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  • For a presentation from The Asylum, then "The Haunting of Whaley House" was really one amazing movie. I remember seeing some, well lets just call them questionable movies from The Asylum in the past, but they do manage to throw a curveball every now and then and put out something with real entertainment value.

    And "The Haunting of Whaley House" was just one such incident.

    The movie was actually rather entertaining, and it did have the occasional scary moment here and there, but in overall it wasn't a scary movie as per se. To me, it was more in the likes of a supernatural thriller that was heavily driven by the story itself and not the actual scares.

    I must admit that I am not familiar with the actual story behind the Whaley house, but having seen this movie it has put a seed in the soil so to speak, having sparked an interest in learning more about the actual Whaley house and its story.

    The story in "The Haunting of Whaley House" is about a group of young people who venture into the haunted Whaley house, despite having been thoroughly warned not to. Of course some of the youngsters are skeptical about the possibility of the house actually being haunted and not just being a tourist fraud, while others are believers. The night hours grow long as the strange occurrences inside the house amplifies and becomes more and more threatening. Perhaps there is something to the haunted stories after all?

    The effects in the movie were adequate for a movie of this budget. They were used effectively although with moderation. But it did work out well enough and helped added to the suspense of the movie.

    As for the acting, well most of the people hired for the various roles were doing good enough jobs, however, I personally didn't care much for the performance that Howard McNair (playing the psychic Keith Drummond) put on, he was too mellowed out and seemed like tripping on shrooms. But of course, that is a matter of personal taste and preference. But aside from that, then I think people did good enough jobs with their roles.

    The house itself, although not actually filmed in the actual Whaley house, was actually a nice touch. Lots of nice details and small things that you spot here and there. The feel of the house and the mood there was really great and helped added to the atmosphere of the movie. Had they failed to create something less here, the movie would have been a whole other experience.

    "The Haunting of Whaley House" is a good movie that is entertaining and just the right amount of spooky and creepy without venturing into being a downright horrorfest. Well worth a watch if you like movie about hauntings, and if you are tired of the hyped up hand-held camera ghost movies that are supposed to be based on real occurrences.
  • A group of friends decides to stay a night at the Whaley House (known for it's real life hauntings).

    This movie confused me, not because of the story, but mainly the acting.

    As i started watching this, i wasn't sure if this was gonna be a comedy or a horror movie (classic haunted house horror), or a mix of both, to me it was a mix, even thou it was suppose to be a serious take on a real life haunted house, i felt the characters were a joke.

    The story is based on the real Whaley house (no... they did not film it there), there is not much to say... except, group of friends goes into house, house is haunted, done.

    Let me get to the acting, i didn't like it, something felt wrong, it wasn't bad acting, nor was it good, it felt out of place for a movie like this, sure... some gave in a decent effort, others did not, which made it hard for me to watch this. The directing and script had a lot to blame for this overall mess, it just wasn't scary, it wasn't gory, it had no suspense, to me... it felt like a daytime drama with horror elements in it.

    Overall, sub par acting, sub par directing, bad script, could of been a good movie... since it was basing it's idea from the most haunted house in the USA, But failed in every way to deliver us a good watch.

    Final verdict - 4 out of 10, i cannot recommend this movie to anyone. (i also think me giving this movie a 4 out of 10 is being very kind to it, i probably should give it a 3, but i'm a niice guy)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I wasn't expecting much from this once I saw that it was made from the people at The Asylum but I was pleasantly surprised. The movie itself wasn't really scary and the ghost makeup wasn't the best but for a movie that was shot in 12 days it kept me mildly entertained. Two things really bugged me though. The one actress with the pig tails was horrible. She was brutal to watch while she tried to act. The second thing is the final girl at the end never noticed the picture sitting in the front waiting area that had the picture of the girl who looked like her. How can you have worked there for four months giving tours and never noticed the picture or had a tour guest point it out? I can honestly say that this was a step up for the Asylum and would like to see them continue with a higher level of films.
  • I enjoyed the introduction to this movie, although it had me thinking it was going to be a horror, comedy at first.

