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  • MR_Heraclius13 February 2020
    Another energetic, pleasingly implausible through ride with Ethan hunt and company. This time he gets His best female rival/love interest since Emanuelle Beart in the original. Like in ghost protocol, the action is nearly nonstop but creatively drawn such as a hair-raising motorcycle chase and then under water infiltration that you don't feel like you're watching the same thing again and again. just throw out that my two and three and you've got one of the greatest action movie trilogies.
  • ROGUE NATION has a lot of excellent action sequences which make it one of the best action movies of all time. Tom Cruise drives all the action with energy, while Christopher McQuarrie directs with full intensity. Rebecca Ferguson is a worthy inclusion in the cast. She excels in the action sequences, making her one of the top action heroines in today's times. The entire cast acts with the same energy and intensity. Action sequences elevate the film to a higher level. The chase sequences are so breakneck that you'd have to be an ignorant viewer not to like them. There are good twists as well, and the scale is huge as always. The MI franchise has always improved on the next film, and this one proves me right.
  • Having seen the previous four 'Mission Impossible' films, I have to admit that none of them impressed me to the degree that I had hoped. I guess my expectations for action thrillers centering on secret agents were set too high because I saw the 'Bourne' trilogy and Daniel Craig's James Bond films first. The first three 'MI' films all seemed a little too slow, cheesy or convoluted on my first viewing. The fourth one was pretty good, even if the story does feel a little forgettable

    So, where does that bring me for the fifth entry of the franchise? My expectations were set at average around this time, despite all the good word-of-mouth I've been hearing. However, it wouldn't have mattered if my expectations were set around the same level for the latest 'Bourne' or James Bond film (very high) – 'MI:5' blew everything I'd expected from it and then some!

    Where to begin? The film possible contains the biggest, and possibly best, story out if all the other installments. It is fascinatingly complex and dynamic – moving from country to country, dealing with characters who have questionable allegiances – all on top of Ethan Hunt trying to outrun the CIA while trying to get to the bottom of what the Syndicate really wants. It may seem like a lot, but the script is really well structured and paced. Even though the film does take a few liberties with how some of its characters will ultimately act in the end, the plot isn't nearly as predictable as one would make it out to be. Writer/director Christopher McQuarrie also manages to squeeze in some surprisingly silly moments at the most random of moments.

    The action scenes in this film are also some of the best in this franchise. Soon after showing Ethan Hunt take off on the side of an airbus, the film kicks it into overdrive and delivers an adrenaline rush packed with REALLY well done car chases, okay hand-to-hand combat scenes (they're kind of choppy), and ONE very suspenseful, pulse-pounding scene involving multiple snipers. McQuarrie's direction over the editing of these sequences is incredibly nuanced – so much so that I found myself repeatedly leaning over the edge of my seat with excitement.

    People who weren't fans of the cheese factor (forced romances, convenient gadgets, and the overuse of face masks) of the previous films would be glad to know that it's been done away with in this film. And for people fearing that this is a film that takes itself too seriously, let me be one of the first to say: it doesn't. One may draw parallels between the events that have happened in this film to some of the recent events in our world, but I see it as a clever way for the franchise to keep up with our times.

    'Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation' is without a doubt one of the most exciting films I've had the pleasure of experiencing this year. It completely took me by surprise with how well-done it was, and should just about take anyone else to the same conclusion.
  • All I can say is Thank You!!! This is what I want to see when I go to the movies looking to enjoy a good summer blockbuster!!! Man, talk about a fun ride. It was humorous, exciting, thrilling, suspenseful, and well worth the price of admission.

    Tom Cruise really gets it when it comes to entertaining your average moviegoer and he doesn't disappoint. But the truth is, no one disappoints in this summer flick. All parties brought their 'A' game and played their part perfectly. The female lead (Rebecca Ferguson) really held her own alongside Ethan Hunt and the crew and hopefully we'll see her in future installments, if there is more. Based on this current installment, there should definitely be more.

    MI:1 is a classic in my eyes and I've watched it countless times, but I must say, Rogue Nation...well, it's a lot more fun and I do feel it is a better film overall. I will be watching this one again and again. And don't wait for it to come to video...this is a movie you must see in theaters for the full experience.

    Also, let me just say the stunt sequences are thrilling...thrilling I say!! Very limited CGI in this film, which made the action scenes even more exciting and dare I say it again...thrilling! Lots of gasp worthy moments.

    I won't give away any spoilers as that would ruin the exciting action sequences and fun twists. This is enjoyable from beginning to end. So just go see it!!!
  • You would think that after five films this would have become a tired premise, but the way that it takes on the spy genre as both an intelligent espionage thriller as well as a big-budget blockbuster makes it even better than the new James Bond films.

