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  • I wasn't surprised that the title is meaningless on this generic release from daring! Media, attributed to an auteur named (or phonily named to be more precise) "Koxy" or "Serium Black". I prefer the latter moniker which sounds like a new cable series starring the lovely Tatiana Maslany, whose name also sounds like one of these random Eastern Euro Porn actresses.

    Certain fetishes on the part of the director emerge, a bit off-beat but still boring. He likes to shoot standing-up sex, not as a novelty but as a general mode, and also has colorful settings and a predilection for starting a stand-alone XXX scene by tracking the lady's feet walking along. None of this departs enough from the norm to give the show a meaningful difference, as the action blurs into a continuum of explicit sex for the undiscriminating voyeur.

    I enjoy seeing Angelica Heart, one of Adult's unsung talents, and the better-known Aleska Diamond goes through her sex worker motions as skilfully as ever. Romantic Couples content is daring!'s business plan, and Koxy delivers just the bare minimum, of zero consequence.