    Other reviews have complained about the acting. OK, some of it was bad but I have seen much worse on higher budget films.

    While watching I had to remind myself that they only had a budget of a little over $100,000 to make this. I think they did a reasonable job considering this.

    The most annoying part of this film was when the characters reacted in ways you surely would not under the circumstances they faced.

    The ending made the movie worth the effort to watch in my opinion.

    I like B horror movies and found this mildly entertaining. I had two friends watching it who don't like B horrors and they clearly did not enjoy themselves.
  • john-gregorio436 August 2012
    This movie was OK. What i liked about it, as well as what i have read from other reviews is that it wasn't one of those home-video style movies. Those movies are quickly becoming old news and are growing tiresome. The acting was not the best in the world, however it was not terrible. I gave this a 7/10 based on the fact the the story behind the Whaley house is actually fairly interesting to read, and this movie added a great twist to it. The ending was fairly good, played out the storyline well. I would recommend this movie to people if they are looking for a scary movie that is not the typical Hollywood CGI fest of computer crap. This movie has its scenes but also has a pretty good story. Enjoy!!
  • Boratt77211 August 2012
    I came across this movie by watching someone review it on Youtube, so I decided to try it out. I do usually enjoy low-budget horror movies, but this was just a bore. The acting is horribly bad and painful to watch. It seems to be a near-knockoff of "The St. Francesville Experiment", which is a much better movie. The special effects are basically a collection of home-made effects you see 1000's of videos of on Youtube by people using Adobe After-Effects. The beginning segment featuring the three friends at the front of the house was painfully drawn out, and obviously extended to add a few minutes to the runtime. The big guy there has been in several low-budget movies, and always seems to be type-cast and always playing the same character. There are several attempts at humor in the movie, which fall flat. I do realize this is low-budget, but in some cases that is a good thing for the charm, but this was just an overall bad movie. If it appears on Netflix, give it a try for the laughs, but I don't recommend buying it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "The Haunting Of Whaley House" is about a young adult named 'Penny' who works in the Whaley House as a tour guider, later on: Penny discovers that seizures and accidents happens constantly during the house tours. Penny is then later persuaded by her friends to intrude the Whaley House at night: to see if the house is truly haunted. I later discovered that The cast and crew of "The Haunting Of Whaley House" is actually one huge family! whether they are close friends or related to one-another: Marion 'The Ghost Girl' is actually the director's daughter and one of the visitors 'the lady with the camera' (on the tour) is his wife.

    "The Haunting Of Whaley House" was shot on a budget of 115,000 dollars and twelve days to shoot the entire film: Jose Prendes "The Director" him-self quoted "Actually, everything you pointed out was forced on me by The Asylum. They made me kill tons of people and they told me (the day before starting production I might add) that I had to have nudity in the movie, and it wouldn't make sense for the main cast to get naked, so I had to shoehorn a scene where a chick gets topless. I tried to make it as obvious as possible what I was doing with that without saying "hey, tits!". As for the Oil Man sequence, that is my greatest regret. With 12 days we had to rush A LOT! And that final scene with Penny was shot in 2 hours, which unfortunately means we had to shear away 6 pages of action. It was a huge, tragic loss for me."

    No matter what Jose Prendes believes about 'cutting out all the action in the ending', it was still a magnificent film: it shows where talent can take you in Hollywood. It would've been great to see what happened with the extended ending scene - ...Maybe Jose himself can tell us on his Facebook Fanpage on what truly happened in the six pages cut out. Check out Jose Prendes upcoming project 'Hansel & Gretel' featuring Dee Wallace, Stephanie Greco 'Penny in The Haunting Of Whaley House' and Brent Lydic dropping out January 8th, 2013.

    The Haunting Of Whaley House 10/10 -Trent Browning
  • davidfurlotte14 September 2012
    As I started to watch the movie, the first thing I noticed was that it was an Asylum picture and I was prepared to be turning it off after about 20 minutes or so.