    It's exciting, slick, cool and fun, but this series, most of all in this film, has got an amazingly inexhaustible energy to it that makes it so brilliant.

    Let's start, then, with the main attraction of this film: the action. Simply, it's stunning. There are five separate big action sequences here, each lasting around ten minutes more or less, and they are all high-octane thrill-rides that never let up and make this such an entertaining film.

    Tom Cruise proves once again that he's a blockbuster star like no other, giving his all in the action here, whether it's attaching himself to a plane, jumping in a chasm of water or riding a superbike through the desert (in what was, in my opinion, the greatest, most exhilarating car chase ever).

    On that note, actually, the incredible bike chase is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the great action, but credit has to go to director Christopher McQuarrie for excellently turning this into a good-looking and intense action thriller, using great camera work (avoiding shaky cam) to make it so brilliantly entertaining.

    Away from the stunts, this film has still got a very good plot to it. There are few blockbusters that couple great action and intelligent storytelling nowadays, but this really bucks that trend, because it's absolutely enthralling to follow from start to finish.

    There are betrayals and deceptions galore in this spy thriller, as well as a genuinely exciting climax, which is so unpredictable that it makes you forget about the generic plots of the less successful films and be properly engrossed in the current story.

    Finally, this is also a very nice film to look at, thanks both to McQuarrie's direction, as well as the beautiful sets and landscapes that this is set in all over the world.

    From the mesmerising desert of Morocco to the foggy alleys of London, this is a global journey that goes even further than the previous films, and comes out with a stunning result, the best of the series in my opinion!
  • I saw this film on an IMAX screen and I'm glad I did. Although IMAX cameras were not used in the filming, I think the larger screen creates a more immersive experience and the sound was spectacular. But this film would be great in any format.

    "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation" is one of the best action films I have ever seen. The story is clever and action packed. The photography is amazing and the music is fantastic.

    Much has been made of the stunt work, especially that done by Tom Cruise himself. It did not disappoint. And the action and chase sequences are as exciting as any I have seen.

    We can thank the writing for the well-defined and engaging characters. Some Bond films have villains that are rather cartoonish, but in MI:RN the danger feels real, helping to drive the suspense.

    The female lead, Rebecca Ferguson, deserves special mention. Her portrayal of Ilsa Faust is a wonderful blend of intelligence, beauty and strength and definitely one of the best in any action film. I can only hope she shows up in the next installment. some of the credit goes to the writers who created the character.

    In all, this film offers everything you want in an action film and deserves a "10" for its place in the genre.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm a fan of Tom Cruise and really like the last movie in the franchise but I couldn't get over the feeling that I'd seen it all before. Every hair raising stunt, every corner Ethan Hunt is backed into you just know he's going to win. The movie itself was good but for me it seemed a little stale. The action sequences were huge and impressive but it just seems that Hunt is indestructible. He can ride one of the fastest super-bikes in the world and crash without a helmet and the guy doesn't even get a gravel rash! I know other people are loving it so don't let my lack of enthusiasm put you off going to the cinema to see it. It's certainly worth the ticked price.
  • Me and a friend again had the opportunity to see an early screening of the movie 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation'. One word. Excellent. Everything about that movie was just perfect! It had the right amount of every element that would make a movie simply brilliant! This sequel for me, was definitely the best Mission movie yet. And at the same time it recalls so many details from the first mission impossible movie. And most of all the action. WOW. Every action scene in this movie was breath taking and there will be moments when you would just want to get up and start clapping. They did a good amount of the stunts without CGI and that will make you appreciate the action even more. Oh and if you thought that plane scene in the trailer was crazy, then you are in for a treat! When it comes to acting, Tom Cruise easily convinces us that he is a top notch agent of IMF(Impossible Mission Force). This time every member of the team has something to give in comparison to Ghost Protocol. Kudos to Simon Pegg for his impeccable timing for humor. And the villain was perfect! They made the villain perfect for the IMF and the ending of this movie is so satisfying. One of the few movies where the ending just pleases you so much. On the whole, Don't miss this movie!! Seriously.. Don't! It is a movie mean't to be watched by everyone!
  • Tokyographer10 October 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is the Mission Impossible format: Intro. Tom Cruise in the middle of a mission in some far away country fighting bad guys while doing unbelievable physical feats. 2. Tom Cruise receives a new mission he always accepts, 3. He then gets attacked by bad guys or framed by the organization who wants to destroy the world, 4. He meets hot interracial girl who always tries to kill him but he ends falling in love for her, 5. He sets up a team to find out the bad guy and usually to get what bad guy needs, 6. He trespasses some impossible place were humans cannot access and finds a way to get what the bad guy wants. 6. He finds bad guy with what he needs and never gives it to him and gets tortured in exchange(he can also get tortured at the beginning mission too). 7. He beats bad guy. 8. Team is happy and end of story.

