed plot with lose strings and mediocre acting. This is a mother and daughter story. I admired the mother's beauty but felt distanced by her acting. The daughter, bless her heart, is not eye catching or endearing. The story kept me guessing and always swayed away from horror formula stuff but felt a bit like a bunch of horror movies tossed into a blender, resulting in a herky jerky plot, full of distractions and leaving you guessing at lose strings. Still the ending I did not expect since I not at all confident I know how it ended, felt it would have been better if it ended at the last scream.

    Maybe the acting was the result of bad directing. In any case, I would not recommend it unless you are in the mood for a thriller/mystery/horror with an artsy Italian flavor that is not hung up on making too much sense.

    5 for being unconventional but too chopped up.
  • Despite the negative reviews, I found this movie watchable. Some may have felt that it was only worthy to be watched as a last resort movie, but this is not true.

    Although this movie left some questions unanswered (such as what is the main character's job and why is she teaching in Italy but speaks English to her Italian students? or why are the subtitles so small where you can't really tell what really happened until the truth comes out in the end), it has a few great scares that made me jump and a great twist ending that explains what REALLY happened! If you rent this movie, don't do so out of boredom or as a last resort, do it because you like a great movie. If you liked movies such as They, Boogeyman or Darkness Falls, this is the movie for you.
  • This movie simply started...GREAT! I loved it, it seemed a bit rushed, but dunno, maybe it wanted a new approach, trying to get us into the story faster so it can offer chilling thrills and stuff...but NO.

    Started nicely to get our attention and then, what goes up, must come down. It sucked, it really sucked, I mean dear God, how can a movie just kill itself like that? The acting was getting worse by the minute, the uber cool "twist" already explaining itself to us, and the killings made pretty much no sense to be honest. Ofc, one might say (as i did when the time came), "this ending is the only one that could save the movie a little", but still, I mean you see it coming a mile away so dunno about you, but i for one, felt bored as heck from min 20 i think.

    Therefore, I should recommend "Darkness falls", "Sinister", "Dead silence", if you want to watch a horror with a tooth fairy/a haunted house/ a too good of a twist. All in all, i say avoid this one, not much to see, i mean seriously, the camera work, dialogues, acting, BAD. And now consider yourself warned! Have fun!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film is not all bad as some of the reviewers have stated. Some of the scenes were pretty good like the car crash and when it started to rain teeth. The story itself was good but there were too few scares and the story plodded along without really wowing you at any stage. The killings didn't really make sense and were all done off screen. I would've loved to have seen a vengeful ghost pull off someones jaw or even a good old decapitation. Alas this film fails to deliver in the scares department and doesn't play on your mind after the final credits like say Sinister does.

    The ending was tame. I was expecting something like that at the end but it was muddled. What did the mother see that drove her mad? Did she see the dead body of her daughter or was it her daughter doing the killings? Had the woman's ghost possessed the girl or was it just the Earthbound spirit of the girl walking around. What did the zombie makeup on the girl's face mean? Was it significant that the mother saw this on her daughter's face earlier in the film.
  • Don't you just hate it when a film doesn't live up to even a minor 10% of its own great potential? "Fairytale" easily could have been an old-fashioned sinister and atmospheric fable, but due to a variety of reasons (most of them relating to lack of talent) it turned out to be yet another sore disappointment. The film premiered at the annual Brussels Festival of Fantastic Films, and what mainly lured to me to theater was the plot synopsis mentioning the tooth fairy. Personally, I think there's great macabre potential in this theme, but so far this hasn't resulted in any good or even half-decent movies. There's an adequate episode of "Supernatural" devoted to the theme, but the only long-feature horror movie I recall is the mediocre "Darkness Falls". Like that one, "Fairytale" starts off promising but doesn't manage to retain the viewer's attention through lousy character development and inept usage of the splendid set pieces and filming locations. Harriet MacMasters-Green, who's a stunningly beautiful lady but a very implausible concerned single mother, moves into an ancient apartment building with her daughter Helena after her husband left them. The jerk went off to Hawaii for a life of partying and flirting with young gals, in fact. Naturally, the new house comes with an eerie and secretive old wardrobe and a nasty neighbor who claims they shouldn't have come here. After the single worst car crash ever staged on film, which leaves both mother and daughter miraculously unharmed, the house slowly unfolds its mysteries. Helena becomes disturbingly obsessed with the tooth fairy, who actually lived in the building and left her marks inside the wardrobe, but is she really a good spirit … or a restless and tormented soul roaming around? The entire film, or at least the first 75 minutes or so, drags endlessly and everything (acting, direction, coherence …) gradually gets worse. It's almost like a toothache that gets more painful because of infection and lack of care. The denouement brings some improvement, even though the twist ending is still somewhat derivative and predictable. Tales about mythical night creatures and fairies gone ballistic shouldn't be boring. Especially not if they are made in Italy. Whatever happened to this country's awesome horror reputation? And now that we're on the subject, why does everyone speak lousy English instead of plain normal Italian? They read their newspaper articles in Italian, so why don't they speak it?
  • "Fairytale" was somewhat of a semi-disappointing experience, especially because the synopsis of the movie seemed interesting and the movie's poster was appealing. However, the movie just didn't deliver a well-placed punch that carried any weight. The movie was neither scary nor thrilling, but it did have the occasional moment here and there that was good enough.

