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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Almost nine years we have waited for this dramatic conclusion. Was it worth it? Definitely!

    There are moments when watching this film that I thought that it was getting a little slow paced for me. However at the conclusion, I had come to appreciate every scene knowing that those scenes contributed greatly to the emotional ending.

    The movie itself continues with the journey of Hiccup and Toothless. Hiccup is now chief but his focus is divided between looking after his people and the saving of dragons that are still threatened by humans outside of Berk. Hiccup embarks on a quest to find "The Hidden World", however he only has stories and few notes passed on from his father to go by. He believes that moving all dragons and his people to this mystical location will be the safest bet for their survival, given that Hiccup has made Berk an enemy of many tribes by raiding and saving dragons from those that do not mean well.

    As expected there is a new villain in this film by the name of Grimmel the Grisly. On a Villain meter this guy gets a solid 10. Cunning, ruthless, and hunter of dragons for the pure joy of it.

    As Toothless meets a new mate, Hiccup is faced with one of the hardest decisions of his life. However is it one that he is willing to make?

    How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is nothing short of a work of art. Is it the best movie in the series? I would say that it is on par with the others as each film captures the growth of Hiccup and the bond between himself and Toothless in a particular point in time. However I can say that this film is easily the most emotional.

    The supporting characters all play pivotal roles as Hiccup has grown to trust and rely on his dear friends over the course of the three films.

    This movie is great for all ages. Dreamworks have done a wonderful job in creating a timeless classic. I would strongly suggest watching the first two installments before watching this film.

    Signing off

    Silly D
  • I promise not to spoil the film below. This film is both emotionally and visually beautiful. The film took a good five years to produce and you can see every second of it was put to good use. The plot is outstanding, and works perfectly as a third chapter for this trilogy. The character has completed some of the most outstanding growths in what I'd consider to be films as a whole. Getting to watch these characters grow from children to adults has been one of the most realistic experiences I've ever seen put to film. This movie is amazing, now go watch it!
  • You need to watch this movie 20 times! It's the epic conclusion of one of the greatest stories ever! You will cry at the end for sure! I had some problems the first 20 minutes with the script, it took some time to connect with the audience. But still the movie was amazing! Was emotional and had memorable moments!!! Best Dreamworks movie, and one of the best animations I've seen!
  • Walking into this film I had very high expectations.

    The first movie, I'd watched when I was about 8 years old and I fell in love with the characters and the world behind Vikings and dragons. It was a movie in my childhood that I admired and loved, as well as the rest of my family.

    The second movie, I'd also watched in the cinema as soon as it came out and it also touched strings in my heart and I loved it as well. I was around 12. Though it didn't quite surpass it's predecessor, it was certainly at the same the level of brilliant animation and story-telling of ancient Norse culture and myths.

    Therefore this third movie needed to at least live up to the previous two, if not be better! And I was blown away with the phenomenal graphics, overall plot which was cleverly woven with both child and adult humour. It mixes enough action and battle scenes to get you hyped up, while making you laugh with great one-liners from each character, then it will fill your heart with beautifully choreographed animations of the dragon culture and the friendship between Hiccup and Toothless, and it will even make you teary-eyed for the love of these characters.

    This movie especially, in my opinion, is one of the best animated movies (up there with Toy Story, Coco and Loving Vincent); not just because of the success the series had had - but I was overly impressed with the development of the characters and it almost feels as though I, myself, grew up alongside Hiccup, Toothless and the rest of Berk. From watching the first movie when I was 8, and watching the third and now I'm 16 - it really felt like a second home.

    This movie is absolutely incredible to watch for all audiences as it plays with important social and personal themes. The reason why it's not a 10/10 is because it made me cry so bad, I was sobbing even after I left the theatre!