    Facts Tom Cruise never dies and never gets badly injured. He always disables self destructing devices at the last millisecond. He is a genius who can crack any code, memorize anything and figure out any puzzle. He never rides motorcycles with a helmet. At least once in every MI movie he disguises as the bad guy or semi-bad guy.
  • TL;DR: Visually stunning, action filled and down to earth action sequences (no over the top BS). Storyline with nice twists and pretty good for an action movie, though watching Ghost Protocol helps getting to know the IMF crew (there's no introduction this time around).


    Rogue Nation, like the latest movies in the franchise and others in the spy/action genre, starts with a small crew, with little support, against huge odds, having to deal with challenges that seem impossible (no pun intended).

    What makes Rogue Nation better than most is that it makes it all plausible without super-human characters, crazy gizmos (except one that I shaw not mention, but it is not overused like in M:I II), and brilliantly made down-to-earth action sequences. The latest 007 movies are following the same ideals, but M:I has made a solid choice of supporting actors (specially Simon Pegg) that add a subtle layer of comedy and improvisation, which helps a lot into building some suspense in the audience - it feels like as if they are as clueless as we are of what is going to happen.

    Another great aspect that sets this moving apart are the terrific action sequences which are paired with outstanding sound effects and music score (without spoiling, there is an entire action sequence that plays with this very aspect). Was lucky enough to watch a pre-screening on IMAX, and strongly recommend watching it on IMAX or a theater with a good audio setup.

    The storyline, while not hard to follow, benefits from having watched at least Ghost Protocol, since key characters are back and lack some introduction, and the story somewhat picks from what took place in the last instance. Much like Ghost Protocol, the storyline packs some interesting twists and doesn't seem obvious - even though we all know that the good guys win, Rogue Nation adds some shady characters which are not as black and white, making for some interesting development.

    Overall a highly entertaining movie, packed with stunning action sequences and a storyline that is well thought-out and manages to keep the audience hooked until the end. A solid addition to the franchise that keeps one-upping itself on every new release.
  • Almost a masterpiece.

    It contains everything you love about the movies. Suspense, mystery, drama, intelligent action & plot.

    I did not expect the experience I got. A start to finish thrill ride which also contained intelligent characters & plot. Christopher McQuarrie has crafted a superb movie which moves at a fast pace but also slows down when it has to for some intelligent character interaction.

    Tom Cruise gives one of his best performances & is in almost the entire movie. The rest of the cast are all great. Rebecca Ferguson is a strong character & female equivalent of Ethan Hunt.

    Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner & Alec Baldwin all give great performances & have about the same screen time.

    The villains lead by Sean Harris are effective & chilling & also a little mysterious.

    Music is superb with many subtle bursts of the MI theme. The film does not contain hardly any CGI its nearly all practical real stunt FX.

    Overall it just works from start to finish & Christopher McQuarrie has created a superb film experience which does not fail to entertain & deserves repeat viewings to enjoy the experience again & again.

    This mission should you chose to accept it is to enjoy the movie & watch it at least once more at the cinema the way its intended to be seen on a massive screen with loud sound.
  • Even two hours won't be enough for "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation'" to be able to unravel all its exhilaratingly high-octane action and drama. This fifth installment in the franchise surges with death-defying action proceedings, riveting and pulsing with the relentlessness and explosiveness of its spiking adrenaline, to deliver the franchise's most thrilling outing, yet.

    That relentlessness is true and screaming right at the opening sequence of the film, where IMF agent, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), is seen dangling from the door of an airbus, already adrift in the air as it ascends even further to the skies. That's the first of too many, and you wouldn't care less of the logic behind such impossible knockout stunt demonstrations, because once the momentum crashes past the speedometer's limit, there's no other choice left but to get consumed by the electrifying influx of near-impossible action setpieces. This doesn't mean there's barely any sense to take in, in fact you would be awed to realize that in spite of its speed and strength-defying physicalities, characterizations are still working along the explosive chaos, and the behavior of the characters, and the emotional aspect of the narrative, still follows acceptable reasoning.

    The whole of 'Rogue Nation' can be seen as Hunt's team desperate attempt to keep IMF running, and save it, and the world it intends to protect, from extinction. This time, the major figure of terror, is the mysterious organization, 'The Syndicate', headed by the despicably steel-fisted Solomon Lane (Sean Harris) . Ethan is joined by co-IMF agent, William Brandt (Jeremmy Renner), and suspicious British agent, Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson). The comic effort comes mostly from Hunt's sidekick, Benji (Simon Pegg), and Brandt, who spends most of the time running and chasing after the shadow-terrorist group, The Syndicate.