    The story in "Fairytale" is about a mother living with her daughter, and they have just recently moved into a new home. However something very tragic have taken place in the very same home in the past, and the innocent believes of the daughter in the tooth fairy has awoken the spirit of the past, and the spirit is far from friendly.

    Sure, the storyline was good enough, although it didn't really carry anything much to offer the genre. It was basically all something that had been seen before. However, the two things that appealed to me in the movie was the car accident scene, as it was really nicely constructed, and the twist of events with the psychiatric hospital - which leaves you with something to think about.

    Effects-wise, then "Fairytale" was fairly tame, as it didn't really made any use of neither CGI nor special effects. It could be discussed whether or not this was a good thing, but personally I would have liked to have seen more usage of today's technology.

    And as for the acting, well it was fairly all-round adequate, except for Harriet MacMasters-Green who came off as rather unenthusiastic and lacking motivation in her role.
  • Let me say first, this is actually a "foreign" film. It is in English 99% of the time, but the other 1% required subtitles for the written parts. The parts of the film such as newspaper articles were all in Italian. The speaking is not done with voice overs, thank goodness, hate that, but the written information that was subtitled was also tiny on the screen so it was hard to read and they swiftly disappeared making them hard to catch somewhat. As far as the acting, it was very common acting portrayal for Italian films so I can see how someone would assume the acting was bad, which it was not. If you are used to foreign films you would not think the acting is bad, you'd understand that emotional expressions by people in other countries do not necessarily equate with "American" standards of the US. As someone who speaks fluently and studied several languages and cultures this is a good movie. The creepy aspects are well done! Dario Argento fans would definitely be pleased or anyone who actually understands other cultures and watches foreign films regularly. If you are someone who only watches American films and "blockbusters" and rarely watch any kind of "Indie" film, you might as well pass and allow the more culturally competent film aficionado to enjoy this horror film as it stands in its gruesome frightening way.
  • Im not one to generally write reviews here i'd rather read them if you know what i mean but the reviews here so far, albeit still low-ish at 4-5 stars are way too generous! the whole movie reeks of amateur acting and equally poor sound effects which makes for awkward viewing and thats before i even touch the storyline - its so scattered and pointless. This is time wasted from my life that i'll never get back but hopefully this saves someone some of theirs!!!!

    And I'm not even a hyper critical person when it comes to this genre, I'm quite willing to give films a fair crack especially horror films but this just sucked the life straight of of both itself and me
  • This is odd one, I thought it some really good ideas in this movie,

    I loved some of scenes in this movie, it there really well made but they didn't seem to have that Creepy feeling to see,

    I thought the plot was really good and the movie didn't flow that well, it felt some scenes in the movie felt bit strange in bad way.

    I actually liked the last scenes in this movie and I would have it a bit chilling then it was but that could have been a really good chilling moment,

    Another probable with this movie was some of the acting was really Wooden at times in this movie but some scenes there was decent acted scenes.

    Not great movie but worth watching a least once 4 out of 10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sophia (Harriet MacMasters-Green) separates from her husband (?) and lives with her daughter Helena (Sabrina Jolie Perez) in Italy, in a town with a strange history. They find an old wardrobe in the basement and move it into Helena's room. Sure enough the wardrobe is occupied by the tooth fairy who is obsessed about teeth as is now Helena. I am just glad my parents kept all my baby teeth for me in a jar.

    Once mom figures things out, moving the wardrobe back into the basement doesn't seem to be an option as the piece is functional and makes the room. So she moves a piano in front of it. The haunting escalates. Mom attempts to unravel the history.

    The film was done fairly well. I enjoyed the twist at the last ten minutes which should have come about half way through the film. I didn't find the film overly scary even if it displays some originality.

    Makes for a good rental. I can't see owning it. Might be one for the eight year old kids on a sleep over.