    100% worth your money and I might even
  • Yes I'm over 40, male, and I cried. I've taken my kids to all 3 movies, and we've loved all of them. I must admit, I was nervous going in after watching the diabolical Wreck it Ralph 2. Was this 2nd sequel going to finish on a high? Absolutely, it didn't let me down. It had heart, it had a great story and an epic finish. Dreamworks, you've out done pixar on this one, well done!
  • I went and saw this movie with my best friend and her two brothers today and I cannot stop thinking about it. It was the best way to end the franchise of my favourite movies since I was eight years old. I'm 17 now, and I still love it as much as I did then. It covers pretty much everything I hoped would happen. A lot of this movie was focused mainly on Toothless instead of Hiccup and he makes a lot of the decisions in this movie that Hiccup might have made in the first two films. He is also being drawn away from Hiccup after meeting the Light Fury and Hiccup starts to discover who he is without his dragon and also focus on his relationship with Astrid. Both dragon and human make impossible decisions to save their kind. This movie is very emotional and gives a different vibe to the first two films and includes everything a true HTTYD would want to see. The animation is absolutely amazing, especially in the scenes were Toothless and the Light Fury are falling in love. The soundtrack is also beautiful and fits in well with the scene. There is also good character development, especially for Hiccup and Toothless, of course, and we even see a little more of a significant role in a coupe of the characters we've always known to be comedic relief. I was very happy with the final film in my favourite movie franchise, and I even cried a little bit in the last ten minutes. It is more dark and mature than the first two films and can therefore be loved by adults as well. Thank you so much, How to Train your Dragon franchise. You changed my life for the better.
  • With the first two full length features in the franchise being some of my favourite animated movies out there, I had high expectations going in; i was not disappointed at all. The visuals are stunning with a well performing cast, a goosebump-inducing musical score with touching yet satisfying final act that lives up to expectations in every way. With the relationship between Hiccup & Toothless being the main focus of the saga, this film takes it to new heights and makes it the emotional drive of the story. The animation is incredibly attentive and much more realistic; it shows how far DreamWorks have come since the franchise began back in 2010. It contains numerous homages to the first film that will make all viewers laugh and cry alike. Overall, a very pleasing and emotionally affecting end to the saga with a strong emotional message about friendship
  • The much awaited finale to the dragon saga is here but it doesn't fulfil ones expectations. The visuals are stunning, much better than the previous films. Animation is spot on. The movie is filled with innumerable, vibrant, variegated, goliath dragons each with their eccentric ability. The scene where the hidden world is introduced is absolutely breathtaking, visually and with the synced soundtrack. One could simply re-watch that scene over and over and never get bored. Although the film has much of the fun and frolic to rejoice about, it still denies to deliver something new. There is alot in their basket but only a few things executed. Too many characters introduced but only a few are given the spotlight. The plot isn't that good, it lacks originality and could be better. Much of the story is centered around the chemistry between night fury and light fury, depicted in a rather Bollywood style, consuming much of the film's runtime. Humor is facetious. The purpose of the villian, to be the villian is not very convincing. Most fighting will give u an epiphany, with a question "couldn't they have done this before?" The film feels like the director focused too much on finishing the saga with a sentimental ending and failed to pay attention to the paramount part of the film - "the storyline". When juxtaposing this film to its predecessors I believe that httyd 1 is by far the best, regarding its content...followed by httyd 2 and then httyd3. Animation - 8/10 Visuals - 8/10 Action - 7/10 Humour - 6/10 Storyline - 6/10
  • I went in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World with high expectations. I knew this was going to be the final movie of the trilogy so reasonably I thought yeah it's going to be entertaining at least. I came out a little underwhelmed. My biggest issue with the movie is that it rehashes similar themes and scenes of the first two that it didn't impress me nearly as much. Yeah, the animation is fantastic and I love the score by John Powell, but it just feels like a very standard sequel. How to Train Your Dragon 2 took risks and got surprisingly dark in places. This one, it focuses mostly on a pretty forgettable villain and Toothless' love interest, who is bland and nowhere near as memorable. The humour didn't work as well for me and seemed more kiddy-ish compared to the previous two. Everything felt safer and generic.

    Despite all this, I never found the movie boring and still enjoyed it. I appreciate that the writers and animators have been growing up the characters as time goes by, and Hiccup and the others having to decide what to do with their Dragons and not always relying on them was a nice theme of the movie. Hiccup and Toothless interacting with each other is always a highlight, and the action sequences are well shot and colourful as expected. The last 10 minutes were great, as I really liked all the characters having a big final send-off and concluding the entire trilogy nicely. It almost got to me, honestly. I just wished the main plot was a bit more engaging and not stuff we're already seen before. On the upside, it wasn't bad at least.

  • This is the most beautiful and amazing movie of all time!!! Even I can say that this movie is better than its previous ones, and it's much to say. I've never cried so much with a movie... It can't be better ending for this trilogy. These movies have become my life and now that all is ended, I don't know what will be of me...

    I don't understand why DreamWorks Animation is so underrated, so Disney is not always good making movies. DWA deserves the same attention than Disney, just saying that my favorite movies are from DWA.