    Much of the movie's strength emanates from its seemingly unstoppable delivery of edge-of-your-seat action, but you can't ignore the grandeur of its camera shots and the palatable efforts of its lead characters and supports. There's much to say about how inconsistent and illogical some of the narrative choices that the screenwritersn took are, but they get overshadowed by the more relevant, and on this case, more effectively utilized, high-tension action extravaganza.

    One can inevitably notice how Cruise has aged through the franchise's almost two-decade history. He's more tired-looking here, but you can't question his commitment to the franchise. In 'Rogue Nation', he's definitely back, running after, and wrestling against, the equally desperate claws of 'The Syndicate'. He hops across the world to trump the enemy, and in every city, he inevitably gets himself involved in deadly strangulations. At such moments, cinematography is top notch, and the breathtaking panorama becomes an exquisite backdrop for the ever-imminent rumbles. This is where this installment is strongest and most engaging, a strength that should warrant a sixth outing.
  • Quite predictable, pretty unrealistic and still very enjoyable. That being said, this movie is everything you can expect it to be. Quick and interesting action and even if you can predict what's gonna happen next (sometimes precisely to a second) you still will enjoy seeing how they made it happen. As for acting: Rebecca Ferguson's lovely, Simon Pegg'g good, Ving Rhames Jeremy Renner and Simon McBurney are adequate for their characters, and Tom Cruise... well he's the way he is, if you love him you'll love him here and if he annoys you... ;) All in all it's an action movie and if that's what you expect than you surely won't be disappointed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Saw it in the theater yesterday, couldn't wait for it to finish. Became very boring half way through, the plot is just childish and lacks any credibility or seriousness. I know this should be a no-brain summer flick, but M:I films always go for the shocks and suspense. It was non-existent here, the lack of any seriousness meant that nothing really moved me. Even the high-profile figure being assassinated didn't really mean anything because it seems that the whole world forgot about it the second after it happened.

    The first film had a somewhat complicated plot, a few really breathtaking scenes and Tom Cruise young enough to deliver a fresh performance. The second film had a really silly plot, but the no- CGI motorcycle chase scene and Limp Bizkit soundtrack at least created some legacy. The third installment had a forgettable plot, but a really convincing bad guy played by the late Mr. Hoffman. The fourth film was silly enough, but the Burj Khalifa stunts made by Tom Cruise really stood out. This sequel has none of that. It relies purely on CGI and no plot development, it seems like characters jump from place to place without any motive or any explanation. I am aware of the fact that this lazy approach sells tickets these days, but in order to have a mission impossible really be a mission impossible it needs to have a context where it really seems serious and impossible. People who watched the first sequel remember that the Langley heist was introduced to the audience, planning was made and execution was slow, but exciting. This director could not deliver any of that.

    I hope they stop now, I guess in the next sequel they could go into space or make Tom Cruise might fight a tiger in a cage. Even if he does it will be a CGI tiger, or a CGI Tom Cruise. In a CGI cage, with CGI blood.

    Big disappointment, really.
  • Mission impossible Rouge Nation is directed by Christopher McQuarrie and stars Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg. Most of the time when a series gets to its fifth movie, they ether have to reboot it some way or its just very bad but the mission impossible is not doing that, it is improving and getting better and better. Rouge nation might be the best MI movie yet, what makes it so great is that it takes parts of the other movies and puts them together. Rouge Nation adds more humor, more gadgets, more suspense, more everything. The acting was fantastic by everyone. Tom Cruise was amazing and the fact that he does all his stunts, just makes him one of the best action stars today. Simon Pegg stands out a lot in this one, they gave him more screen time, which is great because the chemistry between Cruise and Pegg is also great. The action was incredible and you could tell the actors were very doing it. Overall Rouge Nation was amazing and improved in everything. The action and acting was fantastic. Definitely needs to be seen in IMAX.
  • Unlike most overly beautiful actresses, Rebecca has an everyday beautiful face if I just only look at her. As she places those ugly, vagina shaped pumps on the table at her first scene and interrogates Tom Cruise with her Russian accent, I thought she was just some chick in a scene. As soon as the actions come on, the way she acts, the way she moves then comes her classy English accent, I could not take my eyes off her through the entire film. She is so hauntingly sexy. What a perfect cast! Really, Tom Cruise did us proud by casting Rebecca Ferguson. Perfection! I also thought not only Rogue Nation using the iconic scene from Casablanca from the same name Ilsa to her timeless dress as a fashion statement from the 40s, Rebecca Ferguson also looks so much resemblant to Ingrid Bergman. The movie is done so creatively from plotting to action. It's to me the best out of all Mission Impossibles.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After another operation breaking the protocol, CIA Director Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin) decides to shutdown the IMF. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is trying to prove the existence of the evil organization The Syndicate but he captured by his agents. However he succeeds to escape with the help of mysterious Syndicate agent Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson). Trapped in London, Ethan requests support from William Brandt (Jeremy Renner) that tells him that can not do anything to help him since the IMF does not exist anymore. The lonely Ethan decides to follow his only lead, the rogue Syndicate agent Lane (Sean Harris). A couple of months later, Ethan summons his friend and former colleague Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) to go to Austria to help him since he believes the Syndicate will try to assassin the Austrian Chancellor during the opera Turandot. Ethan saves the Chancellor from three snipers but he is killed by a bomb in his car. One of the snipers is Ilsa that gives a lead of Lane's scheme to Ethan. Who is the agent Ilsa Faust? Will Ethan be capable to prove that the Syndicate does exist?

