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  • (Short version:its quality) wow the music is refreshing for the time and now, plot is interesting, the science is solid enough (for the tech),and the animation O The ANIMATION if i knew this quality of animation was in cartoons in 2012 i would have complained about everything else. sadly this (and tron:uprising) was overlooked because of the network choice but it is more than meets the eye(and i don't mean the cars and the cool art) the characters are interesting the more you get to know them and yes there are some bad ones (texas,and the duke (but i love them anyway)) but their well thought out so yes i think it's underrated here on IMDb and maybe it will just surprise you.
  • So some moron made 20 something accounts just to give this barely known cartoon a bunch of 1 stars. Almost all episodes have 20-22 1 star rating so yeah the rating doesn't reflect the actual quality of the cartoon at all. It's actually really good and you should watch it, the animation is top quality also.