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  • This show has great potential, as it contains a wide variety of sketches with all sorts of wacky & raunchy humor. Most of the recurring characters are hilarious. As far as the lame ones go, they're usually only in one skit and then they're out.

    Before watching this show, the viewer must be high, drunk, or both to enjoy it. I get the impression that all the negative reviews are from people who watched the show sober. To those people - I have no idea why you would waste your time watching a show like this when sober. It's clearly marketed to stoners & drunks. I'd go as far as to say that watching this show sober and then writing a negative review complaining about the lack of plot line is like watching episodes of Teletubbies as an adult and complaining about how predictable and unentertaining it was- it's not that it's a bad show; you're just the wrong audience.

    I hope this show lives on for more seasons to come, as it seems to be this generation's Beavis & Butthead, or even a good replacement for Aqua Teen Hunger Force (since that show just got discontinued).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you go into this show expecting it to be like South Park, or any of the other Comedy Central shows with multiple characters and plot lines that follow a specific beginning, middle, and end, then you are missing the point of the show. There are a lot of subtleties that if you don't pay attention for you will completely gloss over. For example the guy answering the phone is in fact a robot, and the show alludes to that right from the get go. Also these things you are seeing are in fact the robots interpretations of the calls he receives ( For the most part) In fact there are several more "trips" in trip tank that span from episode 1 to the end of season one that get revealed along the way and in fact there are more things going on than probably given credit for. But as far as watching goes if you are relaxing and wanting to watch some risqué and I'll be it a bit crude of humor, you may find yourself enjoying it just a little bit more than you would approaching it like any of Comedy Central's other shows as it is entirely different in design from their other shows, yet not so hard to understand.
  • kosko824 October 2015
    This is the best show ever humor is totally insane Different illustration and animation stiles they use from sketch to sketch are amazing I love this i dot't understand why everyone is talking shitty things about this show Its totally twisted and insane it's for the open minded people who love a black humor on every kind of theme. I personally enjoyed it a lot but i know that a lot of people i know would not understand this but besides that, it is amazing that something like this exists i would love to meet people who created this much respect And for all of those who are nagging about this that it's the worst move comedy central did in last years, all i could say to them is SUCK IT GARY! WOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!
  • This show is a hodgepodge of different styles and sensibilities and as such, it's a mixed bag. At its worst, the sketches are too reliant on shock humour and can sometimes miss the mark but there is still some good writing here and it's a cool show to look at due to the range of different animation styles on show.

    Overall, TripTank is a decent representation of internet cartoons with the same foul humour and general abrasiveness that once couldn't work on television now finally getting it's chance to be seen by a wider audience. It's giving talented people the opportunity to make a living as well as the chance to work with some of the best voice actors in the business who they probably otherwise wouldn't get the chance to work with. So for that, I give Comedy Central a pat on the back and hope they can continue to give their animators greater creative freedom come season two.
  • Well, this is far ahead of Robot Chicken at least, which seemed way too intelligent and boring after watching a couple of episodes of TripTank. Most of sketches are insanely fun, variety of animation styles used is freaking astonishing. I don't see any reason people don't like it besides they just can't get how amazingly it is done. Honestly, I never seen anything like that before. Every episode makes me wonder how on Earth can creators have fantasy like this and maintain a kind of story line (well, actually a lot of) through all the flick at the same time. This show is on top of favorites list among my closest friends, and it's for a reason. I achieve that level of creativity only on massive dosages of acid. Unbelievable. The humour can be considered rude and inappropriate, but it's the way it's been designed, so don't ever complain if you found this show being "too much" for you. If you don't like black comedy, you should avoid watching it by any means, otherwise you must see that flow of twisted fantasy you'll never find elsewhere. If you consider those series stupid and for "stoned schoolboys", then you are probably the one or just didn't get the idea. This show is not for all, and obviously not for people with lower IQ, despite you can think exactly of opposite.
  • mickkjhc7 May 2014
    I may be too hung up on trying to understand things, but Triptank is just a mess of half baked animated shorts that has no cohesive thing that keeps it together. It relies way too heavily on bloody/dismemberment gags and way too little on funny set ups or clever writing. I watch it and think of someone stitching together some of the more mediocre stuff produced as student projects at some animators' school. It's not ready for prime time. Are you listening, whoever organizes this show? Watch a few seasons of Robot Chicken, and then make your best effort at a knock off of that show, you know, a show with humor. And Comedy Central, you don't need to grab just any animated creation. Granted a duo like Parker and Stone don't come along too often, but there must be better animated shows available to air.
  • This is an excellent show! Especially whilst enjoying a few beers or better yet a nice blunt or joint (so from a Dutch point of view, this show is even better). It has an incomparable atmosphere full of randomness and hilarity. The self-mockery in this show is striking and well dosed.

    I'm curious about for how long this show is going to keep being funny. These first two seasons are somewhat repetitive, but so far that has not been troublesome at all. I can't wait for season three!

    And if you don't like this show, well, you can just suck it. Suck it! Suck it! Suck it! Suck it Gary! :)
  • This is the worst show on Comedy Central. Possibly the worst show on television. There's no plot. Nor do they pretend to have a plot. There are no jokes. No set-ups. No punch lines. They are trying to create humor from shock value and nothing else. This is just s$&ting in the face of their audience and expecting them to enjoy this. It is a network's way of saying "here, go play with this coloring book while elsewhere, real programming is going on." This is the only review I've ever posted on IMDb. I love Comedy Central but this show is so far below the rest. I feel bad for the comedians who bring down their careers by contributing to this mess.
  • OK I love comedy I love female comedy male comedy animated comedy real life comedy I even love skit comedy bit this however is nt funny in the least 'I have only seen one episode but it told me all I needed to know 'this show is repulsive this show is gruesome this show is NOT FOR CHILDREN' and in my opinion isn't very funny I may have laughed once and I have loved other comedy central shows 'broad city the daily show'' even without john stuart and workaholics' this just isn't for me sorry if I offend anyone but definitely not my cup of tea