    "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation" is a highly entertaining action film. The fast-paced development of the plot does not give time to think and the viewer sees a very enjoyable film. The unknown Rebecca Ferguson has a beautiful face and performs a key character that will be on the next movie of this franchise. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): "Missão: Impossível - Nação Secreta" ("Mission: Impossible - Secret Nation")
  • I remember when I first saw this film in theaters and the lights dimmed the first thought that ran through my head was "Here we go again" as I released an involuntary sigh of apathy. Somewhere along the line, before seeing this latest installment, I had decided to re-watch the original four films and realized that the character of Ethan Hunt really has no defining characteristics beyond just basically being Tom Cruise. This bothered me for some reason. Jason Bourne was a fully fleshed out character and even the new Bond films had added newer elements to give a traditionally stereotypical character more depth and complexity, but Ethan Hunt is just...bland. He has no personality. What seemed even stranger to me was the fact that Mission Impossible was supposed to revolve around a team, yet Tom Cruise is seemingly always the only one who ever does anything. So basically these films boil down to watching Tom Cruise perform his own stunts, which I will admit are extremely impressive, especially in this latest escapade. However the plots of all five films are basically nonsense to try and connect each elaborate stunt to the next. Then I realized that all 5 films have remarkably similar story lines as well. Tom Cruise has a mission, something goes wrong, he goes rouge, needs to find some kind of MacGuffin, the villain is some kind of terrorist arms dealer, insert random forgettable love interest here, big stunts, the end.

    that being said, the film's action scenes are amazing, and really make you question the sanity of Cruise, who needlessly continues to insist on doing all of his stunts. Basically it's another Tom Cruise Hollywood blockbuster, which at the end of the day made me finally realize, "Why was I ever expecting anything else in the first place?"
  • Ho hum; seen it all before. I don't understand why people seem so enamoured by this. It's like a made for TV James Bond on a bad day. Ethan Hunt isn't interesting. IMF isn't interesting. The first half was okay, but it soon degenerated into mediocrity. Too many characters, too many locations; no central focus or essential core. It wasn't really about anything. And the end; what a cop out. The writers just had to find a way to finish it; it felt rushed. I was bored with this film; it really wasn't great. And like MI:3 the music sucked; just noise pollution. Were any of the Mission Impossible movies ever that good? I don't think so. Just another movie to soon be forgotten about. Watch James Bond instead. Mission mediocrity.
  • Fifth movie in the Mission Impossible franchise has Ethan Hunt & IMF friends trying to stop a mysterious group known as the Syndicate, despite the IMF being shut down by the government and Ethan being wanted by the CIA. Enjoyable actioner but there's not much new here. Tom Cruise continues to prove he's one of the more consistent stars out there as he always seems to put out solid popcorn movies and occasionally something more than that. The supporting cast is good, with Simon Pegg stealing every scene he's in and Rebecca Ferguson as the attractive assassin who saves Tom throughout the movie. Is she good or is she bad? Will you care? Ving Rhames gets little to do. Sean Harris plays the forgettable villain. Alec Baldwin is the red herring who, along with Jeremy Renner, seems almost unnecessary in making this work. The action is solid and the humor (mostly from Pegg) is appreciated. I have to say that this is not my favorite Mission Impossible movie or even top three. There's something nondescript about it all, similar to the last film. At least the first three each had something about them that was memorable. Now it seems the series is satisfied just putting out a solid action thriller with more focus on stunts than characters, plot, or even style. Watchable for fans but really nothing special.
  • I officially watched all of these films back to back (yes, I have no life) to get a feel for the overall Mission Impossible story-line. I actually enjoyed this one much more than a few of the other entries in the series.

    In terms of action, it's packed right from the get go! The stunts that they used in this film are unbelievable. Of course everyone was talking about the opening scene with the aircraft that was used in the trailer, but it doesn't end there. That's literally just the beginning. So if action is what you want, that's what you'll get. It could have benefited from less CGI in the driving sequences, but they're fun to watch (II and III are much worse by comparison).

