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  • Utopia is a british show about a group of people who find a manuscript of a cult graphic novels and discovers the hideous plans of a clandestine organization. Utopia is an underrated and underwatched show that you wished you'd have watched before. With its seemingly disturbing music accompanied by bright and somewhat hallucinating visulas, this show does a good job of pulling you into the story and keeps you at the edge of your seat at all times. The ending of the second season gave hints for a new season but for some unknown reason, the show got canceled. Although they did manage to tie almost all loose ends. Nonetheless, this show will not leave you disappointed and will almost certainly make you wonder about what's going to happen next. 9/10
  • TV at its finest. Everything from the characters, the locations, the plot, the photography, the soundtrack, every bit of it is bloody brilliant.

    This show deserves wide recognition.
  • rseyoum14 December 2017

    Thrilling. Suspenseful. Unsettling. Tense.

    Probably the best show ever made (and I've watched lots of great tv shows such as Sopranos, Breaking Bad, The Wire etc.) Not only is it stunning visually, but thought provoking too. It's extremely dark, violent, but has some comedic moments as well. The sountrack is so weird yet amazing and fits perfectly with the show. It's been over a year since I've watched Utopia but there's not a day that goes by when I don't think about it. It hurts me knowing that people have not experienced this masterpiece.

    The show lasted only 2 seasons after being cancelled and although it ended on a cliffhanger, most of the show's story and character arcs were wrapped up which is fine. With only 6 episodes in each season, there's no filler and the plot always keeps moving forward.

    If I could recommend one show, it would be UTOPIA.
  • I got interested in 'Utopia' when I read that David Fincher was going to direct an American version of this British show for HBO. While that apparently didn't come together, I actually doubt even a master like Fincher could have improved upon the original: it's absolutely perfect.

    The visual style of the show, the amazing, crazy soundtrack (which fits the crazy conspiracy story so well), the fantastic characters and the wonderful cast and the pitch-black humor - I could go on and on. It all comes together to create one of the most unique and most original TV shows I've seen in a long time.

    The only thing I know that would be kind of comparable among the current shows is 'Orphan Black' - but 'Utopia' is even crazier (and a LOT more violent), has much weirder characters and makes for a more cinematic experience due to its stylish, Technicolor drenched photography.

    The only downside to this show is that the finale of the second season sets the stage for a third season, which, sadly never happened (for reasons I do not comprehend, the show got cancelled). But nearly all the loose ends are tied up, and the two existing seasons of 'Utopia' make for a fantastic watch. Highly recommended: 9 stars out of 10.
  • Utterly brilliant.

    One of my favorite shows.

    The US version looks ridiculous.
  • Utopia was certainly something I wasn't expecting to see coming from TV anywhere, and sadly the series is already finished. Just two seasons, but yet when it's all over, everything feels complete so you won't be somehow left out when the final episode ends. Still, it leaves one thinking, salivating. Take a splash of Donnie Darko, a pinch of Contagion, a dash of Trainspotting and you've almost scratched the surface of Utopia. The music is bold and the cinematography slow, meandering, beautiful and yet shocking at times. This is not for the kids by any means. The story is convincing almost to a fault. Thorough, meticulous character development that draws one into the story so fast its hard to have time to register disbelief. I'm a critical person, but the use of historical events, and references spattered throughout was completely believable, plausible and leaves almost wondering if this was somehow planted by an agent of MI5 on the run. It was shot just like the story reads. Slow, bold and brilliant ... then suddenly, Bam it's right in your face, screaming, shocking so fast you don't have time to hide your eyes, or realize what just happened. It leaves you wondering, hoping from one moment to the next, from one episode to the next. Every character has their own motivation, their own issues and their own demons to overcome. It takes a very familiar world-ending scenario and relates it seamlessly down to a small family of people. The action will leave you cold. The Silence of the Lambs cold. Put that all together with an amazing performance by a strong female lead and I really wanted to give this a 10 out of 10. You don't have to be a conspiracy nut, or a sellout you just need to watch this alone, or with your SO at night, in the dark. You don't have to talk about it, or dwell on the societal issues it presents to enjoy Utopia, but you might need a strong stomach and a desire to be blown away by something really pretty amazing. In ten years, this will still be as fresh as the day it aired ... I will probably be reminded of Utopia every time I eat raisins, or collect a unique rock I find, and yes, it will put a nice associated smile on my face every time.
  • Let me just say this right from the start; Utopia is a masterpiece! Not only is this one of the most intense and twisted shows I've ever seen, it's also absolutely beautiful! The cinematography alone left me in awe and don't even get me started on the soundtrack! This is not your typical TV show. In fact it's a whole lot more than just a TV show. It's an artwork that is being unfolded in front of your very eyes.