    I need this movie win an Oscar because they deserve a lot since the first one, and because I want everyone see the perfect and awesome these movies are. So, they are the better of this generation. These movies will always be in my heart, and they will be my favorite FOREVER.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is a fantastic finale for the film franchise and a poignant farewell to this beautiful realm of humans and dragons. Seeing these characters evolve over the past two films to where they are in The Hidden World feels not only believable but deeply emotional and weighty as well.

    The Hidden World takes place one year after the second film, which means there aren't as many massive changes like the five-year jump between How to Train Your Dragon 1 and 2. While the main characters are still massive goofs, they also feel more like burgeoning adults now. Everyone's been riding, fighting, and living alongside their dragons for at least six years so they're a more capable bunch now (well, most of the time). Meanwhile, their home, Berk, has grown into a ridiculously overcrowded viking/dragon utopia.

    Hiccup's (Jay Baruchel) dragon-based tech has also continued to evolve and ties nicely back into the previous films. Seeing things like the wingsuit he was working on in the second movie be perfected in this third film gives the world a real physical sense of tangible continuity. Not all the film's callbacks work though. While the recurring jokes from the earlier movies -- such as how the twins hate each other, or Toothless playing fetch with Hiccup's foot -- were fun, they also felt forced and less genuine than before. Now the village chief, Hiccup, more than any other character, has truly come into his own even though, in many ways, he's still that boy full of self-doubt and compassion for his people and their dragons. He still looks to his friends, and especially his partner Astrid (America Ferrara), for help and inspiration when times are tough or his confidence wavers. Astrid remains one of the most capable among the supporting characters, having taken on an almost second- in-command role in the village.

    A dangerous new threat to Berk comes in the form of the fearsome dragon tracker Grimmel (F. Murray Abraham). Grimmel is a truly fitting villain for this emotional final installment. Not only does Grimmel make things personal by having a special vendetta against Toothless, he's also strategic and calculating, always a step ahead of the heroes. He forces the citizens of Berk, particularly Hiccup and Toothless, to make some of their hardest sacrifices yet. Grimmel doesn't simply want power; he wants to totally eradicate dragons and make a larger, painful point while doing so. To this end, he uses the white female Night Fury dragon -- the Light Fury -- as bait to try to take out Toothless. Fortunately, the introduction of the Light Fury is simply adorable. The way the dragons move and behave like living, lovable creatures has always been essential to this franchise and this entry wisely doubled down on that hard.

    Hiccup's support for his friend during this time shows how far they've come together as a team. Usually, it's been Hiccup developing a new relationship (like discovering Toothless in the first film or meeting his mother in the second). This time it's Toothless's turn to forge a new relationship. The pivotal choice facing Hiccup here is one that the Hiccup from even one film ago wouldn't have had the strength to make. Indeed, none of the characters we met in the first movie would have been capable of what's required of them here. It took the total arc of three films to get them all here to such a believable and selfless conclusion.

    Visually, every installment in this trilogy has depicted a new dragon home, each one more magnificent than the last. The titular Hidden World is a haven for thousands of different kinds of dragons. These awe-inspiring scenes have so much happening on screen at once and wonderfully showcase just how far these films have evolved and improved visually since the 2010 original. Everything from scenes of destruction to dragon fire and dragon scales to the softness of human characters' hair all looked truly impressive. Factor in the rousing score and you have a movie that's a feast for the senses.

    The Verdict How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is a fantastic, visually stunning and poignant way to end this beloved trilogy. While the young characters remain joyously funny, this finale also adds mature notes to their story of friendship. The franchise has, like its audience, grown up, and to that end this film grapples with more complex themes than before, making for a truly satisfying yet bittersweet conclusion.
  • Rating 6.2/10 This film is well executed , good movie but not impressed . Don't put high expectations on this film . A charming movie , not to be taken too seriously but ultimately very entertaining and sad . You really do need to learn how to train your dragon !!
  • tinaart-3229414 January 2019
    I love this movie as much as I loved The first two The soundtrack is amazing (John Powell is genius) The animation is absolutely gorgeous every scene looked so real and magical (this is the best animated film) The friendship that hiccup and toothless have is so beautiful and I love them so much Toothless and the light fury is so cute and adorable I love the scenes when they are together Hiccup and Astrid relationship is awesome too I love how Much Astrid loves hiccup and how she always going to be by his side I'm glad that the twins (ruffnut and tuffnut) got to be in some of scenes I love ruffnut she is so funny And the ending is beautiful it is so perfect What an amazing way to end the the httyd Trilogy Thank you to dean deblois,Cressida cowell,John Powell, and everyone at dreamworks who help made the httyd movies and series
  • The animation is amazing. The story is unique. A less obvious conclusion and the best characters ever. Definately recommended.