    The plot line by itself is a bit convoluted, as they were trying to emphasize the spy vs spy story-line that can be expected from every Mission Impossible film. The dialogue is also fairly complex to follow, which makes the storyline even harder to follow. The 'doublespeak' they used was pretty confusing to say the least, which has become the trend in most politically themed films. It doesn't ruin the film, but you don't watch something like this for the story. It kinda feels like they were going for a plot twist moment in every block of dialogue, which just ruins a storyline for me.

    And of course there is Tom Cruise. The seminal character that links all of these films together. He does a good job of maintaining the character of Ethan Hunt throughout the series, but in this entry into the series, this his him at his most over-the-top. Tom Cruise did some pretty great action sequences, and it paid off. I won't say anything negative about the actor himself, but I respect his stunt performances, driving ability, and what he brought into this film as an actor. Simon Pegg had some fairly decent dramatic moments, (and he even has a fight sequence!!!). Most of the previous characters from the other Mission films return to bring a sense of unity to the series.

    So if you're looking for some pretty amazing action, check it out. If you want an incredible spy film, this isn't it.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    My most anticipated movie of this year and luckily enough, I had the pleasure... the utmost pleasure of watching it at an advance screening! Loving Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol so much that I'd given it a near perfect rating, I was skeptical and expecting at least a bit of a letdown as I simply couldn't see how they'd top that. Also, I had only limited myself to 2 trailers as I already felt I knew far too much, which only increased my anxiety. Still, I couldn't help but have expectations; my excitement level had peaked before even going into the cinema!

    And the movie surpassed my expectations; just blew me away... multiple times. The best elements from all the previous four films are adapted and have been vastly improved upon.

    Sean Harris is the antagonist and he does a fantastic job of it. Cruel, mysterious, calculating, manipulating, menacing... just evil to the point that Hunt is at the end of his wits, feeling helpless. His luck seems to be running out... his skills, his way of operating, all his usual tricks and methods - they've all been exhausted and you are actually scared for him!

    The way this movie is presented to us, the audience, we aren't just viewing it; it's made to feel just as much of an experience. That's how the whole film is and I am in awe of the ingenuity. Just when you think you've got it all figured out - how the scene and then the movie are gonna play out, it twists & turns and throws you off. And then, in the back of your mind, whilst taking in all of this unexpected awesomeness, you're off again... trying to figure out where that shot and the entire film is headed. It just takes you on an exhilarating ride. For the most part, the movie feels so perfectly realistic even with all the crazy awesomeness going on. And I love how unpredictable it was.

    In regards to the characters in general - actions taken by them, the pieces of dialogue they speak with everything occurring in the background and taking into consideration everything that has happened so far… you find yourself being uncertain what their motivations and intentions are, what they're thinking, what they are going to do next, what's going to happen, what's the plan, etcetera etcetera – every character; not just the new ones but even the previously established ones. That is how exceptional the performances are, in tune with the direction of the story... the entire cast has their A game on!

    Also, there's a lot of humour, scattered all over the movie and that makes the movie more fun. There is development, too, with most of the characters - especially Hunt.

    The action in the movie is just insane... they went all out! From stunts to fight sequences and chases - absolutely sensational; it's like you're feeling every hit and every move. The whole scene where Tom Cruise actually clings onto the door of a plane while it's taking off - my heart was racing so fast. It was very well shot and the fact that he actually performed the insane stunt adds to the feeling; CGI just cannot compare. This intensity and excitement is constant throughout the movie, on some level. Also, Tom Cruise is riding a motorcycle once again and it is sweeeeeeeeeeeet! There's a scene of him running, as well, as usual.

    The cinematography is just spectacular and quite literally breathtaking throughout the film. Be it action sequences, landscape, anything... there's amazing wide-angle shots, there's POV shots that feel like you're really there, the whole lot. The movie looks and feels so great.

    The gadgets and gear in this movie are unreal! I don't mean they are unrealistic; they are believable in a very plausible-in-the-future way, creative and incredible.

    There's more than a few things going on in the movie, yet none of it feels forced or unnecessary and it all works together very well. It runs at a tense, thrilling and suspenseful pace - in an enjoyable way. Not a single moment is wasted; every scene on the screen is essential and every shot is impeccably acted, directed and delivered. I could go on & on about how every little aspect of the film was awesome, but to conclude, I loved it all.