    The cast and their on screen dynamic is especially what makes this series so incredibly good. You have a lovely mismatch of so many different and perhaps a little odd but great characters, that just fit perfectly together. There's also plenty of humour, swearing and loads of "what the hell did I just watch?" moments, that just makes this even more enjoyable.

    This show is dark. Really dark in fact, and the amount of WTF moments and plot twists are enough to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire series.

    There's only one major problem with this show: It got cancelled! After just 2 seasons, Channel 4 unfortunately had to pull the plug on this gem of a series, which is such a shame, and while it might remain one of the most underrated TV shows in newer time, you will certainly never find a show quite like this again.

    So, once and for all; do yourself a favour, and watch this masterpiece!
  • Be surprised. This seem to sneak in, it was not heavily advertised and it was only by accident I flicked it on. It gripped me and had me counting the days for the next ep. There was surprise after surprise and at no time was I ever sure what was going to happen next and then the end twist within twists I was gobsmacked.

    The series hits so many other buttons, the performances are great, the weird colour scheme, the sound track and the comic book styled characters which all add together into the most original piece of tele I have seen in years. Although I see that this is series 1 I would be satisfied if they left it stand alone. But with Black Mirror and this it is good to see C4 is back in the fringes.
  • ufo196721 October 2014
    Utopia will ravage your senses.

    The visuals are stunning, with camera work that bleeds from every scene with dynamics reminiscent of a graphic novel. The soundtrack is less a soundtrack, and more of a medium for an aural injection of dopamine and adrenaline.

    Combining the two in lustfully artistic confluence, Utopia induces a sensory overload that deceptively functions as an aesthetic sleight of hand to the real act; Utopia's plot.

    Narrative tropes aside, the story line encapsulates contemporary paranoia in a microcosmic collage of espionage and epidemics, resonating tremors of real world concerns. As a snapshot of current society, Utopia dexterously mitigates the mediagenic compulsion to sensationalize, by employing a sublime cast and writing crew. From apathy and sociopathic detachment, to metaphysical dread and even humor, the show is a vivid mosaic of psychological dissonance and societal decay.

    Utopia is tailor-made for the cynical. Strangely enough, as a misanthropic cynic, I found myself entertaining delusionary hope for the human race. By the end, I had painted myself into a corner of morbid optimism, which is an absolute testament to strength of Utopia's narrative. The lack of a third season is veritably tragic, but follows in the pattern of sublime shows that meet an untimely demise. (Carnivale anyone ?)

    The introspect induced by Utopia is shattering. The implications suggested by Utopia are devastating. The future painted by Utopia is bleak.

    Utopia will ravage your being.

    Right until the next day. And then you'll go on with your life and perpetuate our predicament with continued ignorance; because hey, it's just entertainment right ?
  • zvranic25 February 2013
    I agree in most points with other reviews but I just had to add that show's visuals are simply stunning. Like in best documentaries where every frame is a beautiful photo on itself. So many different views, vantage points, colors and contrasts. I was totally surprised and delighted by it.

    I was also delighted to have a conclusion in only six episodes - nowadays we are almost expecting a show to drag it's heels through at least 10 episodes with many distractions of 'drama' and 'character development'. In fact, it was almost too short. I was enjoying visuals so much that end did come little to soon. I really hope there will be another season. Cast is perfect - I wouldn't change anything at all.

    I have to say that every time I discover another British series I'm reminded how dull and cliché-like is most of the American production.
  • doddy18223 June 2019
    Atmosphere, colour pallet, tension, characters, good guys, villains, ideas bursting out! This should have ran for two more series to really expand on the ideas of this show. Just amazing. I love whole idea behind it and how it links with real world theories and conspiracies, it's fantastic. English countryside fields have never looked so good.

