Nintendo fans argue that the developers (Superbot entrainment) had a Wii console on their offices, despite being a console of the competition. However, most developers would agree that getting to know the competition makes perfect sense, in order to make significant improvements.

The game was previously referred to as "Title Fight", however, the title was changed as the developers felt the title did not get the point across.

Kratos' rival battle is with sweet tooth. Kratos is for God of War and Sweettooth is from Twisted Metal. Both were created by the same person.

This game reunites Corey Burton, Terrance "T.C." Carson, and James Arnold Taylor, who previously collaborated together in the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated universe & video games based around the prequel trilogy.

The reason Fat Princess and Evil Cole Macgrath are rivals is mainly due to their themes of greed; Fat Princess constantly demands for cake while Evil Cole, like most other villains, hungers for power.