  • I've discovered a pattern with the Mission: Impossible films that I like: it's the odd numbered ones, as I think the first is still the best, found the second one average, really liked the third, and then hate-watched the fourth due to it crossing the line into sci-fi territory too much for my liking and wasting Léa Seydoux, among other things. I found Ghost Protocol was so overrated and cartoonish, I'd have rather rewatched M:I 2 again. After seeing this latest installment, I'd have to rank the films as follows (from best to worst): 1, 3, 5, 2 and lastly 4. A good thing about the films is each one's more or less standalone (with some connections from film to film in the last few). With each new director, they've put their own stamp on the franchise, some faring better than others. Thankfully, I found this one less boring/forgettable than the last. While Rogue Nation certainly doesn't match Brian DePalma's original classic spy thriller movie or J.J. Abrams' exciting but emotional third film, it is certainly better than the other two.

    The gist of this film is Ethan Hunt and his team taking on the Syndicate, an International rogue organisation committed to destroying the IMF. The opening features Tom Cruise, as Hunt, performing his own death-defying stunt, climbing on the outside of a flying plane without the use of special effects or a stunt it's easy to see why he apparently injured himself 6 times during the making of the movie. Although this scene has been heavily promoted, Cruise deserves all the credit he's getting for performing it. Say what you will about him, he at least puts LOTS of effort in - which is appreciated in these days of heavy reliance on CGI. Those put off the M:I movies simply because of the craziness that is Tom Cruise should give this one a chance. He's also, from time to time, actually *good* in things, and the M:I movies are an example of him at his best. Not to be outdone, Simon Pegg (along with Cruise) performs his own driving stunts - which, when you see them, is quite the feat. There's also what we've come to expect from Cruise in these movies: him running, on a motorcycle (though not running *on* a least not yet), without a shirt, and having a shout-y moment.

    After the thrilling opening sequence, the following scene involving Hunt, a character simply credited as 'Record Shop Girl' and the film's baddie (who's not up to Philip Seymour Hoffman in M:I 3 standard, but is at least more menacing/memorable than M:I 4's bad guy) is surprisingly effective on an emotional level, given that Hunt and the girl only share a brief exchange. It's remembering to give the film these character moments that helps elevate it from being just non-stop action sequences with no heart. The scene is also important in regards to near the end of the film, and consequently the payoff is quite satisfying. While I felt Simon Pegg's Benji character was a bit overused in the last film, and relied too heavily upon for laughs, I think this movie - while still heavily featuring him - dialed things back a notch and allowed the character to have some strong character beats amongst all the funny lines/moments. One could say that the 'bromance' between Hunt and Benji is the emotional core of this film. Both actors are believable with the friendship they convey, and it's nice to see Pegg given some genuinely dramatic moments to play.

    For Jeremy Renner fans, his character doesn't do much in the first half of this film besides trying to remain loyal to both Hunt and the agency he works for (although he has some humorous moments with Alec Baldwin's Hunley). It's in the second half that Brandt gets in on the action, along with fan favourite, Luther. At least Ving Rhames gets to do more here than the last film. Of particular note is the new addition of Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson, making one hell of an impression in her introductory scene). Apparently she was 'unanimously the second choice for the role, as the studio, Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie liked her work on The White Queen' (which I too have seen and really enjoyed her in) I guess we can thank Jessica Chastain for declining the role first offered to her, as Ferguson proves she's more than fit for the part. Ilsa has it all, she's intelligent, mysterious, deadly, cuts quite the fine figure in the yellow dress she wears on a mission to the Vienna Opera (but remembering to remove her high heels when hitting leg it mode - or rather, having Hunt remove them *for* her) and, above all else, can kick all sorts of arse (whether it be hand-to-hand combat with knives or without, sniping, or riding a motorcycle in a high speed chase) whilst looking credible doing it. She more than holds her own against Cruise's Hunt and is a far more fleshed-out character than others who have come before (save for perhaps Michelle Monaghan's Julia - who I also enjoyed). With her ability to do action sequences believably, look amazing and actually *act*, Ferguson's the whole package. Both her character and her dynamic she develops with Hunt are complex, and she virtually steals the film.

    While I think the franchise reached its peak with M:I 3, this film comes pretty close to matching it - which is quite surprising, considering most franchises tend to peter out by the third film in the series. Rogue Nation includes the best elements from some of the previous films - action, intrigue, humour, tense moments and heart - all rolled into one, and it's not too long. The inevitable next installment is going to find it hard to live up to this film, but so long as they bring back the main players from this one, it might not be...impossible.
  • When it comes to entertainment, Tom Cruise is the one guy you can count on. His last release, Edge of Tomorrow, is a spectacular example of intelligent entertainment, with not a dull or lifeless moment in it. The last MI was the best action flick of the year. The reason it worked so well was that none of the action was forced and everything seemed to be in a flow.

    Not so much in this one. Even the most publicized stunt, with Cruise hanging on the airplane in mid-air seemed too hurried and poorly executed.

    The plot seemed repeated and predictable.IMF in trouble, Ethan is the lone wolf..the one man army, throw a sexy female agent and a villain who talks funny, too many Beemers, multiple intelligence agencies with secrets of their own, and there you have it !