    C4 didn't throw any kind of advertising behind this when it was on. This should have been their crown jewel. IF it was on Netflix today it would have been huge. I hope HBOs remake stays true to what made the original so powerful and unmissable.
  • mt33556 February 2013
    Wow? Where did this come from? Talk about "a hot kiss at the end of a wet fist" kinda show. Utopia hits you smack in the eyes but you can't stop watching. You'll find yourself saying "oh no they won't do that" a lot and {BAMM} they keep doing it anyway. You won't believe how they get you to laugh at things you wouldn't while watching normal TV shows. Most of the gore is less graphic and more left to your imagination kinda stuff. They know what's left to one's imagination is scariest of all. Whomever did the castings didn't miss a beat and the settings are as hypnotic as the dialog. There are quite a few times when you find your butt cheeks biting your seat but most times they're grasping air 'cuz your sitting on the edge of it. (Let's see if there are any clichés I missed? Nope, I think I made my point) Now for the "Think X meets Y part" Think Soap meets Dark Shadows Twin Peaks meets Bob Newhart, Six Feet Under .....Scooby Doo, Lost.....Road Warrior, Shameless (US)......Rubicon (what ever happened to that show?) Now if this all sounds reasonable to you but you didn't quite understand what I said...That's why this is my new favorite show. It hurts so good.
  • What to say about this show? I read some good reviews without spoilers and so I was looking forward to find it out for myself if it was that good. And yes it certainly was. It's actually one of my favorite British series. The story is one of the better stories I watched in a long time. It's futuristic but inevitable if you think about it. I won't say anything about it because I don't like spoilers. Just find out for yourself. There is a reasonable amount of gory parts but it's never really graphic. It's more that you have to imagine about it. The actors are all really good, especially the killer in his flamboyant suit. It also contains my favorite scene ever shown on TV, that's how much I loved it. It's the opening scene in the last episode of the last season. It's just brilliant, can't get enough of that scene. What I also like about British series is that they are short, only a couple seasons. That's how it's supposed to be, you tell a good story and then you end it. Not like some American series where they try to milk the story as much as possible, and so ruin a perfect little story sometimes.
  • I've always been a fan of Channel 4 drama - in particular dark drama, which is something that they specialise in. Another thing I'm a fan of is futuristic films. Utopia (un-?)lovingly blends the two in a horrific, traumatic, almost post-apocalyptic vision of our own world where Big Brother is everywhere (no - not the reality show!) and we are all slaves to the bigger machinery of political, and industrial Machiavellianism that form most of our modern day conspiracy theories.

    It's one of those series that lodges in a dark corner of your mind, and sort of sits there - gnawing away. You may find yourself trying to answer the questions it raises. This is the sign of a truly good drama - one that causes you to think about it even once the episode has finished. Utopia does just that.

    Except for Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror, I cannot think of another truly memorable TV series like this. If you haven't seen it, watch it now! Now!
  • I think this show was canceled because it was to close to a hidden truth.

    Wish they would make a season 3.

    1 was good, 2 was great, I loved the back stories.

    To be honest the guy in the airport talking to the woman and her child, laid it all out bare in season 2, like the guy who was tied to the chair in the house with everyone in season 1, stating that when he was born there were little over 2 billion people on our planet.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is my first review on this site; I have many, many TV series but I have to admit, this one is seriously one of the best. I am such a fan of British TV shows!

    The story revolved around a number of strangers, meeting online on a forum, discussing about conspiracies and a comic book they all know about. Soon after, things starts to get dirty... well, you gotta watch it to know more!

    This show, in specific, has made me question if all the viruses are man made. I watched this show in a week and I question everyone as to what they think about the idea of killing people by viruses.

    Also, I totally loved Alexandra Roach and Paul Higgins' accent. I always smiled when they were on screen. Adeel and Neil were fantastic! Overall, a great piece of director and cinematography. I hope to watch something as good soon!
  • Utopia's bleak tone is sharp, unrepenting and well crafted, a real nugget for a Channel 4 mini-series. It has a unique visual style with slightly over saturated colours and Kubrick-esq dead-on middle of the frame one-point perspective shots, all which add to its unsettling nature.

    The plot unpeels throughout the six episodes, in true 'Lost' style more and more is revealed each time building on what has gone before. The story revolves around a graphic novel, some dodgy Russians, a secret organisation, some flu outbreak and a mad scientist to boot.

    The casting is superb, each character has depth, backstory and usually some hidden agenda to keep you guessing. Arby (Neil Maskell) is brilliant, despite the role he plays there is something darkly comical and somewhat sad about him, he treads that fine line and just makes it work.