    Parental Guide: No f-bombs, sex, or nudity unless your John Ashcroft.
  • I truly don't understand why this movie scores this low. I watched hundreds, maybe thousands horror movies threw the years. And from experience I know that a movie doesn't need to be too complex or with to much gore and all that. The acting, music, camera work and things like that drag you into it, and small things can scare you with all those things being printed inside you. The way this movie builds up is very satisfying. Just a nice flow where you feel that the makers put a lot of time into details, especially the music and wow, the acting and choice of actors. In my book is a classic. I really enjoyed it and was pleased with the ending since the twist at the end puts all the parts together in a logical way.

    Do not believe the bad reviews, honestly, those people are after the terrible 80's horror movies, without emotion, content or anything. is my new standard and should be a warning to future horror movies, watch and learn from these masters. What a delight this movie is!!!
  • essexke11 August 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    I really can't say enough bad things about this movie. The plot lines are choppy, the acting is terrible, and so much happens that doesn't make any sense whatsoever. I dare say I've regretfully lost a precious 84 minutes of my life which I will never be able to get back. I'll mention a couple of things specifically. There's a car crash which looks to be devastating involving the main characters are thrown off a bridge. Following that, there are no noticeable wounds or damage to them. They seem to carry on as though it never happened. Then some bizarre scene with what is supposed to be the tooth fairy I think puts a piano in a hallway and chases the mother and daughter out of their house. Next thing you know,, we inexplicably jump ahead in time. It was either 18 months, or 18 years. I forget which, and the fact that I just watched this train wreck should be an indication as to the quality of this movie. I could go on, but I won't. I think you get the point. Listen to Nancy Regan, and just say no!
  • This Italian horror movies is one of the best horror movies I watched in 2013. I'm a big fan of horror movies and when I see it's Italian I expect a big thing and good horror and this what's I got with this movie.

    This movie backs me to the horror movies of the 90's! The movie is good for who like the classic horror movies of ghost who for persons had been killed by horrible ways, and those ghosts back to do somethings we like to watch in horror movies :)) and the end of this movie alone can makes me give it 9/10 as it has a surprise and they did it with a good way using the effects and the good acting of Harriet MacMasters-Green who I surprised that I didn't see her in any movie I watched!

    Good story and effects, also the acting the the main actress was so good, and the end was suitable for good horror movie.
  • Picture this, a blockbuster employee locked in an immobilizing state of flux. Poised between genres, DVD in hand. Then he takes the first tantalizing steps, he is no fool. For he has actually watched "the haunting of Helena" and is not swayed by the devilishly frightening front cover (that which pulled me in I'm afraid) Carefully placing the DVD upon the shelves labeled "comedy" The Blockbuster employee walks away, satisfied at a job well done.

    The haunting of Helena is not an awful watch really, that being said it is not at all a horror. It fits into a category better described as "horredy". A horror so poorly conducted that it causes genuine hilarity and thus through a great accident manages to become mildly entertaining.

    The protagonist, so memorable her name is in fact one of the only character names I cannot recall, is (for want of a better description) a big wet lettuce. She whines so much it's no wonder her life is in danger all the time, I wanted to kill her too, I would have at least put a measure of effort into making my crimes somewhat scary. The film starts in a promising way, I was impressed by the first scare tactic which took away from the typical "false scare real scare" that is so over used these days. But generally there are a lot of unnecessary over-complications to the plot. I am still unsure as to why the militia were ever involved in anything? Also. Who cut that child's hair? Now that's truly horrendous.
  • hlebov27 August 2019
    Like many underachieving horror movies, it started strong but ended weak. Other than an intriguing premise and a clever twist, the bad acting and muddled plot overshadowed what otherwise could have been a good flick.

    I always welcome a new or different interpretation of an old trope -- in this case, the "tooth fairy" -- but the film complicates itself unnecessarily and in such ways that did not ultimately pay off.

    I can deal with B-list acting in low budget horror movies but one can only suspend disbelief to an extent. I hate to say it but I really had trouble looking past the mediocrity of the two leads' performances.

    Again, I liked the story, it had potential, but it ended up as nothing more than a way to pass the time before bed, unfortunately. Cannot say I'd recommend but you could do worse, I suppose.
  • I can't really understand the low rating, I'm just glad I gave it a chance. The acting was very good, nothing looked low budget to me. I've seen nothing but bad horror movies lately and this was a nice change. Don't let the low ratings keep you from watching. I think you will be glad you watched!
  • There is a very arresting sequence in this film, when a young child cowers under a table as bloody teeth rain down from the ceiling. And that's about it. Stuffed full of ugly actors (the main woman with her huge facial mole could be a female Chesney Hawkes) who also aren't very good thespians, and with some very silly death scenes involving mosquitoes (?) this is a huge disappointment. The plot shows promise, but then it gets overtaken by tedium and the end result is just a waste of time. In a better film, the ending might have stood out, but here you're just glad the dross is over.