    The only thing constant in the film was its flaws. Hunt running down a narrow pathway while a guy shoots him from behind with a machine gun from point blank range and ...guess what. Misses! The same with the bike chase scene. Too forced and too clichéd. The casting was pretty much the same. New women, same guys, a villain so big that he controls major international happenings and disasters, can start wars with his actions, yet personally goes to murder a movie store clerk cum IMF sub agent while exposing himself to the 'living manifestation of destiny' ( cant believe that was an actual piece of dialog, uttered by the wasted Alec Baldwin).

    The only standout was Simon Pegg as Benji ' when the cuss am i gonna get to wear a mask' Dunn. The action in some scenes was mindblowing. The underwater scene was done well. Rest all ranged from mediocre to rubbish.

    McQuarrie and Cruise have had some fruitful collaborations in the past. Edge of tomorrow, Valkyrie, Jack Reacher all good movies. MI5 is the odd one out i guess.

    Hope they come up with something new next time, not like this recycled James Bond wannabe mediocre-fest.
  • "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation" is the fifth instalment in the long-running "Mission: Impossible" series. It shows the obvious influence of the even-longer-running Bond series. All the films in these two franchises involve Our Hero, named either James Bond or Ethan Hunt, travelling around the world with a glamorous female sidekick to various exotic foreign locations, performing various feats of improbable (not to say impossible) derring-do in an attempt to thwart the evil schemes of some dastardly individual or organisation.

    "Rogue Nation" fits this template more or less exactly. Hunt, accompanied by his glamorous female sidekick Ilsa Faust, travels to Minsk, Vienna, Havana, Morocco and London, performing various feats of derring-do along the way, in an attempt to thwart the evil schemes of the Syndicate, a mysterious terrorist group. Those schemes include the assassination of various world leaders, including the Austrian Chancellor and the British Prime Minister. As the "Mission Impossible" franchise is an American one, London counts as an exotic foreign location in a way in which it does not in the Bond series.

    In some respects "Rogue Nation" parallels recent developments in the Bond cycle. In early Bonds it was generally easy to tell who was on what side- Bond, his MI6 colleagues and the lovely Bond Girl were all on the side of right and justice whereas the villains (Dr No, Blofeld, Goldfinger, etc.) and their henchmen were first into bat for Satan's kingdom. Occasionally, as with Pussy Galore in "Goldfinger", the Bond Girl started off working for the baddies, but inevitably changed sides (aided by Bond's powers of seduction) when she realised just what a bastard her employer really was.

    In more recent episodes, however, Bond has had to cope with inter-service rivalry between MI5 and MI6, former British agents going over to the dark side and colleagues who prove untrustworthy. So it proves in "Rogue Nation". Hunt has to do battle not only against the Syndicate but also against the CIA, who want to shut down the IMF whose agents are regarded as unreliable. (In this context "IMF" stands not for "International Monetary Fund" but "Impossible Mission Force"). The head of the Syndicate, Solomon Lane, turns out to be a rogue British agent (just like the characters played by Sean Bean in "Goldeneye" and Javier Bardem in "Skyfall"). And Hunt never knows whom he can trust- not even the lovely Ilsa and his friend colleague Benji Dunn. (Ilsa, despite her German-sounding name, is also an MI6 agent).

    One difference between the "Mission: Impossible" series and the Bonds is that, although the series has been going for over twenty years, the main character has been played by the same actor throughout. Tom Cruise was 53 when "Rogue Nation" was made and I understand that he will return in a sixth instalment later this year, making him, at 56, older than either Sean Connery or Roger Moore when they made their final Bonds. In 2015, however, Cruise still looked youthful enough to be plausible as the hero of an action thriller, and I doubt if the intervening three years will have made much difference in this respect when "Mission: Impossible" emerges. Rebecca Ferguson makes a lovely heroine and there is a good cameo from Alec Baldwin as the CIA boss, although Sean Harris as Lane never seems very threatening, more like a provincial bank manager than a rogue spy or international terrorist.

    As a thriller, in fact, "Rogue Nation" is quite a decent one with some good special effects and well-handled action scenes. It does, however, have two problems, which it shares with a number of recent spy films involving betrayal or double-dealing. The first is that the plot at times becomes so complex it can be difficult to understand. The second is that plots of this nature are starting to become over-familiar; increasing complexity seems to increase, rather than decrease, the feeling of "seen-it-all=before". Perhaps it is time for a rethink of the modern spy genre. 6/10

    A goof. The Austrian Chancellor is referred to as a "European head of state". In fact, the Austrian Chancellor, like the British Prime Minister, is Head of Government but not Head of State. The Head of Sate of Austria is the President.
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