    Even adults will be laughing throughout the entire thing.
  • How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is the third and final film in the trilogy, which in every way is the best of the 3, While taking a different tone the film itself feels more grown up along with its characters, this time around having a much more fleshed out world that seems lived in and real while also being an amazing character piece that deals with many heavier issues than is displayed in the trailers released, which should not be watched by ANYONE who doesn't want to know what happens before they see it. With a more thought out and thorough script and an amazing jump in visuals and story telling How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is a staple in animation while being a heartwarming and tear jerking send off to our beloved characters.
  • How to train your dragon is amazing and the hidden world is even more so. Can't wait till I can buy it on DVD and watch it a million times.
  • No spoilers here

    What I can say is this the trailers don't do the movie justice. It's sad to see this awesome and wonderful journey come to a conclusion but it is the right time, It's both got heart and love yes most movies have love but this was more then just love. Don't let others decide the movie for you go watch it and see the amazing world of dragons and the hidden world you will not be disappointed

    My review is this 1000/1000
  • wasitme16 March 2019
    Just a romantic story based on what a fanfiction writer would do with his story. The bond with Hiccup and Toothless feel less special now that Toothless has a girlfriend and I hate they forgot the fact that Toothless and Hiccup are more than friends. They're soulmate, not a master and a pet.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Felt a very rushed ending to the trilogy. Sound track was non existent. Barely any humour. What also bugs me is that there is no clarification what species light fury is?! The director claimed that light furys are a sub species but Grimmel says i have a female and they mate for life but also In the same conversation he killed all the night furys, would it of killed them to clarify it even in a flashback, they had time to add another two lightfurys in the hiddenworld scene. Niether hiccup or astrid mention any differences infact notice her straight away as a female. The uae of the flashbacks, tho needed for the story they seemed rather random in there placement. Seems rather rushed not finished as it should be still leaves me with answers, did they settle on the bew island? Go back to berk? Is grimmel actually dead? What about the dragon trappers? What about the other dragon riders in the series, do they give up there dragons too? Why are the babies miss marked colour?
  • Some of these 10 star reviews must be fake. I LOVED the other movies in this series, but this one was pretty boring.

    It wasn't horrible, but I felt so indifferent to the characters and the plot whereas the first few I felt really invested.

    It felt much more "kiddish" and less character depth.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What a gorgeous movie! They just got it right. Everyone needs a friendship like that in life and we all need a reminder of love is loss. A heartwarming story and hilarious scenes. Heros and kings are men and men a just dumber than women, the girls always save the day!!!! And boys, the best way to impress a lady is not to dance (please!) just be yourself, do what you love most - or just draw your silly face like Toothless. She will like that! The attention to details is just spot on showing equality in every little bit ie how Hiccup's children are featured and how they swapped kids so both can have a ride. And how the boy is just a little more sensitive than the girl. Love how they kept Hiccup & Toothless disabilities and turn them into their strength. Great lessons kids and grown-ups!!! Also Toothless was the last one to leave, sentiments and all but also shown that he was a true leader. The leader of the pack like in wolves always the last one to watch out for the rest. The only thing is that Toothless love story took most screentime so not much was said about the villain but, do we complain? Absolutely not! Fly on your own Hiccup!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First, I'd like to say that I am a HUGE HTTYD fan (I even have a Toothless tattoo and a massive collection of HTTYD merch!), but this film just left me feeling disappointed.

    The good:
    • The animation was STUNNING. By far the most gorgeously rendered animated film I have ever seen.
    • The voice acting was stellar. Jay Baruchel killed it again, and the villain was phenomenally done.
    • This film had some of the best humor of the films.