    BUT, I was surprised because it was actually pretty good and entertaining. It built up slowly and although it telegraphed most of the scary scenes, it allowed for some interesting bits.

    The acting in the movie was reasonable. Nobody gave a performance that would be winning them awards anytime soon but nobody did such a horrible job that you were hoping they'd die shortly.

    The beginning of the movie made me laugh even though you could see it coming and I was wondering if the whole movie was going to be a comedy but it certainly turned into a bona fide paranormal movie pretty quickly.

    The ending was quite well done as well and the lead actress put out a pretty good job overall.

    I recommend to watch it and enjoy the movie if you like movies about paranormal events. As I said, 7 out of 10, which in reality is an incredibly high score for anything from Asylum.
  • Nothing to see here. Just another one of those movie in which a group of stupid people visit a haunting house and of course have some bad encounters with ghosts. But this movie is even worse than the average genre attempt and even the lovers of the genre will get very little out of this movie.

    I think that the biggest mistake of the movie is that it's mostly trying to be a realistic genre movie, while it clearly didn't had the right budget or people involved to pull that off. The horrible acting causes lots of the moments to work out poorly and far from convincing, while the look and story of the movie also never made this movie feel far from a realistic one you're watching here.

    The movie also has some pretty stupid developments in it. The story is taking some wrong turns and actually keeps switch different styles, so you are never sure exactly what you are watching here and how you are supposed to take this movie. It even makes the movie somewhat confusing to follow at times, especially toward the end. It gets confusing because things seem poorly connected and don't get buildup and handled properly.

    You just won't care about anything that happens in this movie, or about any of its characters. I seriously don't even remember any of their names, even while I only just finished watching the movie. None of them seemed to have a good and distinctive enough personality and the movie is lacking a good and clearly visible main character in it as well. Why and how was I supposed to root and care for persons in the first place who were stupid enough to mess with ghosts, for no good or apparent reason and in the process made some extremely poor and just plain stupid decisions.

    It's also unforgivable that the movie is totally lacking any sense of tension and mystery. It would at least made the movie remotely interesting and also good to watch for those who can enjoy and appreciate a horror flick. No, there is not even any decent gore and the other effects, such as its makeup, are pretty much below average as well. Again, mostly due to its low budget probably.

    Due to its more slow and subtle type of approach, I would even call this movie a boring one as well. That's also really because there is never happening anything original or surprising in this movie at all. About halfway through you'll most likely be done with it all and are just waiting for it to end. And yes, you might as well turn the movie off at that point, since it's not like the movie has a clever twist or anything else that makes this movie worthwhile in it, after that point.

    A truly bad genre flick!

  • rayna_king934 November 2012
    Not only was the movie extremely cheesy, The acting was horrible. the guy who played Ray was probably the worst actor I've ever seen. The history of the Whaley House was all wrong(I would know, I live in San Diego and have been to the Whaley House many times).Violet Whaley killed herself in the shed outside, not in the actual house. Definitely not worth my $1.29 I paid to rent this movie. I was never even really scared throughout the whole thing. I laughed most of the time. If I could give it 0 stars I would! My boyfriend also thought it was awful and got bored for most of it. If you want an even better experience with the Whaley House, go actually visit it! The house they used in the movie doesn't even look like the actual house. The special effects were not at all realistic. Long story short, this movie SUCKED!
  • rnbooboo10 December 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    Worst acting possible. We got this movie as a horror, turned out to be a comedy to us. 1. The redhead and all her faces and over acting were so comical it was unbelievable. Making faces and nodding like a looney during all scenes- oh dear it was funny. 2. Has anyone taught these actors that there is no need to make a pause after everyones lines? 3. Holy Dark Knight, the scene when the paranormal geek confronts the ghost was the silliest thing I have ever seen. 4. I can't say enough about how lame this was.

    Save you time and $$ unless you just want to laugh- which I don't think was the point of the movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's Asylum, don't expect any thing good. Asylum is quite possible the worst production company on earth. No talented directors, writers, actors. The stories are complete trash and generic. It just infuriates me that these films get made. They don't even try to make good films, they don't have talent and their hearts aren't in it. Hollywood is a degenerate place now, it's 95 percent horrible people. And 5 percent good people. It's all about money. Oh well, lets get to this film.