    This is quite simply one of the best things I've watched in a long time, probably since the end of Lost season 5, oh and maybe Sherlock.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As an American who prides himself on watching the very highest quality television programs both domestically and from abroad, "Utopia" has quickly found a well deserved position on my current list of top ten television shows, alongside "Breaking Bad", "Game of Thrones", "Doctor Who", "Sherlock", "The Walking Dead", "Sons of Anarchy", "Misfits", "The Killing" and "Mad Men").


    While the acting, writing, directing, cinematography, editing and scoring are all excellent, I find myself drawn to the darker aspects of the series. Neil Maskell is, simply put, an astonishing actor, demonstrated in his profoundly moving ability to make "Arby" into a sympathetic character. I would personally love it if the show would be daring enough to portray Arby as one of the (anti?)heroes in series 2. After all, If what we've seen thus far is to be believed, then Arby is learning, developing a conscience, and still an exceedingly formidable opponent to anyone in his way. I, for one, would think that he wouldn't take kindly to the news that his sister has been abducted. I would love to see the team have to work alongside Arby, against a newer, adapting version of the Network (of course Wilson is with them now). This brings me to the second extremely dark aspect of the show... why would Wilson be working for the Network? What about his father? or even his eye? Ummm, maybe because they're right. I think their methods are deplorable and even horrific, but I'm sorry... that, in and of itself, does not necessarily mean that their long-term agenda is wrong. Do the ends justify the means? Sorry, I'm a pragmatist so yes, sometimes the ends do justify the means. While "Utopia" may be a fiction, the truth is over-population, fuel and/or energy depletion and our collective inherent inability or unwillingness to meet the needs of the starving in a truly lasting and meaningful manner are all issues that will eventually have to be dealt with way or another. The final aspect of darkness that impressed me with this show is the fact that they were brave enough to do "that scene". I hate to admit this as an American, but it is true that an American television show would most likely have cut the scene out entirely, particularly after the tragedy at Sandyhook. I commend "Utopia" for being brave enough to stand by the integrity of the story. I say this not because I enjoy violence, but because it was the major turning point/catalyst in Arby's pathway back toward humanity. I say this also because it was the single most courageous, powerful and profound moment in all of series 1 ...and I say this because looking at that scared little child hiding his eyes, well ...let's just say that Arby wasn't the only one brushing away a tear.

    Thank you Utopia for making me happy, sad, curious, angry, astonished and more ...but most of all, thank you for making me think. That happens so rarely with television programs these days.

  • I've only watched 2 out of 6 episodes so far, but I'm compelled to write a glowing review about this series. Never has the pilot of any series drawn me in as quickly and as deeply as Utopia's has. The transitional style from scene to scene is quite unlike any of those you're used to seeing in mainstream dramas -- oftentimes they are a little abrupt and even a little disjointed, but it works, and given how dark the story is, it is all done by design. Also, the choice of soundtracks may seem a little oddball but it is honestly BRILLIANT.

    I love how the plot and the script progresses at a slow enough pace that doesn't completely fob off viewers. I've watched one too many thrillers that drag out the mystery and suspense for way too long, eventually resulting in an uninterested and frustrated audience. It's amazing how the plot reveals bits of vital information that help you connect the dots and make you go, "Oh, so that's what it is!" Then, a few seconds later, you realize that you still don't see the big picture... and you are intrigued!

    A fair warning to those who are too easily unsettled and squeamish: violence and brutality are some of the key themes in this series, but if you ask me, squirming through all those scenes are completely worth it.

    This series isn't like anything you've seen before, so describing its details without giving too much away is quite difficult. All I can say is that if you enjoy the really dark stuff and are looking to be shocked, this is the show for you, but hey, don't take my word for it, watch it and find out for yourself.

    WARNING: It's dangerously addictive and you WILL get sucked into the intrigue.
  • Brilliant. Stunning. Enchanting. Breathtaking. I just loved it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I didn't even know they made a Season 2 until a few years after season 1.

    That is such a shame, whoever didn't do the advertising should be fired.

    WATCH SEASON 2, and ask yourself why they never made a Season 3.

    Same goes with the show "Humans" (with Mia), Season 1&2 only, when they should of made a Season 3.

    They kept "Utopia Season 2" well under the radar.