    The bad:
    • The story itself was very boring. The movie ended up feeling longer than it was, and it never seemed to find its momentum.
    -The way the story was told was fragmented and choppy.
    • They tried to cram too much in, so nothing got the time it needed/deserved. Every storyline felt rushed and empty.
    • The whole movie was centered around the writer/director's need for a gut-punch ending...A fact that robbed the movie of any greatness it could have had. The vision was lost and the focus was off. Instead of a magnificent film (like the first two), it played out more like someone's bad fanfiction.
    • The relationships that were built in the first two films and the shows were all but ignored in this movie. Most especially the relationships between Toothless/Hiccup, as well as Hiccup/Astrid. I felt like what we saw in this film only served to ruin what the past films had created. Examples: Toothless basically abandons Hiccup without saying goodbye at one point in the film and ONLY comes back to Hiccup through necessity (to save Hiccup and Astrid when they enter the Hidden World). Toothless ultimately abandons Hiccup for a dragon he doesn't know - which is not at all in line with the Toothless from the first two films OR the TV series. Astrid refuses Hiccup's hand in marriage several times, and it actually feels like she doesn't care for him.
    • The score for this movie was the weakest of the trilogy. The only shining moments were call-backs to the original soundtrack.
    • The villain is wasted. Even in scenes that you know are supposed to be suspenseful, you're left feeling bored.
    • The ending didn't feel right. As someone who LOVES these movies - probably more than anyone - the fact that I didn't cry when the dragons left was a huge deal. I felt nothing.
    • In the end, you leave the theatre feeling punished rather than rewarded.

    Ultimately, this film weakened the trilogy as a whole. It even managed to cool my nearly decade-long rabid love for the franchise. And though I will always consider the first film to be my all-time favorite movie, The Hidden World will remain one of my greatest film disappointments.
  • sopalucac31 January 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Compared to the other films this one makes no sense, the first one was a masterpiece and it made me a huge fan of this series, then came the second one and with Chris Sanders gone it wasn´t as good as the first but still sort of enjoyable or decent, but this one? it basically ruins what all the other 2 established Why would Toothless leave Hiccup for a female he just met? since when was this series about romance? why would they leave Berk now? i mean in the first film, second and tv shows it is established they have been through dragon attacks and worst enemies and never felt the need to leave, also the Light Fury looks like My Little Pony! meanwhile the Deathgrippers look awesome! In Gift of the Night fury Toothless destroyed the atomatic tailfin but now he sees a girl and runs off? really? he challenged an alpha because he loved Hiccup in the second but that gets ignored here, instead he would rather live inside a cave with a white sausage he just met instead of a life with more adventure and a human who sacrificed everything for him. The pace is terrible and too fast, and why is the mother Valka taking the departure of dragons so well, and giving advice about relying on humans? didn´t she live with dragons for 20 years and abandoned her family? shouldn´t she take this worse than anybody? Hiccup acts needy when we have seen him plenty of times standing on his own without Toothless before! he even lets him go that easily! (And Toothless acts disturbingly gross) Grimmel is the worst villain in this entire franchise, the only awesome things are his dragons. The animation looks too smooth! what happened to the cool textures Toothless used to have? the hidden world looked nice though! The soundtrack is good but not as good as the other 2 soundtracks. I could go on and on about how terrible this is, i appreciate the flashbacks with Stoick but i was expecting more grieving and leading problems (since this film takes place 1 year after httyd 2 according to Dean the director) instead it´s kind of ignored for the sake of spending time with the lame romance (with bad message saying friendship isn´t enough and that everybody needs a partner) It´s just that this film only wants to make you cry with cheap and lame formulas ruining the heart of How to train your dragon. It´s just a bad fanfiction with cheap storyline! love triangle plus one dimensional trophy hunter villain and lazy typical ending. Such a shame........ i refuse to recognize this as canon cause it makes ZERO sense!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First of all, let me start by pointing out the following: the fact that the ending of a movie moves you to tears, doesn't make it WOW THE MOST AMAZING MOVIE OF ALL TIME. I am a huge fan of the franchise but this movie was a huge let-down. I agree with the criticism I've already read on this page. Story underdeveloped, the villain extremely underwhelming... The whole movie is basically shown in the trailer. Sure, I had a tear in my eye when the dragons leave at the end, but hey, it's toothless and Hiccup... The hidden world only seems to be a few miles away from the island and is accessed through a simple waterfall and a cave. Why then can't the dragons just move there, safely out of the way, but come and visit sometimes? Why do they suddenly turn savage? Why does Toothless go away and just leave Hiccup behind, without saying goodbye, when last movie he would have given his own life to save him? Just a lot of loose ends and irregularities, really. Very dissappointing.
  • JanskiT8 March 2019
    The third part is beautiful! First of all, the central characters - both people and dragons. Definitely visible growth of heroes. They vary according to age, with the situation. It is visible and it is great. Love and friendship, the ability to accept and release, understand yourself and others, gain confidence and lead. I am immensely impressed by how the creators of history have managed to show all this. It is believed in.

    Well done!
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