    I could predict every moment in this film, I knew how the first three characters were going to act in the first second of the film. Luckily we never see them again. There are no scares, no atmosphere, no nothing. Penny is our hero, she is a complete idiot. She doesn't believe in ghosts, and there for breaks their code or whatever. And that gets every killed. This is exactly like TCM(2003), one person gets everyone else killed. The characters are annoying, one of them I wanted to physically hurt, that's not a good sign. The ending is absolutely hilarious, I'll get to that in a minute. It's one of those movies that doesn't accomplish anything, and it leaves feeling like a idiot.

    THE STORY: So penny is pressured into breaking into the haunted house she works at, so some overly ecstatic guy can get his Joly's. The first half of the film is poorly done, the house is small and cramped. The ghosts never have any motive for what they are doing. Keith the psychic says they aren't evil, yet they do bad things. It doesn't make any sense. Giselle is the only good character, she knows not to be messing around with stuff that can't be explained. She is the only one that knows something bad is going to happen. But she falls down the stairs and breaks her neck. I felt sorry for her. Then Craig cries like a b-tch because he might get accused of her death. He then pulls a Sorority row plot point, and wants to dispose of the body. No one else wants to do it, so I'll give them props. But I seriously wanted someone to beat Craig down, I hate that guy so much. Vanessa was just plain strange, can't act or just told to be weird, I don't know. So at this point I realized, hey there's no nudity. Wow thats a first for this company. But oh wait, some random woman with ugly fake breasts flaunts around. I should have saw that coming. So everyone is killed in completely ridiculous ways, and that leaves penny as the last one standing. She actually manages to fend off the ghosts and some skinless demon. But do you want to know her fate, it was like I just got coned by a con man. She trips down the stairs and dies (I'm laughing while writing this), what a klutz. It's not bad enough Giselle died that way, Penny died like that too. I can't get over how dumb that was, but it was unexpected that she would die like that. I thought the ghosts would take her right after she walked outside the house and say something like "it's over". And now she is permanently attached to the house, forever in this purgatory. Sucks to be her.

    I didn't expect much, so Asylum didn't disappoint there. It's just a average bad movie, not' much else to it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I didn't know what to expect when I saw the title, The Haunting of Whaley House. I lived in San Diego for years so I knew right away the house they were showing wasn't the Whaley House. I have also been inside and the area is lit at night because it is in Old Town. There is always a lot going on in that area. It isn't just the Whaley House that is haunted but all around the area so there are a lot of stories and most of the ones they told about the Whaley's were correct. The thing is they didn't even try to make it look like the Whaley House at all. I doubt they could with the low budget. When you step inside you don't enter a drawing room with a staircase you go right up near the front door. So I recognized it was just the ambiance of the house they were trying to portray and its rumored ghost appearances. I thought the acting was fine for a B-movie with a low budget. People have to start somewhere to hone their craft. Some of it has to fall on the director. I enjoyed the movie though and some things were predictable but I didn't mind. Having known many psychics I really liked the one they portrayed in the movie. The end was the kicker for me from the point where the sun comes up to the very end of the movie. It is enjoyable but not a top of the line horror movie. It is campy and makes you jump here and there. If you want raw entertainment and you like the B level of horror movies you will enjoy this one. I agree with another reviewer that the actors have been under rated.
  • I quite enjoyed the film, The Haunting of Whaley House. Personally, I prefer extensively creepy, bone-chilling horror films that others would absolutely dread. This film, however, is perfect for those who want to watch a creepy ghost/haunt film AND be able to sleep afterwards. This is not to say there are no creepy surprises and moments that may make you jump, but it is not overbearing and perfect for those that don't want something overly intense. The acting isn't all that great but it is still a neat film that you will want to watch until the end. It does deserve higher reviews based on the type of horror film it is and can certainly be entertaining enough for hard-core horror fans. Worth watching and hey, if you don't like it, at least you tried and checked it out! MUCH better than some of the mediocre silly ghost/haunting films that leave you bored. I do recommend it for all.
  • Like most Horror movies that I find enjoyable this wasn't exactly well-received my most movie snobs/reviewers.

