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  • graphixauthority28 September 2013
    Mr. Box Office is an American sitcom that debuted in first-run syndication in the United States on September 22, 2012. Created by Byron Allen and produced by Allen's production company Entertainment Studios.

    With that said, this show is not funny, not original and not worth the 30 minutes of electricity it takes to sit and watch this train wreck. The more I watched it the more I realized this sitcom is a burial ground for actors from the 80's & 90's. There is no doubt in my mind that someone blew the dust off of the writers and gave them a second chance to jump start their career as well. I have to admit, I kept watching an episode to the end because I was amazed at how every scene was worst then the last. This is a perfect teaching tool for future writers, actors and producers on what not to do when creating a sitcom.
  • trillspots-14 May 2014
    I was up late last night and caught the last 15 minutes of an episode of this show. I'm still stupefied about how incalculably BAD it was. I'm actually ashamed to be a member of the same species as these people.

    If I were in an audience (for another, much better show) that had my laugh recorded and they used that laugh track here, I would sue them for slander and character assassination. Considering how often they used canned laughs here, many people now have that right.

    This could never be an hour show,each scene was worse than the last and the show would collapse into a black hole of stupidity that would swallow it up if it went that long. Honestly, the writing on this show makes "Small Wonder" (remember that dreck?) seem like Masterpiece Theater. Gads, this is terrible. Avoid at all costs!