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  • I don't understand why such a good film with appreciable use of humor ends up with such a low rating (4.4)! Well, to me and my family, it was a great visual treat!

    Mammootty acts well as a petty thief and the actress has done her part very well. Even the villains have the vindictive charm.

    Use of humor is more in the first part; yet the movie's plot is understandable as the second part goes on. But, it has the ability to keep the audience hooked to it.

    Even though the plot isn't very strong like Mammookka's other works, it still is better than other releases (which are falsely termed blockbusters) of 2012.

    Go and watch it for Mammootty!
  • Mammooty stars as a local petty thief who is just released from prison after a short stretch. At the same time of his release, a female prisoner who has also completed her term catches his attention. She gets into an accident, and he decides to help her out.

    The first half focuses on Mammootty trying to get her attention; he does so by using his friends to project a badass image of himself. There was a subtle charm in how naive his perceptions were about what would impress her. Slowly, her past unfolds into a tale of infidelity and betrayal, and the second half revolves around Mammootty trying to help her out as a hired goon.

    Not a bad one-time watch, but slow at places.