    I'm not going to lie and tell you that this is an all-time great and a true gem, but if you are a fan of the genre then this is definitely something worth adding to your "To Watch" list.

    For a supposedly low-budget movie I was very pleased by the cinematography and standard of acting - barring a couple of exceptions.

    It was pretty formulaic and true to the genre but that's not something I consider a negative - it was precisely what I was hoping for. Not every horror movie has to reinvent the genre! If you have 90 minutes spare and are in the mood for a Horror movie this is definitely worth watching. As a fan of Horror movies I can safely say that The Haunting of Whaley House is worth your time and won't disappoint.

    Ratings wise I would rate it anything between 5 and 6 out of 10. I'll go with 5 but that's not to say I didn't enjoy it - far from it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Asylum seems to be making a lot of movies. Given this, you'd think they're making a profit on what they produce. Why not use some of this profit to hire actors with acting skill? Seriously! The entire cast sounds like they're reading the script cold... or phonetically! And while you're at it, bring in a real writer, someone who know how to avoid exposition.

    Whaley House is supposed to be the most haunted house in the country. So a bunch of kids sneak in (with the help of an employee) to see if it really is haunted. Problem is, I got so bored before anything happened that I started reading the directions on a bottle of screen cleaning spray.

    I understand that The Asylum cannot make an original film and resorts to making 'mock-busters.' This doesn't mean it can't make a good mock-buster. It should try... even a little.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was ridiculously disappointing even for a B grade film. I turned it off 30 minutes through. Acting was shocking which was a shame because the plot had potential. All in all I gave this film a three: 1 point for the promising storyline, 1 point for the gore effects when the chick cut her own head off and 1 point because I saw a cute kitty. This movie lost the other seven through a 1 point loss for terrible acting, another point loss for the crappy makeup (all the girls had cake faces) and lost 5 points because I didn't even watch the whole thing which by the way is a rare occurrence. I will give credit to the appearance of the ghosts. They did come across as somewhat scary but it doesn't make up for the unnecessary swearing at times. The dialogue was cheesy and just bored me. What a shame.
  • The premise was sort of intriguing, so that was my main reason for seeing The Haunting of Whaley House. It is a mediocre movie, but The Asylum have done much worse. It does get plaudits for the better than average production values- the photography and scenery are decent and while nothing great the effects could have been much worse- an attempt at a creepy and suspenseful atmosphere that few other Asylum movies have even attempted let alone do it successfully and some decent jolts and scares. However, while the acting has been worse before it is nothing special either, if more bland than terrible. The music is rather repetitive, while the characters are uninteresting stereotypes and the dialogue is trite and has no flow. The story has its moments but does fall into generic predictability and is further advantaged by some pedantic pacing and a contrived ending. The attacks eventually get cheesy and were on the unoriginal side to start with, and the gore is excessive and in the end unnecessary. Despite these many flaws, compared to other movies from The Asylum it is not that terrible. 4/10 Bethany Cox
  • A group of young people decide to break into the legendary Whaley House, and they bring with them two paranormal researchers. The expected result (for a horror film) happens.

    Honestly, I did not think the film was all that bad. Not that it is good (it is not), and the acting is nothing special, but for a b-grade haunting film, it had potential. The gore, for example, was very nicely done. So if nothing else, the blood effects folks earned whatever spare change they made on this.

    I also liked that although this story had two paranormal researchers, it did not dwell on their technical gadgets. On television shows that do this, it is so fake and boring to watch (and yet they keep making more seasons -- people are gullible). I especially liked when one of them made the comment (and then rant) about how you "cannot go to Wal-Mart and buy this stuff". Best part of the movie, hands down.
  • I'm a very big fan (no to say freak) of the Horror genre in general, and the ghost-story sub genre in particular. I'll always consider films like The Grudge and The Ring to be some of the scariest I've ever seen. Also, I'm really not a fan of the "home video" style films (i.e. Paranormal Activity and REC). The attempt to make the film "real" simply doesn't feel completely right for me, and I fail to connect with such films.