    They spend so much money on Game Of Thrones Season 5 on-wards and can't spend the money on the two series that I have written about above.

  • Straight from the first scene of Utopia's pilot, you know you're going to be strapped in for an intense and weird ride. Utopia clearly takes influence from the graphic novel format with its saturated cinematography, plot premise and intense, realistic violence. The characters here are 3 dimensional and have their own motives. Utopia will not be for everyone but for those willing to unravel its mystery, you're in for a treat. The music is also really unique and unsettling, which matches up perfectly with the cinematography. The dark humour throughout gives the series an odd charm that breaks up the dark tone of the show when necessary.

    The bittersweet nature of the series is that it unfortunately got cancelled after 2 seasons and is now being picked up by HBO and remade for American audience by Gillian Flynn which is VERY frustrating for fans of the original because it manages to get everything right.

    I'd honestly say if you're looking forward to the HBO remake, give this a watch first as this is the original source material that created the cult following. You'll still see fans asking for season 3 on social media!
  • anirudhsarma1 July 2017
    Firstly the two seasons are vastly contradictory. The first one creates a sense of rage and sets up the sides namely the protagonist and a antagonist, but the beauty here is in the second season we are shown the other side the antagonists and protagonists are switched over.

    The idea for this series is superbly mind boggling and the characters created are with such precision and finesse. From a pure philosophical point the question asked in this series is extremely essential and vital to human survival. I will not reveal any spoilers as this would ruin the experience to the watcher.
  • First of, I made an account at IMDb solely so that I could submit this review.

    Utopia is exceptional. It is a masterpiece. It gets 10\10 from me.

    I won't explain what Utopia is about because I don't want to give any possible hint of what is to come, so I'll describe it by comparing it to other things.

    Buy the DVD or download the show and your life will get.... stranger. Its rather unsettling how Utopia gets under your skin.

    There are a few television shows that share some similarity to Utopia.

    For example, if you enjoyed Fringe, the X-Files, then you'll be quite at home with Utopia's paranoid wanderings.

    So then you cross the weirdness of Fringe and the paranoia of the X-Files with the violence of Kill Bill and the action\suspense of the Jason Bourne series.

    Now cross that already bizarre hybrid with a series of scientific TED Talks given by Joesph Mengale, yes, the Nazi who chopped countless pairs of twins to pieces for the greater good.

    I'm not sure which is more bizarre. That description or that incredibly, it works.

    However Utopia is much, much darker than any of those. It is the darkest TV series I have ever seen. It also as others have said, feels very real.

    A note of warning. When I said Utopia was dark, I was not joking. If you suffer from excessive anxiety or you're squeamish, then do not watch Utopia. Because this TV show is nothing like you've ever seen before, it will affect you. You will be thinking about the themes in it long after you've watched it.

    The violence in Utopia isn't actually that strong at all, most of it occurs off the screen. But the intense atmosphere of paranoia which accompanies it makes it brutally real.

    On the other hand since the governments of the world have apparently taken a leaf out of Utopia's manuscript lately with regard to surveillance, Utopia could well seem prophetic in a few years time. This really is a TV series for 21st century of flying killer robots and universal surveillance.

    The Sopranos changed the way I thought about television. I thought television was for lightweights until I watched The Sopranos. It was like thinking books were mostly about erotica and then coming across Shakespeare and entering a world full of subtle complexities on a bunch of levels.

    Utopia is nothing like The Sopranos. But the way it'll change how you view television is very similar.

    Just one last thing. There is an American show called "Person of Interest" or something like that which has similar themes. Watch this instead.

    In a word: this is intense.
  • eAbyss8 May 2013
    The best part of this series is the beautiful visuals, every scene is a work of art. The location, framing, contrast, and saturation, all perfect. I can't remember if I've ever seen anything on par with Utopia in respect to visuals.

    The score is unusually quirky and somehow fits the series perfectly.

    The plot is believable and draws you in. I found my mind racing after each episode desiring answers to questions left unanswered.

    I will be purposefully vague with this comment as to not create any spoilers but if you watch season one you'll understand what I'm talking about. I'm glad they stood by their product and didn't water it down even after the tragic events that happened in the US a month earlier. The scene was appropriate and necessary to the plot and I don't see another way it could have been done. Props to them for standing their ground, something that wouldn't have been done in the US.

    Here's to several more seasons.

    "Where is Jessica Hyde?"
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