    And AGAIN the name change... In the UK this film is known as Fairytale. Perhaps the makers are ashamed of their efforts, and are seeking to dissociate themselves from the final product? Have these people ever heard of CREDITS?! DOH!! 4/10
  • THE HAUNTING OF HELENA (bizarrely retitled FAIRYTALE on the version I saw) is a ho-hum Italian ghost flick masquerading as a British film (everyone here speaks with strong British accents, although whether this was dubbed for UK release I don't know). It tell the usual tale of a mother and daughter who move into a new home which turns out to be haunted, and when the daughter loses one of her teeth in the night all hell literally breaks loose.

    The tooth connection is a tenuous part of what is a very ordinary ghostly chiller with lots of CGI spirit stuff and not much in the way to recommend it in the scheme of things. As with many modern horror films, the whole thing has a dark and dismal look to it, and there are very few things which happen in the story which are well staged. It's not that this is particularly bad, or poorly made, because it isn't; it's just so passe.
  • Over the last few years - and possibly spurred on by such bit hits as The Ring - there has been an influx in these types of horror films. Let me explain...

    Step 1: Take a parent (normally a single mother) who lives with their child. Step 2: Child starts behaving oddly. Step 3: Disbelief. Step 4: Acceptance that something supernatural is happening. Step 5: Consult expert who just so happens to live locally. Step 6: Confrontation and conclusion.

    Basically, Fairytale is one of those types of horror films. If you're a horror fan in general then you have probably already seen a dozen more like it. All these types of films follow the above plot points with only a few minor changes here and there. This one falls somewhere in the middle of them all. You'll have seen worse and you'll definitely have seen better.

    One major downside to Fairytale is the acting. First of all the child is not a good actress. I know it's harder for kids to act and they should be given a little more leeway that adults, but she was just so unbelievable it didn't help an already shaky film. The lead actress isn't much better and the school teacher (thankfully only briefly in it) is the worst of all.

    I can't really recommend Fairytale on account of it being so formulaic. Yes, there are a few scary/creepy scenes which pop up every twenty minutes or so, plus the odd plot twist, but there are so many better films like this out there, this one simply hasn't got the momentum to really stand out.
  • Many will pass this film by simply because of the title. Every film with the title "The Haunting of..." has been a horrible embarrassment for the horror genre. The film was originally titled Fairytale and probably would have been better off keeping that title even if it's vague and just as generic. It is quite a basic and somewhat boring ghost story, so this review will be short and to the point.

    The Haunting of blah, blah, blah is a low budget wannabe Asian horror film. This one tries to be the definitive tooth fairy tale and thankfully isn't anything like the 2003 train wreck, Darkness Falls. It's actually a very good looking film with decent performances. Some better than others. The practical make-up effects and cinematography are excellent while everything else is quite mediocre.

    What really holds this dramatic horror film back is when the story just gives up on trying to keep any originality the movie might have had by just re-telling the last act of The Ring. Even though that is somewhat still better than most films in it's genre, horror fans will find themselves bored as the final act feels as if it drags on forever.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I saw "Bloody Disgusting Productions" at the start of the film I knew there was something wrong with it. The first minutes were sort of good, it caught my attention at the point when the girls crash and fall to the sea. But right after that, even the "scary" parts, the film got weaker and weaker. The camera work was awful most of the time, and the little girl heavily resembled the one in Case 39 to me, which took away the originality of the film.

    The twist at the end, however, was pretty clever and interesting. My eyes were almost fully closed when that part came, and I woke up completely. Still, not a very good film to watch. I strongly suggest to horror fans to not see this, ever; but I do suggest that people who want to but can't take a nap, take a look at this! Surely that will work ;)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The background score really matched with the scenes and a good horror movie to watch in weekend..... It will definitely surprise you... The most twisting scene was when she watches the video that she takes from the archival about that guy who plucks his own wife's teeth when comes to know about that she is an ogre was unbelievable. Also when the child's mom try to place the piano in front of that wooden closet so that her child will not be having any nightmare, In middle of the night she finds that piano obstructing the main door instead closet. Now that dead woman comes out of that closet's room....... The background score really matched with the scenes and a good horror movie to watch in weekend..... It will definitely surprise you... The most twisting scene was when she watches the video that she takes from the archival about that guy who plucks his own wife's teeth when comes to know about that she is an ogre was unbelievable. Also when the child's mom try to place the piano in front of that wooden closet so that her child will not be having any nightmare, In middle of the night she finds that piano obstructing the main door instead closet. Now that dead woman comes out of that closet's room.......
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