    In my opinion, what makes a good film great is a carefully crafted combination of truly scary ghosts and a surprising clever twist. In this regard - The Haunting of Whaley House wasn't a great film.

    The acting was fine if you ask me. Arielle Brachfeld's character was first obnoxious and later annoying (all the whining), but I assume that can't be held against her as she was probably just following director Jose Prendes's orders. The rest of the actors didn't really stick out, except for Howard McNair, who in my opinion played psychic Keith Drummond perfectly (again, regardless to some trashing reviews here). He appeared as the "man in charge", the guy in control, the professional in a situation unknown to the others around. Just the way a psychic would behave in a haunted house!

    The ghosts were fairly scary in an ol' fashioned way (basic makeup for pale skin and evil looking eyes), and proved that there wasn't a need for a high budget and extreme visual effects in order to scare the audience.

    As for the story - here lies the problem. There really wasn't much to it. No twists, no surprises, and the idea used to show the alleged connection between the group of teens and the haunted house was far fetched and un-entertaining. Felt too much like "ok, we've got our people and our ghosts, how do we connect them?"

    There was also much use of the oldest cheat in the book, when suddenly a ghost is partially visible and we hear loud bass music forcing us to instinctively twitch or jump in our seats. However, it was all in good taste and not overly used, and it wouldn't be an old fashioned ghost- story without it.

    All in all, I really enjoyed this film, and got just the right amount of supernatural ghost-related frights of it. Objectively it might not have been that good, but for me it absolutely did what I hoped it would. Recommended to anyone not too picky who wouldn't mind a non- sophisticated scare.
  • Let's start with the pros: The movie is in 5.1 sound. The photography is good. The location is good.

    Cons: Too much blood for a ghost story. For some reason people in the movie industry think we want tits and buckets of blood in a horror movie. Perhaps for a horror movie we do. But the sub-genre of the ghost story this is simply not necessary or wanted. Cheesy deaths. Borderline acting. Awful piano music sound track, repeating the same tune over and over. Bad, spit in your face ending. They end the movie poorly and then they rub the salt into the wound. Inexplicable happenings. A number of things vital to understanding the story are left out. I'm all for leaving the viewer to use their imagination. But sometimes there are things that have to be explained to understand the plot. I started getting sleepy during this. This is the worst sin a ghost story could commit. I never even startled slightly during it. Yes there are ghosts, but there is nothing really scary about any of them, except for one perhaps, and that one is not explained.

    Summary: If you want a depressing and cheesy blood and gore horror flick then this is right up your ally. If you want a ghost story this will not satisfy. Asylum Entertainment did far better with, "The Haunting of Winchester House."
  • Maybe the main problems with this movie is the over the top acting "ray" and its simply not scary
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Now, I was just like you a couple weeks ago, I thought that this was going to be a bad movie. When I sat down and actually bothered to watch it, and not listen to the reviews on this site, I was pleasantly surprised. Now before we start, I would like to say that, I have not been to the Whaley House. I've not seen photos of this place, but from what I read the stories are pretty accurate. I'm am reviewing this as a stand alone movie, not as a companion piece to the house itself. First, let's get into the plot. Penny is a tour guide on the most haunted house in America, when a girl suffers a seizure after witnessing some scary sh** go down in the house. Penny doesn't believe that their are really ghosts, but her mentor thinks the opposite, as she's been working there for over 30 years. She tells Penny three important rules. 1. Don't call the ghosts out. 2. Don't damage the house. 3. Don't ever go inside the house at night. Penny then goes to hang with her friends; Jake, Vanessa, Craig, and Giselle at the cemetery. Because, that's where people go to talk among friends. I don't know, I could be wrong. After all, I have no friends of my own. Who am I to judge? She tells them about the earlier seizure, which leads into a conversation about how whether or not ghosts are real. They convince Penny to sneak them into the Whaley House at night, and Craig brings along his cousin, twice removed, black-a** Ray. Ray also brings along his famous psychic friend, Keith Drummond. After this, they start exploring the Whaley House. This is the 2nd out of 2 movies I've done on this account that many people do not like. The Asylum doesn't particularly help this movie win with critics and movie fans. I don't know why. This movie is clichéd and standard, but it's an okay movie. Where this movie excels is in it's sense of terror, as well as horror scene. Unlike what you would normally expect from horror movies today, let alone The Asylum, this movie decides to go the old school route in terms of anticipation and terror. I thought that this movie wasn't going to be that scary. Holy sh**, I was wrong! The movie really reels you into the scares thanks to moments of quiet, the bone- chilling screams of the Whaley family, sudden appearances and disappearances, and the history of the house itself. Every ghost is terrifying, when you hear from Keith that Thomas Whaley, or Anna Whaley are nearby, you feel like you are going to sh** your pants. The little girl, while being your standard creepy little girl, somehow manages to stand out above the crowd. F*** you Sakako and Kayako, the Whaley girl's here to stay. I hated anytime they mentioned Yankee Jim. With a name like, coupled with a name like Santiago, as well as the fact that he's a lanky 6 foot 4 wall monster, who is still scary even if you don't really see it in the dark lighting. The movie has your basic jumpscares, but they're so little of them around, that they actually turn into pretty terrifying moments. The design of the ghosts is what really makes this movie scary. Every time you see them, you feel uneasy. While it exceeds expectations in the scare department, it doesn't really do so for the other aspects. There are points where the movie is dark, the characters are your basic clichéd young people, and the story is really lacking, but who cares when you've got scares. The characters even go beyond the clichés. Even when they're complete a**holes, you still fear for their lives, and want them to live. It was honestly saddening to see and hear Penny's pleas for help to get out of the house at the end of the movie. The acting is fairly average in this movie, not so good, but also not bad. The worst offender is definitely Keith. The actor who plays him looks like he's always smelling sh** in the air. The actor who plays Ray also stands out from the rest of the group. He manages to play Ray as a geek and as a scared black guy, so over the top, that it actually works for the movie. He was one of my favorite parts of the Whaley House. In my honest opinion, I say that this is a good movie for The Asylum, but it's only okay. I give it a 5/10. They might've not been able to film in the real Whaley House, but the replacement will also be stuck in my head. This movie is the stuff of nightmares. --JoshTheCelluloader
  • They showed this on TV in the UK for Halloween. I was intrigued; after all, The Asylum are a studio best known for their rip-offs and their cheesy monster and disaster movies, so what would a straight haunted house film look like from the studio?

    The answer is, not a lot. THE HAUNTING OF WHALEY HOUSE is as clichéd and predictable as you could imagine, and there's no other storyline than a group of amateur ghost hunters break into a haunted house and spend the night there. Inevitably the house has an evil history and the group are spooked by a sinister ghost, but this so so poorly conceived and poorly achieved that it's a difficult one to watch.

    Venezuelan writer/director Jose Prendes seems to be a fan of the B-movie horror genre and yet you'd think he could create something a little more original, and less trite, than this outing. The acting is poor, the gore effects are plastered in in a bid to make something stick, and the only character I really liked was the British ghost hunter, played with relish by Howard McNair.
  • carolynnauert5 October 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    Okay, lemme say this. When I saw this a few years ago, I screamed and hid my face in my cat. I saw this movie again the other day and laughed my pants off at all the cheesy events in the movie. Oh my god, I laughed so hard I fell on top of my cat, who let out this massive squawk at the beginning of the movie after I started it the third time in a row. I have to admit, when I was a little younger I laughed a little at the beginning because hey, it starts out with a guy getting hit by a car. I also watched it with my dad, who laughed the first time we saw it- which was together. My mom and my brother never saw it, because they were in bed at the time. But seriously. It's really funny, yet scary at the same time. Just wow.
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